Rafael Nadal Admits His Back Is Still Bothering Him A Little Bit
by Tom Gainey | February 21st, 2014, 12:07 am

Rafael Nadal won tonight convincingly over countryman Albert Montanes 61, 62 in the second round at the Rio Open. But afterward, Nadal once again made mention of injuries that continue to plague him, specially the back he first hurt during the Australian Open final loss to Stanislas Wawrinka.

“When you get injured in the final of a Grand Slam and stop for 2 1/2 weeks it’s not easy to come back,” Nadal said. “The back is still bothering me a little bit. But I am happy with my decision to be here.”

With his 25 match clay win streak on the line, Nadal will play tomorrow in the quarterfinals against Joao Sousa. The Portuguese Sousa works under Francisco Roig who sometimes coaches Nadal.

“I think I have played better than my previous match,” said Nadal. “This Friday I will try to play even better, more aggressive, looking for the winners. I haven’t played on clay for a long time and I need to find my level little by little.”

Tommy Robredo, Fabio Fognini and David Ferrer are also in quarterfinal play on Friday at the inaugural event.

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39 Comments for Rafael Nadal Admits His Back Is Still Bothering Him A Little Bit

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Ohh no not again.

skeezer Says:

^yes, a little “bit”.
Alot, though, if he loses.
A “little” if he wins, but still, He may win with a burnt finger, pulled tummy muscle, bad knee(s), shoulder and blister. It’s impossibly difficult and nearly impossible. A miracle that he always may win. If he wins or loses, he claims it with a injury or problem.

Everyone knows the routine with Rafa.
What a pathetic way to play Professional Sports.
“The back is still bothering me a little bit. But I am happy with my decision to be here.”
My Hero.

mrmilbury Says:

Maybe he took lessons from a mentalist.
Talking about something that does not exist is a perfect way to make it real.
I’m sure if he will play with Ferrer there will be no signs of the discussed bad back.
Press after match: “I’m happy with my back. It was a good match. When I started playing Rio i was not sure” etc etc etc.

Giles Says:

And the trolls continue to amuse themselves! Lol

Polo Says:

Nadal is a troll feeder. Tired excuses are their favorite food.

Ben Pronin Says:

Listening to Nadal’s formula over the last 10 years, I’m feeling kind of numb to it. I simply assume he’s lying and ignore everything he says. But it’s always the same story. That people actually defend him is hilarious. What are you defending here? Is it not true that Nadal always lays the ground work for an excuse if he loses? But if he wins, he’s a freaking brave hero? I mean give me a freaking break.

Purcell Says:

“………trolls continue to amuse themselves.”
Stand up and be counted all Norweigans on this site.

Mark Anderson Says:

Well, my background is Norwegian, however Ben Pronin is one of the Swedes in the weeds. Nadal’s problem is that he’s too honest, when he’s asked about injury’s. Ben Pronin just doesn’t have enough intelligence to recognize this, he’s too busy freaking. Here’s a Nadal formula, hit to Federer’s backhand repeatedly, simple, why change it when it works. There are others, but Nadal can change in any match, that’s how he beat the world’s number one poker player at his own game.

Giles Says:

^^^ Well said! :))

queen Says:

Ben Pronin, yea u really should take a break from the s!$t u write. Just let the numbness from ur brain take over ur hands and stop typing. Ugh

rafaeli Says:

skeezer, Nadal is your raison d’etre.

Hamza Says:

Skeezer, I understand that you don’t like Rafa but you also have the choice to not post on a news item regarding him, yet you do so.

Do you have a lot of free time or is it that you love hating Nadal ?

Daniel Says:

One news site in Brazil recorded Nadal’s antics during his last match and he touched his b$%t 123 times and his nose 228. LOL

Okiegal Says:

They left out shoulders, ears and hair….guess it got to be too much to keep up with! LOL

I have often wondered if Rafa didn’t have any weird habits and no injuries and served in 6 seconds…..what would non Rafa fans have to hate him for then?? Oh, I forgot to add, the fact that he has beat Roger so many times….I guess they would still have a reason.

Okiegal Says:

Live at Rio…….the Italian Stallion is getting blistered by Pony Tail boy and very frustrated and causing havoc with the umpire…..he’s hilarious. Wonder if he will pull his shorts down? LOL

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal you forgot the size of the behind,the way he wears a suit,the sweating,the forehand,the backhand,the endorsements,im just wondering if its ok for Rafa to actually breath,maybe if he dropped down dead then and only then maybe they would all be bloody happy lol?

John Says:

It’s funny how every time someone says something about Nadal his fans don’t like, they jump on Federer.

The truth is Feds been out of the spotlight for sometime now, most Fed fans don’t even post on sites like this anymore.

Time to realize even the average tennis fan can dislike Nadal for various reasons.

So instead of mentioning Feder, after every comment pertaining to Nadal. Just swallow the damn pill and realize it has nothing to do with Federer.

The Nadal fans remind me of the American politicians I’ve seen talking on television about Ukraine. Every time they get put on the spot about what their diplomats are doing; do you know what they do?

They bring up Russia -lmao.


I think Nadal picks his behind too much.

Vamos response: Oh well Federer has such a weak backhand and he cried at the AO – what a cry baby. Then some H2h nonsense.

It’s really funny. Some people just can’t handle the truth. I hope others can see the humor in this like I have.

Hippy Chic Says:

John yeah thats true,but to be honest if you go over this thread there isnt one Rafa fan thats done that,well on this occasion anyway,fans are indeed free to dislike Rafa if they choose,likewise Rafa fans are free to dislike Roger if they so choose,both fan groups think the other fan group is the worst,and vice versa,IMO theres nothing to choose between the two,neither will change the opinions of the others,its all such silly childish nonsense,what ever happened to fans talking tennis?

Skeezer Says:


Skeezer Says:

^in response to John

Okiegal Says:


I did leave out some very important things….shame on me! Lol. At 3:13, exactly!!

@John………Yeah, Roger is old hat now, thanks for reminding me.

LIVE AT RIO…….David lost 1st set to Bellucci 4-6, but can never count the little bulldog out!

Hippy Chic Says:

Fabulous FF loses 1 and 1 to Dolgo,i would have never predicted that one.

Brando Says:

LMFAO: Another day + another thread on Rafa= More troll BS.


Rafael Nadal has been on the Tennis scene for 13 plus years. In the spotlight since 2005. What he say’s is NO DIFFERENT from he has said in the past many a time.

You rant, rave and —–ed about him then: but did it make a difference? NO.

At the end of the day:

It’s his career, his life. He’ll conduct it how HE chooses to do so, he’ll answer questions how HE chooses to do so. Until the authorities pull him over for doing a wrong then it is what it is:

HIS life and HIS way of going about things.

Rafa does not care for what you have to say and if anything:

ALL you are achieving by moaning and groaning about this is: coming across as a sour idiotic bunch who wasting their time over a player they supposedly dislike anyhow!

Grow up!

Get a life!

Do anything!

Anything other than continuously acting like —-h over one guy!

Seriously: that’s some sad and pathetic BS to see people wasting their time with.

IF you want to flush your time down the toilet about such a meaningless, bitter thing then atleast come with something imaginative: just don’t yap the same nonsense time and time again.

Giles Says:

@Brando. Well said!

A Tango Lad Says:

Simply exquisite volleying skills on display by none other than the one dimensional baseline dirt ball basher early in the first set against Sousa.

Nadal fans must be enjoying this one so far.


nadalista Says:

@ATL, you sir, are a true tennis connoisseur.


A Tango Lad Says:

Quite kind of you nadalista.

We should be able to appreciate great players beyond our personal favourites and give respectful credit where it is due.

Grand tennis tonight from your man tonight. Glad to see his back is not affecting his game.

I just hope Roger’s back will behave as well next week in Dubai.

nadalista Says:


A ball-bashing master-class indeed!

Hashtag blue back tape…..


nadalista Says:

I don’t know if you noticed @ATL, but Rafa’s a wearing a blue hashtag on his back, seems to be doing wonders so far for that part of his troublesome anatomy. I know your man suffers from a similar malady on and off. Maybe he might also try a hashtag there, in GOAT colours of course?

A Tango Lad Says:

I used to believe in the concept of a greatest of all time but after Nadal I’m not sure there is such a thing.

No I didn’t notice Nadal’s back. What is a hashtag? Is it a heating patch? Perhaps I should use one myself from time to time.

skeezer Says:

Whats a Souza?

Nadalista Says:

You do not know what a hashtag is @ATL? Sigh, maybe that is for the best, hashtags are frowned upon here on Roger-x blog, which is strange because Roger himself is quite the hashtagger nowadays!

I am quite looking forward to Dubai next week, the field looks kinda loaded there. I think Muzza should have an easy time of it in loco Acapulco.

Nadal Steamrolls Ahead In Rio; Serena Stunned In Dubai, Leaves Venus As The Favorite Says:

[…] night, Nadal complained that this back injury he sustained in the Australian Open final was still a “…. Well, imagine how good he’ll be once the back is 100%? […]

Steve 27 Says:

Federer is old since 2008. Lol!

amadeus Says:

dramadal for the eternity.

skeezer Says:

Classic! Rack that post in the Tennis X archives!

Okiegal Says:

I don’t think I would be bringing up drama…….not after the crying jag Roger went on at the AO…….talk about drama!!! Sorry guys……..I couldn’t pass this one up!!

Humble Rafa Says:

Everyone knows when I lose a set against a Cookie Jar that I am hurt. No need to explain.

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