Andy Murray On Blowout Loss To Rafael Nadal: “It Was A Bad, Bad Day”
by Tom Gainey | June 6th, 2014, 6:23 pm

Andy Murray suffered one of his worst Grand Slam losses in a 63, 62, 61 drubbing to Rafael Nadal today in the French Open semifinals.

Murray was playing in his second career French Open but had no answer at all for Rafael Nadal who now leads the Scot 6-0 on clay courts winning 14 of 16 sets.

“It was a bad, bad day,” said Murray who has never won an clay semifinal match. “You can go out there with all the tactics in the world, but when he’s hitting the ball like that, it’s very difficult to hit the ball where you want to.

“He was hitting extremely hard, extremely heavy, returning well, and was hitting it well on the run. That’s the toughest match I have played against him. I’ll need to bounce back quickly from it, because I’m not particularly happy with the way I played today.

“Today I was mishitting a lot of balls. It was incredibly frustrating. I wanted to play better and better as the match went on. In some ways you start trying too hard, and it doesn’t always appear that way. But you want to do stuff too badly, and you end up making more mistakes and things get worse.”

Murray came into the semifinal after two five set wins in his last three matches in Paris, but wasn’t sure if that was the issue.

“I don’t know, to be honest,” Murray replied when asked if the long matches took their toll. “If it was, I’ve only got myself to blame, because I was in control of a lot of the matches that went longer than maybe they should have been. So if that did have anything to do with it, it was completely my fault.

But the effort in Paris and the results thus far after back surgery last year still gives him some encouragement as he looks toward the grass season and his Wimbledon title defense.

“The grass will obviously help me,” Murray said. “It’s a surface I have always enjoyed playing on. I think it’s been my most successful surface over my career. I’m really looking forward to Wimbledon especially. It’s only two and a half weeks away, so I don’t have too long to wait.

“I expect to play well there,” said Murray. “I’m really looking forward to going back. I think it will give me a lot of positive energy.”

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17 Comments for Andy Murray On Blowout Loss To Rafael Nadal: “It Was A Bad, Bad Day”

contador Says:

Congratulations getting to the Roland Garros Semi-final. Put the loss behind you, take away what you can from the experience and come back next year and be ready. You can do it!

For now…..on to Wimbledon to defend your title :D

Hippy Chic Says:

Contador exactly what i was about to say till you beat me to it lol….

contador Says:

Yep, finally we meet on the same page :D

cheers, Hippy Chic!

Hippy Chic Says:

Cheers Contador :D….

lylenubbins Says:

LOL this article says Murray was playing in “his second career French Open.”

Colin Says:

All the news items mention Wimbledon, as if that were Andy’s next tournament, but it isn’t. Queen’s Club comes before Wimby, so he’s got to make the transition to grass very quickly, which is physically demanding.

There are top players at Queen’s this week, and Andy won’t want to lose early. The wholw point of playing Queen’s is to tune up, physically and mentally, for Wimbledon., just like Halle for others. He wants a full week’s match play.

Berdych, Tsonga, Dmitrov, Gulbis, Wawrinka, are all lying in wait this week!

Michael Says:

It is really a very tough loss for Andy. He looked totally bewildered on court not knowing what to do to stop the onslaught of Rafa who was hitting the ball with a sledge hammer. Result, it was the most one sided match which can be comparable to only the 2008 final when Rafa outclassed Roger. Still, he would take good memories out of the current edition of French Open where he came to semi final against all odds and his uninspiring performance in preceding clay court events leading to French Open.

RZ Says:

Andy certainly looked sloppy at times, and his shots kept finding the net. But I like how he took responsibility for this loss due to his unnecessarily long matches in the tournament. Overall, though, this was a great tournament for him and I’m sure those long matches here will pay off in his grass court tournaments.

Onto Queens! Go Andy Go!

Margot Says:

Oh bless :( No excuses, really honest as usual :)
Bounce back nice and quickly Andy! And PLEASE sort out that damn serve.
Don’t forget he lost at Queens really early a couple of years ago, but still made Wimbles final. Come on Andy!

Perfect fan Says:

Two gladiators of tennis and more so on clay courts are facing off, come sunday….omg! how much at stake for both these giants….

For rafa:-
1. 9th FO title
2. 5 FO titles cons.
3. 14th GS title to tie with PS (interestingly, roger too got his 14th at RG ;).. )

For nole:-
1. Chance to get career GS
2. Reclaim no. 1 rank
3. And the biggest of all….do the unthinkable, beat rafa at RG.

Pheww….I m sweating already.


vitomaria Says:

I think only that Murray is a chicken…simply a good looser. you understand it from his behavior
on court always negative, without any strategy of play. This is the reason why lendl left him after 2 years, He could’nt train a looser yet, that never learns from his mista…. I Say a chicken, simply.

calmdownplease Says:

If you are going to insult Andy,
At least do it in actual english.
You sound like russian hooker on crack.

Hippy Chic Says:

Vitomaria Murray made it to the semis of his worst GS,after having back surgery,and you dont call Rafa the King Of Clay for nothing,he had very little CC practice before RG,and hasnt played on clay for two years,so a semi final is hardly a disgrace,so for goodness sake please cut him some slack?….

Eric Says:

I have to admit, for once I am excited for a Rafa-Novak match. Even though it will take untold hours to play. The sun will rise and set on single points, as the greatest athletes in tennis sprint and slide from line to line. Rafa will run eleven thousand kilometers. Djokovic will celebrate each of the four winners he powers past Nadal, by falling down and licking the clay, hoping to absorb its minerals and spiritual energy at once. Murray will be lifting the trophy at Queen’s as Rafa steps up, wearily, to serve, at 453 games to 454 in the fifth set. Federer’s twin daughters will grow up and claim their first doubles grand slam title when Djokovic, at last, trips over his ten years’ of beard growth, crashing to earth as Rafa hammers one last forehand over the net, before raising his arms in triumph. Leni Riefenstahl will rise from the dead, called forth by a supernatural force bidding her to film the titanic struggle.

No, just kidding. Rafa in four.

calmdownplease Says:

No kidding Eric!
But Novak in 5

Hippy Chic Says:

Eric lol will i be a millionaire by then,dear god i really hope so….

Polo Says:

@Vitomaria: The first time you said “looser”, I thought it was a typographical error. But then you did it again. So…I decided to just let your comment pass…like gas.

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