Four Months Into The Season It’s Stanislas Wawrinka Who Leads The ATP Race; Rafael Nadal Is 4th!
by Staff | April 28th, 2014, 9:46 am

Who would have believed it? Surprise Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka leads all players in terms of 2014 points entering May. The Swiss who also added his maiden Masters 1000 event a few weeks ago in Monte Carlo, holds about a 500 point lead on No. 2 Novak Djokovic in the 2014 point standings.

The resurgent Roger Federer rank third while 52-week No. 1 Rafael Nadal is fourth.

Rising star Kei Nishikori is now ahead of David Ferrer after his first clay title yesterday in Barcelona and fellow youngster and Bucharest champ Grigor Dimitrov rounds out the Top 8.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is down at No. 12.

Wawrinka, who is No. 3 on the 52-week ranks, has three titles this year and is 20-3 overall.

ATP Race Rankings of of April 28, 2014
1 Wawrinka, Stanislas (SUI) 3,535
2 Djokovic, Novak (SRB), 3,050
3 Federer, Roger (SUI), 2,920
4 Nadal, Rafael (ESP), 2,865
5 Berdych, Tomas (CZE), 2,135
6 Nishikori, Kei (JPN), 1,525
7 Ferrer, David (ESP), 1,440
8 Dimitrov, Grigor (BUL), 1,355

9 Dolgopolov, Alexandr (UKR), 1,175
10 Fognini, Fabio (ITA), 1,150
11 Cilic, Marin (CRO), 1,125
12 Murray, Andy (GBR), 1,065

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102 Comments for Four Months Into The Season It’s Stanislas Wawrinka Who Leads The ATP Race; Rafael Nadal Is 4th!

Daniel Says:

We could also have a shift in #1 ranking in Madrid.

If Djokovic wins it and Nadal loses before Quarter final Djoko will regain #1 ranking.

Djoko winning is not out of the helm but Nadal losing before Quarters is unthinkable, even with his latest losses. But is fun to enter a tourney knowing the #1 ranking is at stake. Basically from now on, it will be a battle between Djoko and Nadal and Wawa or Fed may start to make some inroads depending on the next two majors. This year doesn’t look like anyone will dominate long, but anything can change really fast.
Who would have thought after AO semis when Nadal was virtually winning his 14 major that he can now lose #1 in the middle of his beloved clay season?! Says:

Oh the times, they are a changing.

Nice to see Kei and Grigor winning this week, gradually building their presence as true forces on the tour. I’ve said it on other threads: life on the ATP has become far more difficult this year for Nadal and Novak. Not only has Stan created a Big Five, but the Dark Horse tier has expanded massively with the Young Turks (Kei, Grigor, Milos and Dog), while Ferrer and Berdych are still hanging around.
It reminds me a bit of the New Balls era. At that time, the ATPs marketing campaign revolved around the shit disturbers threatening to break up the Sampras/ Agassi (and Muster and Henman and Rafter) era. They were Hewitt, Roddick, Safin, Ferrero and (in-between era man) Guga.
And while all eyes were on them, the tennis fanatics (like we see here) were wondering, hey what happened to that junior world beater RFed?
Just when it seemed he was destined to remain the Doug Flutie of tennis, bam. Fed ate them all up.
So my question to the wise X-ers here is, is the future of tennis inside one of these Turks? Or is there someone I’ve not mentioned, metastasizing in some junior or challenger series cocoon, set to emerge and eat them alive?

Ben Pronin Says:

So does that mean 2014 is officially the start of a weak era?

madmax Says:

We just have to wait and see how things unfold over the next few tournaments. Nothing is a given. I didn’t think that Stan would be ahead, got to admit. I thought it was Novak, but look at the points. There really isn’t a lot between all of them. It could all change very quickly.
It’s great that Nish and Grigor are finally coming to terms with their new found status as mini big boys, and stan for that matter, though he seems to have been around forever.

It’s great too to have some “new/fresh blood” biting at the heels of the chosen few, and I include Andy in that category. He has had a few setbacks, but should still be counted as getting into the final 8 by the end of the Year.

Who could ever write him off? At anyone’s peril, I would say. Says:

Ben, an interesting question. At first glance, it seems like a stronger level, as we are still dominated by Rafa, Novak and Fed, and now we’ve just added a slew of challengers at their level.
But the real question is whether Rafa and Novak are still at that World Beater level. I dunno. I’m not so sure of this.
Kei, Grigor, Milos, all seem, so far, as limited or inconsistent. So how is that they can suddenly challenge the elite? Maybe Rafa and Novak have come down a tad to meet them (and allow a recharged Fed to catch up!).
Anyway, I like it. Its new and interesting, a shiny bauble to hold my interest.

contador Says:

Great post Tennis Vagabond!

Same questions here as this:

“So my question to the wise X-ers here is, is the future of tennis inside one of these Turks? Or is there someone I’ve not mentioned, metastasizing in some junior or challenger series cocoon, set to emerge and eat them alive?” -Tennis Vagabond

When I watch Grigor, I think I am looking at The One or one of the ones. But I search and scan the juniors looking for the next Serena and Venus; Roger and Rafa.

I think the “metastasizing” is taking longer since the bar is set so high for physique building and fitness required. Seems like they go through a gauntlet of injuries after which they either learn to manage, prevent, and grow stronger or cannot manage and it takes them out of contesting at the top. A lot I hoped would make it are gone or in the challengers.

That is why, for me, the reappearance of Dominic Thiem was exciting – he showed great promise a few years ago. Going back to 2008-09, Tomas Bellucci showed promise as well – but it turns out that he just can’t take his practice court game to the big stage. Del Potro was great at a young age but at 25 years old, he may or may not be back. It is tough to know with any teenage player – demands of them are so high on numerous levels.

It still feels to me like Raonic, Dimitrov, Nishikori will all be fixtures in the top ten, if not GS winners.

Paire has dropped in rankings and I wonder if he is gone – mentally gone or physically…something. Gulbis dropped from a top twenty in 2010 to the challengers and appears to be hanging out where may remain, like Monfils – talented but unlikely stay in the top ten or win a GS. The Monfils’ and Gulbis’ of tennis are interesting and entertaining enough as they are. But then, I would not have picked Stan the man for a GS winner. We may be looking at some sleepers in the likes of Paire and Janowicz, you never can say never for certain :D

Perfect fan Says:

Well….it really is shocking that someone outside the big 4 is leading the atp race with 1/3 of the season over. Stan really has turned on the heat here with impeccable performances during the start of the season and in the last masters’. He impressively holds the no.1 rank (season-points wise) justifying with titles that consists of a slam, a masters’ and one 250. Very very IMPRESSIVE indeed!

Further, what is most surprising is rafa and novak’s performance so far followed by andy’s. Rafa was brilliant till AO semis and then god knows what hit him….bad back, knees or lack of confidence….I m sure, even rafa is clueless. Novak’s perf has been both hot n cold so far. The loss at AO must have dented his confidence a bit. What has been the most depressing thing so far to me as a tennis fan is andy’s fortune this season. Was going great guns till the surgery last year….and its downhill from thereon. what more bad can happen, he lost Lendl too….sigh!! I rly feel for him. Lets hope, lady luck does kiss him before the grass season starts. Roger as expected, has done lot better compared to last season….but his perf in the finals is concerning. 1-3 is rly not looking good.

And of course, delpo’s injury was a heart break. This season sprang quite a few surprises….but the mother of all surprises has been rafa’s form of late, esp. on clay so far. Really hope, it is temporary though.

But on the brighter side, young chaps of the likes of kei, dimitrov, etc. are also making a lot of noise and showing their class.

Its definitely has been a surprising season so far….but I dare say, a rampage from nadal is just around the corner. Its overdue now. Plus, I hope roger starts playing better at the crunch end of the tourneys.

Lets see !!

contador Says:

Murray will make it back into the top four – he better get going this year though! Come on, Andy!

The Dog and the Fog are special cases – artists…expect nothing and let them surprise. Fog and Dog

Almagro – surely with his new hair style and beating Nadal – I thought he would win Barcelona. He sizzled for a moment, then fizzled. Says:

contador, there are 4 good players in those 4 spots. Don’t assume that Murray’s return to form will easily dislodge any of them!
Its a Big Five, folks. Get used to it!

contador Says:

Rafa’s form on clay? Smoke and mirrors at the moment. Team Nadal are a slick bunch – who knows. Uncle Toni and Rafa may want another Wimbledon title sooner than later and the thought occurs to me that if that is a plan, Rafa may not go for the RG win as aggressively. Hey he can win it most years with his “B” game. But this year is looking a little different so far.

Tough to do the RG – Wimbledon double. He has done it but…

Polo Says:

We may see new names popping in and out of the top four from hereon. One name may remain constant, Djokovic. And maybe Nadal?

contador Says:

lol, TV. We are so used to players lodging themselves in the same spots at the top that it is tough for me to not see Andy M up there.

But you are right.

SG1 Says:

Good win for Nishikori. Almagro is such a frustrating player to watch. He’s a very gifted ball striker but he can’t keep it together mentally. A modern day Henri Leconte (though I think Henri was a little more gifted than Nicolas).

Kimberly Says:

Hi all, been so busy playing tennis in four leagues and two different tournaments currently have hardly been watching but seems like its a good thing considering Rafa is losing to players he previously owned.

Puzzling. Will be interesting to see what happens in Madrid and Rome. Still hoping he can pull it together which he very likely can.

And the Heat are one win away from round two in BBall. Its all good.

RZ Says:

It’s really close between Djoker, Fed, and Rafa. I’m sure there’ll be lots of change-ups between now and Wimbledon, but I’d expect the top 4 to remain up there (though not in the same order). I’m sure Murray will make his move up to the top 8 during grass court season.

Humble Rafa Says:

If I can’t finish #1 by the end of the clay court season, I am done for the year.

I will send a cow on my behalf to Wimbledon. It will do as well as I can in my current form.

To NY, I will send a fisherman. Only they can handle the fish market like atmosphere in that tournament.
(Plus I don’t need to see 65 year old ball “girls”)

Klaas Says:

Nishikori played amazing claycourt tennis against Gulbis. I see him winning Madrid or Rome. He moves better than anybody up and down the court, takes the ball early on clay, uses the angles and is very good at varying the speed of his forehand. He is also excellent in exploiting any weakness of court positioning during rallies.

Murrays knows he will never surpass Wimbledon 2013. He may lack the mental drive this year and end up 10-12 mainly on account of his good skills and physique.

criss Says:

lol Andy will fall very bad in the rankings when he will lose his Wimbledon points.And Djokovic can kiss his career goodbye in December Especially if he wins FO this year, I doubt he’ll find the motivation needed to work on his game when he’ll be occupied with a child.

the DA Says:

How does anybody surpass winning Wimbledon?

Margot Says:

So…the writing off of Andy begins….ho hum. A few years back some dude on here predicted he’d be out of the top 12 b4 end of that year.
It didn’t happen.
Que sera….

Klaas Says:

Not writing Murray off at all. But I think it will take a year for him to get real hungry again. Says:

Polo, I’m not ready to blow up the Big X yet. I don’t believe Nishikori or Dmitrov are better than Fed or Murray. Not yet.

A Tango Lad Says:

Strangely, the Race to London never came up in Tennis-X articles last year.

Wonder why?

Okiegal Says:

@TV 4:36

I’m not ready to give up on our top players either. Grigor and Kei will never, I repeat never be in the same ballpark as Fed, Rafa, Novak, Andy or even WaWa imo!!

contador Says:

Okay, Okiegal. Let’s have a bet on it. I bet Grigor will surpass Wawa.

Loser of the bet has to take a new moniker. Winner picks the moniker for loser. If you are still around when Grigor hits his peak, that is :D :D

And I hope new names replace some old ones at the top; not talking about Andy M. or Nole.

Gotta have differences of opinion here, otherwise, how boring!

*waves to Kimberly* nice to see you post. Go Heat….

Rita Says:

Rafa’s career of late has been taking a break and then coming back storming so I really think it’s taking a toll on him to be playing for so consistently long.

@Criss Fed has shown you can still remain at the elite level even after kids so I think Nole will be fine knowing that a balance is possible

As for new blood, Nishikori plays well but he just doesn’t have that x-factor to make you want to watch him. The really charismatic ones for me are Dimitrov, Gulbis, Fognini, Thiem, Doglopov

Humble Rafa Says:

Dimitrov, Gulbis, Fognini, Thiem, Doglopov

I am sure those are good players. But their names sounds like Russian KGB spies. Just saying.

No one has a name like Humble ofcourse, their parents could have done better.

Kimberly Says:

I think Grigor is headed to the top too!

Okiegal Says:

Oh, my, Contador……don’t know if I could ever give up my moniker!! Lol You’re asking a lot of me. Can you come up with another scenario?? LOL
Well, you are probably right regarding Wa Wa. I don’t know if you saw my post the other day or not, but my new favorite up and comer is Grigor! The young guns have a long way to go, imo…..I still stand by my comment @5:24

Yes, I do agree that difference of opinions does make things a lot more interesting! You can say for sure, TX IS ANYTHING BUT BORING!! LOL

Okiegal Says:


You’re on my hit list……what do you mean, “Go heat”????? You meant to say Go Thunder, didn’t you?? LOL My Thunder team has had their problems in the playoffs, but hopefully , they will get it together. I’m expecting Rafa to, also!

Vamos Rafa!
C’mon Thunder

DC Says:

As Nadals game gets more aggressive, he’s more prone to errors. The other option he has is to go back to his defensive game, however i think at this age, he will not be able to cope up with the running around the court for hours as he could do a few years back.

An aggressive game takes a lot of mental energy – the drive to attack, what shot to play, regret on errors etc.
In contrast , a defensive game is mentally simpler – all you need is to train your mind to return every ball and run as hard as you can.

Only time will tell whether Nadal is able to retain the FO.

Okiegal Says:

If he gets #9……wow! If he doesn’t……it’s still a big WOW…….geez, 8 French Opens, that alone takes my breath away!!

Being a staunch Rafa fan, not ready to give up on him yet. Hopefully, he finds a way to get out of this funk he’s in. I’m in a funk too……so I’m watching USO 2013, my favorite slam final. I love that match……won it in 4 sets too! Hey……feeling unfunky, all of a sudden!!


Michael Says:

Stan opened the year with a bang winning the Australian Open and then he fizzled out with many wondering (including myself) that he would turn out to be just a one slam wonder. However, he rose from the ashes in Montecarlo Masters by putting a splendid performance beating his nemesis Roger in the finals. Suddenly, Stan is looking formidable with many commentators predicting that it may turn out to be his year.

As regards Novak, he made the fantastic double winning Indian Wells and Miami and just when many thought that this may be his year in which he might go on to snatch the Rolland Garros title, tragedy struck in the form of a wrist injury at Monte Carlo placing his ambitions in jeopardy. However, with news emanating that the injury is not serious has instilled hope that he might still go on to fulfil his destiny.

By Roger standards it is not a spectacular year, but as all things are relative his performance has to be judged in his post-prime era which looks remarkable and he has indeed casted a significant turnaround in his fortunes. But still to his fan’s consternation he is making a lot of finals but faltering at the finish.

It is Rafa’s collpase at the Clay season which is the shocker of the year and though Rafa attributes this to loss of confidence yet it is not clear as to what caused this ? What confounds most Tennis analyst today is Rafa’s vulnerability at Clay courts more than hard courts. This is something cannot be explained despite Rafa winning most of the clay court tourneys last year. In many of them, he had to wage a dog’s fight to the finish in many matches. Still, with the season just having started, Rafa might surprise us with a turnaround.

As regards Andy and Del Potro, they have not yet recovered from their injuries.

Michael Says:

Despite the set backs at Clay tourneys, Rafa is still the favourite at Rolland Garros and that will tell you something about a man who dominated a tournament nobody has in the past, presen and may be future too. But a lot will depend upon his performance at Madrid and Rome and that in the end will make all the difference to Rafa getting No.14 and his unprecedented 9th Rolland Garros title or suffer a melt down. There are doubts still lingering about Novak’s fitness level despite claims by his Team that the injury is not serious. If Novak is fit, he can definitely make it competitive for Rafa and what can be more enthralling and exciting to a Tennis fan than watching a Novak Vs Rafa final at Rolland Garros this year. As a tennis fan, I am eagerly waiting for that sumptuous treat which might take the spectators to the razor’s edge in a seesaw battle.

Margot Says:

Ah, all us women love Grigor…can’t think why…;)
At the last match he threw his shirt into the crowd and 10 minutes later the girlies were still fighting over it! Last year ball girls at Queens sobbed when he lost He is in that long tradition of “rock stars” started by Borg. However, one icy look from Maria would soon sort them out….
That was a very interesting “take” on Rafa’s troubles.
Cheers :)

Michael Says:


You can never define or measure charisma. It is inexplicable. We just do not know the reason why some personalities are more popular than others and are able to easily conquer peoples imagination ? As you rightly pointed out, Borg was the first tennis player to receive hysterial teenage adulation usually reserved for a rock star. His matches then when he was young would be swamped by shrieking Teenage girls yanking out clumps of his blond hair. Today with the change of generation that space is occupied by Grigor to an extent and even Rafa has some sex appeal due to his tough masculine figure which appeals to girls who adore machismo. Just hear the noisy shrieks by frenetic girls when he takes off his shirt in the court which sends them in a frenzy. But none can match the craze with Borg who was some sort of a sensation unmatchable.

Perfect fan Says:

Dnt know why,

Perfect fan Says:

^^^ Dnt know why, but suddenly this weird but very feasible thought crossed my mind….what if STAN WAWA goes on to win the RG 2014.

A BIG SILENCE there….certainly, I mus say it will be the end of the BIG 4 era. Because, if we see the past decade record book….never there has been a back-to-back non-BIG 4 GS winner, nor even 2 different players(apart from the BIG 4) have won 2 consecutive GSs. I m not saying, it will happen….but it may happen. If WAWA or any other player (not named one of the BIG 4) wins RG, it will be a huge dent to the pride of BIG 4.

But nevertheless, the very thought of it that someone else might take RG is giving me goosebumps. With the current state of the BIG 4, every outsider will dare dream BIG. Ppl even now considering KEI to be one contender too, and why not….he is confident and raring to go.

Whatever, this year RG is going to be a cracker-jacker of a contest and a paradise for the PUNTER’s. ;)

Okiegal Says:

I know why…….He likes older women!

shamboozie Says:

Not sure that Rafa is better on hard courts now than on clay. he just didnt have good competition on hard courts till now.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal i think we are the tennis-x kinky cougars lol….

Hippy Chic Says:

IMO Sex appeal is more than just what you look like,and alot to do with how you carry yourself,Bjorn in tennis,George Best in football,James Hunt etc,wasnt actually about what they looked like as Michael says they had carismatic personalities….

Michael Says:


Sex appeal could be anything from, the way people act,move, speak, or just have a dazzling smile (not necessary got to be pretty) sometimes sex appeal does not mean that someone has to walk about half naked, and wearing sexy undies all the time. I feel that real sex appeal comes naturally, when people are not trying too hard. We can’t always work out why we are attracted to some people, even the ones who are not pretty. Therefore, the bottomline is that there are many things in this World which are mysterious just like sex appeal, luck, fate etc. It is the way it is and we have to accept it and move on. The bloated ego of Humans always have this tendency to give explanations even for things they really don’t have an answer and that is the reason they invent words ?

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael thanks you put it better than i ever could….

Margot Says:

@OK and Hippy
Two years ago at Queens I saw Grigor up close and personal. He was just strolling through the crowds, virtually unrecognised. Doubt if he could do that now.
And yes, he’s just as gorgeous in the flesh!

Margot Says:

Whereas Deliciano was a sad disappointment. Photographs/TV flatter to deceive.

John Says:

Nadal likes Monaco

See Pic,

lol, just some light fun. No need for anybody to get angry.

Okiegal Says:


Grigor is very attractive and I do like his tennis style. We will see if looks alone can get the job done……..tee hee!

Okiegal Says:


Kinky cougars does have a nice ring to it! Lol


Read your post over again regarding Feli……are you saying he was a disappointment in person? I have always agreed with Judy Murray on this one….DELICIANO!!! I think he is gorgeous!

Margot Says:

Fraid so…in fact I had to ask someone if it was really him! Scrawny legs too….now Giraldo has a great pair of wheels, don’t you think….;)
Will stop now in case I get ticked off for not “talking tennis”….but I am, I am!

Hippy Chic Says:

Margot/Okiegal cant believe that about Feli,however i still stand by my stance of Fabio been the hottest guy on tour….

RZ Says:

Margot and Okiegal, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve seen Feli up close in person a couple of times and thought he looked better in person than on TV (and didn’t seem scrawny to me).

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ exactly its a matter of preferance i suppose,i know you like Tommy Haas i believe?whos quite nice looking but a bit too beefy body wise for my taste,nice face though :))….

Hippy Chic Says:

Nice pictures John and no offence taken :))….

RZ Says:

@Hippy Chic – good memory! Yes, Tommy is my all-time favorite in the looks department. He looks a little thinner in person than on TV, but still looks good to me. :-)

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ lol nice choice,and a very talented player that never quite lived upto his potential,however i still cannot see past Fabio in the looks department but thats just me :-))….

Hippy Chic Says:

What a difference a year makes,Rafa was leading the race this time last year,i believe he plays better when hes behind rather than leading,number 1 rankings are nice but i would rather he was number two,and have 2 GS than be ranked number 1 with no GS,its been a good run but let him lose the number 1 ranking i dont care anymore,GS matter the most and he has 13 which is nothing to sneeze at….

Margot Says:

@Hippy Chicky
Probably cos Fabio looks a tad like Hugh Jackman…;)

Giles Says:

Rafa wasn’t leading the Race this time last year, joker was.

Hippy Chic Says:

Margot lol ive never thought about that one TBH but both are gorgeous anyway?have to ask has Judy messed around with Charlton Heston as our Andy has a look of him at a younger age?

Hippy Chic Says:

Giles your right sorry Novak was ahead on points but only slightly….

El_Flaco Says:

Nishikori’s backhand is nasty. It’s compact and he really accelerates the racquet head over the top of the ball by turning over his left wrist. Nalbandian had a similar stroke.

Okiegal Says:

I am so sick…….Montezumas revenge. I know just how Berdy felt when he had to withdraw from Miami’ No way could I play any type of sports with this stuff……seriously! I feel like crap!!

I guess I’m ready for the next tournament! Vamos Rafa!!

contador Says:

Thanks for sharing, Okiegal. I got a picture of that. Hope you feel better. hey, I picked out your new moniker in advance already ; ) :D We can bet on whatever you want. :D
@El Flaco – you describe exactly that bad@ss Nishikori backhand – He really does accelerate the racquet head with a twist – it’s a great shot. He is a quick thinker and has speedy feet. It will be fun to see him on clay again soon!

Okiegal Says:

Well Contador, you obviously have a good sense of humor…….that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!! Don’t keep me in suspense about my new moniker!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I don’t agree to general opinion about Nadal not playing well when he is leading in the rankings. I believe it’s more to do with Fatigue and effort it takes on the body to become No 1 in this era. It’s almost impossible to follow up the same effort to next year.

It has happened to Novak after 2011, I happens to Rafa too. If you have to win 2 slams and many masters to get to No 1, naturally you expect a let down during follow up year.

Roger was an exception, but then tennis was different during 2003-2007, compared to what it is now.

roy Says:

the less tennis nadal plays, the fresher he’s going to be for RG and wimbledon.

he’s typically the most exhausted/injured out of the top 4 come end of RG and wimbledon.

he should start playing a few less tournaments, just enough to keep a top 4/5 ranking.

Michael Says:


By saying Tennis was different during 2003-2007, do you mean the “Weak era” theory ?

Hippy Chic Says:

IMO We have been spoiled the top 4 have been so consistent for so long and set the bar so high,that the next generation of players have such a hard act to follow,with question marks hanging over Novak and Andys fitness,Rafas form on clay,and the inevitable decline of Roger due to his age,maybe things are begining to change in the mens game?im just wondering if we will actually see such outright domination ever again?maybe the next era we will see many more players sharing the GS instead of the usual 4/5 players,and maybe thats not such a bad thing?

Hippy Chic Says:

^And BTW im not saying this is/has been a weak era,as i dont believe in that theory,what im saying is that this era has been a very consistent/dominant era for those four players^.

Nirmal Kumar Says:


No, I don’t believe in weak era. Just that tennis keeps improving every 5 years including ball changes, surface and racquets. Today the burnout is more compared to 5 years back. Guys can retrieve balls much better due to both bigger racquets, heavier balls and slow surfaces.

Roger is now playing some of the best defense I have ever seen him play. I have not seen him retrieve certain shots he is doing now, even during his best years. The body takes too much toll.

Frankie Says:

The only player who has gotten to the top relatively injury free is Roger Federer ….and still going….amazing!

Michael Says:


Yes, I get your point. Tennis is witnessing transitory evolution with all the modernization and technological revolution which is taking the sport to a different plane.

Okiegal Says:

Yes Chic…….the bar is high!! I’m not sure we will ever see tennis like this again.

Okiegal Says:


I have commented many times that Roger has the best athletic genes of anyone in the sport of tennis. A bout with mono once and the back issue, which he sustained at an older age. Yes, the fact that he is still playing injury free is amazing.

Margot Says:

“Something in the way he moves…..”

the DA Says:

@Margot – Good one, but the reference is going to go over most heads here.

Okiegal Says:


“attracts me like no other lover”…….love the Beatles……..they rate right up there with Rafa…lol

van orten Says:

wow if roger won indian well and monte carlo he d be leading by far the race…..some missed opportunities there ..but a win at wimby and good results on clay and maybe a win at cincy and go deep in usopen ,,,then everthing could be possible even for him

RZ Says:

van orten – definitely missed opportunities for Fed at those tournaments (especially at MC where he was only 2 points away). The good news for Fed fans is that he doesn’t have much to defend between now and the indoor season, and he’s playing much better than he was last year.

Purcell Says:

Margot: coincidence……that’s the song (slightly adapted!) I always associate with Roger. It’s not just the way he moves when playing, it’s the way he walks on court.
In reference to Okiegal, he does indeed have ‘perfect athletic genes’ but also an incredible body shape and although I’m reluctant to use the term, as it’s used with such impunity these days, all the above contribute to his ‘charisma.’

van orten Says:

yeah rz. 2014 is wide open it could be anybody in the top 4 . Says:

@Nirmal Kumar, Oh NO! ‘Rafa and FATIGUE?’ Are you kidding me? It’s a taboo. You can’t say that! Rafa’s problems are his ‘injuries’. If he doesn’t say it himself, the commentators will say it for him. Oh no no no! Fatigue? Impossible!

Some other players are fatigued quite a bit – they manage to lose matches that they are a point or two away from winning! Ha ha ha…

Jose Felciano Says:

It’s nice to have some variety back in tennis with different winners….reminds me of great tennis era 1980-1992

Jess Says:

Wow I thought I was the only old one reminiscing about how attractive Bjorn Borg was back in the day. Did any girl ever go to his matches for the tennis? :P

I think Fognini would have been the next crazed-for tennis star if he wasn’t such a headcase. Dimitrov isn’t manly enough for it imo

Out of the Big 4, I’d say Murray is definitely last when it comes to that kind of appeal. But it’s hard to choose a first between Rafa and Rog since they’re both so charismatic

skeezer Says:

@10:02 post. No surprise there ;).
miss roy says,
“the less tennis nadal plays, the fresher he’s going to be for RG and wimbledon.”
Words to remember by going forward. You heard it first authoritively from ” roy “.
Now its nobody beats a fresh Nadal.

Giles Says:

Tiapost. Are you still running a redundant website? Lol

Okiegal Says:

Rafa’s song…….”Eye of the Tiger”…..

Margot Says:

Andy’s song, “Diamond from Dunblane.”
Written just for him :)

Hippy Chic Says:

@4.37am I very much doubt that Tiah Post actually wants Rafas fans blogging on her forum,which would be missing the point of having an open forum IMO,still only she can answer that particular question,but seems reluctant to do so,as i have asked her that question before??stick to tennis-x,or Tennis-Vagabond and MMT who also have their own personal websites if you wish?

Hippy Chic Says:

Jess Fabio is a headcase which is probably why i like him,as i also am quite a headcase and a bit rebelious lol?i agree that both Roger and Rafa have charismatic type personalities,Grigor is a bit too clean cut image wise,Andys warmer side is now begining to come through,i wasnt a fan of tennis so much when BB and J.Mac played but IMO they both look better now,still each to their own….

Okiegal Says:


Not familiar with Andy’s song…..I probably could Google it, however. Andy is a cool sort. Like him 2nd to Rafa.


Oh, yeah, Borg was the ticket in the day…..imo! Loved him, and yes, another clay court specialist!

Chic, if Fabio would just settle down a bit and get serious, I think he could be a great player. His head just gets way out there sometime. Yes, he’s a very handsome and easy on the eyes, but Feli takes top honors in the looks department, me thinks!!

Okiegal Says:

Just read on Facebook that Fernando Gonzalez is going to coach Giraldo. How about that? Another slam winner getting into the coaching ranks. Good for him!

Giles Says:

I miss Gonzalez. Anyone know how many racquets he has smashed and mangled in his career?

Okiegal Says:

@ Chic

Fabio is leading Dustin Brown at the BMW Open, 7-6 4-2……maybe he’s got his head on straight today!! I just saw that on Facebook. I get lots of tennis info on FB, which I enjoy.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol nice win maybe hes taking tennis more seriously now,he can play well on clay too which he did against Andy in the DC,hope he finishes the week on a high,and transfers it to the rest of the CC season,come on my little Italian toy boy lol,OH AND VAMOS RAFA lets show them all that whats happened so far has merely been a blip,show them why your the KOC and start kicking some ass in Madrid….

Okiegal Says:

@Chic 2:47

Now that’s what I’m talking about! The Italian Stallion and the Spanish Toro!! I will cheer for your boy toy… long as he isn’t playing Rafa…..and I know you feel the same!

A pic was posted on FB of him at the airport heading to Madrid. I hope he plays to his potential and gets out of his funk, slump or whatever you want to call it.

Vamos Rafa!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol im still a one man women,Andy is my second favorite,Fabio i like for the eye candy as im afaid im as shallow as a worms grave lol,the Italian Stallion and The Spanish Toro mmmm like:))….

Okiegal Says:


I knew you would appreciate their new “monikers” LOL !! Looking forward to Madrid…..I think?? Oh, well, win, lose or draw……he will forever be the King of Clay!!


James Says:

Enough is enough. Let the real Rafa Nadal show up in Madrid.

Ben Pronin Says:

“Another slam winner getting into the coaching ranks”

Gonzalez never won a slam.

Okiegal Says:


Gonzo felt like he’d won a slam after beating out Rafa……so did I……tee hee……not the first screw up on TX……I stand corrected!! Checking to see if anyone was paying any attention to Okiegal….and they are!! Lol

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