Stanislas Wawrinka: It’s Amazing And It’s Special To Win My First Masters 1000
by Tom Gainey | April 20th, 2014, 2:12 pm

A career best season continued today for Stanislas Wawrinka. The 29-year-old who shocked the tennis world in January winning the Australian Open, won the first big clay event of the season today defeating friend and countryman Roger Federer 46, 76, 62 to claim the Monte Carlo Masters title.

“It’s always special to play Roger,” said Wawrinka. “We know it’s always a strange match, especially being in the final here. He’s my best friend on the tour. We respect each other so much. I’m just trying on the court to win the match. Before and after, we are still very good friends. During the match, we just try everything to win. Today I’m really happy to take that one.”

Wawrinka won his ATP World Tour-best third title of the season and the seventh of his career. He also ended an 11-match losing streak to Federer. He came in with a 1-13 record vs. Federer and his other win came in Monte-Carlo in 2009.

“I can see that when mentally I’m there and I’m fighting, I can play tennis, I can beat all the player. I did an amazing job. I’m really happy after winning my first Grand Slam to win a Masters 1000 so quick. I didn’t expect to. When I came here, for me it was more like a test. I knew I was playing good tennis, but I didn’t expect to win because the draw was so strong.”

The match was the first all-Swiss final since Marseille in 2000 when Marc Rosset beat Federer. Wawrinka improved his match record to 20-3 on the season, including 6-0 vs. Top 10 opponents. He also is the season points leader in the Emirates ATP Race to London standings.

This was only the third time in the past 37 ATP Masters 1000 tournaments (since 2010 Monte-Carlo) a title was won by some one other than the Big Four (Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray). It was also the second time in the past 30 tournaments (since 2011), a player outside the Big Four held the trophy.

Congrats to Stan!

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63 Comments for Stanislas Wawrinka: It’s Amazing And It’s Special To Win My First Masters 1000

harry Says:

Go Stanimal!

James Says:

Congrats Stan!
Wanted Fed to win his 1st Monte Carlo title, but had a feeling Stan would beat him. Stan was playing better than Roger in the semi finals IMO.

Jose Felciano Says:

Again, great perseverance in his career, and nice to have different champions!

Humble Rafa Says:

Best Backhand in Switzerland deserved it!

andrea Says:

Great win for Stan! Must feel great to back up first ever GS title with a first ever Masters!

When i woke up and saw that Fed had just lost the 2nd set breaker after almost 2 hours of play, kind of figured it wasn’t going to be his day.

From all the comments, sounds like fed’s game went astray in the second set. Strange for him to be making all these finals and not closing them out. But for any other player, getting to 4 finals in first 4 months of the tour would be a super accomplishment so have to put it in perspective.

Glad Stan could get a win over Fed. Nice momentum into the French!

Slice Tennis Says:

Congrats to Stan the journeyman.

This win makes the clay swing much more interesting. This increases the chances for a worthy finalist against Rafa at FO.

Both Fed and Nole are 0-5 against Rafa at FO.


Giles Says:

The only two times wawewo has beaten fed have been at MC. 2009 and today. He clearly likes playing fed in MC.

Hippy Chic Says:

Congrats to Stan the man,the whole CC season just blew open,many were penciling in Rafa or Novak for the FO title,but with question marks over Rafas form and Noles injury and Stan redicovering the form that won him the AO,i wouldnt be surprised if he were to be the one winning the FO this year,of course much would depend on how the other tournies go leading upto the French….

Josh Says:

@Slice Tennis – Rafa and Stan played at the French Open last year, we know what happened there. Yes, Stan is an improved player, but Rafa has the ability to break down a backhand as powerful as Stan’s as well, especially on the clay of Roland Garros (which I have been fortunate enough to hit a few balls on – although not centre court). Stan would have to execute his tactics almost perfectly in order to be able to come close.

Hippy Chic Says:

I would be eager to see Rafa playing Stan before the FO,im sure he will be itching to bounce back and make a statement,and to prove it was just a slight blip this week….

Colin Says:

It’s great to see the blossoming of Stan, but we must bear in mind that he’s 29, and probably won’t have time to win all that many more tournies. The over-30 Ferrer can still run pretty well (though it didn’t save him this week) but Stan, who’s about six inches taller and beefy, will probably slow down sooner rather than later. Still, we can enjoy his delayed prime for however long it does last.

SG1 Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
Best Backhand in Switzerland deserved it!


Best backhand…period.

Okiegal Says:

Okiegal dialed a wrong number on this one….Wa Wa
Did beat his Da Da!! I went to church so I missed it, but Roger had won the first set. I guess Stan backed up AO a wee bit, not a slam win but a masters. Congrats to Stan and all his fans.

Sorry to all Fed fans. I will try to watch a replay and see what the heck happened. I really felt like Rog would win this one…..but he was denied!

On to the next one!! Maybe better luck there.

contador Says:

Congratulations to Stan and Roger. Stan did a great job of winning, well done, tip of the hat, it is about time you got a Masters title.

And chapeau to Feddy for being the gracious runner-up.

Please everyone, (mat4 I am looking at you), note that I did get 100% right on my final pick. thanks also got 100% right on my semi-final picks. Still got the magic, oh yeah…..

contador Says:

oops, I just wrote a reasonably polite congratulations post in honor of Stanislaw Wawrinka and his side kick, Roger Federer.

Also patting myself on the back …for picking Stan the not -so -journeyman over Ferrer and over Federer (not without some rather heavy reservation ofc),

But my first post might never come through because I entered the wrong email address. So we shall see what happens to this one with my usual address.

contador Says:

ah, there is one^. went right through.

contador Says:

Happy Easter or have a very nice Passover to all.

Hope you had a nice day.

Patson Says:

Stanislas the Manislas deserved it.

ertorque Says:

the finals yesterday shows that power triumphs when ball is kept in play. TV shows that Stan’s backhand average speed is around 20kmh more than Roger’s. It was 119 vs 102 if I am not mistaken. Hope to see Stan maintaining his good form in the coming clay tournaments.

roy Says:

that must hurt for federer.
finally avoids nadal, gets an injured djokovic, gets a player he’s beaten 90+% of the time …
and still can’t win monte carlo.

well, that was his chance.

metan Says:

Congrats to wawa!

skeezer Says:

“that must hurt for federer.”
Nah, why? He’s done enough in his career. Besides, he got some points out of this. This tourney hurt Rafa’s legacy more. In his prime, he is suppose to be King of Clay? Then gets beat by his boy toy? In his prime? Very ominous indeed.

Eric Says:

Disappointing for Federer, but that’s how it goes; great for my man Stan!

A few thoughts: “6-0 vs. Top 10 opponents.” WOW.

If just a point or two in the TB had gone the other way, it is a bit amusing to imagine, the narrative here would be COMPLETELY different.

One bad tournament for Rafa is not the end of the world. Yes, he has now lost twice as many matches at clay masters as he had in the past nine years (or whatever), which (by the way) is a stat that should literally not be possible (I guess this what “smart scheduling” really is), but he’ll be back next time. Just like always.

I feel like my memory must be playing tricks on me. Haven’t Fed and Stan already played each other in a final somewhere? And didn’t Stan beat him a year or two ago? Not since 2009, truly?

Michael Says:

Hearty congrats to Stan and bad luck to Roger. Stan deserved the trophy but Roger fought very well and the difference between victory and defeat was decided in the crucial tie breaker which Roger lost by a whisker. But all credit to Stan for hanging on which just goes to show that he is maturing as a player and is seizing the big moments which was not the case early in his career. This year has been a breakthrough year for Stan considering that he has managed to grab a major as well as a Master series title for the first time in his career and fittingly he did that at Montecarlo which is the Premier Master Series tourney. Although both the players were helped by Rafa’s surprise loss as well as injury hogged Novak, yet nobody can take credit from both these players who played their heart out there.

madmax Says:


Have just watched the match again – Fed v Novak. First set, wow to Fed. Amazing play and aggression by him. He really came out to play aggressive, high risk tennis against Novak. Of course one could argue during that first set that Novak was not up to the plate, but really. Novak played fantastically well Michael. It was the second set, you could see the pain on his face, when camera flashed, but nothing of the sort in the first set.

Then, I watched Wawa against Ferrer. Incredible shot making from Stan. Incredible power off his forehand and his backhand was a beauty. Working like clockwork.

Against Wawa, Fed was not as aggressive. If you compare the shots. It was a complete switch around. Stan was incredibly aggressive. That forehand was awesome against Fed and the backhand coupled with the risks that Stan was taking, he has so come of age since the AO.

Stan is definitely the hunted one right now.

Hippy Chic Says:

I said it on the other thread,but ATM Stan and Roger are the two best CC players in the world right now,they both played amazingly all week….

metan Says:

Lol, Alison, wawa just won, it doesn’t mean he is great in the world, no. The greatness happened by accumulating it over time not just once or twice for one year or two years but for at least a decade. Not easy task.

Giles Says:

metan. Yes, please educate them.

Hippy Chic Says:

Metan the operative word been ATM,they would still have a long way to go to surpass the achievements of Rafa on clay,which would be asking the impossible ;))….

Hippy Chic Says:

Metan ATM been the operative word,they would still have a long way to go to surpass the achievements of Rafa on clay,which would be asking the impossible ;))….

Giles Says:

What does “ATM” even mean. MC was the first tourney of the CC season. It’s not as though several clay tourneys have been played to judge any single player.

Okiegal Says:

Stan has one slam along with first masters win…Yes he has got a long way to go. He got a late start. Now he’s 29……looks dismal that he’ll set the woods on fire at this stage of his life. ATM… the moment, as Chic said, he’s the frontrunner, especially now that Novak is hurt and Rafa seems to be a bit iffy. I’m not giving up on Rafa by any means he is and will always be the King of Clay! He has dipped a little in his game, but we all know he has gone back to the drawing board and is working on what is amiss in his game, clearly something is.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal thanks and exactly my point,it would be completely ridiculous to right off Rafa,nobody in their right mind would do that,doesnt mean to say he cannot/will not be beaten ,or cannot/will not win much more,as none of us know that either,all im saying is Stan and Roger have made a good start and are AT THE MOMENT as you say the front runners,jeez some people make a federal case about any comment,and dont understand words like context or perspective….

Okiegal Says:


Don’t know where you love, but I’m sure wherever you live you have ATM centers to get cash anytime.
ATM>Automatic Teller Machine………Chic’s reference…..ATM>At The Moment, right Chic??

Okiegal Says:

@Chic…….be careful what you say……you are being monitored……me thinks! Federal casers abound…….tee hee

Okiegal Says:


Did not intend to get personal with you romantic life…..should have said live instead of love…..but as astute as I know you are, you figured out what I meant to say!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol>laugh out loud,although one guy thought that meant love you lots in the care home where i work,ATM>at the moment,LMAO>laugh my arse off,LMFAO>laugh my#arse off,BS>bull sh*t….

Hippy Chic Says:

Funny how fickle the world of sport is,and funny how fickle fans are more to the point,many were pretty sure Novak would be the one to knock Rafa off his CC pedestal,now people are thinking that the pendulum has swung in favour of Stan?and funny how the dynamics can change from one tourney to the next????

Okiegal Says:

I’ve got it! Thanks. When I started commenting on Facebook I had to ask my son what all that meant. He enlightened me. With all the texting going on……short conversation and to the point!

Hope you had a Happy Easter, too! Watched great nieces and nephews hunt eggs. It was fun!

Off to Barca for me……via the internet’s live streaming, of course!! Lol

Okiegal Says:


Things can change in a hurry. I had been wondering how long it would be before Novak would have an injury worry. Not wanting him to, by any means, but it eventually can happen. As I’ve I’d many times I think Roger corners the market on perfect athletic genes. It has hit him a little bit as of late…..Will have to consider his age now, but he played years in perfect health! Amazing……imo!

Okiegal Says:

^^^^correction……”As I’ve said many times”….

Gordon Says:

Hippy Chic – fickle? You bet. It’s very ATM (that’s At The Moment for you ESLers out there).

In the past couple of days many comments on posts have been looking at the up and comers and have been openly dismissive of guys like Raonic, predicting he will never win a major.

Of the top 16 guys in the world Raonic (#9) is the only one who as of next month is under 27 years of age. He is 23.

Who knows how much he’ll improve or what the field will be like? I’m sure FOUR YEARS ago these same posters were in here predicting Wawrinka would never win a grand slam, and he was 25 then.

Honestly people, you are predicting how a 23 year old will perform for the next half decade?

You can’t even accurately predict who will win a match 12 hours in the future. Sheesh!

Okiegal Says:


You weren’t addressing anything to me……but I HATE STUPID PREDICTIONS!!! Gets under my skin BIG TIME……….

Okiegal Says:


I will have to back up on the prediction issue a little. When I didn’t want a particular player to win, I would guess him to be the winner hoping I could jinx him…….how many on TX do that same thing?? Tee hee…….I did say I felt like Rig would beat Stan, and I was serious about my statement. They are such good friends and out of Stan’s respect for his pal, just wasn’t sure he could do it. Fooled me! Happy for his first Masters!

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont have anything against predictions/opinions,but the thing that gets annoying is when people state them as been bona fide facts,my favorite will do this,your favorite wont do that blahdy blah,the thing im really hoping for this year is a well contested one,hoping things are shared out as they have been the last couple of years,and hoping Andy Murrays best form is just around the corner too….

RZ Says:

It’s great that Stan backed up his Aussie crown with a Masters 1000. 2014 = Year of the Stanimal? :-) Says:

There is now a Big Five. No one has cracked this egg since Del Potro, just before his first wrist surgery.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennis Vagabond lol i dont know if that was intentional,but it was a good pun for Easter Monday….

contador Says:

People are annoying in general, Hippy Chic ; ) ; ) ; )

You mean like this? Okay, Stan is going to win RG for sure now. (you heard it here first.)

Hippy Chic Says:

Contador lol no to be honest i never your posts annoying,i will make one of my own though, Murray will win RG,W,USO,you heard it here first,but Stan winning the FO well i wouldnt mind that one bit….

John Says:


Oh, I really like this nickname. Well done, very original. I’ll be using it if you don’t mind ;)

Humble Rafa Says:

As a goat owner, I have expectations of my goat. Don’t lose to a journey man (see philosopher Skeeze about “Journey man”, I am just a goat owner).

Margot Says:

First coined in Australia.

John Says:

Humble Rafa is still a bit nutty cause his “humble season” isnt happening as planned. Instead of talking about the goat he should eat some goats cheese. After all he always talks about owning a goat. Take a cheese making course – maybe humble season can start then. You’ll need lots and lots of cheese, cause it’s a very strong Era and Ferrer is waiting. Says:

HR, Fed lost to the last Slam winner, you might remember him. Who did you lose to again? If you’re record against Fed makes you goat-owner, does your loss to Ferrer make you a pigeon’s pet?
Zoology is confusing.

skeezer Says:


SG1 Says:

wonder what else he’s doing with that goat…just saying.

SG1 Says:

I’d classify Lukas Rosol as a journeyman no?

SG1 Says:

If Stan is, Rosol definitely is.

Humble Rafa Says:

does your loss to Ferrer make you a pigeon’s pet?

21-6. That explains it.

You failed math and zoology.

RZ Says:

@John – I can’t take credit for “Stanimal.” I got it off of Fed’s Twitter feed earlier this year. :-)

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