Ahead Of French Final, Novak Djokovic Admits To Sudden Bout Of Fatigue, But Says It’s Nothing Serious
by Tom Gainey | June 6th, 2014, 6:35 pm

Novak Djokovic was in control of his French Open semifinal match today with Ernests Gulbis by two sets when in the middle of the third set the Serb said he became suddenly fatigued.

“First two sets went well,” Djokvoic explained. “I thought I played well, very solid, putting a lot of returns back in the court, serving at the high percentage. Then suddenly midway through the third set started to feel physically fatigued a little bit, and you could feel that. You could see that both me and him, we struggled on the court.

“It happens, you know. It happens in the tournament, and important thing for me is that I realize what’s going on. It’s nothing serious. I’m going to have now two days of recovery and get ready for the final.

Is there suddenly concern for Djokovic’s health especially with what could be said is the biggest match of his career against Rafael Nadal on Sunday with a career Slam and a French Open title at stake?

“There is nothing bothering me. Just the general fatigue that, you know, probably was influenced by conditions or other things that I felt today. But I’m not going to talk about. That’s it. I’m glad I won in four sets, because if it went to a fifth, God knows in which direction the match could go. I’m just going to rest today and tomorrow, try to not spend too much energy on the courts, and get ready for finals.”

Two months ago Djokovic said his wrist wasn’t an issue early on in Monte Carlo, but we know what happened then.

Djokovic, though, isn’t concerned about the pressures of his match with Rafa.

“I guess each year I gain that experience in knowing how to handle the certain situations psychologically,” Djokovic said. “So it is more of a motivation for me, more of a I would say positive emotion going into the finals. Of course pressure is there. Expectations are there. They are always present when you are playing on this level.

“But I’m trying to channel this energy into the right direction and not get carried away too much by the stress of the occasion. So it is the final. It is the finals of a Grand Slam that I never won. Of course I’m going to give my best to lift the trophy in two days. I’m going to have the ultimate challenge on clay across the net, Nadal. We all know how successful he is.

“But I have to believe and I have to try to win it.”

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15 Comments for Ahead Of French Final, Novak Djokovic Admits To Sudden Bout Of Fatigue, But Says It’s Nothing Serious

Tennislover Says:

I hope both Djo and Rafa are close to being 100% physically for the final so that we get a cracker of a match.

Humble Rafa Says:

I can’t believe the Egg Lover is using physical illness as an excuse. Who on earth would do such a thing?

skeezer Says:

If so, you know he learned from you no? So it must be ok!

Steve 27 Says:

Mindgames!. Is afraid of Pascal Maria, too?

Michael Says:

I hope Novak is in the fitness of health. He needs to prepare himself for a long bout on Court on Super Sunday to outlast Rafa. If the match goes to five sets, I believe Novak will have the edge provided he is fully fit. But what I see here is Novak not making any excuses but just telling the difficulties the players are encountered with on court due to rough weather. This is his chance and Novak has to grab this with folded hands for you can never be assured of another tomorrow.

RZ Says:

Humble Rafa – LOL!

Michael Says:

Even an ailment of common cold can act as an impediment in giving your best. It is believed that Novak is suffering from common cold which makes body a bit fatigued and you feel some aching in the body. The silver lining for him is that there are two good days to recover.

roy Says:

remember the federer fan logic:
if you show up on court it means you are fit and there can be no mechanical reasons for your sub-par performance.

knee injury. wrist injury. busted hip. virus.
as long as you are pumped with drugs/painkillers and can play out the match … you are FIT.

welcome to the binary mind of the feddy bear fanatic.

some more examples.
fast court = good / slow court = evil

grass dominance = tennis excellence / clay dominance = skill-less specialist

mat4 Says:

Novak’s speach is not only politically correct, but shows a lack of determination and self-belief.

“I have to believe…” instead of “I believe…”, “I have to try…” instead of “I will try…”.

There is something wrong.

mat4 Says:

The RFF logic is a good one.

Hippy Chic Says:

I would Novak some slack here,hes had a much tougher root to the final than Rafa,where as Rafas tournament never really got going till he faced Ferrer….

Hippy Chic Says:

^Meant i would cut Novak some slack^….

Purcell Says:

Welcome to the binary mind of Roy who clearly doesn’t recognise that his inability to contribute to any thread without obsessing about Fed and his fans just serves to further elevate Roger’s iconic status. All the more ironic as Fed is on a gentle downward slide and has supposedly become rather irrelevant. Aren’t we supposed to be more interested in the ‘era’ of the two gentlemen currently slugging or perhaps sliding it out on that orange stuff?

WTF Says:

I think it was during Monte Carlo that Djokovic picked up some injury that supposedly put him in doubt for the French Open. Then he won Rome, beating Nadal in the final, and now he’s in the final of the French. Hmmm. That’s some amazing recuperation powers.

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