Andy Murray’s Coach Amelie Mauresmo Is Pregnant, What Does That Mean For Jonas Bjorkman?
by Tom Gainey | April 10th, 2015, 9:27 am

Andy Murray’s coach Amelie Mauresmo announced that she is pregnant via twitter yesterday.

The 2-time Grand Slam champion joined up with Murray in June last year, but with the baby coming in August during the meat of the hardcourt season, will new addition Jonas Bjorkman become Murray’s main coach at the US Open? Murray announced the Bjorkman trial last month, perhaps in anticipation of Mauresmo’s absence.

If the relationship works out and Muaresmo’s time is limited due to the baby, Bjorkman or someone else could take over the lead role in Camp Murray.

Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears are due to be married this weekend in Dunblane.

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36 Comments for Andy Murray’s Coach Amelie Mauresmo Is Pregnant, What Does That Mean For Jonas Bjorkman?

jane Says:

“Murray’s man coach” – or do you mean “main” coach?

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..I scratched my head on that one too….

RZ Says:

This is probably why Murray was looking for an assistant coach to fill in when Mauresmo couldn’t be with him. But let’s wait to see whether Bjorkman would take on a lead role. Mauresmo may be busy with a new baby but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t still be Andy’s head coach.

Margot Says:

Gonna be a gr8 day for Andy and Kim and the people of Dunblane.

Giles Says:

Best of luck Andy and Kim. I think this gonna be wedding of the year! How very exciting for them. :)

RZ Says:

Thanks for that link Margot. I found this part of the article touching: “Murray’s hope is that his success has made Dunblane proud. Dunblane, for its part, seems intent on Saturday on showing him just how much.”

Hippy Chick Says:

Congrats to Amelie and partner on their happy news,and also to Andy and Kim all the best in your fourth coming nuptuals ;-)….

jane Says:

that’s a sweet article margot, how the whole place is so into it. aww.

Matador Says:

Who is the father?. lol!

Is time for Murray to have an appropiate coach for him, someone who can guide him to win a couple more majors and this year is probably his last chance to get the number 1.

Margot Says:

More bunting. :)
The town is apparently “agog.” Don’t you just love the word “agog?”

Margot Says:

Sorry, just posted same article.
Too excited, I guess….;)

KatH Says:

There’s some extremely disgusting comments on Amelie’s pregnancy and nasty inferences being made on I nearly threw up. It should really not have been allowed the light of day. Anyone else see it?

KatH Says:

Re. – the two worst comments have been removed, lesser but still distasteful comments remain, e.g. “if baby comes out dropping F-bombs then you know Murray had something to do with it…”

Margot Says:

But aren’t you giving these horrible comments “the oxygen of publicity?”
They haven’t found their way on here and, if they did just report them, I’ve found Sean to be a good moderator.
Best ignored I feel.

KatH Says:

Don’t agree, Margot, on basis that if decent people don’t object offenders continue – the more people who object helps Moderator to act.

Also highlighted (for me) the value of Tennis X threads where nothing like this would be accepted.

On the wedding – I wish I’d thought to send a card. It is going to be absolutely stunning.

Hippy Chick Says:

KatH listen to Margot it says more about them as people they are best ignored,if you dont feed a troll they will die,people generally like Murray here for the most part,articles and posts regarding him are generally quite positive ones….

KatH Says:

@Hippy Chick

Wrong this time. I’m not bothered whether they like or dislike Murray – I hold to the principle that if you are not seen to stand up to people, you will end up wishing you had….the silent majority will lose – suggest past and present history support it.

Sorri if I’ve raised an issue – but my personal experiences underlines the principle….it may not be the case for others – and you all have the right of your opinion – but then so do I.

Hippy Chick Says:

KatH Murray is my second favorite after Nadal,its the way of the world unfortunatly the media builds them up only to take great delight in knocking them down again,easier said than done i know but try not to let it get to you ;)….

Hippy Chick Says:

Love the picture at the top of this thread,large and tiny pair of trainers soooo cute ;)….

KatH Says:

@Hippy Chick
Thanks for the kind remarks. It isn’t getting to – in this case it wasn’t the media.

May I just finish off on the principle of objecting albeit it at a lower intensity than that which history teaches……
….local Council Planning Applications: If six individuals lodge appropriate reasons to challenge a planning application that they consider would affect them in material ways – the application will be rejected.

The sexual slurs encompassed Amelie, her partner, Andy & Kim – if they’d been against Tom, Dick or Harry (Ranked Nos. 200/201/202/2013) – I would object.

Moving On – Waiting for the Monte-Carlo draw, scheduled for today especially to see where Rafa is placed.

KatH Says:

To all who submitted a View: Perhaps I owe you a fuller explanation. So I’ve decided to give you some personal info. which might help you to understand how I instinctively react to what I consider to be injustices – it may be boring but here goes:
(1) I lived in Dublin, RSA for several years (1981). Early each morning I drove my 2 Alsatians to the Beach across a multi-lane highway (hence the car)- this was a non-swimming beach. One day I witnessed an African maid filling her water bottles with sea water when she was attacked by 2 Rottweilers. I hastily put my own (nervous)dogs in the car and went to help her. Eventually I got her in the car, deposited my dogs at home and then took her to my doctor’s surgery. The reception Nurse said “No, we can’t help”. I protested that I was registered and that I was prepared to pay for the service for the African lady.” The Nurse said the Doctor did not allow Africans in his surgery. “Then please remove me from his patients’ list immediately” said I). (Eventually a neighbour told me to go to the only hospital that would attend to Africans).

2) I was determined to improve many other injustices that kept me from sleeping. As a member of a Writing Circle, I organized a multi-racial Writers Seminar in the Dragensburg, miraculously attended by top-writers as Speakers (e.g. Andre Brink etc). To allow black and Indian writers to attend the 3 day 2-night Event I had to get a Dispensation to allow non-whites to stay overnight in the same place as whites- not easy…I had to employ a lawyer at my own expense. This event received massive publicity and was a huge success – a small step towards weakening apartheid.
3) Subsequently, I took a part-time post with Arthritis Foundation and wrote a flurry of articles aimed at closing the gap between what services were available for white sufferers v black/Indian. The amount of interest generated brought the Heads of Health Departments at all RSA Universities to support integration & accelerate change.

There is loads more but I’ve bored you enuf. But I hope you will understand that when I’m faced with injustice (big or small)I must, MUST, respond – it’s in my DNA.

All the best.

jane Says:

margot those pics are really great, but themed meat? ha ha ha :)

mat4 Says:


I was deeply moved by your account. Wherever you are, in my thoughts I shall be with you. There are so much things to do, but every single bit is worthy.

Okiegal Says:

@KatH……I read your post…..was moving. I don’t have a clue where you live, but are you considered an activist? Please don’t take that wrong….just curious. People view things differently in various places in this vast world of ours….just wondering if you would be considered an activist by taking a stand for a cause or belief…..A very touching story, very sad. I too think mistreatment of a person because of the color of one’s skin is atrocious, but probably would not get involved in taking a stand because I don’t like confrontation. Kudos to you……it takes all kinds of people to make this old world go around, because if everyone stood back and said nothing…..nothing would ever change for the better…..enjoyed your comment and yes, on to tennis…..Hope Rafa is on his game!!

Hippy Chick Says:

KatH i know how strongly you feel and i completely agree,my late mother was part Scottish so i have Anglo saxon blood in my family,also my husband has jewish relatives and we all know the way they were persecuted during ww2,a persons race or colour has never meant much to me,but racism is something i abore to the very core,and as Mat4 summed it up perfectly,theres nothing more to be said….

KatH Says:

Acknowledging your responses with many thanks.

@ Okiegal – I live in a small harbour village in south-west Scotland.

Am I an Activist – I’m not quite sure. I did join the Iraq anti-war march in Hyde Park (but so did another 2 million). “She’s on her Speaker’s Corner” platform again” was familiar refrain from my parents and sisters – even before I ever went to London.

Anybody got an inkling of who will win Monte Carlo?

It’s now 5.00pm – Kim and Andy comes to mind. One of the Scottish papers promised to give a picture account of the entire event – I think it was the Mirror. Possibly Margot knows?

Markus Says:


I deeply admire people like who step out of their safe place to stand for the rights of others.

Okiegal Says:

@KatH…..Thanks for the response. “She’s on her speaker’s corner”… the states it would be “She’s on her soap box”……but it all means the same. Scotland, eh, some of my ancestors hail from there!!

KatH Says:

Hi Okiegal – Being an American as I think you are saying, the reference was to the “Speaker’s Corner” in Hyde Park, London which takes place every Sunday and is packed by Speakers and general public including challengers/hacklers…(being youthfully uncertain at the time I wasn’t one of the challengers/hackers).

Being an American as I think you are – it may interest you to know that my husband is from Pennyslvania (a geologist). Friends/ex-Uni. mates of his come yearly to Scotland – not primarily to see him but always seek to do so, but to deeply – very deeply research their Scottish roots. Their connection with Scotland is firstly their roots but also the PAN AM disaster over Lockerbie, Scotland which closed down the aircraft and affected US staff of Pan Am.

Gosh – I’m talking too much. Will try not to get too carried away again. But if you are interested in researching your Scottish roots let me know and I’ll ask our friends if willing for me to give you contact information.

If not – don’t worry, I always take what one of my sisters says is ” a step too far”


Hippy Chick Says:

KatH the clues in the monikor,Okiegal from Oklahoma ;)….

Okiegal Says:

@KatH….The offer is so sweet of you. Your hubby is from Pennsylvania! I plan to go there at some point to visit the civil war historical battlefield of Gettysburg. I am not real sure where my ancestors on my mother’s side originate from….names Blackburn and Landrith. Father’s side from Wales, Johns, my maiden name. When I get further in my research I’m sure I would gladly welcome help from “across the pond”. I appreciate your interest in trying to
help me. Genealogy is so fascinating…..Thanks again!

Colin Says:

KatH, making a stand as you did (admirably) would likely have got you in some trouble had you been living in the American deep South – possibly even physical danger.

I’ve never tried to trace my ancestry, and it would be tricky, as my surname, Davis, is very common in the UK, particularly in Wales.

The late great classical conductor, Sir Colin Davis, once said in a radio interview “Of course, Davis is a very Jewish name” and I suppose it would be a choice for those immigrant Jews who wanted to blend in, and had names like David, Davidson, or Davidovitch. So maybe I’m of Jewish stock. Oy vey!

Okiegal Says:

@Colin There is so much on the internet to help with the research. It is amazing what I’ve found out. I have found in my line that my dad’s relatives married some of my mother’s relatives….in the 1800’s. I nearly fainted when I found that bit of info. It’s a small world! Genealogy research is addictive, almost as much as tennis!! I also found that President Obama’s gggggrandparents are buried in a little country cemetery in the county where I live. Some don’t think he’s an American, but his mother definitely was. They migrated out of Oklahoma to Kansas…..interesting find!

KatH Says:

Yes Colin and Okiegal – The Internet is an excellent starting point. Based on what our US friends do is to contact the main central libraries in the various areas e.g. Glasgow, Edinburgh for Scotland; British Library London – and I’m sure Cardiff in Wales will have similar.

Graveyards are also very important – find someone in the area where you think your early families lived and if willing they can do an initial search for you.

It can all be a fascinating search but it is time-consuming – you can become happily addicted.

Hippy Chick Says:

Colin my hubbys ancestors are jewish,and mine are Anglo Saxon….

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