ATP Finals Draw: Djokovic Lands With Federer, Del Potro; Nadal With Berdych, Ferrer
by Staff | November 2nd, 2013, 10:27 am

Moments ago the ATP unrelieved the draw for the upcoming year-end World Tour Finals in London. The event which begins on Monday features two groups of four players comprised of the Top 8 players in the world. With Andy Murray withdrawn due to a back injury, here’s how the selections unfolded.

Group A
Rafael Nadal
David Ferrer
Tomas Berdych
Stanislas Wawrinka

Group B
Novak Djokovic
Juan Martin Del Potro
Roger Federer
Richard Gasquet

Djokovic and Federer are the only former champions in the field. Gasquet and Wawrinka are making their debuts.

Last year Djokovic beat Federer in the final 7-6, 7-5. The two who are playing today in Paris could meet twice more in London.

Delpo v Gasquet
Berdych v Wawrinka

Federer v Djokovic
Nadal v Ferrer

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29 Comments for ATP Finals Draw: Djokovic Lands With Federer, Del Potro; Nadal With Berdych, Ferrer

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!!

Rumble Says:

Wow, that’s called LUCK (for Nadal) – avoided Delpo AND Fed….

Josh39485 Says:

Group B is a killer.

Hawkeye Says:

As a Rafan all I can say about that draw is…


Vamos Rafa!!!!!!

The Great Davy Says:

When I won most competitive WTF in the history, I had group Djokovic, Nadal and Soderling (who beat both).

Then I face two non-mugs from other group, Federer and Del Potro.

Only GOAD can do.

Patson Says:

On the flip side. The guy who tops Group B should get to the final assuming Rafa tops Group A. Rafa’s semi-final and final matches are going to be really tough. So in the grand scheme of things, he hasn’t really benefited that much. Although it’s unfortunate that Group B is totally loaded and Group A isn’t.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Here we go,everytime a draw for a tourney any tourney comes out,people shout Rafa lucky blahdy blah,look we always have it rammed down our throats how crap he is inddors anyway etc etc,so how can any draw be desribed as lucky?seems like a contradition in terms.

Gordo Says:

C’mon folks – Rafa has won a grand total of 2 indoor tournaments in his career, and one was a lame duck clay one in Brazil earlier this year.

What he needs to do is win 2 matches in round robin and he finishes the year end, no matter what Nole does. If he only wins one he has to hope Djokovic loses one match and doesn’t sweep London.

Of course this is all moot if Ferrer wins tomorrow against Djokovic in the Paris final.

Gordo Says:

Oops – my second paragraph should read he finishes the year end at number 1.

Sirius Says:

1 win is guaranteed for rafa. Against bardick. He loses the match even before stepping on the court

The other two? I’m not sure. I mean, rafa’s the favorite. But after what i have seen tonight, i think stan and ferrer might be able to upset rafa in london.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Gasquet is not making his debuts there.

Brando Says:

Re Rafa and the YE no.1:

Put simply: It’s on his racquet.

The equation is simple for him:

Beat 2 of: Ferrer, Berdych and Wawrinka.

IF the man plays his best- then quite frankly speaking he’ll pull it off.

Giles Says:

@ Brando. And this is all assuming joker wins everything, WTF and DC.

Brando Says:


Hi, yeah. That’s by no means a done deal.

Relax: this loss will just fire up Rafa to hit Ferru hard first thing come Tuesday.

It could be a blessing in disguise though.

Everyone has accounted for the negative of this defeat but what about the positives:

1. He’s bagged 360 points and 4 matches in his first Indoor tourny after 2 years- not bad at all.

2. He’s match sharp now for O2- especially v Ferru, a player he is MORE THAN capable enough of beating at WTF.

3. Extra rest and practise: could be vital for WTF.

4. Favorable draw:

– Gives him best chance to qualify for the SF stage.

– Best chance to pick up form and hit the knockout round with all that he has got.

All in all:

I am pretty relaxed about Rafa’s situation. It’s all good.

He has won 10 tournies this year. Just like Novak did in 2011.

Nole lost early in Basel to Nishikori, got knocked out in RR stage at WTF.

I did not hear ANYONE press the alarm for him then: so why Rafa now after one mere defeat?

Chill my friend- it’s all good.

Hawkeye Says:

Well done by defending champ Ferru today. While a final appearance by Rafa wasn’t a given in Paris even with his relatively soft draw, I didn’t think it would be Ferru that would stop him.

Rafa can use the day off tomorrow as he may have to play on Monday assuming Group A will play first.

Good luck to Ferru in the final!!!

Vamos Rafa!!!

Giles Says:

I think Rafa will be playing on Tuesday. He will be in London tomorrow and will be practicing in the Arena in the afternoon.
Surely David will be somewhat knackered by then? He has played 3 straight weeks!
Vamos Rafa!

courbon Says:

@ hawkeye: Hi there.One loss no big deal.Rafa is playing Tuesday like Novak-the group are mixed during two days-one half plays Monday, one plays Tuesday.tuesday-Rafa and Ferrer ( revenge?), Novak-Federer ( revenge?).

courbon Says:

Basically on Tuesday in London is exact repeat of Bercy semi-final.Bizzare.

Giles Says:

@Brando. Maybe this loss today is a blessing in disguise. He will be fresh for the battles that lie ahead next week. A couple of days rest is good, no?
Vamos Rafa!

Brando Says:


I think it is. And I think he’ll benefit from it.

He’ll be fired up from this loss, you watch!

Giles Says:
Here’s the schedule of play for the WTF.

Humble Rafa Says:

Losing to a doormat is bad. Doormats make champions possible…

Josh39485 Says:

Got tickets for Tuesday night and Sunday – obviously very excited! We’ll see who’s the last man standing here..

Giles Says:
Josh when I read this article you immediately came to mind if only for the comments on Andrew Castle!

courbon Says:

@ Josh: I envy you! I had so many chances to go to Finals and I never did.Always something more important…I will change my attitude and go next year to Roland Garrros or Bercy.

Giles Says:

@courbon. Please don’t jinx Rafa at Roland Garros or you will have me to answer to! Lol

metan Says:

@ Josh
I am envy with all your tickets. For those who live in Europe , they have more plenty of times and chances to watch live. Sometimes I think it’s better to move there. :-) more opportunity to watch tennis or other sports and all the best one.

courbon Says:

@ Giles: and all wanted is to be friendly…phwww. Ok, it’s a deal.

skeezer Says:

Hecka funny! ;-)


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