Winner Named in 2013 Tennis-X Top 10 Ranking Contest
by Staff | December 15th, 2013, 1:03 am

Blame Stan Wawrinka.

Or blame the entrants that couldn’t number 1-10 without blowing it, or the entrants that listed players twice in their Top 10. Too much eggnog?

Regardless, this year was a bit off.

Last year two entrants in the Tennis-X Top 10 Year-end Rankings Contest picked the entire — the ENTIRE — year-end Top 10 correctly (not in perfect order, but 10 of 10).

This year NO ONE had the entire Top 10, because NOT ONE ENTRANT has Stan Wawrinka in their year-end Top 10. Stan the forgotten man, who put egg on everyone’s face with his stellar 2013 season.

Stan threw a wrench in things, but three 2013 entrants tied with nine correct of the Top 10, forcing a tiebreaker.

Alison, Mat4 and Scineram all picked nine of the Top 10, and all three had only two of the Top 10 in their proper spots, forcing a super-tiebreak.

Alison looked into the future and opined, “a feeling Tipsaravic will drop out of the top 10 for some reason.”

The DA had an understatement with, “Seeing as Nadal won’t start playing now until Acapulco, No. 4 might be ambitious but then again, he has virtually no points to defend after the FO.”

The super-tiebreak was the entry having the HIGHEST CORRECT PLAYER in their proper spot, being Andy Murray in the No. 4 spot, being…


Tied for second = alison and scineram.

Tied for 4th = funches, rsp and sienna.

Finishing in 7th = roy.

Those were the entrants with nine correct.

Not bad considering in 2011 only three picked a maximum seven out of the Top 10 correct!

With eight correct this year, tied for eighth were patzin, brando, kimberly, madmax, giles, patrice, dari, vasco_ha, lesre, xmike, j293, colin07, tennis coach, daniel, glove, thomas, samiran, the da, jamie, zlogan, armelwani, bt, armend_kosova, emm-jee, margot, cougar, van orten, chrisj, aditya, boss, andrea, leo, chico, jane, and santiago.

Mat 4, contact the webmaster with your mailing address for your fabulous prize package, and see everyone soon for the 2014 contest (look for it).

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff

Bonus: here was Mat4’s winning entry (9 of 10 correct with highest player correct tiebreak):

1. Djokovic
2. Nadal
3. Federer
4. Murray
5. Tsonga
6. Del Potro
7. Ferrer
8. Berdych
9. Gasquet
10. Almagro X


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29 Comments for Winner Named in 2013 Tennis-X Top 10 Ranking Contest

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I do enjoy these contests,and i look forward to predicting next years,and congrats to Mat 4 too,and little me joint second who knew lol,and sorry Stan we all shouldve had some faith in you.

Perefct fan Says:

Many congrats :) to mat4, alison, scineram n the other winner posters. GOOD JOB!!

Also wud lik to say that GOd Job TX Staff for doin this for d posters. :)

Perefct fan Says:

^^sorry….good job

Margot Says:

Congrats to mat4, hippycic and scineram.
Well done!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Thanks Margot,i hope Mat4 tunes in,it would be a shame for him to miss out on the prize,especially given that he hasnt actually posted for a while.

skeezer Says:

Congrats, you are da man!

the DA Says:

Margot, I hope you enjoyed SPOTY tonight. I managed to find an illicit stream. The acceptance speech was vintage Andy: self-deprecating and emotional. So great that Martina presented it in person.

Kimberly Says:

Well at least me and my son Colin got an honorable mention!

RZ Says:

LOL, I was so wrong with my picks.

Congrats Mat4!

skeezer Says:

Missed that, congrats!

Also, what about those Dolphins over the Pats?

Margot Says:

@The DA
Glad you could watch that! Andy’s acceptance speech was an absolute classic, as you say. This award seems to have meant a great deal to him. Nice compliment to Martina too. :) What a star he is.
At last The Great British Public has given him the recognition he so richly deserves. Better late than never eh? *raised eyebrow*

madmax Says:

Hej Mat4!

Where have you gone and very well done to you! Please tell us what your “fabulous prize” is!

Alison, Hats off girl! Well done to you.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Congrats mat4, well deserved. I took the liberty to copy/paste your post from The Changover. These are the kinds of posts, and posters, that are rarely seen on TX these days. Instead, we’ve got hashtag posters.

mat4 November 14, 2013 at 2:26 am | Permalink

In 2011, Novak had developed an efficient pattern against Rafa: pressure the BH playing FH CC and wait until Rafa tries to go DTL; most of this shots were shorter, and it allowed Novak to get in the court, attack with a BH CC at an acute angle, and when Rafa managed to get the ball, he would answer with a FH CC and be finished by Novak’s BH DTL.

So Rafa worked on two shots: his BH CC and the FH DTL to break this pattern: he could stand the pressure playing with his BH CC suddenly, and when it didn’t work, the manage to defend his FH side playing DTL. Just watch the end of the epic match at Roland Garros.

So, in the last two matches, Novak changed his own pattern. One, he improved his net game to cut Rafa’s defensive BH slices with volleys. Then, he reworked his BH [DTL] to be able to use it almost IO, and he worked a lot on his own FH DTL. Now, Novak plays almost always in the open side of the court, making Rafa run; he doesn’t jail Rafa in his BH corner, but makes him play the BH on the run, and that’s the moment he attacks. It allows Novak to be less predictive, and, by making Rafa guess where and when Novak will attack, Rafa loses a few tens of second and his timing is not good, especially for difficult shots DTL. It is very important, because Rafa needs to make big cuts for his shots to be deep and powerful enough.

Finally, the few stats seen in the last match suggest that Rafa is covering 20% of court more than Novak, and it is a bonus.

This one’s for you mat4, Merry Christmas. The Best Match of 2013:

armelwani Says:

Nice work, Mat4! Congratulations!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Thanks Madmax for those sweet words :))..

the DA Says:

@Margot – “Better late than never eh?”

I knew they would come around one day, eventually. And he got over 50% of the vote – the highest margin in the 60-year history of the award. Amazing transformation from disliked to loved.

Still work to be done on tennis-x it seems. Delpo gets a column for his sportsman award but none for muzza yet. tsk

dari Says:

Ok well 8th place tie, I suppose I will take it!
Congratulations to Mat4 on winning!
Margo, DA it did appear that the award actually did mean quite a bit to Andy, didnt it? I am not British, don’t know how important SPOTY is, but he got a little wobbly-voiced at the end. I suppose he really appreciated the public behind him. Anyhow, I was quite happy for him, he looked great, had a classic Murray humor speech and Martina being there was great.

Hope everyone is well and enjoys the Holidays.


dari Says:

I am sorry that I left the T off your name, MargoT !

M Says:

“Also wud lik to say that GOd Job TX Staff for doin this for d posters. :)”

What Perfect fan says. :-)

And congratulations to all the winners!

I think there’s a nice YouTube of Andy accepting his award.

Humble Rafa Says:


Congratulations. To be honest, I was injured during this competition.

Besides, Tennis-X should consider a separate competion for the real tennis season – aka – Clay. Then everybody can be a winner!

Margot Says:

I forgive u darling :) and really good to see you back.
Yes, Andy seemed very emotional, for him lol, about the award. His voice was all quivery, bless.
BTW new slogan for Andy being touted, something like “not a bad award for a man ‘with no personality'”!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Meant to say thanks to Perfect Fan too.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Not really keen on awards ceremonies as such for sport or otherwise,and i didnt see this one TBH,but Congrats to Andy on winning SPOTY anyway,and great to see him finally getting some recognition,after winning Wimbledon i had a feeling that somehow it was NID.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Also just to wish Andy all the best of the coming year,and hope he remains healthy and injury free,looking forward to seeing him back playing again.

the DA Says:

@Margot – hehe, yes Addidas put that ad up immediately after Andy received the award. Lots of people misunderstood and thought it was a huge faux pas, but Andy was the first to retweet it.

BTW, Andy has confirmed that he will return next week to play Tsonga at Mubadala World Tennis Championship:

Great news.

Humble Rafa Says:

Andy has confirmed that he will return next week to play Tsonga at Mubadala World Tennis Championship:

English Translation:

Mr. Lady Forehand will return to collect his share of petrodollars.

skeezer Says:

^ and how about you? Are you still planning to play in the next PokerStars Tournament? Hows that goin?

hawkeye Says:

Congrats HR on your charity poker win.

Well played.

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