Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?
by Sean Randall | July 5th, 2014, 2:58 pm

And we are down to just TWO! And what a two they are with the game’s greats, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, battling for the greatest prize in all of tennis: the Wimbledon Championships.

With Rafael Nadal and defending champion Andy Murray long fallen, it’s Federer and Djokovic’s job to continue the Fab Four reign at Wimbledon.

I picked Federer at the start of the tournament and while in my mind Djokovic should win here – he’s younger, the better player top-down, the higher ranked – I have to stick with Federer.

Roger knows the grass. It’s his surface. He has 14 titles on God’s green earth compared to Djokovic’s lonesome one. Federer also beat Djokovic at Wimbledon two years ago and this fortnight he has looked the far better of the two. And he’s won nine straight from the start of Halle.

Djokovic, though, has had the tougher draw and with it the more impressive wins. The top seed beat four pretty decent opponents in Radek Stepanek, Gilles Simon, JW Tsonga, Marin Cilic and yesterday Grigor Dimitrov.

Federer really had no one to worry about until the semifinals against Milos Raonic who basically froze up playing the 7-time champion on Center Court.

That said, Djokovic has looked shaky at times. Those lapses I spoke so much about early in the year are back. We saw them in the Cilic match and again yesterday against Dimitrov who squandared break leads not once but twice in sets. Meanwhile, Federer has been effeciant and effective as ever.

Head-to-head Federer holds the slim 18-16 lead having won two of three this year. Surprisingly they played just once before in a Grand Slam final and just once on a grass court, both matches won by Federer.

In this one there’s added intrigue. Djokovic has Boris Becker at his side. Federer counters with Stefan Edberg. Edberg won two of three against Becker at Wimbledon. Advantage: Edberg!

Coaching aside, the match, though, will hinge on the serve. The player who serves the best will win. Right now the guy who’s been doing that is Federer. Roger’s been in rythym losing serve just once this fortnight. And he’s also smartly mixing in the serve and volley. While I expect him ease off the net rushes against Djokovic, I think he’ll still be in attack mode. He’ll have to be.

And I’m also not sure of Djokovic’s state of mind. He lost in the French final and overall he’s lost five of his last six Grand Slam finals. That’s not a good trend. What’s worse is he’s winning the other titles but just can’t seem win the Slams. Clearly there’s something going on. Something just isn’t right. And he knows it.

Still, Djokovic is good enough to keep it close. And he won’t be overwhelmed by the moment like Raonic was. The motivation is there and so is the hunger, and to salvage the season he needs to start winning titles again.

Will his mind let him?

Djokovic just beat Baby Fed, but I don’t think he beats the Real Fed.
The pick: Federer in 5

ESPN will have live coverage starting at 9am. It’s breakfast with champions.

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94 Comments for Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

jatin Says:

I think he can close it out in 4… So Roger in 4. Go mastero. Millions of fans are cheering for you. Best of luck for the match.

jane Says:

the sock and the popsicle came to play
on a beautiful grass green court
they slammed down some serves, hit plenty of volleys
backed up by some sharp retorts
the sock slapped low fives on the walk by
and after he was heard to say
“o popsicle o popsicle
what a wonderful partner you are
you are
what a cool and delicious treat too.”
popsicle responded, “o sock, you elegant foot attire!
“too long we’ve tarried
we’re a perfect pairing
and we’ve dispelled north american troubles,
dude! i cant believe it, but
we’ve just won wimbledon doubles!”

what a fantastic doubles final! wow!!! yay vasek and jack. just yay!

skeezer Says:

Seen too many of Nole’s comebacks against Fed to know better. And Nole has done very well in navigating through a tough draw. So;
Fed in 3 or 4.
If not,
Nole in 5.

scineram Says:

Oh my gahw, that was epic! Incredible performance from the last minute duo. Pospisil was hitting some unbelievable returns in the last two return games, and fhree huge serves between them. Then on the final point that forehand return winner from Sock. Fantastic talents.

Ash Says:

hopefully the crowd will annoy to the hell Novak and Fed send him back to the grindergarden

Giles Says:

Bold prediction from Sean!!

Dan Martin Says:

I have my prediction up at I think each man will have less stress than their last Wimbledon final in which they faced the collective will of the entire UK as well as Andy Murray

Kimberly Says:

I wonder who nadal would be rooting for? losing number 1 or losing slam count?

FedExpress Says:

Key for fed is that he has to close out sets at first time of askings and consequently has to make break leads count. And oppurtunity for double breaks should be grabbed with both hands

Giles Says:

I personally don’t think Rafa cares too much who triumphs tomorrow. He will be relaxing with family and friends, might have a hangover from partying tonite and probably won’t even watch the match. Maybe he will be giving swimming and diving lessons to some youngsters as well. Lol

Humble Rafa Says:

Screw #1 ranking.

Hippy Chic Says:

Pencil me in as one of those Rafa fans rooting for Federer in tomorrows final,one of those that doesnt give a toss about the whole GOAT thing,not because i have some sort of ulterior motive about wanting Novak to win,so that Rafa stands a better chance of surpassing Roger,but one that wants to see the better grass court player win the tournament,maybe just maybe some of us are actually fans of tennis as a whole rather simply been Rafafanatics?oh but still maybe we are rooting for Roger because Rafas number 1 ranking will be gone if Novak wins,just a thought but people can be so cynical at times?

madmax Says:

British books initially installed Djokovic as a 4/6 favorite to win Sunday’s match, which means Federer is a bigger underdog against Djokovic than Raonic was against Federer.

Is this Federer’s last chance to win a major?

No. You’ll hear that a lot between now and Sunday, but it’s nonsense. Yes, this has been a perfect storm for Federer. He came into the tournament healthy, had an easy draw to the quarters, cruised to the final and faces a player he’s had great success against. But it’s not as if this was pre-ordained. Wawrinka was playing the best tennis of his life on grass. Raonic has a serve that’s tailor-made for Centre Court. Djokovic awaits in the finals. What, because Rafael Nadal didn’t make it to the semis, this was a cakewalk? Nadal hasn’t made it past the third round of Wimbledon since 2011!

This isn’t like the 2009 French Open, when Robin Soderling took care of Nadal and Federer was able to capitalize en route to a title. He played the matches in front of him and was clinical in each.

If Federer can reach a final at Wimbledon at 32, why not at 33? As long as he keeps playing — and he’s given no indication that he’s going to retire anytime soon — a win at Wimbledon is always on the table. But, yes, this is still a golden opportunity.

Sean, you didn’t actually predict Federer to win at the outset, you said, “AM I NUTS FOR PICKING FEDERER?”, then after reading your write up, it was clear that you were hedging your bets. e.g. IF Novak does this, then this will happen, IF rafa does this, then this will happen, IF Murray does this, then this will happen, IF Fed, etc., so I think it will be a tough one to call and I want to say Fed in straights, but I think it will be Fed in 4 sets.

He has to start off the blocks early though. His serve most definitely has to be “on!”.

skeezer Says:

“but one that wants to see the better grass court player win the tournament,maybe just maybe some of us are actually fans of tennis as a whole rather simply been Rafafanatics?”

Well said Alison! May the best man win and hope its a great match ;)


Hippy Chic Says:

Skeezer i said it,and i stand by what ive said,no ulterior motives,its as Brando said hes played the best tennis of the two this fortnight,and im not simply saying that for the sake of agreeing,i say what i mean and mean what i say,SO GO ROGER….

Hippy Chic Says:

I believe as well as myself,theres also Brando,Okiegal and Metan,rooting for Roger,i would be interested to know if there were any/many Federer fans rooting for Rafa to win the French Open especially with Rafa been a better CC player than Novak,i mean Roger has 7 Wimbledons,and Rafa had 8 French Opens before that final,so the comparisons are pretty similar i would say?

Tennislover Says:

Kimberly – I am sure Raf wants Djo to win. I think he is probably going to lose his top spot at some point later in the year anyway. He will not like his recent hard work in his run towards “GOAThood” to be somewhat neutralized by another Fed win at a major.

Ckr Says:

Sean – I thought you picked Murray to win this title..

Anyway, if Djokovic can control his emotions (i.e not being hard on himself and the coaching box), he is going to win..if not it’s going to be Fed all the way..

Tennis lover Says:

Both Nadal’s and Djokovic’s slam winning days are over after 2014. So, I warn you people who’re yet boasting about those two..Dooms day is approaching for your idols after 2014. Yes, Fed may loose Wimbledon Final though I hope he doesn’t not. If he looses, he’ll still remain the record grandslam holder because Rafa won’t catch his record ever no matter how much he tries. Last French open I predicted Rafa will win in 4 sets despite many nay-saying and eccentric logic. This time I see people here are undermining Roger’s chances only to rue in the end.

Hippy Chic Says:

I dont think they will be over,but i do think they will get considerably less?and i dont think talk of this player surpassing that player,or that player surpassing this player,is actually pertinent until/unless it happens?my two cents….

Tennis lover Says:

There are two concerns- Whether Goderer version of Fed shows up or Fed-error emerges from the ashes. He needs to get it done by playing clean, aggressive tennis.
This week his game has been solid but the sublime shot is missing from him. Serve and volley won’t suffice assuming Djoker brings up his A game, Federer needs to produce consistent great shot making from baseline as well as manage timely assault in the net to thawart Djoker’s chances. If he stays patient and conjure up his best tennis, it’s impossible for Djokovic to win. People who say like Nirmal kumar and few other fans, this match is in Djoker’s term is shallow brained and woeful critics. In Grass, Fed A- game is enough to take care of Djoker’s sub-per performance.
However, if Fed can’t win he’s to solely blame himself to let this golden opportunity slip from his hand.

Kimberly Says:

I’m thinking he prefers Djoko too. It is unlikely (although never impossible) he will defend hard court points anyway and will almost certainly lose #1 within the next six weeks anyway.

Daniel Says:

Regardless of tomorrow if Nadal doesn’t win Canad and Djoko reaches quarters he will lose #1ranking so agree that is kind of inevitable.

Btw, every time Nadal won Canada he won US Open. He needs to build monentum an win one of the 2 masters to start believing his game on hard for him to be davorite in US Open. Ifhe doesn’t win neither can’t see him as favorite.

Tomorrow is a really toss up. My feelngs is if Fed wins first set he will win it.

GO Fed!!

Tennislover Says:

“while in my mind Djokovic should win here – he’s younger, the better player top-down, the higher ranked – I have to stick with Federer.”

Presumably because of no other solid reason but for your heart saying so? Djo is the top seed and the number one player in the world with the most consistent record at the majors in recent years. He also has no issues with any kind of surface. I don’t see why he shouldn’t start as the favorite.

“He has 14 titles on God’s green earth compared to Djokovic’s lonesome one. Federer also beat Djokovic at Wimbledon two years ago and this fortnight he has looked the far better of the two. And he’s won nine straight from the start of Halle.”

Djo’s lonesome one was wimby itself and I don’t think Fed’s 14 titles or nine straight grass wins -or their overall or grass H2H or for that matter the coaching rivalry – are terribly relevant for the final vs Djo. Fed has “looked the far better of the two” because he has not had to face any really good player and has, therefore, been “efficient and effective”. He looked pretty shaky vs the one good all-round player he faced before his physical issues compromised him. He played a solid match vs Raonic but that can never be a gauge for where Fed’s game – especially his ground game – is when analyzing his prospects vs Djo.

In the same breath you say Djokovic has had the tougher draw and the more impressive wins, beating four pretty decent opponents while
Federer really had no one to worry about except Raonic who, according to you, “froze up” in the sf. So, Djo has been impressive and “shaky” but if you face tougher opponents, you are obviously more likely to be shaken by them.

“Coaching aside, the match, though, will hinge on the serve. The player who serves the best will win. Right now the guy who’s been doing that is Federer.”

Fed hasn’t faced anyone yet who returns as well as Djo who probably has the best ROS in the game. I just feel that the combination of Djo serve and ROS today is better than that of Fed unless Fed comes up with a serving clinic which is very unlikely against Djo.

“And I’m also not sure of Djokovic’s state of mind….”

Yet you say that the “motivation is there and so is the hunger.” The very fact that Djo has been shaking off those disappointments and consistently making the finals of subsequent majors shows that his mind is fine except for a tiny lack of confidence. Maybe, this time he will play with a nothing-to-lose attitude and that will make him even more dangerous. I think a victory is due after so many major losses of late.

“Still, Djokovic is good enough to keep it close…”

You make it sound as if he is the big underdog or a rookie finalist. We shall see if Fed is good enough to keep it close.

“Djokovic just beat Baby Fed, but I don’t think he beats the Real Fed.”

Fed would be very proud of some of the stuff Dimi produced and I wonder if Fed himself is still capable of raising his level towards the business end of a major. Dimi’s mental lapses proved costly. His tennis was very good IMO.

“The pick: Federer in 5”

I admire you for sticking to your pre-tourney “crazy” prediction but I think Fed will be in deep trouble if it gets to a fifth set. He has to do it in three or four sets. Djo will be the favorite if it goes to a fifth set.

Tennislover Says:

Tennis lover – I again request you to either modify your nick somewhat or change it to a different one. I started capitalizing the “t” to differentiate it from yours and now you have started capitalizing it too. The only difference now is the space between the two words and that can confuse other posters. Please do let me know if you have any problems doing so. In that case, I will change my nick.

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Worm,

Take a look at Genie. Seriously, Worm.


Jo Says:

Novak is the best ever base liner. And Fed is the only one on the planet how to beat the best Novak. He could play s baseline also of todays generation and in an instant do a Sampras / Mc Enroe net volleys for the kill. How many times Novak in record winning streak only to be stopped when he face Federer. Before this Wimby started I’d say Novak is 90-10 over Fed. But the way how Fed wins going to the final is VERY impressive. One thing I wcould say, Novak is the best player of today. But again, Federer is the best in how to beat Novak. If Fed wins, that would cement his status of the GOAT. No questions asked.

Rishi Says:

This is the first time in a Wimbledon Final that Roger will be playing a previous Wimbledon Champion. As Roger said earlier, Novak knows what to do given that he has won here before. It will be very interesting to see who starts stronger.

Hopp Roger!!

Okiegal Says:

@Chic………You r right, I do want Roger to win…..I am pulling for the older guy tomorrow….no sinister motive….like him more than Novak…..and really wanted Andy there, my 2nd fav…..but not to be. I still think the grass has been a danger zone….Hope the guys can stay up on two feet at all times.
Good luck to each respective fan base!!

Goatexpert Says:

Fed’s advantage – more comfortable on grass, more comfortable at Wimbledon, has played better the last 10 days, shorter matches – so fresher, his best is better than Djoke’s (on grass only)

Djoke’s advantage – he’s 27 (6 years younger), is fitter (though has had longer matches, backhand.

Overall, I think Fed takes this one in 4. If both play at their best level, Fed will win (this is grass). Whoever plays less than 95% will lose.

Djoke also has the left shoulder issue, and slipping so much.

Okiegal Says:


If I were you I would change it myself. Then if another one appeared akin to the new one, you would know for sure someone is being a jerk. Are there female jerks? Of course we don’t know the gender of every poster….but needless to say, male or female, someone is being a tacky person. Good luck with your problem.

josh Says:

Everybody knows Roger’s game plan, he’ll serve and volley when he can, and end the game as quickly as possible. He’s too old to out hit Novak from the baseline. I believe Novak has the skill set to counter this well. I see Roger hanging in there in the beginning, but Novak will eventually find his zone and take control. This has the feeling of a great match!

Novak in 4.

funches Says:

Djokovic has been slipping all over the court in the second week.

I almost never pick against Djokovic, and this is pretty much a tossup, but from what I’ve seen Federer probably will win tomorrow. To lose, he’ll have to come down slightly or Djokovic will have to play better than he has in his other matches.

But this is a rare Wimbledon final when it is unclear what should happen.

skeezer Says:

This is how its going down.
Who serves better….it’s grass.
End of story.

Sree Kumar Says:

I had predicted even before the Wimbledon began that Roger is going to win this. He is playing some solid tennis.

skeezer Says:

Humble Rafa,
You have internet service whilst your fishing on the Dingy?
Thought you’d be more interested in your Fishing…and Beach.
Ahhhh…your jealousy shows, it’s ok. We all knew it. So, you WILL be watching tomorrows cracker final no? Enjoy what could have been.

Boss Dawg Says:

If Federer does win, think about this for US Open…Fed alltime high in confidence, remember he won 5 us opens in a row, then lost in 5th to Delly the Moose, then loses in semis 5-7 in 5th to Nole, then loses again in semis following year 5-7 in 5th to Nole. Then loses in quarters to Berdych then bad loss to Robredo.

With Rafa needing roids to win the us open he is out, Murphy sucks now..again, Nole lost 5 of last 6 major finals – with Feds renewed confidence, new racket, new coaching, he will actually be a favorite to win his 6th US Open which he is hungry for. Especially if he gets some cool weather night matches – it will be interesting.

Don’t you guys get it? The extreme eastern or regular eastern grip will ALWAYS be superior over overrated semiwestern on grass and hard courts. Rafa has to cheat, Murphy overtrains for an edge, Nole is so flexible, but the high net clearance isn’t what the game is about, I don’t care how good you are. Flat eastern forehands (or option to go topspin)…Sampras, Agassi, Connors, Federer, Lendl, Delly the Moose, Fernando Gonzo, Dimitrov. That semiwestern is pure junk, it looks like trash.

Michael Says:

I differ with Sean here. If the match goes to five sets, then Novak would win for sure. If Roger has to win, he has to complete the job in four sets. I really think past his prime he doesn’t have the stamina and endurance to stay for such long against a class act like Novak. Yes, it is the quality of serve which would determine the winner. Roger’s elegant forehand is back in action firing all cylinders from both the flanks and he is not shanking the balls like he used to in the near past. And his serve too is incisive and has tremendous variety. He outfoxes his opponents not by sheer pace, but by the variety of his serve. Also, in the Raonic match I noticed Roger retrieving many balls with atheletic dexterity sliding with grace and elegance just as a skater on court. Therefore, even though there is a counter argument that Roger has navigated thus far with a relatively easy draw, still one cannot dismiss the fact that his silken touch is back to haunt his opponents again. From Novak’s end, I think if he has to win, he has to serve really well and also undoubtedly he is the best returner in the game. From the back of the court, he can dictate play to Roger. But, he has to pull up his socks and not play the way he did against Dmitrov which would make things quite easy for Roger. It is the moment of truth for Novak in his career. I think he badly needs this win to shore up his prospects and to recover his confidence which has been deserting him in the finals. So, he is faced with a tremendous pressure to pull it back and show to the Tennis World that he is yet by far the most complete Tennis player that is around who can play on all courts. From my end, I am an admirer of both Roger and Novak and I am just perplexed as to whom to root for ? Honestly, I do not want both to lose. So, I will be cheering for both when they step on to the court and may the best man win.

Boss Dawg Says:

For those that said Fed had an easy draw, maybe so until the Quarters. Wallywinky was playing lights out tennis and think about this: Everytime Wawrinka plays Nole – they have SUPER close matches – Nole probably loses to Wallywinky this tourney with the way he was playing.

Nole right now is more overrated than a Bon Jovi concert. Those big forehand backswings are incorrect on grass and Federer is going to serve quite a bit better and take advantage of the unorthodox big forehand backswing Nole has. Federer 6-3, 7-6, 5-7, 6-3.

Federer can choose to hit thru Nole’s forehand on grass or he can serve out wide then move Nole side to side or a combination of the two. The only way Fed loses is if he gets nervous – which we all know is possible from Fed. But the serve is a rhythm shot, and there is no reason to think Fed loses he rhythm 7th round, so expect Fed to win. Also, don’t forget Nole has a eastern backhand service grip, this really is a little unusual – he does do a very good job with it. But if Nole isn’t painting corners with it, he will get broken a lot because he can’t get good mph’s with that grip.

Okiegal Says:

@Chic 5:12

I think it’s pretty safe to say there were no Fed fans cheering for Rafa at the Frenchie. Rafa fans are more prone to cheering for Roger than vice versa.

Boss Dawg Says:

All you Rafa fans, think about this:

I agree Federer is arrogant and it annoys me, but everyone says Rafa is humble…then WHY does he ALWAYS have a smirk on his face?? ‘That’ is arrogant too!

WTF Says:

Djokovic might be smarting mentally right now from the finals he has been losing. He was expected to beat Murray both times I think, and many picked him to beat Rafa at the French Open.

Federer has been playing with less expectation that he has been used to, so he’ll swing more freely.

On paper, Djokovic is still the better player right now, but it’s a mental game and I think Fed has the upper hand at the moment.

Fed in 4 maybe? I wouldn’t give either player a huge edge. I think this game will be close and will be decided by one or two points.

metan Says:

Rafa has more fans than Roger, we don’t need their support, hehehe.
Most of Roger fans doesn’t support coz goat reason, but we don’t buy it we are the owner , so as much as they wanted to spin it. It it just zero. About number of gs, Rafa can catch it up, all he needs is cut down some clay stuff but keep the FO. ☺☺☺☺☺

ertorque Says:

Both Tennislover and Michael brought up valid points about the finalists and therefore this match is going to be very interesting. Can’t wait for it to start. I will be rooting for Roger all the way. Be more of Fed-ethereal than Fed-error!

Okiegal Says:

@Metan @12:54

LOL!! You are right, Rafa can catch up and surpass the GS count…….but not likely that Roger will ever catch up in the H2H count.
23-10 Rafa. Roger would have to win 14 more matches and at 33, not enough time……just an observation!! LOL

Okiegal Says:

Nick the “Kid” is pulling out of the Hall of Fame championships in Newport, RI due to hip issue and tiredness…..did that powerful serve pull his hip out of joint?? Poor guy, wishing him a speedy recovery.

ertorque Says:

Was there ever a GS final where both players are dad? Otherwise today’s match would be a first in that regard (technically Djoko is a dad already even though the baby is not ‘out’ yet).

roy Says:

”This is how its going down.
Who serves better….it’s grass.
End of story.”

says it all about grass court tennis in the modern era.

Margot Says:

Congrats to Nole and Fed for reaching the final and hoping for a terrific match.
Kvitova was sensational, but sorry for Genie.
Fabulous from Poppit and Sock! Think I have a new crush on Poppit. Just his joy at being out there.
@jane ace take on Carroll!
Gutted for Andy, but hey that’s life!
Have been away but was at Wimbledon and saw Maria and Rafa lose and Kvitova win. Had fabulous seats under cover behind the members. Sir Cliff to the front, Martina and Billie Jean to the right. Wowzer!
@the DA, CDP, Colin, Hippy,
At least Sir Cliff didn’t sing…;) His eye make up was gorgeous though!

Trigg Says:

I stick with my man. They both will be nervous, but I believe that Novak was much more tested. He played against three great servers, three players very able at the net, and against three players in great form (not always the same). And although nervous, under tremendous pressure, he won. He is well prepared for a final and the kind of game Roger could play.

Stepanek was in excellent form, beating Murray two weeks ago. Tsonga played an overwhelming third set, Cilic had a lethal serve, and Dimitrov was in scintillating form. He find a way to win against all of them. He had bad patches, of course, but he can go relaxed in the final: his dreams to be an all time great are over, Fed is the favourite, he can be relaxed. And, for him, there could be more opportunity to win a GS.

I found two matches on youtube yesterday (Fed vs Stan and Novak vs Jo), and if they play, and especially serve, at that level, Novak could win easily.

I also managed to see chunks of Novak vs Grigor, and there is nothing Fed does better than the “Baby Fed” at this tournament. In fact, I think that Dimitrov played a level above Fed. The fact that Andy was a bit flat in the QF could be true, but Andy was in excellent form, and his loss, let’s be fair, is also the consequence of Dimitrov’s great match.

Can Fed play better? Probably, yes. The thing with him is that he has already 17 GS, 7 WB, he has a happy family, and he doesn’t have to feel any pressure. If he manages just to enjoy that final, he will be very, very hard to beat indeed.

And I think that both will be a bit more relaxed. They fend off the “new wave”, showed that their time is not over yet, they know each other and they know there is no shame to lose in such a match.

So, to put it poetically, the stars will decide. But Novak will have his chance, and a good one I guess.

Novak in four.

metan Says:

The reason I am not rooting for Nole is not he will take away Rafa but because I see Roger is a better player on this surface. And Nole mental issue is below now. He was easy to disturbed by crowded. That’s What I saw in Paris. Roger has everything, skill , experience that’s more than enough to tackle Nole in his best surface. Stamina, well, we all know that he is 32 but he has no physical issue liked last year, so even though the match will go on 5 sets. It is still in Roger. Allez,

Tennislover Says:

Trigg – Pretty much agree with how match-sharp Djo is after navigating the tougher route to the final. He is ideally prepared to face Fed in the final. I wrote about it the other day on a different thread. I also agree about Dimi’s level – especially his ground game – being better than Fed’s at this year’s wimby.

However, I don’t think Fed is the favorite at all. He has come up short in big matches at the majors far too many times over the last four years. This is only his third major final – he was pretty lucky too – in his last eighteen majors. It probably shows that he just can’t raise his game or shift gears in important matches the way he used to do in his prime and that is very natural and understandable too.

“So, to put it poetically, the stars will decide.”

Actually, Jamie has been saying for quite some time that the stars have aligned for a Djo win :)

Hippy Chic Says:

Metan as Kimberly said hes pretty likely to lose the number 1 ranking anyway in the next few weeks,as he has alot of points to defend in the HC so what?its the GS you want and he holds two ATM,im sure hes itching to break from the usual tradition though and try to defend the USO which would be want he wants more?….

Hippy Chic Says:

^What he wants more^….

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennislover actually Jamie has been saying for quite some time,that the stars have aligned for a Djo win,aint that the truth,expect H/S to turn up after the match if Novak wins with a well timed I TOLD YOU SO :)….

Michael Says:

Well, if Novak goes on to win this one, it can become a turning point in his career and he would have the headwind behind him to have a shot at the US as well as Australian Open. What Novak needs at the moment is to recover his lost confidence. He has to believe in himself. And this win would go a long way in addressing his lack of self belief. He has been a consistent performer on tour, but not able to finish the job in style. And so this win would propel him to a zone of comfort. But, on the negative side, if he loses this one then that would I am afraid mar his career prospects as it would be a tremendous disappointment to lose finals at a stretch. He would be equated with Lendl who too was a consistent performer but unable to get the job done when it matters. So, in a sense it is a crucial match for Novak. I hope he grabs this chance and make good use of it.

FedExpress Says:

Nole is turning into a pre slamm winning murray

Come on nole. make it four in a row

Michael Says:

In a study of contrast while the Rolland Garros audience are tired of Rafa lifting the trophy again and again, the Wimbledon audience on the other hand want Roger to win more and more. They are just not getting tired of this man winning again and again. That is a paradox of sorts and goes to show the hold and charisma of Roger who has a following unparalleled in the history of sport. Even today, I am sure the spectators on court would be maniacally behind Roger and not Novak. That in a sense is totally unfair according to me.

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael you make alot of sense,but i think you need to slow down somewhat,Delpo will return for the USO,not only that but its now Rafas second best slam,Andys won it too,and Stan won the AO earlier this year,i dont think there was ever any negative side anyway,he was always thereabouts its just he ran into players that were better on the day,im not picking on the guy here/hear as he has had quite a tough draw to navigate through,but i think he stands a better chance against a past his peak Roger,than he would against last years pre surgery Andy,as you yourself also said in one of your posts yesterday,just saying your words not mine….

Michael Says:


Honestly, I do not think poor Del Potro can settle down quickly after such a long lay off. I think he needs considerable time to settle down. Ofcourse there is the indomitable Rafa and Andy to contend with and nothing can be taken for granted. It is a tough sport and incredulously difficult to maintain consistency. I was just stating that this is a very crucial match for Novak which could make or mar his future prospects. I believe this win today would take him to a different level and place him at an advantage at the following US and Australian Open. Not that he can take success for granted but atleast he would have the self belief when he makes the finals in those tournaments. That is just my reading of the situation.

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael whats your take on my post @5.12pm yesterday,i would be interested on your take,i didnt get any feedback on that point,not that im entirely surprised though?

Michael Says:

Alison @ 5.12 PM,

Infact I saw that post and there is lot of truth in what you say. Truth is bitter. Isn’t it ? I appreciate posters like Brando, Metan, Okiegal and yourself who are devout Rafa fans rooting for Roger today. I definitely cannot see in this forum many fans of Roger rooting for Rafa at the French. But on my part, I believe that both Wimbledon and French needs new winners. We may have our favourites. But for me Tennis is greater than the players. Nobody is indispensable. Ofcourse if Roger and Rafa win, it is purely due to their superiority and effort. They deserve the win totally. It is incredible what they are doing in such a competitive sport.

Michael Says:

It stands corrected as “I definitely did not see any fan of Roger ……………”

Tennis lover Says:

People here are bringing Pre-surgery Andy myth. Andy is no where near in the league of Federer’s accomplishment in grass. Andy at his very best is couple of notches below Roger as a tennis player. Even, at this age, Roger could have tackled him with relative ease given that Roger produces his near best tennis. Like, I said, in French Open some people showed eccentric logic of Rafa loosing to Djoko, here they are again snarling their brainless reasoning that- they match is in Novak’s hand, Fed’s chance are slim. Fed will loose, if he brings up his B game or plays clueless tennis. As for Rafa, his chances for US Open glory isn’t bright. He’s never defended hard court titles and won’t be able to repeat last year’s incredible feat. His decline has already started. You shall see more of it in North American hard court swing. He’s very unlucky at Australian Open he should’ve won that. From 2015 onwards, it’ll be a new era of tennis with new names holding Grandslams with u know Fed hanging up there.

Angel Says:

The match is gonna be played with the roof closed. Who do you people think this will benefit? I think that a couple of years ago when they played the roof was closed so it could be Roger. I want to read your expert opinions.

Hippy Chic Says:

The point i was making Tennis Lover with a space(and i agree with TennisLover without the space,its all very confusing,so please change your nic),Murray is still in his prime,obviously not as acomplished a player as Roger on grass,and Roger is still a fantastic player no question,but i believe Novak stands a better chance of winning this Wimbledon,than he did of winning the title last year against a pre surgery Murray in his prime,as for Rafa at the USO who knows,but as the saying goes,theres a first time for everything,other why even bother having that saying at all?

FedExpress Says:

Federer will win no doubt. At any other slam i would make nole favourite but not here

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael thanks for the feedback,i think hell is likely to freeze over first,before your ever likely to see a Federer fan rooting for Rafa winning a trophy any trophy for that matter,especially the FO,although even they would have to admit all be it through gritted teeth,that Rafa is a better CC player than Novak,or any other player ever,as you say the truth hurts….

Giles Says:

The weather forecast suggests it is going to be a dry day so NO ROOF!!

Hippy Chic Says:

^To add mind you,there was a guy called Swiss Maestro who posted here,that was/is a die hard Federer fan(obviously with a monikor of that name),that said during the FO final in 2012 between Rafa and Novak that he hoped Rafa would win the FO as he is the best CC player,so it wouldnt be right if he lost to Novak,his words not mine,but you would have to say a very rare exception to the rule….^

Lesego Says:

The serve.
The slice backhand.

Thats your attack and defense on grass courts.

Margot Says:

Correction *eye roll* “Lear” of course!

Okiegal Says:

@ Chic 7:17

Yes, it is a very rare exception to the rule…..

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal thanks,i would be interested to here Skeezers take on that one,but put it this way,i wont be holding my breath any time soon lol….

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael you did get a new Wimbledon champion last year with Murray….

Giles Says:

Skeezer is not the most knowledgable poster on this forum. He eats, drinks, sleeps Fed’s name. Ask one of the others if you want any insightful comments and thoughts. Anyone that is apart from skeezer. Geez!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Giles lol to your link,if Novak wins then Rafa will fall to number 2,so this might be a rare exception of Roger and Novak been on opposite sides of the draw,so your idea of hell with them meeting again in a GS final,might just be a one off….

Hippy Chic Says:

What i want now is my two favorites meeting in a final,Rafa and Andy as we have never had that permetation in a GS as yet….

calmdownplease Says:


It’s not just that one `TennisLover` has a space between the two words, one of them also has a significant space between the ears too, as you have witnessed, too bad for him :)
Roger is not just fighting for his legacy he wants to justify continuing on the tour as `the man`. And Novak really cannot keep on losing slam finals.
Lots at stake, good for the drama and really more fun for the neutrals.
Novak’s form has not been stellar so Fed has the edge but must get off to the best start he can or its Novak’s.
Good luck to both sets of fans.

FedExpress Says:

bbc one or espn broadcast? Which to choose??

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I don’t think as someone said above, if Dmitrov can challenge Novak, then it should be a easy workout for Roger.

Best example to debunk the statement is this years AO. Dmitrov gave a competitive match to Rafa, but when Rafa met Roger in the semis it was a complete annihilation for Roger. I don’t expect Roger to go so tamely in today’s match, but the edge definitely goes to Novak, unless Roger has one of his greatest serving days.

Hippy Chic Says:

CDP i have a pretty good raport with Tennislover,the one without the space that is :))….

Okiegal Says:

Question of the day…..Could a person snarl and still be humble?? This question posed because of a remark posted by Boss Dawg. However, he did state one true fact that gave me some belief that not all Fed fans are blind to the fact that Roger is arrogant……but in the same sentence he suggests that Rafa is too. On the subject of arrogance Nivs

Okiegal Says:

Question of the day…..Could a person snarl and still be humble?? This question posed because of a remark posted by Boss Dawg. However, he did state one true fact that gave me some belief that not all Fed fans are blind to the fact that Roger is arrogant……but in the same sentence he suggests that Rafa is too. On the subject of arrogance, both Novak and Roger rank pretty high in that department, imo. Rafa is not arrogant……always humble.

Will this stir up a conversation with Okie? Probably not……
Back to the thread at hand. I am cheering for Roger because I like him better than Novak but would cheer for Novak over Stepanek…..just a matter of taste. The #18 slam win for Roger doesn’t bother me one way or the other. Who is to say that Rafa and Roger’ s records won’t be broken. That’s why I think the GOAT issue is ridiculous. I think that it should be Greatest of Their Time……GOTT……just saying.

Let the games begin……go Roger!

Daniel Says:

Funny, when Djoko last won Wimbledon he ascend to Number 1.

Okiegal Says:

Sorry, forum folks….didn’t mean to send part of my comment twice…..stuttering this am. Lol

Okiegal Says:

As my British friend Chic would say…”This will be a cracker of a match”!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal hopefully it will be,nice to actually see a match from a neutral POV IE no yips lol,time will tell if its as good as the 2008 or 2009 finals,or a damp sqib,hope it lives upto its hype anyway….

Daniel Says:

Djoko slight better than Fed. He went to deuce two times already in Fed’s game but last serve Fed was 15-30.

squirrel_0209 Says:

Van orten..please don’t be so doesn’t help my already nerve-wracking heart!!

squirrel_0209 Says:

Yayyy Fed for the first set! and he gets to serve first! Double yay!

Daniel Says:

First set Fed after Djoko having MP on serve. Can he do it?!
Felt Djoko was better overall but Fed’s serve was excelent.

jamie Says:

Sean wrong as usual.

I told you a long time ago Djokovic would win Wimbledon.

Wawrinka will win the USO.

There you have it.

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