Juan Martin Del Potro Leaves Dubai In Tears After His Injured Wrist Forces Him To Retire [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 25th, 2014, 9:50 am

It was a bad day for Juan Martin del Potro and his fans. The soft-spoken Argentine was in tears after retiring due to his left wrist in his first round match today to Somdev Devvarman.

The Indian Devvarman had won the first set in a tiebreaker when del Potro broke down on the set changeover. With his face buried in the towel and fighting the tears, del Potro consulted with a trainer but the damage was done.

“My wrist is hurting a lot and everybody knows what happened to me four years ago with my other wrist,” del Potro said. “It was really tough to play today and I tried everything. But it’s very difficult to play in these conditions, playing slices. I cannot be the player that I would like to be.’

Del Potro arrived in Dubai with concern about his left wrist making it a questionable decision for him to even play.

Next month are big events in both Indian Wells and Miami. Here’s to hoping he’ll back to health by then.

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22 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Leaves Dubai In Tears After His Injured Wrist Forces Him To Retire [Video]

Brando Says:

It’s the worse sight in the game when a BraveHeart is hurting due to a physical plight. I really feel for Delpo: he’s a warrior and a genuinely brilliant guy also it seems. Sadly though I just cannot help but feel he’s fighting a battle that will always pull him back at one point or another. I hope I am wrong since Juan’s talent is magnificent and it would great to see it flourish since what he can produce no one else really can on the court.

the DA Says:

I truly hope it doesn’t turn out to be as serious as the other wrist. Things were just starting to shake up at the top of the game and he was one of the shakers and movers. A speedy recovery to you JMDP.

Perfect fan Says:

Lady luck has been very cruel to delpo, I guess. One of my favourites of the game, it indeed hurts a lot to see him this way.

I rly wish him all the best n a speedy recovery.

Okiegal Says:

I’m so sorry for this guy. He is one of the most talented guys on the circuit……however, I can see why both of his wrists continue to trouble him, I think he hits harder than anyone else, imo. Hope he takes ample time off to heal, that’s what it’s gonna take……lots of time!! Get healthy, DelPo, tennis needs you!!

TheHumbleOne Says:

Very very sad day… let’s all send our positive thoughts and well-wishes to DelPo today, he needs it! :(

Giles Says:

He should wait till he is fully recovered before attempting to play again. Let’s hope there will not be any need for surgery like the last time.
Wish you a speedy recovery Delpo.

Hippy Chic Says:

Such a shame really just when you think hes getting back to his best he has another set back,it will be 5 years this coming USO since he won his maiden GS,so much talent and potential its looking more and more likely that he will become one of the best players ever to only win one GS,one of the games biggest under achievers,hopefully this time though as Giles said there will be no need for surgery,very sad :(

Joe W Says:

Poor guy. Maybe the most likeable Top 10 player. I wonder if he has a orthopedic deficiency or its something to do with his technique?

SG1 Says:

It’s tough to watch one of the tour’s really good guys in tears. I have no doubt that if he didn’t have wrist problems, he’d have a lot more than the single slam. DelPo has to be the best ball striker on tour when he’s on. I don’t consider DelPo an underachiever. He’s done the best he can with the hand (…no pun intended) he’s been dealt. Rather, I consider him a player with some unfulfilled promise.

And I don’t mean to talk about him like he’s done. He’ll be back and hopefully fully healed. I, like pretty much everyone here wishes him a quick recovery. He’s a stand-up, class guy hell be missed if he’s away for a while. I know that Agassi had serious wrist issues in the mid 90’s that he was able to get fixed. Pros are a pretty tight knit group. Hopefully, Andre has reached out to DelPo a little.

steve-o Says:

Sad news for such a nice guy. Hope he can come back happy and healthy.

roy Says:

hey, where’s the hate about his ongoing injury?
where’s the denial about its effects?
didn’t he just fake and injury because of gamesmanship? or because he was losing?

oh, wait. this is delpo, not the guy who threatens federer’s slam count.

Slice Tennis Says:

^^^ And he doesn’t whip the weak era sheep’s back(hand)

Okiegal Says:


I was wondering about that myself!!

Skeezer Says:

@9:15 post
What a jealous load of crap! Delpo has a history of Charactor displaying honesty about his calamities for the most part. So what are u really trying to say?

skeezer Says:

How ironic its well known Delpo is one of the “nice guys” and “good guys” on Tour but vamosheads try to twist it and use the hypo card.
So why isn’t Nadull regarded in this category? Great question. Am sure the koolaid vamosheads have the delusional answer!
Regardless, the global tennis fans of the world know better.

Get well soon Delpo, Gentle giant, gentle spirit. The real man of humbleness of the sport.

Slice Tennis Says:

Cool down old grandma…don’t cry
There is life outside fed/rafa, tennis, tennis-x and your dark room.
Get well soon.

metan Says:

For Del Po.😢😢😢😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
@Joe W.
Good questions, a poster called MMT promised to see how Delpo hitting the ball in slow motion but till then he can tell us about the technical stuffs but he never post or I missed it. I need to go to his blog and see. Does Delpo use different technique so he puts more pressure on the wrist that’s why it is easy to injured compared to other players with the same height. It could be his orthopedic???

Hey Michael, can you help with your tought?. BTW, thanks for your replied for my previous question.

Hippy Chic Says:

Metan Daniel alluded to Delpos injury been something called wrag wrist whatever that is?its all to do with the way he holds the racket,the way he bends his wrist against the racket or something along those lines?maybe Kimberly or Skeezer can give you a better indication of what it means as they both play the game?or ask your tennis tutor as im sure he will also know too?

Hippy Chic Says:

Roy lets leave Rafa out of Delpos injury,theres no need to even go there at the moment.

Translated Age Says:

He didn’t.

madmax Says:

roy Says:
hey, where’s the hate about his ongoing injury?
where’s the denial about its effects?
didn’t he just fake and injury because of gamesmanship? or because he was losing?

oh, wait. this is delpo, not the guy who threatens federer’s slam count.

February 26th, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Slice Tennis Says:
^^^ And he doesn’t whip the weak era sheep’s back(hand)

February 26th, 2014 at 9:19 pm

Actually, delpo RARELY says anything about his wrist and that has been the case for almost 4 years now. You rarely hear a peep from him. So, the reason Roy is because a) he doesn’t go on about it, day in day out b) he plays a fair minded match WITHOUT even mentioning his wrist c) he doesn’t answer questions about his wrist DURING an interview d) he doesn’t go for MTO’s on a consistent basis, e) he doesn’t have a mouth piece who speaks on his behalf about his injuries f) he doesn’t take 100 years between points to play a game of tennis.

It’s a problem. The reason being that you won’t admit that more and more rafa relies on the sympathy vote for his knees and now, it’s his back, before it was a blister, then before that a burnt thumb. Has nothing to do with Delpo as a person. Delpo is right up there in terms of gentleman and it is so very sad to hear that this has happened to him again.

I sincerely hope that he is able to get it fixed. Would be interesting to know whether it is the same injury, or a completely different one, career threatening or something that requires some rest.

madmax Says:

and Roy. You might want to acknowledge that even Federer believes that Rafa has every chance to overtake his slam count. So your argument, (can you even call it that, ummm. No. It’s no more than a rant. Can you even call your rant a valid one? You should read the latest interview with federer and what he says about Rafa. Rafa is number 1, the greatest player in the world. End of.

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