Rafael Nadal Meets Novak Djokovic With History On The Line In French Final, Who’s The Pick?
by Sean Randall | June 7th, 2014, 2:27 pm

So after all the bad weather, late matches, upsets, upstarts and fantastic flameouts, we are left with what we all though we’d see on the third Sunday: Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, chapter 42. And it’s the right way to finish what has been a very intriguing clay season.

The two advance yesterday in two very humdrum semifinals. I mean really humdrum.

Novak Djokovic jumped out early on a rather overwhelmed Ernests Gulbis. But up two sets and rolling, one of those bad patches hit Djokovic and Gulbis grabbed the third. Then a weary Novak hung on in the fourth to win in 6-3, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3.

Novak played OK. Gulbis played OK. It just wasn’t anything great.

“It requires a little bit of an adjustment because we played for over 10 days of the tournament in overcast and a little bit heavier conditions,” said Djokovic of the warmer, quicker conditions. “The ball wasn’t bouncing as high as it did today… Today the hitting point was a bit higher, so you had to adjust to that. And of course it was strong sun. That also affects the fatigue of the players.”

The second semi between Andy Murray and Nadal was billed as the marquee match. But if possible, it turned out even worse than Djokovic-Gulbis. Far worse. A lackluster Murray could barely put up a fight in an almost humiliating 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 loss to Rafa.

“It was a bad, bad day,” said Murray who still has never made a clay final. “You can go out there with all the tactics in the world, but when he’s hitting the ball like that, it’s very difficult to hit the ball where you want to.”

So on to the main event…

Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic
They’ll meet for a 42nd time. Nadal leads 22-19 but Novak’s won the last four winning 8 of the last nine 9 sets, all since the US Open win by the Spaniard.

That’s some run.

This is Roland Garros clay, however. This is Nadal’s domain, his playground. And you know the numbers. Rafa’s 65-1 at the French Open winning 34 straight matches. He’s also 89-1 lifetime in best-of-5 on clay. It’s also his ninth French Open final and he’s 8-0 when he reaches this stage.

When Novak looks flips through the pages and pagers of ATP Rankings, no one on there has done what he’s trying to do, and that’s beat Rafa at the French!

So where’s the belief come from for Novak? Well, he’s into just his second career French final. And he’s inside Nadal’s head with those recent wins. Plus he arguably should have won a year in Paris and came close the year before in the final.

Can he do it, that’s the question.

“I don’t know how much upper hand I have, really,” assessed Djokovic. “You have to take in consideration the results that he had in Roland Garros and that I had in my career. I think there is no doubt that he is the favourite to win the title there. But, OK, I have been playing some good tennis.

“Rome a few weeks ago against him in the final definitely gives me confidence and hopefully self-belief before our match. [On the] other hand, the physical challenge that we present to each other is a very important factor in our matches. I know that I’m going to be facing a player who plays every point [as] a match point; a great competitor.”

As all their matches do to me, this hinges on Nadal’s second serve and Novak’s backhand down the line. So it’s basically on Djokovic’s racquet – his max level is higher than Nadal’s irrespective of surface. If Rafa’s not getting the velocity on his second than Novak should pounce. And if Novak can hit that backhand where he wants it – signaling confidence – he’ll be in good shape.

Even though he says it was one of his best matches, I don’t put much stock in Nadal’s win Friday – Murray just didn’t show up – which makes me feel like he’s not at his max peak level from years earlier. That said, neither is Novak who still working through those periodic lapses, trying to return to 2011 form. So I don’t think either is where they were two years ago or even last year when they played the epic 5-set semi.

But Djokovic has to be feeling better about his chances Sunday than he did a year ago entering that semi.

As for Rafa, he’ll take with him the fact that Novak’s never beaten him at the French (0-5) and the fact Novak’s failed to win this the last two years. So when it comes to that very moment to win in the biggest occasion of his life, can Novak really do it?

At the start of the year I picked Novak to win the French over Rafa. At the start of the event I picked Novak over Rafa. Now when it matters I’m starting to waffle. The weather is foretasted to be like Saturday. Rafa’s seemed to have ironed out some of the kinks against Murray while Djokovic, who hinted of some physical issues, may be a little bit off. And you can’t be off against Nadal in Paris.

“I have the pressure that I want to win and the motivation that I want to win the ninth,” Nadal said. “I’m going to go on court with the same motivation as him (Djokovic). I don’t know if the same pressure than him. Probably we are in different situations. What’s going to make the real impact is the player who will be playing better. It’s true that he defeated me four times in a row. This will have an impact, but I hope it will not be too big of an impact.”

Tennis is a matchup sport and Novak matches up to darn well with Rafa to ignore. With a baby coming and with more responsibilities ahead, this might be Djokovic’s last best time to win it. It’s now or never…

The pick: Djokovic in four

NBC will have first ball at 9am ET. It should be a great match!

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79 Comments for Rafael Nadal Meets Novak Djokovic With History On The Line In French Final, Who’s The Pick?

Salleh Ahmed Says:

Djoko in three and Fed in five

Hippy Chic Says:

I cannot predict a winner TBH,i hope Rafa wins,however i wont be too dissapointed if Novak wins,i just hope for a cracking contest,5 sets would be quite fitting for these two greats….

Hippy Chic Says:

BTW He made history last year when he won number 8,and a GS for 9 consecutive years,so its all gravy now,it would only be more history….

Patson Says:

@Salleh Ahmed:

Fed in five ? Just so you know, Fed left Paris 5 days ago.

Djoko in 3 or 4 tops. Super-confident about Nole this time. Always respected Rafa though. Just feel my man’s got it all sorted out this time.

Salleh Ahmed Says:

i was only a joke man

Eric Says:

I have to admit, for once I am excited for a Rafa-Novak match. Even though it will take untold hours to play. The sun will rise and set on single points, as the greatest athletes in tennis sprint and slide from line to line. Rafa will run eleven thousand kilometers. Djokovic will celebrate each of the four winners he powers past Nadal, by falling down and licking the clay, hoping to absorb its minerals and spiritual energy at once. Murray will be lifting the trophy at Queen’s as Rafa steps up, wearily, to serve, at 453 games to 454 in the fifth set. Federer’s twin daughters will grow up and claim their first doubles grand slam title when Djokovic, at last, trips over his ten years’ of beard growth, crashing to earth as Rafa hammers one last forehand over the net, before raising his arms in triumph. Leni Riefenstahl will rise from the dead, called forth by a supernatural force bidding her to film the titanic struggle.

No, just kidding. Rafa in four.

Bom Kelvin Says:

As much as I wanted Nole to win, I still think Nadal will win in four based on his better current form at FO and with the sunnu warm weather favor more to Nadal high topspins unless his back crack up again.

C!P! Says:

i beg to differ ,rafa’s max level is higher than novak’s , cause to your point if Nadal serves well ,it’s his match!

C!P! Says:

to me it looks like a deja vu almost, when some other player used to hope for completing a career slam ,and Rafa denied him that ; if its sunny dont think Djoko can take a set of Rafa ,otherwise its tight

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!
Stay Healthy!
Good luck for the final!
Millions rooting for you Champ!

Giles Says:

“however I won’t be too disappointed if Novak wins”
Unbelievable statement from a SUPPOSED Rafa fan!

Mark Anderson Says:

Murray didn’t show up, yeah sure. It was a trouncing, right to downplay that, wouldn’t want to upset your analysis.

Rafa in South Brunswick Says:

Rafa will win in 3 set.

Vamos Rafa

Hippy Chic Says:

Giles you just make case out of everything dont ya?obviously i want Rafa to win,but him already having 8 is a fantastic achievement,as i say its all gravy,anything now would be an added bonus,so why would i be dissapointed?jeez i had a feeling that post would come back and bite me on the backside….

skeezer Says:

“Unbelievable statement from a SUPPOSED Rafa fan!”
Oh yeah? Unbelievable statement from you Giles, a SUPPOSED Tennis fan!
Can’t say who will win, but Seans analysis is spot on, it’s on Novak’s racquet.

Giles Says:

“I had a feeling that post would come back and bite me on the backside”. Hmmm. Wonder why!

Giles Says:

hey skeezer. Stop interfering. BTW how’s yer man doing? Has he started his grazing yet?

Hippy Chic Says:

Im just going to enjoy the match without all the silly bickering,whatever will be will be,ill be delighted if Rafa wins it again,and if Novak wins then it will be richly deserved….

Hippy Chic Says:

^As im sure there will be enough of that after the match,one way or another^….

skeezer Says:

Doing fine thank you. No cats just dogs. Had a good game of tennis today with the gang and another match planned tomorrow.
Hows that Rafa poster on the ceiling in your bedroom?

jamie Says:

Another wrong prediction by Sean Randall… Pfttt.

Nadal will win.

william Says:

Novak its gonna win, he is playing better tennis than rafa and he deserve that

queen Says:

Thanks Jaime was waiting for ur comment:)

James Says:

I had been very nervous about Rafa’s chances against Novak should they meet in the final. Novak’s been the dominant player in their rivalry in their last 4 matches. Is Novak finally gonna complete his career slam?
Well, I’m not that nervous anymore. I’m confident Rafa beats Novak in 4 or 3. If Rafa’s playing as well as he did against Murray (I think he will), I think he wins #9.

The Great Davy Says:

If only Your Great Davy had chance to play Rafa in French Open….

…Always Federer :(

Polo Says:

From what I see in Rafa’s history, when people make predictions that he is going to fail, he almost always does the opposite. All those times when he took time off for injuries, many say he will not be as good when he returns. With all his losses this year on clay, many say his reign at the French will end this year. When are we ever going to learn?

RZ Says:

I’m predicting Rafa will win. He may be dealing with back issues still, but on Friday he seemed to be in much better shape than Djoker.

mat4 Says:

Just to see that match against Murray by the numbers:

Murray played a five setter two days before, and a five setter four days before. He serve 40% and 44% of first serves in the second and third sets. He manage to win 17% of points when returning, against first serves that went 61% of the time in the middle of the service box, toward him, at an average speed of 106 mph, and against second serves averaging 85 mph, on clay.

Could it be that Murray had a bad, bad day?

Then, Rafa played beautifully against Murray in Rome, found his A game, dismissed easily Dimitrov with a perfect performance, and… lost in the final, winning less than 40% of points in the second and third sets, against a Djokovic who almost lost his semi, played a long and difficult QF against Ferrer, a difficult previous round against Kolly that also lasted three sets… but it was Rafa that was exhausted in the final?!

We don’t know who will win tomorrow. But the obvious truth is that in this moment, Novak, when playing at his best, has the clear edge against Rafa. From match to match, in the last 9 months, he has improved his advantage and won more and more points.

Rafa’s hope is that Novak will wilt under the pressure. It is quite possible, since he plays 11% worse in those situations. But, when Novak starts well, Rafa begin to miss too.

So, don’t be too sure about tomorrow. It could end in three sets for Rafa, but also in three sets for Novak.

And it’s going to rain, tomorrow in Paris.

Humble Rafa Says:

My first concern is out of the way. I was afraid of the Randall curse.

Egg Lover is a tough opponent. I expect a tough match because he is a great champion.


mat4 Says:

So, I predict… that I don’t know who will win tomorrow. In fact, most of the time I am very pessimistic.

But I don’t see how you can be so optimistic. Is it the Coué methode? If you repeat it often it will become true?

And shall I remind you of a brilliant sentence from one of the greatest films of the XXI century, “Kung Fu Panda”: “the past is history, the future is mistery…”

Humble Rafa Says:

the past is history, the future is mistery…

The future is misty for some people. My future is clear.

Dan Martin Says:

http://tennisabides.com/2014/06/07/novak-djokovic-and-rafael-nadal-a-match-2-years-in-the-making/ I have my prediction up – this is probably the most anticipated match since Wimbledon 08 – it should be fun

Mary Healey Says:

What’s with all the calling of Nadal “RAFA”??Is he your buddy ? He’s a millionaire kid that has lots of muscles coupled with speed( he could be a track star as well as a boxer) Maybe he will divulge his secret to this formula. My hope is that the commentators will simply call the match objectively and not show their (required patronage to the Nadal tribe. If there were some thinking fans out there they would probably question enough that the game would really become OPEN to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I went with Novak last year, convinced he was ready to win the title. Though he is playing probably better tennis than last year, Nadal’s form is in a perplex now. He seems to have peaked at the right time for the finals. Right after quarters, Novak would have been an overwhelming favourite. But in the finals now, I would give a slight edge to Rafa.

Rafa’s offense is still better than Novak’s. If Rafa completely unleashes his offensive tennis, not play like a typical clay match, he should be the winner. Looks like he understood it and the strategy he used against Murray should send warning signals to Novak. I doubt Novak would be able to answer Rafa today.

James Says:

Dan, I don’t know if it is the most anticipated match since Wimbledon 2008 final. IMO 2012 French Open final was huge for Djokovic as he was going for the Novak slam.

@Mary, should I call him Mr Nadal?

James Says:

@mat4, you’re right, anything can happen.

Michael Says:

It is very difficult to predict a favourite for this match. If you asked me earlier, I would have conclusively said it is Novak. Coming as he did with booming confidence of having outclassed Rafa at the just concluded Rome Masters and having also beaten him three times earlier, the momentum was with him. But at Rolland Garros, Novak is so far playing much below par. May be he has reserved his best for the finals. Who knows !? Also, his fitness level has also come under question mark after he exclaimed his fatigue factor. On the other hand, you have Rafa who despite his back issues, has been playing his fiersome and error free Tennis atleast against Ferrer and Andy. So, he might have picked up some momentum going forward. All said and done, the outcome of this match would depend on the fitness level of both the players as well as the weather factor. If it is a sun soaked afternoon, then Rafa would hold the advantage. Whereas if the weather is cold and a bit rainy, Novak would use the heavy conditions prevailing to his favour. Also, Novak is always the aggressor against Rafa and if his double handed backhand down the line shots clicks, he would dominate. Rafa’s quality of serves too would determine the match. Therefore, I am keeping my fingers crossed but hope that Novak wins and complete his career grand slam.

Michael Says:


Rafa’s offense is still better than Novak’s. If Rafa completely unleashes his offensive tennis, not play like a typical clay match, he should be the winner. Looks like he understood it and the strategy he used against Murray should send warning signals to Novak. I doubt Novak would be able to answer Rafa today.

You are only allowed to be as good as your opponent allow you to play. I cannot agree that Rafa’s offence is better than Novak’s offence. Their earlier matches do not validate this statement. It is Novak who has been the aggressor all along in this rivalry of late. Playing against Andy and Novak are two different kettles of fish and it is all about different match ups. Andy is not an overt aggressor like Novak who can dominate a match. Novak too has always deployed a different tactic when he plays Rafa. Against all other players he would be passive and just contended to keep the ball in play. Whereas against Rafa, he would be impatient to finish the point. So, the match is in Novak’s racquet. If he has a good day, he wins and vice versa Rafa wins. There can be no second opinion about that.

Daniel Says:

We saw Nadal do this offense mode before. He starts the match going all out trying to bully Djokovic, than when Djoko settle he reverts to defense and wait Djoko’slevel to drop. Last year Djoko’s level dropped in US Open third and foruth set and in RG Nadal went for his shots and Djokovic played not to lose. But in last matches it is clear that when Djokovic is doing his thing he can win, sometmes easy (miami) sometimes more tigh (Rome). I remember in the beggining of Miami match Nadal’s form was perfect and the games were close, suddenly the old pattern resumed. We have to consider that none is in Rafa’s head as Djokovic is. The man has 19 victories agaisnt him and if he starts winning tomorrow Nadal can get desperate as well. This indeed is very anticipated macth, similar to Wimby 2008 and I think, just like that match, a King will be dethroned. Can wait for a few ours to come and they enter court. This match also could be interrupted by rain having some momentum swings. Hope is not postponed.

Michael Says:

See the suspense, excitement, uncertainity, drama before the onset of this important match. Even Rafa fans although they sound confidence by heart, have aspersions on their mind. The reason is Novak at the other end. Can you imagine such an tensed atmosphere if say Berdych or Ferrer or Andy or even Roger had been in the finals against Rafa in Rolland Garros ? Definitely not. Since the outcome of the match was pretty much known even before they start. It is Novak who has made this contest with Rafa interesting not intimidated by his presence and stature. That is the reason I admire this Champion. Win or Lose, Novak will be known for the way he stood before Rafa’s domineering presence.

Patson Says:

@Michael: True that.

Let the world know: tomorrow shall be the day when Nole conquers Roland Garros, and King Nadal at his own bastion. It will be a day remembered for eons to come.

Michael Says:


I hope so. I yearn for Novak completing his career grand slam. Let us see what is in store ?!

Margot Says:

Love that scenario, just perfect for Andy fans :)
Dunno who will win either. Rafa looked awesome against Andy, but Andy was piss poor. Nole, not so good against Gulbis, but then in set 4, Ernsts woke up and played his fiery brand of tennis.
Hope both players are in tip top and it’s a gr8 match. May the best man win…..and hoping that’s Nole.

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont know what will happen,im just looking foreward to the match,its not even 7.00am here in old blighty,but i still already have butterflies in my stomach,the thing im not looking forward to is all the trash talking that will go on after the match,if Rafa loses then the obituries will come ,and the predicited retirement talk etc….

Ronald H. Witt Says:

Ronald H. Witt Illinois Look at the odds for Nadal and Novak. Nadal should be a two to one favorite and they are almost even odds. makes me wonder.

Patson Says:

@Hippy Chic:

If that happens, you can always take a break for a few days before coming back. Ignoring is the best way to deal with it I suppose. Works well for me.

Margot Says:

Just ignore m’dear or,as Patson says, take a br8.
Haters gonna hate, whatever.
Grass will soon distract everyone anyway. Queens starts tomorrow. Yippee!
Am going to the semis, so Andy better be there…or else!

Michael Says:


Assuming Rafa loses, the irony is that his critics would write obituaries about the demise of God of Clay. Everyone will forget that he made the finals which is a significant achievement and not only that, he has made an unprecedented 9 finals at Rolland Garros. Who can rival such a phenomenal record ? I am convinced that Rafa has done everything to inarguably merit the tag of GREATEST atleast on Clay. I do not believe in GOAT and yet I am using this to describe the scale of his achievement which seems unsurpassable in the foreseeable future. So, please do not have butterflies in your stomach. Be relaxed for Rafa and his fans can be carefree. It is only fans of Novak who should be having butterflies as he has not won a single Rolland Garros title. The whole pressure is on Novak and not on Rafa who has already done enough.

Raja Says:

Its clash of the titans yet again…i hope joker wins his first french open title this time..

Margot Says:

Agree, Rafa is the GOAT of clay. Looking at his record, who could possibly disagree?

Michael Says:


Rafa’s record is not only imposing in Rolland Garros, but also Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona etc. That makes him undisputably the KING OF CLAY.

Colin Says:

What a big yawn – this discussion, I mean. In a few hours we will KNOW the result, so this thread is a waste of key strokes.

Giles Says:

Joker posted a pic yesterday of his wrist in a bandage! LMAO!

Michael Says:


I too saw that photo. In that case, there is no stopping Rafa winning his 9th Rolland Garros title. May be the wrist ailment has cropped up yet again to haunt Novak. But at what a time ? Totally unfortunate. Everybody were anticipating a thriller with both players playing at their best in terms of fitness as well as play. And it does seem, Novak’s wrist might act as the spoiler.

Nirmal Kumar Says:


If you want to know about Rafa’s offense, you better watch last set of their last year FO semi finals.

Where Novak gets the better of Rafa is not in offense, but in defence. You cannot beat Rafa by bettering him in offence. Best example is Roger Federer. Roger always had better offense than Rafa but could not win big matches against Rafa because he could not get better off him in the defense. This is where Novak gets the better of Rafa.

But it’s much easier to outwit your opponent in a 3-set match by better defense, but to do the same in a 5-setter is not easy. That’s why Murray struggled a lot to succeed in GS for a long time.

Polo Says:

Hippy Chic, I don’t think there would be any trash talking when this French is over. At least not the kind that you dread. Nadal is number 4 in my list of favorites of the top four but that does not mean he is not the best in that lot…at least in clay where there is no question. I expect an exclamation mark before this day is over.

FedExpress Says:

Any1 thinks that if rafa loses today his chances to catch up fed will take a beating?

Michael Says:


I am not looking just at clay courts or any specific match. I take an overall perspective. In Hard courts, Novak leads Rafa H2H by 15-7 and most of the matches over there were won by Novak deploying crude offense. Take the US/Wimbledon 2011 and just see him over powering Rafa with his bludgeoning double handed back hand down the line shots. Even in 2012 French Open final, just look at the third set which Novak won by employing plain offense. Ofcourse Novak is a great defensive player too. But he deploys this strategy to only good players and not a great player like Rafa who he is aware cannot be won by defensive tactics. By the way, I am not claiming anywhere that Rafa is not good at offense. Rafa’s ferocious forehand is enough to prove his doubters wrong. What I am all saying is that Novak is a better offensive player than Rafa and that is manifested by statistics of most of their matches. As regards Roger, well he is a great offensive player too. But the problem was that he had Nadal in his mind and couldn’t deploy his strategy effectively on court. For every spectacular shot of his, Rafa had an answer and he looked bewildered in some of their matches as to what best he can do more to win against him ?

James Says:

Unfortunately, I think the conditions will support Nadal with his high heavy top spin shots. The same shots that were bouncing a mile high against Murray will likely do damage to Djoker’s ability to control his backhands. And if its a hot muggy day, and Nadal is playing out of his mind, then it’s not a favorable day for Djoker in any way.

Rooting for Djoker, I’m really bored of seeing Nadal win at this tournament, a new fresh face and game will make it much more interesting, at least for me.

tennis fan Says:


Colin Says:

Nothing to do with this thread, but I’ll hope this is news to you.
Andy’s new coach is Amelie Mauresmo.

FedExpress Says:

still think nole will be fired up for this and wants to gain revenge for last years GS losses against nadal where he should have both ones

Giles Says:

Quite an extraordinary fan is James. A Rafa fan rooting for joker just because he is bored?? Fed fans never ever spoke that way when fed was steamrolling all his opponents year in and year out. There is something to be said for the fedfans, they never ever root against their man and are ever faithful through thick and thin.

Giles Says:

PS. I have no time for you or your posts James!! :((((((

Okiegal Says:


I had forgot all about her. That is an interesting choice. Thanks for the info.

Polo Says:

My only wish is that both are healthy, the conditions are optimum and they both play at their best. I will cheer for whoever wins. There will be no reason to bemoan any factor for somebody’s loss.

Margot Says:

Am pretty gobsmacked TBH. How about you?
Was hoping for Martina. Don’t quite know what Amelie can bring to Andy’s game.
She’s a bit different temperamentally from Ivan, that’s for sure.

william Says:

Who is with me? that novak its gonna win the match in fifth tough sets?

FedExpress Says:

I am going to say novak in three

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Michael, There is a reason why Novak has supreme record on AO compared to USO. If Nokak was an offensive player, he would not have let Rafa win against him in two finals at USO. Even against Roger, he struggles on USO to win, but he wins quite convincingly in AO.

The main reason is Novak is a supreme aggressive player, but he is much more balanced on Defense than aggression. He neither has the FH of Roger or Rafa which can be a killer shot. He can use his BHDTL, but that’s not a shot you can live a match with. Just my opinion.

FedExpress Says:

novak looking good

rafa shaky

FedExpress Says:

i like the length of novak

FedExpress Says:

how many aces has hit nadal? surely under 10 or am i wrong?

mat4 Says:

They are both extremely tense.

william Says:

@FedExpress how many aces in all the tournament?
yeah under 10… rafa has a extraordinary cappacity in the baseline

Tennis100 Says:

Djokovic in three sets
he is playing really good

Steve 27 Says:

Randall, Wilander, the ESPN staff and almost of the “experts”
Failed so wrong that is embarras swing the bias against Rafael Nadal and the aura he posseses on Philipe Chatrier.
Well, thanks guys, if you were intelligent, picking the right man, you could earning some money in the sportsbooks.
Nadal was a lock like 9 years ago.
But people never learn about their mistakes…

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Steve, I don’t think Wilander picked Novak. I saw his pre-match interview, and he said if the Temperature is above 25 degrees it would be Nadal in 4.

jack Says:

Although I am Djokovic fan I never found him to be dependable.The end of the game with Djokovic double fault was a sad ending to the match with Nadal.It took away the excitement of a finale.I find Nadal nervous tick extremely enervating and feel Nadal has a psychological problem.Continuously schratching his butt,nose ,ears shoulders drives me crazy,Nobody comments on this abnormal behavior.I simply hate watching him play

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