With Amelie Mauresmo Back In Andy Murray’s Camp, Jonas Bjorkman Departs
by Tom Gainey | December 16th, 2015, 10:59 am

Andy Murray announced that Jonas Bjorkman has left his team. Bjorkman took over the main coaching duties during Amelie Mauresmo’s pregnancy, but now with the Frenchwoman ready to return full-time, there likely isn’t room for Bjorkman.

“Nice to have Amelie back in the team out in Dubai. Thanks to Jonas for helping out this year. I enjoyed working with one of the nicest guys on the tour, bring on 2016,” Murray wrote on Facebook today.

Mauresmo is with Murray for his Dubai training block this month. Tuesday in Dubai Murray beat Roger Federer 64 in the IPTL series.

“She [Mauresmo] came on board at a very difficult time of my career,” Murray told the Gulf News. “I was ranked No.11. It was quite some time that I had strayed out of the top 10. But she came along and we started believing in what we could do with her as the coach. There have been a lot of positives for me since she joined the staff.

“From here on, I need to work hard and get to winning the big ones and the Grand Slams. I have reached a level where I can win but I just need to find a way to win the big tournaments if I want to be the best in the world.”

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14 Comments for With Amelie Mauresmo Back In Andy Murray’s Camp, Jonas Bjorkman Departs

RZ Says:

Honestly Andy did better in the first half of the year while Mauresmo was around than in the second half (not counting Davis Cup). Glad she is back.

Ben Pronin Says:

Where do we draw the line, RZ?

RZ Says:

@Ben – I would say after Wimbledon. It’s a fine line to be sure, and it might not be a fair comparison as Davis Cup wouldn’t have been as big a concern at first.

jane Says:

was bjorkman only ever a fill-in for amelie’s mat-leave or was he going to stay on as a secondary coach? i never really knew. maybe that was something they just planned to decide as things progressed?

Ben Pronin Says:

I always find it strange that, by most accounts, half the season includes 3 slams and the second half is basically the US Open with some Masters sprinkled in.

Either way, I don’t think he was particularly worse after Wimbledon. He did score his only win over Novak in the second half. He was in poor form during the US Open, which was odd but happens. Other than that he basically just ran into scorching players (Federer in Cincy, Djokovic every where else). The only poor showing was in WTF but I think we can all agree why that was.

We’ll see, though. I agree that he was making good progress in his game and mindset with Mauresmo in his corner. He appeared to stall a bit in the second half but, as you say, it’s hard to know for sure if it wasn’t just Davis Cup being his sole focus.

RZ Says:

@Jane – I think Bjorkman was supposed to be an assistant coach to Mauresmo, taking over as head coach while she was out on maternity leave until she’s back.

jane Says:

thanks rz. hmmm, so then they must’ve decided against that. could it be that someone wants to take on jonas as head coach? or perhaps he decided he didnt want to travel? it’ll be interesting to see if he surfaces anywhere else.

RZ Says:

@Mat4 – that’s pretty funny article and comments. I especially like the line “If Roger Federer wrote poetry, it surely would be in traditional iambic pentameter. Vince Spadea prefers the driving rhythm of hip-hop lyrics.” But he dislikes James Blake? How can anyone dislike James Blake? :-) Also a little bummed that Enqvist isn’t coaching Djokovic, if only for the reason that I’ve always liked Enqvist and would have a better chance of getting a photo of him at Indian Wells if he was coaching Nole.

mat4 Says:

Yes, that part is hilarious.

But I thought about the money thing. I was quite surprised by the comments that Lendl quit Murray because of fees.

RZ Says:

I can’t imagine it was a fee issue, and this is the first time I’ve seen it come up. As someone said in the comments, if it was about money Lendl could have taken another high-profile coaching job but didn’t. He now has a job with the USTA which would mean less travel for him (only 50 days out of the year) and probably in the same time zone. He had said he wanted to travel less, so that move makes sense.

the DA Says:

The part about Lendl leaving due to monetary reasons is utter nonsense. You can tell it’s purely guesswork. “I never reveal my sources” LOL. *He* knows; but the gaggle of professional journalists who follow Andy around full time missed that little tidbit completely. It never fails to shock me how many rumors on talk boards people are willing to take as fact. I suppose if it fits their particular hypothesis it’s easier to accept indiscriminately.

RZ Says:

@the DA – I noticed that too about the sources. Sketchy.

elina Says:

Any tennis writer that thinks Ljubicic “basically trashed Raonic’s career” shouldn’t be writing about tennis.

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