Rumor: Is Maria Sharapova Pregnant With Grigor Dimitrov’s Baby?
by Tom Gainey | October 18th, 2013, 9:49 am

Bulgarian press reported on a rumor that their top tennis player, Grigor Dimitov, and girlfriend Maria Sharapova might be expecting their first child in the near future.

According to Novini, Sharapova checked herself into a LA maternity center last month. The Russian then made a follow-up appointment for a month later.

At this time there’s little to indicate this is nothing more than a rumor.

Sharapova has not played since withdrawing from the US Open with a shoulder injury which has ended her 2013 season.

She has since been vigorously posting Facebook pictures of her training and recovery efforts and her trip to to Europe.

The story also reveals that Dimitrov, who left the Good to Great Academy to work with Roger Rasheed, has moved into Sharapova’s LA home.

The 26-year-old Sharapova and 22-year-old Dimitrov have been dating since the start of the year.

Via twitter Sharapova responded to the rumor:

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16 Comments for Rumor: Is Maria Sharapova Pregnant With Grigor Dimitrov’s Baby?

sergei Says:

Good, so we never see this pair of overrated losers anytime soon, arrgh!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Hmmm putting two and two together,im wondering if this is maybe the reason for her skipping the USO or not as the case might be,they are a nice looking couple,so im sure the baby would be too,however its only a rumour is all at this present moment in time,i can only wish them well for the future whatever happens.

WTF Says:

I wonder if she’s as loud in the sack as she is on the court.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

WTF lol you would have to feel sorry for the neighbours,you would have to feel sorry for Grigor,i could just imagine Maria saying to Grigor,hey Grigor fancy a quickie?and Grigor replies not tonight Maria i,ve got a headache,or maybe he would like the idea that shes enjoying herself?i can imagine the doctors and nurses getting a headache too with the sound of Maria screaming while giving birth.

Thomas Says:

If Maria snores as loudly as she screeches on court, you would have to wonder how the hell Grigor manages to sleep in the same room as her.

SG1 Says:

LOL. These types of thread devolve quickly don’t they?

Steve 27 Says:

This is why Dimitrov’s stamina is so low!

Brando Says:

Can’t make the dough on court for the high flying lifestyle?

Why don’t sweat about it.

Just knock up an ace in the bedroom with Sugarpova and you’ll be set for life.

Well played Grigor, just don’t choke on this whilst you are close to the finishing line like you do on court……….

Michael Says:

What is so special about this ? Humans are here to procreate !!

WTF Says:

Michael, it’s newsworthy because if it’s true, her career or at least relevance might be over. Few manage to have successful returns from pregnancy.

Alexandra Says:

Hope it’s just a rumor and nothing more.

Humble Rafa Says:

ust knock up an ace in the bedroom with Sugarpova and you’ll be set for life.

Not always. My Spanish Amigo knocked her up and he is not set for life.

Mary Says:

Let be happy!
The child is best in the life.

Ornella Says:

Why all the sarcasm? I am not a great fan of either of them (in my life there is only room for Rafa!!!) but there is nothing more beautiful than a couple in love. And a baby on the way? PERFECT! I wish them both much happiness for the future.

nevada Says:


JC Sweeting Says:

As the author of “JC Sweeting and Positive Friends” (

I wish them happiness! They should marry.

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