Roddick in Rare Form Saturday in Miami vs. Chair Umpire
by Staff | March 29th, 2008, 9:45 pm

Andy Roddick Saturday in his post-match conference in Miami, talking about a requested line-calling video replay when the Hawk-Eye replay system would not work:
REPORTER: What did happen on that one call? We were all confused. It just said, “call stands.”

ANDY RODDICK: I’m glad you were confused, too. At least I had company. I hit a ball, and I said, ‘Well, let’s take a look at it.’ We stood around for a while looking confused, and then I see on the board it says the original call stands. I felt like it was talking directly to me. I would have liked some advance notice.

So I just looked at the umpire, he said, ‘Original call stands.’ And I go, ‘Oh, you can read, too. That’s good.’ Then I asked him on the switch-over, and I said, ‘Okay, I’ve seen it before where it kind of shorts out for a second and then it’s not working at all.’ I said, ‘Is Hawk-Eye down right now?’ He said, ‘No, it was just for that shot.’ I said, ‘Well, that sucks.’

He said, ‘Well, it’s tough on me. You don’t know how it is on me.’ I’m like, ‘It’s not going to matter to you at the end of the day.’ I go, ‘Forgive me if you can’t see my tears. They’re there for you.’ But I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter to you. For me, it’s tough, man. Feel free to jump in there any time. You don’t need a machine. I’ll give you permission.’

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15 Comments for Roddick in Rare Form Saturday in Miami vs. Chair Umpire

sensationalsafin Says:

LMAO!!!!!!! How can you not love Roddick?

Tam (TD) Says:

rotfl! Great entertainment per usual from Roddick. How about that terrible backhand crosscourt winner in the last set? Play of the year!

Tam (TD) Says:

sorry I meant terrific backhand winner it certainly wasn’t terrible ;)

Von Says:

SS: Yeah, that’s my take on Roddic, how could ya not love him. He gets bad press for his mouth, but if it does the job of relieving his stress, I’m not complaining. Prim and proper is not for tennis, used to be so, but that has changed. And we ‘ugly Americans’ are just getting on line with the others.


I thought Roddick was not thinking for the first 3 games of the last set, but then he started serving to Troicki’s forehand, and well, the rest is history. His first matches have been psychological, ever since that ’04 US Open when Mueller beat him and then the AO when Baggy killed him. I think after this match, he should be rolling. However, this Miami court is not so great for his serve, especially during the day.

jane Says:


Did you know that Andy is playing doubles with Melzer!? I had no idea. This might be good for Andy. And even more surprising perhaps? They just won the first set against Tsonga/Gasquet! Wow.

Von Says:


You have to stop reading my mind like this. This is scary, I just saw the results and came to post a comment on the results and what do I see, yours. Yes, I’m glad that the little one (I still think of him as Andy with the visor and that shock of blonde hair sticking out, not to mention the ferocious forehand, the years have stopped still)) is bbending his knees and flexing his arms a bit in doubles. And, what better partner to have, but jurgen Melzer, who has been beaten by Andy 6-0. But, not to take anything away from Melzer, the guy is a genius at the net, especially on clay. He could teach Djoko a few tricks in the drop shot department, and Andy as well. Btw, Andy did win the ’06 doubles Indy title, so he does have a few wins under his belt, doubles-wise.

Dr. Death:

My gawd, are you dating yourself about Westchester. I lived in NY for about 12 years, but that Westchester/Orange bit was before my time, however, I do remember Forest Hills, if that’s any consolation. I lived about 3 miles from the new US Open home, Flushing meadows, and home of the NY Mets, a platform change on the NYC subway. Even though I love Florida I still miss NYC. Do you?

Von Says:


Well, Andy/Melzer lost 10-8. I wish they would change back doubles to the previous format. The Bryans can’t seem to get a foothold on the new format. Well, it’s good Tsonga will move on in doubles. if he does meet Roddick later in the tournament, he could get too tired and that should help Andy. How vicious and scheming a mind I have. Absolutely shameful or is it shameless!

jane Says:

It was a very close one though, which says a lot; maybe those two (Roddick/Melzer) should team up more? I look forward to a Tsonga / Andy match up, but I can see why you’d be scheming!

Von Says:

Don’t know where to write this, but there aren’t any threads dedicated to the women’s game, per se. But, sorry, Ivanovic fans, Davenport put a good beatdown on dear Ana, which had the poor girl frazzled. Glad to see Lindsay doing so well, who in my opinion, is one of the best ball striker/returner/server in the women’s game, added to the fact that she’s American. Considering we don’t have too many women players, we’re thankful that the ones we have are holding up the stars ‘n stripes. Right TD?

My other fave woman, Mauresmo, whose atyle of play, is nearly extinct in the women’s game, was 1 set all. Hope she can get through this and make a big run. She’s a classic.

Sorry to rub this in, but tonight I get treated to an additional 5 hours of tennis on the Tennis Channel. :)

On the warning rule, today Tursunov was very angry with Ump Lahani, who gave Dimitry a time violation warning. Tursunov was so angry, he lost the next 4 points, and didn’t much care to shake the Ump’s hand. And, according to the commentators, the ATP is cracking down on this abuse of time, which is something they have allowed for much toooo long. Anyway, better late than never.

Susan Says:

FYI, for any of those who are confused with the TV coverage (especially those of you in Florida without FSN), The tennis channel has the Ericsson on live in the evening with repeats early the next morning. Also Sun (channel 31) has longer live coverage guy you’ll have to check your local listings. Today, March 31st, Sun has live coverage starting at 1pm to 6pm. Hope this helps.

Von Says:


“Today, March 31st, Sun has live coverage starting at 1pm to 6pm. Hope this helps.”

Thanks for the info, I wish I knew this before. I set my DVR to record on FSN FL, evewn though there was nothing in the listing to assume that FSN was broadcasting the ATP series. Guess, what, I recorded 5 hours of basketball/baseball, etc. Absolutely zero information was given as to the guide problem. SUN Sport, same scenario. The Tennis Channel does have the 7-9 pm, and 10 pm – 12 am coverge, with repeats at 7-9 am the next morning, but looking at the guide, it’s all Murphy, Murphy and Destination Tennis. Nothing about ATP Tennis. It’s a hit or a miss scenario.

For the last 6 months the Tennis Channel’s guide has been a mess. One would think that the powers that be, would see this, wrong. It seems to me that tennis coverage, and the status/importance of the game, has been in the minds of the Tennis Channel’s group, relegated to the status of “miscellaneous” and “also ran”. What a tragedy. This is adding insult to injury.

Von Says:


I suppose my scheming mind did have some merit. If you remember I stated if Tsonga continues in doubles that he’ll be too tired for his singles match with Benneteau, well, I guess there’s a method to that scheme after all. I suppose you know Benneteau won.

How lucky can Fed get? A walkover in the QF at IW and now a retirement at Miami, while the other peons haved to slug it out in the heat. Yesterday, Blake was sick and exhausted from the heat, and today Soderling just wilted.

Andy won tonight btw, but it was obvious he was also struggling with the court and the heat. He was just raining down sweat droplets from his hat.

It was funny, the camera man had the camera on Andy’s box, and Jason Goodall (who’s an absolute pleasure to listen to as compared to Gimel) said as the camera moved to Andy’s agent, “that the guy who keeps Andy in the money”, then the camera moved to Andy’s fiance’, and Goodal said, “and that’s the one, who’s going to spend it.” He then laughed, and said to Robby Koernig, “Do I sound bitter.” Well, Andy my sweet, you had better hold on to your money. I heard a judge in chambers make a funny remark about a alimony one day. He said that the word meant “all he money”. A play on words of course, in broken English, but the message was clear.

Von Says:

TD & Dr. Death:

I have a question for both of you. We were recently discussing Roddick’s different coaches messing him up and tinkering with his game. Connors’ slogan to Andy was ‘keep the ball in play’. That’s all fine and dandy and is good for his return game, but now Andy is lost, he has stopped coming into the net per Connors’ instructions, to keep the ball in play, and the point just drags on and on. Have you noticed this? Andy now has to learn to shorten/end the points. He’s making less UFEs, but this back and forth is the PITS. It’s killing me.

jane Says:


Oh yes – I followed the results, and I thought they might’ve had something to do with you.

Now what? Another Federer vs. Roddick quarter final!? Egads. I hope and pray your guy can finally get the W for which he’s worked so hard.

And as for the swimsuit model, let’s hope Roddick has a good accountant. :-)

I felt so sorry for Blake in that heat; even though he won he looked SO depleted and all I could think was “so much for the rest of the tournament”. I think if Soderling could’ve pulled out the first set (and he had his chances, broke Fed’s serve a few times) then maybe he would’ve bothered with a medical time out or something, but after he lost it he probably thought, “why bother?”

And yes, another lucky break for Fed…

Von Says:


“Now what? Another Federer vs. Roddick quarter final!? Egads. I hope and pray your guy can finally get the W for which he’s worked so hard.”

As i stated when the draw came out, of all the quarters, Andy just had to land in Fed’s quarter. The Miami court is very gritty and not at all suited to Andy’s serve — a huge disadvantage to begin with. I hope it’s a night match, and hope, oh yes, beyond hope, that Andy WILL get the “W” this time. Do i hear snickeing and laughter? OK guys, the laugh’s on me. Have fun. I have heart, lots and lots of heart, and patience. :) :) It’ll come …

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