Roger Federer Isn’t Targeting The Rio Olympics In 2016, At Least Not Yet
by Tom Gainey | November 23rd, 2015, 5:58 pm

After a tough 63, 64 loss to Novak Djokovic yesterday at the ATP Finals, Roger Federer looked ahead to 2016, revealing he doesn’t really have any concrete goals at the moment other than focusing first on the Australian Open in two months.

“It’s not my number one priority,” Federer said of the Rio Olympics. “It starts with the Australian Open, which is just around the corner. That’s what I see next. Then once Australia’s over, that’s when I look more towards the future.

“Clearly I haven’t thought about it too much in terms of what is my number one, number two, number three goals. Usually I you go into a season with, I don’t know, two or three really big goals, then maybe four or five other ones that are really important to you.

“The rest of the tournaments I just really enjoy playing, I’d like to defend my titles, really love going back there, that have great meaning to me.”

In Federer’s trophy case, the only thing relly missing is a Olympic gold in singles. The Rio Olympics tennis event begins on August 6. Federer turns 35 on August 8.

“Clearly I’m looking forward to the Olympics,” Federer added. “But it’s going to be very difficult because the focus is on sports in general, not just myself which was more of the case when I came for the XO’s. I just hope I can enjoy it. I hope it’s going to be a full stadium with good support. If the stadium’s full, I’m sure it’s going to be great.”

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17 Comments for Roger Federer Isn’t Targeting The Rio Olympics In 2016, At Least Not Yet

Wog Boy Says:

I am pretty sure Olympic games have great importance for Roger..and Mirka, if it wasn’t for Olympic games (and locker rooms of Ken Rosewall Arena), they probably wouldn’t be together..but on the second thought..who knows

Tennisfan Says:

I’m a huge fan of Roger’s but I can’t see him as a contender at Rio. Majors are more important than Olympics- but imo Fed’s chances at another major are also very slim. But at this point I’m just happy to be able to watch him play.

Giles Says:

If Rafa doesn’t win Gold at OG 2016 ( he already has won Gold just to remind everybody) then I would much prefer fed achieve this so completing his CV instead of Podovic. All the same will of course be rooting for Rafa.

Purcell Says:

Having been at the o2 and seen him in full flight last Tuesday night against Novak, I couldn’t agree more.

Colin Says:

It isn’t a question only of what Roger wants in Rio.
There is this other guy called Novak, and we know the Olympics means a great deal to him. “EvenAndy” could pose a threat to a 35 year old Fed! The inspired performances such as Roger produced against Andy at Wimbledon this year, won’t go on for ever. “The moving finger writes…”

Thought I’d slip in a bit of Shakespeare, just to show how terribly cultured I is. Ennit?

elina Says:

“The tennis tournaments at the 2016 Summer Olympics will be staged at the Olympic Tennis Center, from 6 to 14 August. The competition will be played on a fast hardcourt surface used in numerous North American tournaments that aims to minimize disruption for players.”

Minimize disruption for Roger more like it.

Why can’t we see him winning gold there? It’s just eight months away and Roger won the fastest Master’s HC event in Cincy dismissing Novak in straights (where Novak has never won).

If he can beat Nole in two sets four times on hard courts recently, no reason he can’t win a third set.

Anyone that thinks it is not a main priority for him are deluding themselves.

He will be a pronounced second favourite to win Gold.

Tailor made.

Okiegal Says:

^^^ I concur, Elina and hi!

Okiegal Says:

Hi, Colin! Good to see you posting!

Colin Says:

No doubt about my degree of culture, folks. It wasn’t Shakespeare at all. Ah, well…

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy…

Huh?? I’m lost on the part of your comment about Mirka and Fed not being together…..enlighten me, I have had a mini stroke and I guess I’ve forgotten something. Help me out here….don’t want to be in the dark….a very lonely place! Lol…..and good morning!!

elina Says:

Hi Okie, hope you are doing ok.

In terms of tennis I mean, do they even HAVE any hard courts in Brazil before Rio, let alone fast hard courts (which are going the way of the dinosaur).

They should call it the Fed Express Olympic Gold Centre.

I hope Karlovic meets Isner in the final.

Okiegal Says:

@Elina, thanks!

Are you sure you don’t want it to be Isner and
Mahut? Lol

madmax Says:

Colin, you were funny with the ‘Ennit’.

Keep ’em coming!


Wog boy was having a senior moment. Not surprising you didn’t understand him. Seems to idolise Fed and Mirka these days. Must be in the process of writing a biography on their romance, he seems to know so much about their lives.


Wog Boy Says:

Hi madmax,
Glad to see you, I thought you said you are going to ignore my posts but can’t resist, can you? You have a fetish for an older man, I wonder why. If you read more Sigmund Freud or visit certain specialists (highly recommended), you might find answer for your problems (which are huge), it is usually called “childhood experience”.
BYW, what do you think and how is it possible that one ordinary gymnast can beat such an artist?

Wog Boy Says:

Roger and Mirka started their relationship during Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, not that I knew than who Roger was, and I had a contract with 2000 Olympic Games and spend every day (12-16 hours in Homebush where all facilities were, including tennis courts and Olympic village) and yes, lots of things were going on there, particularly in Olympic Village, if the walls can talk, at the end of the day they are all young people full of hormones, quite normal and natural behavior one would say.

J-Kath Says:

Assume everyone knows Federer has signed up for Stuttgart (on grass) for 2016 and 2017.

J-Kath Says:

okiegal – a mini stroke….??

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