Roger Federer Isn’t Going To Go Crazy Looking At His Australian Open Draw
by Tom Gainey | January 18th, 2014, 6:47 am

Roger Federer roared into his 13th straight Australian Open fourth round on Saturday after a comprehensive 62, 62, 63 victory over Russian Teymuraz Gabashvili. The Swiss wrapped up a good first week with new coahc Stefan Edberg without losing a set but was fortunate to not have faced any real competition.

However moving forward Federer could be on a treacherous path that might take him through Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic if he is to win a fifth Australian Open. That four players who have all beaten Federer in Grand Slam play.

“I have had tough draws throughout my career,” Federer said. “Not every time, but I have played what, 60 slams and many tournaments, so I remember tough draws in early rounds. Clearly now it’s not how it used to be when there was only 16 seeds and I was the 32 seed. Now with the 32 seeds it’s a bit more predictable. A lot more predictable actually. That’s one of the reasons I think I have always been able to go deep in slams, especially once I got was able to be seeded. I took advantage of that.

“This is clearly, you know, a tough draw I have had, especially looking forward now. But important now for me is just that I keep playing well and I don’t go crazy of who I play now.”

Federer’s road will begin Monday night with a rematch against Tsonga who Roger beat in five sets a year ago in Australia.

“He clearly is going to surprise you just by shot making or whatever it is,” Federer said. “If he hits a winner, I know probably where he’s going to go, what the percentage is. But then again, because he hits it so well and so consistently, that’s what makes it hard then, you know. He’s got a huge serve, which then is also is a huge part of the game which increases the pressure or not on your own service games.

“He’s a great mover. So, I mean, you just know what to expect, which is good for better tennis for both players. I know that Simon and Tsonga are going to be tough opponents, and it’s just now up to me to bring it, you know, in the next match.”

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11 Comments for Roger Federer Isn’t Going To Go Crazy Looking At His Australian Open Draw

gannu Says:

ridiculous draw…there is no way roger at this age can come thru this draw…its physically impossible… strange how karma hits you… the last thing that u want at this age if you have to win gslam is this draw and fed got the worst draw in the big 4… but fed or his fans like me shudn’t crib… he has won a lot…achieved impossible heights… perhaps lets enjoy every match that he plays…

Ben Pronin Says:

Just imagine how sick it would be if he did win though.

A Tango Lad Says:

Roger will beat Tsonga.

His mental strength and the fast surface will be the difference.

As well, Murray has not yet faced an opponent that can seriously test him so whilst he has looked good, the jury is still out and as Roger showed in last year’s semi final, he is no push over.

I still think Roger will surprise his legions of fans before the second week is done.

Hopp Roger!

vinod2vin Says:

Hi Ben

It would be great no question :)

Okiegal Says:

I think Roger can beat Tsonga……but he needs to win the first set to boost his confidence level JWT will be his first real test, IMO. He is playing fantastic so far, but hasn’t faced a real match tough opponent yet. But it is good seeing him play so well, since he is one of the “older” guys. Boy, would I love to be so old again…… 30! Lol

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^ Well, 30……31……32. I think he is 32, but still young in my eyes!!

Pitchaboy Says:

The surface is no faster than last year. And the cooler temperatures will take the zip out of the ball. The only good thing for Fed is the bounce will be lower than week 1

madmax Says:


I think it is time that you stopped watching Roger play. If you have nothing nice or positive to save about him, then you do yourself more harm than good.

Roger is playing well, he believes in his game, he has worked exceptionally hard during he off season. I understand a block of 4 weeks, every day, in the heat in Dubai with his trainer, very intensely.

He is happy, healthy and enjoying his tennis. So far, so good. I have watched all his matches since the start, and I think he is playing extremely well.

With Edberg there too, in his box, that must give him the extra confidence he has been lacking of late.

Roger can beat Tsonga, but Tsonga has also recently beaten Fed, but that was then, and this is now.

Good luck to Roger.

gannu, should you watch the match, get drunk first. It will calm you.

Steve27 Says:

Allez Tsonga!

Michael Says:

Well it should be a fairy tale. But just imagine Roger winning against Tsonga, Andy, Rafa and then Novak lifting the title. I think if it does happen it should be the biggest jewel in his crown. As of now, the scenario looks almost impossible and would be a big miracle if it happens. If you are a believer in miracles, you can repose your faith in this scenario.

Giles Says:

50-50 match.

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