What Rafael Nadal Likes About Australia: The Heat Which Adds Speed, Bounce To His Shots
by Tom Gainey | January 6th, 2014, 10:09 am

After winning his first title in Doha Saturday, Rafael Nadal turned his focus to the upcoming Australian Open revealing what he likes about playing the Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne.

“I personally like if it’s hot,” Nadal said following a three set win over Gael Monfils. “Well, if it’s crazy hot, you know, for everybody is tough. Normally when the conditions are warm, the bounces on the ball are higher. The speed of the ball is a little bit, you know, quicker, and the ball flies more on the air. So that’s positive things for my game normally.”

Nadal’s title in Doha meant he won’t arrive into Australia until today, but he’s certain that will still give him more than enough time to get used to the conditions.

“I going to arrive there on Monday evening,” Nadal said. “I going to practice Tuesday at 4:00. I going to have almost a week to practice well there, and I think hopefully will be enough to acclimate my game to Australia.

“If your game is not adapted in six days is because you will never be adapted. That’s my feeling.”

Nadal, who’ll be the top seed at the tournament, won the Australian Open in 2009. He missed last year because of his injured knee so he’ll keep his top ranking regardless of outcome.

“The people are so focused on defending points and these kind of things, and for me really the pressure of defending points is zero, because the only pressure for me is try to keep playing well. I try to keep having chances to win,” Nadal said.

“When I start the season I see a season like everybody start from zero, and for me the ranking is just the race. From January to end of November, when they finish the season, I take that like ‑‑ well, we start here and we will see how many points I can make it in Australia. But the pressure is to play well there and to try to have chances.”

If Nadal wins the Australian Open, he’ll have multiple titles at all four Grand Slams (two career Grand Slams).

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30 Comments for What Rafael Nadal Likes About Australia: The Heat Which Adds Speed, Bounce To His Shots

Okiegal Says:

Rafa going in with a tournament win under his belt. His confidence level should be high, a few days to get ready and boom baby it’s grand slam time. Wish him luck for the Aussie Open! Looking forward to it…….up all night watching tennis, what can be better than that!

Vamos Rafa!!

Humble Rafa Says:

If Nadal wins the Australian Open, he’ll have multiple titles at all four Grand Slams (two career Grand Slams).

Thank you for recognizing my impending greatness. It will happen. I am like Rod Laver, just a little Humbler. That’s all.

Giles Says:

Good luck Rafa!
Vamos Champ!
Stay Healthy!

Steve 27 Says:

Indeed, a double carrer grand slam in men will be the equivalent a 4 carrer grand slam in women like Steffi Graf.
Undoubtedly extremely difficult to achieve.
That’s Rafa, match Pete Sampras with 14 majors in Melbourne would be fantastic.

Teeg Says:

If Rafa were to win the AO thus have a double Career Slam, I wonder what his haters will say then? No matter, I dont care which major he wins this year, any would suffice. I just want him to extend his ATP record to 10 consecutive years winning atleast 1 Slam. What a record that would be. I think the all-time record belongs to Evert – she won atleast 1 Major for 13 straight years.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Teeg i agree but winning the AO this year would mean a second career GS,which no other player has achieved since Laver,so he would be breaking two records.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Although Laver did it in a calendar year twice,to add the Rio Olympics are on clay in 2016,maybe Rafa can make it another gold medal,imagine that 2 career golden slams,i dont believe thats ever been done in mens tennis,although people can correct me if im wrong?yeah yeah i know all ifs and buts but still within the realms of possibility i would think?

Okiegal Says:


I love the idea of Rafa winning a second career GS…that would be over the top! It will not be an easy task, for sure…..but if anyone can, I think Rafa is the guy. Novak has been off for awhile, so he will be rested…..might be a good thing for him and may be not!

But I am ready……let the games begin!!

metan Says:

Go Rafa! ! Collect the cup one more time!

princessice Says:

If Nadal wins the Australian Open, he’ll have multiple titles at all four Grand Slams (two career Grand Slams).

But will be the only player to do it in 3 different surfaces! :)

Erma Says:

Love to see Rafa winning 1 more AO ,hope it will happens this year when Rafa still healthy and playing his best tennis of his life..Good luck Rafa ..

Sneha Says:

Rafa is going to win this grandslam.Good luck Rafa!love you.

Giles Says:

How about this – a whole town will be cheering for Rafa at the AO.
Vamos Champ!

Bad Knee Rules Says:

“Kendall is a small country town located on the Mid North Coast , 35kms south of Port Macquarie. The town’s population is approximately 1,100. The town is 2km off the highway at Kew. The Kendall Tennis Club is situated just over the railway line to your right, as you enter the town area.”

Out of these 1,100 people, 1,000 follow cricket or rugby. The rest might know something about tennis – that’s about 100. “A whole town will be cheering for Rafa.”

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

BKR just wondering who is your favorite player,Okiegals asked you a couple of times,but she didnt get a reply,sorry just interested??

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal agree it will not be an easy task,but as the saying goes nothing worth while ever did come easy anyway,i would think Novak is actually under more pressure as he has to defend the title to try to get closer to reclaiming the number 1 ranking,otherwise as James said the other day Rafa will be alot of points ahead as he also has nothing to defend at the AO,so i hope he just goes out and can swing freely,to add Rafa and i know its a long way off has won the FO 8 times,and like you said and i also agreed with he could be facing the law of averages,so i wouldnt be at all surprised if(although i hope he still does)he doesnt win the title this year,as all runs come to an end eventually no matter how good you are on a particular surface,im just wondering maybe the run will come to an end this year at the AO for Novak too,hes won the title 4 times,and 3 years in a row so maybe to a lesser extent hes also facing the law of averages?i wouldnt be surprised if the two men actually swapped the AO and FO this year?just my two cents and examining posibilities.

Perfect fan Says:

I have seen rafa playing at Doha and his game looked pretty sharp to me. He is full of confidence, not defending points at AO contrary to nole who will definitely be under pressure to perform at AO to have a good shot at surpassing rafa.

For me, rafa is the man to best at AO. But then, nole plays best tennis under pressure. So its going to be another big FINALE, if both reach thr as it will be a record too if nole wins (most AO titles atp).

Perfect fan Says:

^ meant ‘man to beat above’

Okiegal Says:


Yes, the law of averages could come into play. I hadn’t stop to think about the pressure Novak will face in defending his points….another variable to consider. I have the 2013 USO recorded and watched it again the other night……now that’s how I want Rafa to play. I had forgotten just how awesome he played that final. Still my fav over the 8th FO title because he beat Novak in 4 and on his least favorite sur-frace, as Rafa would say. LOL Rafa had Novak so rattled in the 4th set…..some unbelievable tennis.

Still curious about Bad Knee….he won’t really say. You obviously read my post about his moniker…..just wondering what he or she wants it to mean…….it definitely has Rafa written all over it……like Rafa has bad knees and can still rule tennis?? I’m inclined to agree! I have another theory, but won’t go into it.

In the meantime, VAMOS RAFA and good luck at the Aussie Open!!!

Giles Says:

^^^ Can’t you tell? He’s a fed fanatic!!

Josh Says:

Does it really matter?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Josh no not really i suppose,i was just curious thats all.

Okiegal Says:


I don’t guess it really matters….but he or she asked me a question and I was kind enough to answer it and I think I deserve the same respect…….that’s all.


You say Fed…..I say deep down it has to be Rafa, because that’s who is referred to most in BKR comments……..just saying.

Jo Says:

I just hope his excessive sweating wont hamper his game. I remember his historic final w Novak, his sweat drips and wet all over his floor area.

Michael Says:

As Rafa points out, it would be the Australian Open which must be his preferred surface. But, ironically it is where he has registered least success compared to his other major exploits. The fact is Rafa has not been lucky so far as this tournament is concerned saddled with injuries and withdrawals which have forced him to skip this tournament now and then.

Giles Says:

Howard Bryant on twitter says:
Odd Nadal is criticised for winning 61.5% of his titles at RG when four of Djokovic’s titles have come from AO. Must be a clay thing.

skeezer Says:

Hilarious come back post @ 4:44.

hawkeye Says:

Okiegal, I guess that makes the majority of posters here vamos heads, no?


Giles Says:

Did Rafa say he likes it hot? It’s gonna be just that in Melbourne!
Vamos Champ!

Okiegal Says:


I’m a die hard Rafa fan…..however I don’t think I’m a fanatic. If being a fan of Rafa constitutes being a VAMOSHEAD, well………guilty as charged!!
LOL!! By that reasoning, Roger fans could be called FEDHEADS. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…..me thinks. BTW, I’m not offended by anyone calling me a VH. In the famous words of Popeye……I yam what I yam!!Lol

Vamos Rafa,make me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and kiss another trophy!!

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