Stanislas Wawrinka: I Can Improve My Game A Lot
by Tom Gainey | March 12th, 2014, 9:44 am

Stanislas Wawrinka isn’t content winning just one Australian Open, he wants more and he wants to get better.

The 28-year-old goes into a fourth round match today at Indian Wells undefeated on the year at 13-0, but he says there’s lots of room for improvement.

“I know that I can still improve a lot of part of my game,” Wawrinka said on Monday after blow out win over Andreas Seppi. “Serving better, trying to be more aggressive, better game at the net, can still improve my forehand, put more pressure on the opponent.

“Then it’s always the same. Maybe I’m going to improve my game but not winning a big tournament this year. So it’s tough to really see what’s gonna change. I’m focus on what I’m doing on the practice court. I know that when my level is high on the practice, then I have a good chance to make some big result.”

Now No. 3 in the world, Wawrinka says he’s not focused on the top ranking.

“I’m too far away from No. 1. I’m really far,” he said. “Look at the ranking. Look at Rafa and Novak are there since many years. They are winning minimum two Grand Slam a year, making final, semifinal, winning Masters 1000. But I know my level. I know that I can play great tennis this year. I never won a 500. Never won a 1000 tournament.

“We’ll see. I’m not thinking at all to be No. 1. I’m just trying to improve, trying to win every match. We will see. I’m not expecting to win a Grand Slam but I did it, so anything can happen.”

And he now has a new, more positive outlook on things.

“In tennis there is always one more tournament, one more Grand Slam, someone better in the ranking,” he said. “So you can always look for more, and if you are not satisfied with what you’re doing, you never enjoy. At 35 years old you look at your career and you think, Oh, shit, it was great, but I didn’t enjoy the 10 or 15 years on the tour. So that’s something I try to change how I try to do, just to enjoy in the moment.”

Wawrinka plays Kevin Anderson with a possible match against Roger Federer in the quarterfinals.

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65 Comments for Stanislas Wawrinka: I Can Improve My Game A Lot

Hippy Chic Says:

Nice attitude Stan,hope you can carry on the form that won you the AO.

Gordon Says:

He brings up an interesting point in that he never has won a Masters 1000 or even a 500. Has he new confidence from his Nole-Rafa knockout at the AO?

Truth is, he has had a history of just not being able to string a series of back to back wins together. Then in the AO Djokovic played 2 bad points at the end of the last set and he suddenly found himself in the final against a wounded Nadal.

Credit the Swiss with doing what had to be done in both matches to win the Slam Tourney, but does he believe he can win more? Or this a seven-step program and he skipped a few if the steps and went right to “Win Grand Slam”?

If he has everything together then Stan should be hoisting the trophy this weekend. Or at the very least be the runner-up. The probable path of Anderson, Federer, Raonic or Murray shouldn’t be too taxing, looking at the way the 5 of them have been playing.

If we see Wawrinka in the final on Sunday we can say he’s arrived. If he falls short of that he might still be doubting whether he belongs.

Dc Says:

@ Gordon – Stan didn’t find himself against a wounded Nadal.

Michael Says:

Stan is looking quite impressive at Indian Wells and he has carried forward his awesome form from the Australian Open. In my opinion, he is the pick of the tournament so far and has his best chances to win his first Masters tournament.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

If Roger plays against Stan (considering they get thru the matches, which is not a guarantee), I would still go with Roger, unless he ends up playing a brutal 3-setter against Haas.

But Haas chance looks good against Roger too. Let’s see.

Gordon Says:

Dc – wounded May have been a poor choice of a word, but Nadal was definitely not 100%. I am not saying he could not or would not have beaten Nadal had Nadal been 100%. But on that day he wasn’t.

Purcell Says:

This time Nirmal, I’m going to go with Stan despite my never-ending support for Rog. It would be so good for him to consolidate with a masters and make those hundred percenters pipe down. However we will have to wait for tonight’s outcomes and that’s why I generally avoid predictions. All I’ve noticed, along with most others, is that Stan is playing beautiful, strong tennis and has a much healthier, more positive attitude. He seems happy and his pal Fed is happy for him judging by the silly selfies they’ve been posting.

Translated Age Says:

It is human nature for fans of one player to pick their opponent to relieve the pressure and downplay expectations as observed here.

Stan does not believe he will beat Federer. Therefore (assuming Federer plays a reasonably good match), he can’t.

Purcell Says:

Excuse me TA. Please don’t imply that’s the way I’m thinking. I happen to have followed Stan’s progress for years, as a result of which I support him as much as my other favourites. At the end of the day, I love the game more than the players, having been a player all my life and watched contests going back to the dark ages… and white telly……I’ve seen most of the players live which is the biggest privilege you can have in sport. I’m thrilled that we now have two Swiss at the top in the same way that I’m thrilled that Andy has two slams, Cilic is making headway…….hang on no need to further justify myself…..
As for Stan not believing he can beat Fed, that was then, this is now. Perhaps the implication is that Stan’s not supposed to beat Federer!

Hippy Chic Says:

I think the other guys are in new teritory now when they play Stan,as a GS champion he will have a new found confidence,he is playing beautiful tennis too swinging freely,and he looks like a very different player now,i think Roger should be more worried about Stan than Stan should be about Roger,the dynamics are all of a sudden very different IMO.

James Says:

At his best Stan is one of the best players on tour today. I think he will win a Master 1000 or two this year.
Another grand slam title? It’s possible. He really wants more. And he now knows he can beat anyone.

Who will stop him? He’s got a great game but his movement is still exploitable.

James Says:

By the way, Wawrinka is a break down vs Kevin Anderson in 1st set. Seppi allowed Stan to play freely. Anderson is a tougher opponent to dominate than Seppi. I think Stan will win this, but Kevin’s been playing good too and nearly beat Dimitrov for the title at Acapulco.

James Says:

Wawrinka broke back.

Another thing about Stan’s game, his attacking game is very damaging, but his defense is average for a top 5 player.

James Says:

I love both Switzerland and South Africa, but I love SA a little more. So rooting for the underdog in this match. Go Kevin!

Hippy Chic Says:

James glad to see you here as one of my fellow Rafa fans,that have not deserted the forum.

James Says:

Kevin Anderson takes the first set 7-6. 7-1 in TB.

James Says:

Stan takes a MTO after losing the 1st set. Kevin stays cool, doesn’t complain.

James Says:

Thanks, Hippy Chic! How have you been?

Did I miss anything? Has any Rafa fan deserted the blog/forum?
I hadn’t been on the internet for a few weeks after AO. Got busy with work.

Hippy Chic Says:

James hi there Brandos taking a break,things got rather heated between the Fedal fan groups,some newbies came and promtly vanished as soon as Rafa lost,Sean even had a thread called Fedal Warzone for the two sets of fans to continue duking it out lol.

skeezer Says:

Stan is laboring, it was obvious there, so the MTO was appropriate. He has broken back since, so lets see how it goes.

skeezer Says:

“Did I miss anything? Has any Rafa fan deserted the blog/forum?”
Yes and most of them. The good gals hung around!

James Says:

Brando’s a great poster. I enjoy reading his posts. Hope he comes back soon…Rafa’s going to do some damage in Miami.

I try to stay away from fedal wars now lol
It doesn’t really matter what some fanboys of a rival player say about Nadal. He’s a great champion, admired, loved and respected by many.

A Tango Lad Says:

So nice to see both Anderson and the crowd behave in the proper fashion during and after Stan’s MTO.

As a fan of Roger, I don’t mind saying that I would be very surprised if he does not beat Stan as per usual should Stan get past Anderson although even that is looking unlikely as he is down a double break.

Well perhaps Stan did have his 15 minutes of fame after all?

I hope not. He has worked so hard to maximize his game to its fullest potential.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Happy for Anderson, quiet, hardworking young man.

James Says:

Kevin Anderson breadsticks Wawrinka in deciding set. Happy for the big guy from SA.

I used to think he was just a big serve player like Isner and Karlovic, but he’s actually good from the baseline too. It wasn’t just his serve that hurt Stan. He was hitting deep and forcing Stan to defend more. And Stan’s defense is pretty average for a top 5 player. I think I said this at the beginning of the match too.

Purcell Says:

Oh dear Larry, another star out. Could be in for a surprise here. Congrats Kevin. He kept his head and his cool and continued to beaver away at the other end whilst Stan suffered ‘the revenge of the back’ and enjoyed the encouragement of the crowd.
On a side note, those shadows make for lousy viewing even on my big screen. Must be worse for the players. Still, they have other difficulties to counteract. That’s the nature of the outdoor game. Oh well let’s see if Rog and Novak can hold up their end.

Gordon Says:

Wawrinka remains the best Grand Slam winner to never win a Masters 500 or Masters 1000.


metan Says:

Congrats to Kevin, actually. I support wawa, but I think something happened to him. Let us see.

Skeezer Says:

Stan was compromised, either injury or just 2 much tennis( wasn’t his first loss this year? ). Either way, congrats to Kevin he played more aggresively overall and served better for sure. Hopefully Stan can get a rest and recharge the batteries for the Clay season.

Patson Says:

Stanislas the Manislas ! just love this guy. He has a very likable personality. I wonder how much more that awesome single-handed backhand can be improved ?

Okiegal Says:


Am I considered one of the good girls?……lol

Okiegal Says:

What was Stan’s MTO concerning? I’m not believing this……I guess now he knows how Rafa felt….karma is a biatch….I am only saying this because of his reaction to Rafa’s MTO at the Aussie Open……its a fair assumption.

Nirmal Kumar Says:


I thought Stan was fair during Rafa’s injury and admitted in his press conference. His argument was with the umpire and nothing to do with Rafa. Says:

Regarding Stan, I know he’s been playing great for about two yrs now. However, one thing tends to happen when people first win the big one. They do a lot of press. They celebrate a lot. I saw some pics showing Stan going to Hollywood after AO. So much time is taken away from practice. Hence, their next tourney is not necessarily a great one for the simple reason of not enough practice and not enough rest. Yep, you are still human after winning your first slam. Says:

Well, some people have a habit of MTO for every part of their body during matches. And then they still run helter-skelter and win – most of the times. I think that was what was on Stan’s mind at the AO when he questioned the umpire!! And we all know Stan doesn’t have that habit (of MTO)!!

Okiegal Says:


Yes, I realize he was upset with the umpire….but when he went on and on about it, it sent a signal to me, as a fan, that he resented Rafa taking the MTO in the first place. Having a fit because you weren’t told the extent of the injury was not going to make any difference one way or the other. Rafa was allowed the MTO. His little rant caused him to lose focus and he lost a set, imo

Okiegal Says:

@tiahpost…….whoever you are??

I think that was on his mind too….He resented the MTO that’s why he went on his little tirade, it had nothing to do with the umpire not giving him a blow by blow description of the injury imo. He must be pretty dense if he couldn’t figure out that it was Rafa’s back, his serving was horrible.

Obviously Stan does have a little habit of taking a MTO, he had one in his match today!! The opponent didn’t complain! Ailing back, I think he said……just like I said……..KARMA!!

Okiegal Says:


This is weird tennis. This is the oddest tournament I have seen in a while! Fed is gonna have his hands full if he keeps going……they won dubs tonight…beating a tough team. Congrats to the Swiss guys!!

Hippy Chic Says:

IW Has blown wide open, alot of underdogs making some noise in the tennis world, shaking things up at the top of the mens game,Alex beating Rafa,Milos beating Andy,Kevin and Stan,Joe,Richie Tomas also losing early,and its great for the game,im just wondering if all those young underdogs can back this up week to week,or do it in the GS which are best of 5 sets and a completely different animal,funnily enough if Sharapova were right and this were a GS then many of the top players would be out,and it would open the gateway for a new player to make a big breakthrough.

Hippy Chic Says:

Kevin couldve easily let his head drop, and fall apart after letting Stan back into the match, and win that second set after been a break up,all credit to him for keeping it together mentally,much of tennis is about what goes on between the ears,as well as what happens on the court.

Translated Age Says:

Compromised? Riiiight.

Yet he played doubles afterwords with his Daddy. No asterisk on Anderson’s win (which was neither a huge upset nor big surprise).

Stan is a very good (not great) player on the professional ranks who has maximized his game and was in the right place at the right time.

No more. No less.

The reason the fans didn’t boo his MTO?

Well, I just hope that you not compare 10-23 to 14-1.

Don’t you? Or do you. Ok. Good.

Fedfans LOVE Stan.

(Notice no Anderson screaming and crying foul looking for an official inquiry and full report in triplicate on the reason for the MTO either.)

Zero 500 titles. Zero 1000 titles.

One Grand Slam?

Stantistical Wawanomaly.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal @3.17am i agree but i think your wasting your time,it will all fall on deaf ears,perspective is merely lost on some people,your best off having this type of discussion with posters such as Tennis Vagabond or MMT,they seem to be able to reason without seeing things as always been black or white.

Hippy Chic Says:

I do find it strange that Stan was so compromised that he didnt actually pull out of playing doubles hmmmm?

skeezer Says:

Apparently some Rafans are not over the AO lost still, lol.
Doubles is not physically the same as singles. Get over it. He wasn’t injured enough to retire, he played on. Kevin won fair and square. It happens. Get over it.

pigoonse Says:

It is strange all right. And the media who were stunned and silent during Djokovic’s match on Stadium One remained reserved on the subject of Stan’s match; media, meaning Robbie Koenig and ? .

I still don’t get it that Stan was able to go play doubles with Federer after limping to the end of his singles match. Everything there seemed plausible until I realized Stanislaw Wawrinka was still going to play doubles. That is when I started to feel crazy. In that state of disbelief, is when I tuned in to Djokovic standing on court acting like he forgot how to play tennis. I mean Cilic is a new man at the moment but Djokovic behaving like a deer in the headlights? Thank goodness Novak came to his senses and was able to play some tennis resembling his… resembling the #1 or #2 in the world ATP players. It is odd right now. The IPTL idea for tennis is still smarmy to me as well.

Add in the strangeness of the Gulbis match and tennis was truly unbelievable yesterday.

My hope is for Alexandr Dolgopolov to win IW and restore some credibility to the sport.

pigoonse Says:

Skeezer it is true that Doubles is far different than singles in terms of fitness and form but…
that was OTT, imo.

And I try to give Wawrinka the benefit of doubt, yet something is does not add up. Well in my mind but perhaps I have watched too much tennis lately.

pigoonse Says:

Here is the thing. Maybe I can believe in Stanta Clause but I can’t grasp pigs flying.

metan Says:

I don’t care who ever win this title as long as not Dolgo or Gulbis. Haha….

pigoonse Says:

metan, why so mean to Dog?

Translated Age Says:

Stanislas is the Psy of tennis.

If he was a stock, you would have sold him in February.

I would be very surprised to see him win a Masters level tournament.

Great journeyman player but a one-hit wonder. Gangnam style.

Milk it for all its worth Stan. You deserve it!

skeezer Says:

Stan described his condition about that match here, which sums up what I thought…

Translated Age Says:

Thinking it was the other way around.

pigoonse Says:

Skeezer, a I read that last night or early a.m.

It didn’t help me sort it. I’ll just take my disbelief and suspicions and pretend nothing happened and I didn’t see anything if I want to post about tennis, otherwise, I will get banned.

It is the best idea for now.

Okiegal Says:

@pigoonse 10:58

I’m in agreement with everything you said. This is the craziest tennis tournament I’ve ever witnessed. It’s been interesting to say the least.

@ Skeezer

I’m actually the one who got the MTO conversation started in the first place. I was retaliating, nothing more , nothing less! I’m well over his loss.
Just thought it was an odd turn of events…with Stan’ s MTO and all. I immediately thought of KARMA!
Couldn’t pass up the chance to be tacky! I will read your link about what Stan has to say about the matter.


I am confident everything that I say on Rafa’s behalf goes in one ear and out the other with some posters……so be it, I will have my say!

Giles Says:

“He’s a tough player to play on fast condition” says “Stanislast” in the link posted by somebody or another. That’s funny, thought IW was the slowest of all the HC tourneys.

Translated Age Says:

Who you gonna believe Giles, Gangnam Style? or HT?

Okiegal Says:

Maybe Stan tanked the match…….a little gamesmanship……not wanting to face his pal…..agree with PIGOONSE…..something is not adding up……imo!!

Giles Says:

I just can’t believe the Press are even discussing the top ranking with Stanislast. He has got as much chance of reaching #1 as Stepanek.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal i was glad Pigoonse brought up the whole Stan MTO thing,as H/S been a Novak fan has no axe to grind with Stan,ie cannot be regarded as a Rafafan using a deflection tactic,as a Rafa fan i admit he does seem to have more injuries than most,but what i find unfair and alot of the time im scared to mention other players MTOs for fear of sounding like one of those fanatics Skeezer mentions.

RZ Says:

What’s nice for Stan is his new fan base. I was at Indian Wells over the weekend, and there were a lot of people watching him practice. Also, during one of his doubles matches with Federer, the crowd “oohed” and “aahed” Stan’s backhands. Says:

‘Slow’ or ‘fast’ (court) is in the ‘feet’ of the mover, not the spectator/commentator.

Okiegal Says:


I see where you are coming from. I don’t want to get so wrapped up in Rafa that I start acting like a freaking idiot! I much prefer a mature chat……but will admit that lately, I can’t seem to keep my thoughts to myself. I think I ruffled a few feathers on another thread, but sometimes I get to the point where I need to have my say…….the double standard that abounds on this forum wears me flat smooth out!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol me too ive just lost it on the other thread,have a look and you will see what i mean,why do i get the feeling that some people are out to get some people banned for some reason?

Okiegal Says:


I think you are so right. I read TX guidelines and it said if your comments didn’t show up immediately, you were under scrutiny. It said New posters were always under moderation for awhile. I’m not a new poster. I think I’ve been posting a year now. So I guess they are still watching me. Guess I’m doing something wrong. They are popping up a little faster but not immediately. I will scoot over to the other thread and stick my big wickerbill into the mix just for grins!! Lol

metan Says:

Wawa is chicken, he got mto, played like duck against Anderson and the next hours, although I know it is not the same playing single but he played double as nothing happened to this body.His everything was clicked,,, come on wawa, be a man! Ironic I supported him while he was playing against Anderson. 😁

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