On Eve Of “FedBerg”, Roger Federer Says He’ll Be Hungry To Win At The Australian Open
by Tom Gainey | January 6th, 2014, 9:55 am

Despite a tough loss to Lleyton Hewitt over the weekend in the Brisbane final, Roger Federer remains upbeat heading into the Australian Open.

“I’m very hungry and eager to attack,” Federer said.

“I think I can play very well. Depends on how I play more than anything right now. Just need to make sure I‑‑ I think I was able to sort of serve better overall, more consistent this week than I have in a long time. So that’s very good. And then as you move along, hopefully you’ll get more and more confidence. I definitely needed a little bit more confidence to play well and hopefully win the tournament and so forth.”

Federer is a 4-time Australian Open champion but has lost in the semifinals the last three years. This year, though, he’s made some changes.

Federer, who is using a larger racquet this year, will be joined in Melbourne by legendary player Stefan Edberg who will coach the Swiss for 10 weeks this season.

“He’ll arrive in a week’s time,” Federer said. “I don’t know what he’s going to say after this week or this match if he did see it or not. That’s for me to find out and give him call and speak about it. I already had a good conversation with Severin just now for a while, just how we’re going to go about it for the next week, what we need to work on, and how was this week overall, you know.

“Pretty pleased just that my body is holding up good in the first week, because you don’t quite know what to expect.So overall many good things, but then also a couple things you need to just readjust maybe, and also get to Melbourne and see what the court speed is down there and then you’ll have a real good idea of what you need to work on.”

Edberg will inherit a player who’s says he’s been practicing more than any of his rivals.

“I’m looking back now, last three, four months it’s been very positive going through Basel, Paris, and London, all three weeks in a row where I played a lot of matches, a lot of three‑setters as well,” Federer said. “Went through all of December. Probably practiced more than all the guys ranked you ahead of me because they were playing exhibitions and all that stuff. Then I did that for a full month, a lot of training there, and now here I had another busy week and I’m actually holding up very good.
So that’s a good sign moving into 2014.”

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28 Comments for On Eve Of “FedBerg”, Roger Federer Says He’ll Be Hungry To Win At The Australian Open

van orten Says:

federer will not go down without a fight. everybody saying he played so poorly last are right but forget oh so easily that most of the matches he lost were tight ones were he had a lot of chances to beat the other guy. the robredo match was almost a parody of how to waste break point opportunities only to get broken the next service game.

what fed clearly needs to do and then anything is possible. not to get broken after wasting breakpoints the game before. sometimes i wonder if it would be better if he had not all those chances in order not to be broken the next game.
because that was in most of the matches above all in the third set his neckbreaker ..

so i just hope for a little bit of luck in those moments. then anything is possible. really anything.

van orten Says:

..so poorly last year are …

Slice Tennis Says:

My prediction:
Roger Federer will silence the critics by majestically whipping the qualies and outsiders in the 1st week with all kinds of trick shots, fluke shots, between the legs, under the legs, etc. His fans and tennis writers will go gaga about his chances at AO. He will make emphatic statements in the press that he’s feeling great, physically fine, his racket is great, etc. Tennis writers and fans will write positive things about Federer and claim Edberg was an inspired choice as coach.

Second week inexplicably he will be banged in the 4th round or QF making umpteen errors. His fans and tennis writers will blame the new racket, his back, age, family, kids, yet to be born baby, mono, wrong choice of coach, etc.

Josh Says:

@Slice Tennis: Did you copy and paste that comment from fb? I’m sure I saw exactly the same one there lol

Humble Rafa Says:

Humble right now is playing at 30%. Hopefully, I can get it up another 20%. Humble needn’t be at his best all the time to win.

SG1 Says:

I think Slice Tennis is right. There was a lot of positive thinking from Fed after he smoked Mannarino at last year’s USO. Then inexplicably, he lost to Tommy Robredo. Fed very much wants to believe that he can still win the big ones. In fact, I think he does believe that he can win another couple of slams. This being said, Fed and his team need to really manage expectations. When you’re 32 years old, bad days happen a lot more often than you’d like.

SG1 Says:

50% won’t cut it against the egg lover.

Giles Says:

Maybe the Egg Lover will skip a few sessions in his beloved Pod and then …..???

madmax Says:

Josh! Absolutely! I just saw it too!

Slice tennis! Shame on you! Can’t you think up your own vocab now? Run out of things to say? It wasn’t actually your prediction now was it?

Stop the cheating!

madmax Says:

SG1, you have to admire Federer’s reserve and self-belief. The guy is professional athlete to the core and that is not going to change.

If he was saying, “No. Sorry folks. I have played really badly for the most part of 2013, bar the last few months. I have no chance of winning the AO, I should just give it all up now, without a fight..”, THEN what would you say?

The guy is going to give this tournament his best shot. He certainly has been training hard and I think is in better shape than last year, physically.

I still believe he will benefit from a sports psyche.

Queen Says:

Ha ha ha…all I got to say.

madmax Says:

Queen Says:
Ha ha ha…all I got to say.

January 6th, 2014 at 2:58 pm

That’s great news queen! Look forward to that being the only thing you have to say! But, it’s on the wrong article, should be rafa’s right?

Steve 27 Says:

Since the creation of the ATP in 1973, only 1 player could win a grand slam over 32 years. His name: Andre Agassi. The kid from Vegas was exactly 32 years and 9 months. Federer will have almost 32 years and 6 months when the Australia Open ends. Only Agassi and Connors, at that time, have been able to win two majors with more than 30 years.
Then continue to say that I see a player in the twilight of his career with the chance to win a couple of majors is a big lie and is living in a fantasy world. And if Agassi could finally win a major at that age was because he had extra energy in addition to having high seeding (He was number 2 in Australia 2003) which allowed him to deal more accessible rivals than it might face someone with less ranking in the seeding.

Gannu Says:

Same old story…we saw this happening in 2013…looks like 2014 will again be a repeat of 2013…played well, confident, move on, next match, next tournament, looking fwd for clay season, hardcourt season…You better win and TALK…

skeezer Says:

Agree Gannu, quit talkin about your chances, stfu and win.

Otherwise, just play, be happy, and live with the expectations your just happy to play on tour.

Humble Rafa Says:

you have to admire Federer’s reserve and self-belief.

Or you can laugh at his childish ambition like the rest of the planet.

metan Says:

Go Federer, just have fun on the court!!!

Skeezer Says:

@Humble. Rafa,
Be it known when your next demise goes on, and it will, the masses will be piling it on, which will be well deserved. Keep. It comin, cause the comin will be a comin on you.

madmax Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
you have to admire Federer’s reserve and self-belief.

Or you can laugh at his childish ambition like the rest of the planet.

January 6th, 2014 at 10:29 pm

Well HR, “He who laughs last, laughs longest and best of all”, and that will be Roger.

Michael Says:

Despite the string of disappointments, Roger is still optimistic about his chances at the majors where he has amassed an incredible record. Especially at the Australian open, Roger’s record is phenomenal to say the least. Along with the four titles, his semi-final streak at the Australian Open acquires much significance in terms of incredible consistency. It remains to be seen if he can make the semis this time around, which by itself would be a major victory for him since expectations are low despite the exuberance of Roger on winning the title which is quite far fetched considering the domineering field.

FedFan Says:

Who really knows what will happen? Who of you picked Hewitt to win in Brisbane? I’ll bet no one. One thing’s for sure the Aust. Open will be fun and interesting, so lets just watch it and let the best man win.

Alexandra Says:

Of course Fed has to think he can still win, why else would be play on? But he also has to be realistic. Not easy to get that balance right.

hawkeye Says:

Can’t believe fed couldn’t beat that draw.

Some amazing rallies in the final though. Fun to watch. Rusty played incredible. Impressive given his age, injuries and all of those surgeries.

Fed looking a lot better with the new stick vs his first attempt last summer.

Doesn’t bode well for a slower AO surface, best of five, against a much tougher field.

Perhaps he will be fortunate to get a good draw with mostly night sessions.

Josh Says:

We’ll see what happens on Friday with the draw. Del Potro could actually jump up to No. 3 after the AO if things work out for him.

Polo Says:

It’s progressively getting harder for Federer to win a tournament of any kind. His movements on court are not the way they used to be. Miracles do happen and don’t blame me for waiting and wanting to see one happen this year.

Rafa Better than Roger Says:

You almost feel sorry for Roger’s false bravado

Rafa Better than Roger Says:

It would just be laughable if the only way Roger will win any round is because of a favorable draw???!!!
Will just validate how Roger amassed Slams in a weak era.

The reality is that once the group of Nadal, dojok etc blossomed as players, roget was just ordinary.

Proof? Between 04-08 roger won some 13 slams but from 09-13 just 4? Only a blind fan can deny that reality.

But … But. Roger gave so much for tennis…. Is now a father…. Does not have to prove anything yet in the same vein maintaining that he will still win? Such lame rationalizations to cover up denials. sad.

Djok was just being polite by saying roger is slow. Duh???!!! I am just incredulous that fans hang on to the belief like Roger will win Slams forever!!!

… A manifestation of fear because soon enough Rafa may yet get 4 more Slams to surpass Roger. How you say??

Gold medal ,,, in singles that is.

Let the games begin

Humble Rafa Says:

I am hungry for food. Just so you know.

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