Roger Federer: Yes, Rafael Nadal Could Beat My Slam Total, But I Want To Add More Titles
by Tom Gainey | February 23rd, 2014, 10:06 am

Speaking to the press in his second home of Dubai, Roger Federer admitted that 14 13-time winner Rafael Nadal could overtake his 17 record haul.

“Could Rafa [Nadal] eclipse my [Grand Slam] record?” Federer told the Gulf News during a presser earlier today. “Yeah, absolutely. But the good thing is I am still playing and my goal is to add more titles to my count — and not just Grand Slam titles. I love any tennis tournament I play in and Dubai is an important tournament for me.”

Under new coach Stefan Edberg and with his back healthy and a new racquet, Federer reached the semifinals at the Australian Open then helped Switzerland to defeat the Serbs in Davis Cup.

“I am playing top tennis,” Federer continued. “For me it’s just a matter of staying healthy, staying consistent and getting to semis and finals. I feel as if I’m in as good a shape as I have been for a year, so that’s very encouraging. I feel my best tennis is around the corner.

“I know I’ve said that a few times, but this time I really feel it’s the case. I have zero pain and spent a very encouraging month in Dubai training in December. I am confident for the year ahead.”

In December Federer said it could take him until April for him to get back up to speed with his health and fitness.

Seeded fourth behind Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin del Potro and Tomas Berdych, Federer will open play Monday in Dubai against Benjamin Becker. He’s seeded to meet Dmitry Tursunov in the quarters and Djokovic in the semifinals.

Federer has won Dubai five times most recently in 2012.

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16 Comments for Roger Federer: Yes, Rafael Nadal Could Beat My Slam Total, But I Want To Add More Titles

Brando Says:

The hungers seems to be there so who knows? Nice to see Fed acknowledge Rafa as a real rival to his standing in the game. Both he and Rafa have always been better to one another than their fans for sure.

steve-o Says:

It’s not about who ends up with the most toys. When he won his first Wimbledon title he said all his dreams had been fulfilled, everything else after that has been gravy. All he’s ever sought is to realize the best possible tennis that he can, for as long as he can.

As long as he’s motivated, he will continue to produce beautiful tennis.

Good luck in Dubai, champ!

Hippy Chic Says:

Personally speaking ive always thought the idea of this player overtaking that player,or that player overtaking this player is only actually pertinent if or when it happens,only a year ago many were saying Novak would surpass Rafa, as Rafa was finished winning GS etc,then hey presto Rafa had another great year won the USO and bingo many were saying Rafa would surpass Roger again,so funny how the dynamics can suddenly change from one year to the next,Rafa is 5 GS away from surpassing Roger,and Novak is now 8 GS away from surpassing Rafa,and while both senarios are possible/plausible its not paticulaly realistic IMO,as fans we take it for granted that domination will be an indefinate thing,thinking too far ahead rather than just enjoying what is happening in the here and the now.

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont actually believe Rafa is fixated with surpassing Roger anyway,i believe he only ever wanted to be the best he could be,its fantastic that Roger also has so much respect for Rafa that hes not himself fixated by whether or not Rafa overtakes him,he seems like he just wants to carry on playing and enjoying his tennis,and if Rafa surpasses him then so be it.

Hippy Chic Says:

Brando loved the last sentence of your post,both Roger and Rafa have been better to each other than their fans for sure,well said.

volley Says:

“It’s not about who ends up with the most toys.”

this must be a first from a fed fan. i agree with the sentiment. it’s a very commendable -and healthy- attitude.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

“Speaking to the press in his second home of Dubai, Roger Federer admitted that 14-time winner Rafael Nadal could overtake his 17 record haul.”
14-time winner?

the DA Says:

Rafa wins Rio. That makes 62 titles now for Rafa at age 27 (7th on all time list). He’s catching up.

M Says:

That was a rather … riveting and evocative photo choice, Tennis-X bloggers.

Steve27 Says:

14-time winner?
In Rg, probably.

Perfect fan Says:

Good luck roger for dubai….seems like ages since I last saw him play.

Common roger….serve a treat to us fans :)

madmax Says:

Hello to all federer fans!

I am in Dubai right now…got tickets to watch the Becker v Federer match! First round!


Roger performed the Hotshot again, and they played it over and over on the tv. Crazy shots.

Just got back to the hotel.

I would say at the start Roger’s first serve let him down, but that was down to nerves, am sure because overall, he played well.

Becker played some good shots too and there was a bit of a scary moment when Roger couldn’t wind up the match when he was 40/15 ahead, Becker pulled it back a little.

Overall, well done Roger!

madmax Says:

Not only that, it’s so good to watch Roger coming to the net so much more often. You can really see the Fedberg effect.

Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with volley,its refreshing to here of a fan that loves a player,rather than loving their legacy and records.

steve-o Says:

Sweet, madmax! Hope you enjoyed it!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

As a Roger fan, I wish Roger has this record, since if Rafa cannot get this over, it’s difficult to see any one doing it in near future, though may thought the same after Sampras’s 14 slams.

But it’s justifiable if Rafa gets the most slam count, he has consistently been better against his Rivals than Roger.

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