Tomas Berdych: If It’s Too Dark For Hawk-Eye Isn’t It Too Dark For Us To Keep Playing?
by Tom Gainey | June 28th, 2014, 8:28 am

Tomas Berdych got knocked out of Wimbledon by Marin Cilic in straight sets and then the former finalist took a few shots at the tournament. The match finished so late at 9:38pm local time, the latest finish ever to an outdoor match at Wimbledon, that the poor light prevented the use the of Hawk-Eye technology. And Berdych noticed.

“If I start the match on court where we don’t have Hawk-Eye, it’s how it is since the beginning,” Berdych said. “But if somebody told me that some machine doesn’t work just because of the light, that we don’t have enough, so why we have to play? I mean, when everybody is saying that the machine is always correct, it’s always the best way and we cannot argue to that, which sometimes the calls are, you know, so, then why we have to play more?”

“If once we have something which should be working and then they gonna just tell you, ‘No, it doesn’t work because it’s too dark’, I mean, we can try to tell to the football guys that after 90 minutes they don’t anymore have the video of the goal line because it’s just 90 minutes”

Berdych didn’t fully blame the lighting on the loss. Following the 76, 64, 76 loss he did give credit Cilic who is coached by former champion Goran Ivanisevic.

“Marin played really well,” Berdych said. “I mean, I had some tactics, some strategy what’s to bring to the game. I kind of know what to expect from him. He’s done it really well, and that’s it.”

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6 Comments for Tomas Berdych: If It’s Too Dark For Hawk-Eye Isn’t It Too Dark For Us To Keep Playing?

skeezer Says:

Birdsh!t is out. Yay!

He does have an argument imho. Saw the match, and yeah it was getting real dark and it was very critical timing, being it was a TB and the match was on the line. He makes a point about if hawkeye can’t see how can the players/linesmen see?

That said Cilic played an overall outstanding match.

Okiegal Says:

I thought he had a legit gripe too……but it’s the same disadvantage for both…… Cilic looked mighty good yesterday. Berdy was outplayed all the way around.

Alexandra Says:

He certainly has a point.

jane Says:

he does have a valid point, but yes, cilic played very well. they were both thwacking that ball.

Hamza Says:

True. I wouldn’t say you were robbed I would say it was dark, certainly looked so on the television.

Michael Says:

Berdych definitely has a point and his grievance looks legitimate. I think Players should not be forced to play in pitch dark whatever be the compulsions. Even if one player has reservations continuing playing due to unfavourable weather conditions, then that must be favourably considered if it has merit. I remember the 2008 finals was played in pitch dark and Roger cited this in his post match interview and expressed his unhappiness over the decision of Authorities to continue playing despite conditions not being congenial. That being said, Cilic won the match fair and square. He totally outplayed Berdych and deserved the victory.

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