Ernests Gulbis: I’m Not Going Celebrate, It’s Not Enough, I’m Addicted To Success Now
by Tom Gainey | June 6th, 2014, 6:12 pm

Playing in his first career Grand Slam semifinal, Ernests Gulbis got a taste of the good life. Now after losing to Novak Djokovic in four sets the 25-year-old says he wants more.

‘I’m not going to celebrate,” Gulbis said following his loss to Djokovic. “It’s not enough. I need to reach more now. Now I’m addicted to success, really. I need to make this extra step now. I’m extra motivated.

‘I’m not used to playing these kinds of big matches,” he said. “It’s just normal that I felt extra nervous and extra tense. I can take one positive out of the match: that I could still win the third set [when I was] feeling that nervous and that extra tired. That’s one thing that I take for the future.

“The more I play these kinds of matches, the more I’m going to get used to these situations. For me, I take only the positive stuff out of it. I need to be in these situations once, twice, three times and then I can maybe make that extra step. I enjoyed it.”

Gulbis was the breakout star of the men’s French Open beating both Roger Federer in five sets and then Tomas Berdych in straights to reach his semis where Djokovic ended his 9-match win streak. The results will break him into the Top 10 just a 18 months after finishing 2012 ranked No. 139.

“The overall experience is just that I understood it much more than I did the previous time I was in the second week of a Grand Slam,” said Gulbis, “The previous time I reached a quarterfinal, I had no idea what was happening.

“Now I really understood every feeling and I learned from it and I tried to enjoy it. And even if it’s like negative emotions, like being nervous and being tense, I tried to even enjoy that and understand it, to understand how I can be better next time.”

The outspoken Latvian’s gotten into trouble in the past with prostitutes and his mouth. But now maturing he sounds like a man who wants to put that in the past.

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9 Comments for Ernests Gulbis: I’m Not Going Celebrate, It’s Not Enough, I’m Addicted To Success Now

Hippy Chic Says:

Well done EG,and nice to here a positive attitude for a change,rather than a cocky attitude,Rafa or Novak will win this tournament,but i agree in that EG was the star of RG this year,he can take alot away from this tourney with his achievements,i would put Murray in their too who has become a very good CC player now,the match against Rafa was a match too far,but when you lose to the KOC that is certainly no disgrace….

contador Says:

Thank you, Ernests! Love your Attitude.

You can do it – keep fighting for your place at the top. 100% behind you; even when you seemed gone in 2011. Very proud of how you have turned your tennis career around. Well done making your first of many GS semi-finals. And when you do make that GS final….you will be ready, confident and prepared to win it!

All the best! Says:

Polo, take note: players get nervous. It happens.

Polo Says:

I get nervous just by watching so I know it happens. Whatever I say is to calm me down. Otherwise, picking somebody to cheer for then see him lose when I have already divined him to win will drive me completely insane. It probably irritates others the way others irritate me, too. But that’s just the way it goes. No hard feelings.

RZ Says:

Good to hear Ernie’s new attitude, but I’m not holding my breath (he’s been too unpredictable before). Let’s see how he handles himself on grass.

Michael Says:

Despite his immense potential, Gulbis is a maverick and an erratic player whose consistency quotient is always questionable. That just kills your higher ambitions. He lacks temperament and is some times brazen while letting out his views to the interviewer. It seems he relishes in crude publicity and making headlines. He called the Big Four as a big bore and stirred a huge controversy. Such kind of outlandish remarks against players who are deeply respected just doesn’t enhance his stature. For Gulbis, the priority should be to control his mouth. Nodoubt he has a big game with huge weapons in his arsenal which can trouble the best. What he ultimately lacks is temperament which lets him down in important moments of matches.

Margot Says:

Lol “prostitutes and his mouth”…..can’t believe that I’ve just read that!
Excellent tournament for him, we’ll see if he can keep this up.
Gr8 comment to start this thread! Thumbs up m’dear. :)

Peter Says:

Gulbis is a spoilt brat

madmax Says:

Gulbis has talent, no one can deny that. I found some very interesting quotes from Gulbis. He also comes across as a jealous guy with Novak. I think that he needs to turn this around and try to see that everyone has to work hard to get where they need to be in life, and having money, definitely does not make you happy, though it gives you choice. Yes, he can be entertaining, but can anyone take him seriously when he says things like this? Good for a laugh though:

More than Gulbis making the news for defeating Federer, the young player has managed to be in the spotlight for his unabashed quotes. Not only his quotes, but even his off-court activities have raised many eyebrows. Gulbis was once jailed for soliciting a prostitute when he was in Sweden playing a tournament. He has also been vocal about his rich lifestyle and his support for the legalization of marijuana. Though he has received a lot of flak for his ‘out of control’ lifestyle , Gulbis has managed to soften his critics both with the brand of tennis he has played and also with some of his entertaining quotes he has made in public.

Below are some of his most infamous quotes which have grabbed instant headlines.

“Don’t worry about me. I have my own thing. I’ve never dated a girl. I don’t let her believe that she’s my girlfriend.” – when asked whether he was dating anyone.

“I swear there is more bitchiness in men’s tennis than women’s. I don’t like Djokovic that much. We know each other since I’m 12. He was a normal guy then, but since his first big success he changed, his eyes changed.” – when asked about the camaraderie he shared with his fellow players on the men’s tour, and Novak Djokovic in particular.

“I like that the marijuana here (in Rotterdam) is legal. I’m for that. Unfortunately, tennis players cannot do that. We get checked every week. But I like the way of thinking.” – when asked what he thought about the city of Rotterdam.

“When I’m in a tournament, I don’t pay attention to those things. As strange as it sounds, I go to dinner with my team, I stay with them. What happens around, the girls, that’s … I don’t want to lose energy for that. If you meet a new person it takes energy, you know? If you meet a girl, I’m not ready to go in relationship with her straight away, so it’s like, what is in my mind? For every normal guy, in your mind is to get the girl in bed. As soon as possible. It all takes energy. In a tournament, I don’t do that.” – when asked if he gets distracted by women during tennis events.

“Hopefully they (Gulbis’ sisters) will not pursue professional tennis career. Hopefully. Because for a woman, it’s tough. I wouldn’t like my sisters to become professional tennis players. It’s tough choice of life. A woman needs to enjoy life a little bit more. Needs to think about family, needs to think about kids. What kids you can think about until age of 27 if you’re playing professional tennis, you know. That’s tough for a woman, I think.” – when asked whether he thought it’s a good idea for his sisters and women in general to play tennis professionally.

“When I meet a girl, I don’t ask her what her profession is. I don’t ask if she’s a hairdresser or something else. I just meet her. And she meets me. She maybe doesn’t ask what I’m doing. Anyway, if she does ask, I usually lie. I say that I do nothing or I’m a musician or something. Suddenly, the police come and take me to jail, so I spend the night in jail for nothing, really nothing. So I’m upset with the Swedish government. It was very funny. I think every person should go to jail once.” – when asked about his experience of being jailed in Sweden on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes.

“I was really getting pissed to see who’s in the top 100. There are some guys who I don’t know who they are. Some guys, I’m sorry, with respect, they can’t play tennis. I don’t know how they got into the top 100. I think I’m much better than them. It’s a motivation.” – when asked about the level of competition on the ATP tour.

“You know, I used to say that it’s really tough to get out of the top 100, you know? So I proved to everybody that it’s not so tough, it’s pretty easy.” – when asked what had caused his fall out of the top 100 rankings.

“Yes, and I have a helicopter, a submarine and a spaceship.” – when asked whether he travels around in his father’s private jet.

“I break around 60 to 70 a year. I felt bad after going to the factory where they make the racquets and I saw all the work they do. Everything is handmade. They do everything for the players; they really think about what the players need, and then an idiot like me comes and breaks them.” – when asked about his tendency to smash his racquets during matches.

“I think all the products are for girls. The body lotions, the creams, the makeup, whatever, is just for girls. Guys should be natural. Of course you have to take care of yourself, you have to go to shower, you know, so you don’t smell bad. The rest is just natural.” – when asked why his hair was always so messy.

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