Winner Announced for 2012 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest
by Staff | December 7th, 2012, 3:22 pm

Was it just a predictable year in men’s tennis, or have the Tennis-X message board patrons developed into some of the most insightful tennis fans on the web?

We’ll go with the former.

After last year’s three contestants (lowest ever) correctly tied, picking seven out of the Top 10 year-end finishers, this year two people correctly picked the entire year-end Top 10.

If you were a Robin Soderling fan you were out from the get-go, and if you were an Andy Roddick fan, well — he retired. In addition to the picks, many entrants dropped some knowledge regarding the coming year that was 2012.

In picking Novak Djokovic as the year-end No. 1, Kimmi opined last December, “His year might not be the same as 2011 but will do well regardless. He is now in his peak, two years at the top is reasonable.”

Andrea looked into her crystal ball and said, “In everyone’s hearts they have one top 10 list, but the mind needs to be clinical. grendel, you may be the only person left championing roddick. i feel for the guy, but don’t see him coming back this late in the game and i actually think he is going to retire in 2012. call me crazy…”

You’re crazy! And a seer. Especially when you added, “i hope roger takes #1 for at least 2 weeks in 2012 to break sampras’ record, but can’t see him ending the year there. djokovic has tons of points to defend but he’s proven to be very resilient (end of the season not counting) and will be a contender in every event.”

But for every Andrea there was a Wog boy, championing Tomic the Tank Engine.

“I am not going to predict the order of the TOP10, but Tomic said recently that he expects to be in the TOP10 by october (his birthday),” Wog boy said. “He even organise with Novak, a bit of practice before AO and after Abu Dhabi. Lets wait and see. I think he should be happy if he makes TOP20 by the end of year.”

Or just tanks at the US Open, then gets passed over by the Australian Davis Cup team. And acts a douche in public, driving recklessly and getting into fights with police.

Steve27 likewise stuck his foot in his mouth with “Many commenters puts Federer first place. Like Mc Enroe said: Are you kidding me!. haahhaa Federer is over, and i think is his last year in top 5. no doubts AND HIS FINAL GRAND SLAM COULd BE IN SEPTEMBER IN THE US OPEN. Then is over. No disrespect to someone like Federer.The last oportunitty to a tennis player is when you are in 30s and 31s, then is practically impossible to reach any sucess in any grand slam with the exceptions of Agassi and of course Rosewall.”

“haahhaa”…nice prediction. carlo felt obliged to preview Serena’s year with, “Serena’s ship has sailed,” predicting Slam titles for Wozniacki, Kvitova and Clijsters. Oops.

But let’s talk about some winners. Picking a perfect 10 out of 10 and finishing in second place was alison hodge, who lost the tiebreak, as she only had two of the 10 (No. 1 Djokovic and No. 9 Tipsarevic) in the correct order.

Edging her out for the Grand Prize was emm-jee, who with his entry added, “Lol, played under the name “Matt” last year, but thought i’d change it to for this year! Anyways, here it goes…” He likewise had 10 of the Top 10, with one more in the correct order than allison, correctly predicting No. 2 Federer, No. 9 Tipsarevic and No. 10 Gasquet. “i have a real funny feeling he’s gonna re-enter the top 10 this year!” emm-jee added regarding the flukey Frenchman.

That funny feeling is a Grand Prize tennis-X package coming your way, once you e-mail the webmaster.

We’ll also throw out some props to the 10-way tie for third place, where 10 entrants correctly picked nine of the Top 10: funches, courbon, Nortonn, Chico, margot, RSP, BT, al, jane, and Atom.

Thanks for the record number of entries and see you soon for the 2013 contest (look for it later this month).

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff

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50 Comments for Winner Announced for 2012 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest

jane Says:

Congrats to emm-jee and also to alison!! Whoo-hoo, good work guys.

And yipee, to all third placers….! :)

andrea and Kimmi, way to go on some of that foresight!

madmax Says:

alison, seems calm and collected wins out in the end!

Good going girl!

Wog boy Says:

“Championing Tomic the Tank Engine,”

Staff, where did you get that from, certanly not from my posts about Tomic, even in this one I was saying that I don’t see him making TOP20 when quite a few posters were seeing him as a next big thing. Well I was right, not that he didn’t make TOP20 but he dropped out of TOP50. The only reason I wasn’t even harsher to him is one nice poster from London. But there is more, can you believe what Tomic said few days ago when he found out that Rafter dropped him out of DC team, listen to
” I’m going to prove that I’ll go on to become the best Australian player to play this game.” What a boofhead:)

Wog boy Says:

Tennis-x staff,

Happy holidays to you too, I hope Santa will bring you nice pressies:)

alison Says:

Thanks Jane and Madmax for those sweet words,just been out celebrating my Birthday,and only just got back in,2nd place lol who knew eh?

alison Says:

Love tennis,love this forum,and for the most part i love the posters on it,with some odd exceptions,just wish some people would remember its ok to have your favorite,and its fine to disagree,as there wouldnt be much point in been here otherwise,but it would be nice if people respected the other players too,after all its only a game,theres enough hate going on in the world already without bringing it into sport,i would like to give a quick mention to abscent fans like Ajet,Swiss Maestro,Grendel,Duro etc whose posts i miss very much,and i would love to see them all back posting again next year,happy holidays tennis x posters and happy new year,cant wait for much more of the same.

alison Says:

^Like to add Conty to that list too.^

RZ Says:

Congrats to the winners! Allison and Em-jee/Matt – any lottery numbers you think I should pick? :-)

alison Says:

RZ OMG if only LOL chance would be a fine thing indeed,but thanks for the congrats anyway.

Wog boy Says:


Happy birthday, I’ll have a drink in that name:)

Wog boy Says:


BTW, what is your prefered drink? Is it gin&tonic?

Kimmi Says:

did i win anything? NO! i just got nole predictions correctly. But thanks tennis-x staff for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. Seriously, It was easy to predict djokovic success but what Andreas did was indeed crazy! Congratulation andreas.

Congrats to matt and alison. Great predictions.

Happy holidays everyone :)

Thanks jane!

Brando Says:


Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a terrific time celebrating it! :-)

courbon Says:

Congratulations Alison

alison Says:

Thanks for all the congrats guys and gals,Wogboy my prefered drink hmm,probably a nice cold glass of cider,not paticulaly sophisticated but then again neither am i lol,dont mind the odd G and T,or V and T,or Bacardi and Coke,but Ciders my favorite.

Giles Says:

alison. Well done and keep it up.

Margot Says:

Many congratulations to Matt and Alison and a small pat on the back for us, all 10 of us lol, who came in third! Wonder how many had a go, was it 12 perchance..;)
Happy birthday Alison.
Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year to all the delightful, tennisx fans with whom I’ve exchanged civilities this year and a special thanks to all those who have been so supportive of me :)
And a big shout to the Andy supporters on here, the DA, Colin, Michael and volley, and the second “favouriters” jane, kimmi and dari Sorry if I’ve left anyone out.
Keep the saltire flying folks and go into 2013 with high hopes :)

Margot Says:

alison, just realised I did leave u out as a huge second “favouriter” of Andy, sorry. Sorry to Brando too?

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Nothing related to this article: did you notice that John doesn’t use towel and it’s not the permanent bathroom

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Sorry… Starting again.

Nothing related to this article: did you notice that John doesn’t use towel and it’s not the permanent bathroom:
So good to see quick tennis.

Margot Says:

racquet: A specially loud Andy Murray whoop to you and all good wishes for a Magical Murray year!
Let’s Go Andy. Let’s go!

racquet Says:

Thanks Margot. Wishing you all the best too. What a year we’ve had as fans. Here’s to 2013: whatever happens we know it’ll be a bumpy ride :)

Kimberly Says:

Congrats to the winners. With no tennis, no Rafa and football and basketball rocking (although the dolphins suck) haven’t visited my favorite site much. Happy holidays to all and congrats to Alision and the other winner! And all the third placers!

alison Says:

Margot thankyou lets just say Andys my co favorite,although i do as a fan still love Rafa,im more than delighted with his career achievements,and as much as i would love for him to even things out on other surfaces other than clay,im still at peace with his achievements,the only thing i would love to see him do now would be to win a WTF hmmm,anyway what i would love to see now is Andy winning more slams especially Wimbledon,especially as a Brit,and especially as Wimbledon is considered the creme de la creme of the GS.

Brando Says:


No need to apologies at all. Andy is most definitely my 2nd fav- thankfully for him he honestly did not make me miss rafa all that much.

I enjoyed watching him play and following his progress this year, and eagerly anticipate what he shall do next year.

Guess without saying though: BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the fans who have supported Andy as their MAIN FAV, most especially in the hard times, such as your good self, racquet, Colin etc.

Andy was awesome in the 2nd half the year and I’m sure he’ll be brilliant next year too! :-)

Alok Says:

@alison, A very Happy Birthday to you and congrats on your winning selections.

Margot Says:

Thanx racquet, alison and Brando :) Fans like u make this site a pleasure.
Let the good times roll :)
Missed u kimberly and glad u have some distractions while Rafa is away. :)

jane Says:

Welcome back margot and Kimberly; you’ve been missed. Hopefully in the new year everyone will be back and ready to watch some awesome tennis again in 2013.

Oh and happy belated alison; hope you got your cider.

alison Says:

Congrats to Andy and Nole on their awards,Andy on his award for services to tennis,and whatever my feelings are about celebrities and charities,what Nole has done to raise awareness is really note worthy,great picture too,cograts again to both players.

alison Says:

Thanks to all for their congrats,and for their Birthday wishes,and i agree that its great to see Kimberly and Margot posting again,always great to have fair and balanced posters on the tennis x forum.

dari Says:

I am .late on the congratulations to winners alison and emgee/Matt. Well done and happy birthday to you, Allison!
Can’t wait for another shot at the contest soon!

alison Says:

Ah thankyou Dari,i agree,all in good fun,looking forward to doing it all over again.

Kimberly Says:

Nice to see everyone! Missing watching tennis, although playing a lot the weather is gorgeous here. Going to football games and basketball games a lot. Didn’t make the Miami tennis cup exho, apparently almagro won!

BT Says:

Woo Hoo. I made the honors list this year. Not bad! I too got tripped up with Tomic. Egotistical kid had me believing the hype. Maybe next year?

Congrats to the winners!

alison Says:

BT thats the difference between the greats of the game,and the young pretenders,as they chose to let their tennis do the talking,young Tomic is very talented but indeed has alot to learn,shame as he has alot to offer as a tennis player,it might be just me but im thinking the little Japanese kid,Kei Nishikori might be the next starlet to make a break through,i dont know how others feel,this is just a hunch,he had a great year this year,and beat JWT at one of the slams,interesting times ahead.

Wog boy Says:

“Tomic spotted driving Ferrari”

Check the YouTube and Tomic driving $590,000 bright yellow Ferrari last week in the Gold Coast, he is so happy driving it around and showing off just week after he got his full driving licence, no need to comment:)

I just remembered the name of the other talented Aussie….Mark Philippoussis.

alison Says:

Wogboy he seems more interested in making headlines rather than making tennis headlines,it would be a shame for him to go along the lines of Gulbis,making headlines for all the wrong reasons,time will tell though i suppose.

Wog boy Says:


It looks to me that he is just imature. I posted something about him few months ago (dari remembers) and this is exactly what was refering to. He didn’t learn a thing or this is just who he is, local boy who has made his first million (dollars) and that is it. I am trying to imagine any other top 10 player behaving like this not just Nole, Roger, Andy, Rafa when they were 20 years old, and he still doesn’t have one single title against his name.
I am trying to imagine Nole driving $600,000 Ferrari Spider down Belgrade, I know my people … they wouldn’t appreciate that….this understatment:)

alison Says:

Wogboy yeah exactly great post spot on.

Kimberly Says:

SO who will be the next new GS winner? Not Tomic. Raonic? I can’t see it. Tsonga and Berdych don’t seem to string enough big wins together although they are always capable of one or two big wins per tourney. Ferrer, would have to get lucky I think. Jerzey Janowitz? Sam Querrey? I’m reaching here. I can’t see anyone outside the big 4 but u never know.

rogerafa Says:

@ alison

Congratulations to you and the other winners. Belated birthday wishes as well.

Wog boy Says:


What about Delpo, or you don’t take him since he already won GS?

alison Says:

Rogerafa many thanks.

Kimberly Says:

Wog Boy—I would be surprised if Delpo can win another Grand Slam this year unless he improved his level and fitness from last year. Australian Open, can’t see it, court speed and conditions very favorable to Murray and Djokovic I can’t see him getting past them both there. French Open, can’t see him beating Djokovic or Nadal. Wimbledon, can’t see him beating Murray or Federer in a best of 5. USO, maybe his best shot if everything falls into place. But unless he works on his fitness I can’t see him going past a possible semi anywhere.

rogerafa Says:

@ Kimberly

That is a fair assessment of Delboy’s chances. Fitness could be a big issue for him at the first two majors where you have to grind a lot. I think he has a decent chance at Wimbledon as fitness is not that big an issue there. It may sound silly because grass is a slippery surface and Delboy’s movement and bending are not encouraging but his Olympics performance was revealing. If he can consistently serve big on grass, he has an outside shot.

alison Says:

I like Delpo alot as a player,but no disrespect to him,but its now been 3 years since he won his maiden slam,and next year it will be 3 and a half years since he won his maiden slam,things get harder every year not easier,and the competition is getting better,theres been so much talk about this big run he will go on,and i remember us all having the exact same conversation a year ago,i hope im wrong but im just having my doubts about whether he will ever regain that 2009 USO form,however we will see though i suppose.

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for responding, that is about right though I tend to agree also with rogerafa about Wimbledon.

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