The Roger Federer Racquet Uncovered
by Sean Randall | October 19th, 2007, 3:49 pm

Want the inside scoop on Roger Federer’s racquet? Here’s a little story that I came across in the NY Times today on the Fed racquet. According to the article Fed, uses a Wilson K Factor Six One Tour with a 90 headsize. ADHEREL

The article says Fed’s racquet is strung with 16 gauge gut in the main strings and Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough in the crosses making the string job a hybrid of gut and Luxilon. So if you want to get closer to Fed, set yourself up with one of these sticks, slap down the right string, throw on some swoosh gear and maybe you, too, can challenge for Slam titles.

Okay, it’s not that simple, and I’m pretty confident in saying that what Fed carries in his bag is not a retail, buy-in-the-store K Factor Six One but rather a custom made Wilson frame that’s been painted like the Six One. So good luck getting your hands on an exact replica Fed racquet with the correct weighting, balance, etc. Why any of that would be a “secret” I’m not sure of. But I am sure that regardless of your racquet good luck playing like Fed!

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6 Comments for The Roger Federer Racquet Uncovered

Tejuz Says:

well Sean, I do own a Wilson K Factor 6-one-tour (90 sq in). Bought it at the Aus Open 2007, when it was first used by Fed and it had not yet hit the stores in Aus back then. Strings not the same as Fed, mine is just a Head, rip comtrol string.

Initially it felt a lil heavy (340 gms) compared to my earlier 280 gms racquet. Also the frame was smaller compared to my earlier 95 sq in frame. Took some time to adjust to it. But it is so compact and certainly gives me more control over my shots and nice placement on my serves and very steady when blocking back returns. Beginning to like it a lot now.

Also feel proud when i see my racquet on TV when Fed waves the crowd after his wins.

dodobird Says:

yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwn. Does fanboy Sean Randall ever write about anything tennis related other than drooling over his wetdream Federer?

Jeremy Says:

im pretty sure Federer’s racquet is the wilson original pro staff (same as Sampras used) only painted really, really, pretty.

fed Says:

The new K factor racquets are an EXACT copy of Federer’s. Hence why his autograph is on all of them. They are the exact same specifications inclduing the 4 grommets on the PWS section.

Tejuz Says:

But its damn good.. especially on the service.. and also blocking returns back

al Says:

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