Novak Djokovic Says Roger Federer Is Playing Like He Did In 2007 (But Maybe It’s The Racquet!)
by Staff | March 20th, 2014, 6:12 pm

Novak Djokovic agrees that former No. 1 Roger Federer is in the midst of a rebound. After slumping last year, Djokovic says the Swiss is back to his high standards once again.

“I think he’s playing at a high level,” said Djokovic today in Miami. “He’s back to his normal level, the level that he had for seven, eight years while he was so dominant in men’s tennis. Obviously last season he was not as good for his standards.

“But this year he started strong. I can feel that he’s striking the ball very cleanly. He’s very confident on the court and he has improved his backhand I think. Maybe it’s the racquet or something else, but he definitely has more depth on that shot. He’s going more for his top spins rather than slicing it.

“Of course, with his immense experience and success that he had in his career, he’s never to be ruled out. It doesn’t matter how old he is. It’s just a number. As he was saying, he feels good on the court. He’s fit. He’s definitely one of the best players in the world now.”

Djokovic and Federer could meet in the Miami semifinals a week from tomorrow. They both open play on Friday.

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19 Comments for Novak Djokovic Says Roger Federer Is Playing Like He Did In 2007 (But Maybe It’s The Racquet!)

Humble Rafa Says:

and he has improved his backhand I think

Did you hit high to his backhand, Mr. Egg Lover.

skeezer Says:

“Did you hit high to his backhand, Mr. Egg Lover.”
Whatever. The same guy however made Rafa hit moonballs in desperation in his 7 consecutive final wins. Remember that Mr. False Humble?
So he can do what he needs to do when he is on. When Fed is on, it doesn’t matter.

Our wannabee comedy actor always tryng for audition employment. Was this funny? Not.
Kudos to Nole givin the due respect. Congrats again on the IW win.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure if Roger is at 2007 level, but he is definitely playing at a very high level. His BH down the line is so effortless now and more consistent. If he can get his endurance and stamina better, it would help him to cut down on his UFE more.

harry Says:

Congratulations Hewitt on reaching 600 wins!

Only two other active players have that many wins… Come on, TX! We need a thread for this ;-)

Michael Says:

The Indian wells finals produced the best Tennis from both the players. However, it was quite unfortunate that the tie breaker had to end in such a fashion with Roger making a series of UEs which proved to be the difference between victory and defeat. This acknowledgement by Novak that Roger is back with a bang and playing at his highest level is testimony as how Roger manages to stay himself afloat even when confronted with adversity. Tennis comes so naturally to him that he plays the game with effortless ease, passion and mission. Roger is here to stay despite his advanced age and treat it as mere number. He is enjoying what he is doing presently on Court and is prepared to do all the sacrifices that is required in his pursuit to stay in the top.

James Says:

No thread on Bernard Tomic yet? Was 28 minutes, 20 seconds not good enough?
#Tough audience.

Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with Harry and James,why not have a thread about Hewitts amazing milestone?and Jarkos recording breaking win against Tomic?we get thread after thread about Rafa,Roger,Novak and GOAT talk, and whichever way you cut it,amounts to the same thing anyway H2H,weak era/strong era,be nice to have some topics on other topics and other players too,there is such a thing as overkill you know,probably why theres seldom any fans of other players that blog on this forum?probably think its all pretty pointless anyway?

Brando Says:

Had Fed been 26 himself he would bea Novak week in, week out.

rafaeli Says:

2007 Fed no worries for Nadal.

jk31 Says:

Rafaeli: In 2007 Federer was 3-2 against Nadal, beating him on clay, grass and indoor hard, losing twice on clay.

Brando Says:


LMFAO: awesome response!

Steve 27 Says:

Barely in grass, by the way.
Tomic? A veteran destroy a young promise in 28 minutes and 20 seconds. The quickest since 1991.

Okiegal Says:

Did Tomic tank again? Sounds like he wanted off the court……he’s better than that! I guess if for some reason you didn’t want to be there, you could get it over with in a hurry. Why enter?……..for a paycheck, I assume. He’s messed up in the head. It’s really rather sad. He’s young and has the tools to be great, he just has too many interests to invest much time to tennis. His father sounds like a whack job himself. Wish he would settle down, Australia needs him…….a straightened out “him”…..

Margot Says:

Tomic just had a hip op. Came back way too soon, I guess.

Okiegal Says:


Gosh, I’m so sorry for him. The fans call him the Tanker, so I thought maybe? I’ve never seen him do that, however. Knew he was hurting at AO, that was obvious. Did not know he had surgery……need to keep my thoughts to myself. Thanks for the info.

Okiegal Says:

@Margo…….Good luck to Andy. Got off to a slow start last night but finally gathered himself and got the win!

Margot Says:

Cheers OKiegal :)
We’ve all done it darling….and longed for an edit button on here!

Humble Rafa Says:

I sent my coach, philosopher, and all round nice guy, uncle Toni to check on the “backhand situation”. As always, Uncle Toni came up with a short answer.

“Baby backhand has improved to a junior backhand. Still can’t hit high backhands. 10B USD Swiss investment to improve the “national backhand” is showing some return.

Additional Info: I also looked at the Arrogant One’s (also known as Arrogance of Arabia) tummy. He appears pregnant. Twins for sure – One from Mirka and One from the Arrogance of Arabia.

Okiegal Says:


I have wanted and needed that same button for the hoof and mouth disease I have…….open mouth, insert foot!! lol

Cheers back!!

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