US Open: Roger Federer Has To Like His Draw, Djokovic And Murray Probably Won’t!
by Sean Randall | August 21st, 2014, 2:50 pm

The final Grand Slam draw of 2014, the US Open, was unveiled earlier this afternoon in New York City, and wouldn’t you know it Roger Federer got another golden draw.

Not only does the 5-time US Open champion not have to deal with Rafael Nadal, who’ll watch from Mallorca, upon quick glance in his quarter the only player to have made the last eight is Richard Gasquet, and he’s injured!

So quite a nice draw for Roger who might have to fend off some big servers early on before second week showdowns against Fabio Fognini and then in the quarters either Gael Monfils or Grigor Dimitrov who each have, I think, easy draws as well. In best-of-5, it’s hard to see anyone beating Roger in that section.

In the semis, it looks like either David Ferrer or Tomas Berdych emerging. Hard to pick which one, though, as both have tricky roads. Berdych opens against former champion Lleyton Hewitt who beat Juan Martin Del Potro a year ago. And for someone not playing particularly well, he’s then got Feliciano Lopez, Ernests Gulbis and Martin Klizan to worry about. Meanwhile Ferrer has Bernard Tomic, Gilles Simon, Kevin Anderson and watch out for Marin Cilic who could sneak out of that quarter.

In the top half, Novak Djokovic is again the No. 1 seed. After a poor summer he needed a couple easy matches and it looks like he got them – an Argentine to start then a veteran in either Mahtieu or Muller. His weekend seed will be Guillermo Garcia-Lopez before week two clashes against the injured John Isner (ankle) or more likely Kohlschreiber, and then JW Tsonga or Andy Murray that marquee quarter clash. Murray, also a former champ, opens against Robin Haase, then possibly Radek Stepanek, Fernando Verdasco before that Tsonga match. Not easy at all for the struggling Scot. And that’s what happens when you fall in the seedings!

In the second quarter, Stan Wawrinka is poised for a return to the semifinals. Milos Raonic is in there. So too is Kei Nishikori who I think can make a run, if he’s healthy that is. If Kei isn’t at 100% it looks like Raonic will at least get to the quarters with a great chance at a semi against the struggling Wawrinka. So another great draw for Milos? You bet.

I’ll have my picks later in the week. But right now if you are Roger Federer or a fan of his, you have to be please. The same can’t be said for Murray. And I think Djokovic will be fine here.

And I see a great opportunity for Raonic and Ferrer.

SEEDED QF Matchups:

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142 Comments for US Open: Roger Federer Has To Like His Draw, Djokovic And Murray Probably Won’t! Says:

Fed and Novak both have very easy draws. I don’t know why folks are making such a fuss over Fed’s cakewalk. Like Novak, neither of them faces a challenger till quarters. Are you going to tell me that Murray and Tsonga are so much more threatening right now than Dmitrov? Let’s remember how they all did at the last slam, shall we? Murray is a shell of himself who was wiped up by Dmitrov in London. Tsonga has had one great tournament in what, two years?
Marginal difference in quality between the top seeds quarterfinal opponents.
In the semis, Novak will get Stan, Milos or Kei. Fed will get either Ferrer or Berdych most likely. Ferrer is Fed’s patsy, its true, but Berdych has given Fed regular upset losses. So again, Novak’s semi opponent is marginally more difficult.
Very similar draws for the top two.
Novak’s SOUNDs a lot worse because there is SO MUCH talent in his half– but he doesn’t have to play all of them, only the very few in his path. Says:

Of course, if Milos were in Fed’s path that would also be ‘cakewalk’ because he matches up so well against him.
I’ve been watching this board all year proclaiming Dmitrov is the next one to emerge. Not anymore? A gimme for Fed now?

Sean Randall Says:

TV, I would much rather play Dimitrov than either Tsonga or Murray.

And I agree, I don’t like Federer’s chances against a guy like Berdych. But based on form I’m not sure Berdych can make it out that far.

As for Djokovic, it’s not a terrible draw like Murray’s, but he got randomly “stuck” with both Murray and Tsonga, so on paper he’ll have the toughest QF match of the Top 4 seeds. But he’ll be a big favorite in his SF be it over Raonic, Stan or someone else.

Hippy Chic Says:

Stan in Novaks half again,how many times has this happened in the GS lately,its a good match up,and i look forward to another cracker between these two,these two are evenly matched,and im not saying Stan will beat Novak again,but i think he will have more confidence now,especially after that AO semi…. Says:

early rounds pretty boring:
1st round Cilic/ Baghdatis, Fed/ Matosevic
2nd round Thiem/ Gulbis
3rd round Simon/ Ferrer (for those who find Novak/ Rafa too offensive-oriented), Monfils/ Gasquet

Perfect fan Says:

I remember fed had such a cupcake draw in 2013 french open….with rafa and nole on the other side of the draw. Everybody thought fed is a lock to the final and probably if nole takes out rafa in the semis in 5….fed could grab the opportunity. But fed got eliminated by an inspired tsonga, who was till then not playing that good.

In a nutshell, my point is these kinda draws worries me more for fed….that he may get knocked out by an inspired dimitrov in qtrs or berdych in the semis.

I think the top guys like it the hard way, esp. nadal and djokovic. They like to have tough ones early on. Look what fed did in the AO this year until he bumped into his nemesis. Thats why, I feel nole will be match tough by the time he reaches the finals. I m not buying this idea that he could get knocked out before the final.

I m rather of the opinion that if fed does manage to reach the finals and that too without breaking a sweat and nole is there battered and bruised….nole will dispatch fed in straights, IMO.

But lets see, how things shaping up.

PS: Dimitrov n Kei are my picks as the dark horses.

Daniel Says:

Fed has a very easy draw. Fognini in R16, Dinitorv or Gasquet Quartets, Berdy or Ferrer semis and Djoko / Murray / Stan / Rainic final.

On paper he will have to beat o ly one other member of Big 4 and even that is no guarantee. He could be fe facing in final somebosy other than Murray or Djoko, meaning this could be a Slam where he doesn’t have to face a big name.

Now I can see him favorite to reach final and right now can’t beliebe Berdy or Ferrer coudl take him out. Maybe Dimitrov will tey to echo 2001 and beat Fed here. Will see!!

Brando Says:

@Tennis Vegabond: re Dimitrov: yeah he’s a gimme for Fed and the other fab 4 players. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Grigor jus completely lacks that killer instinct. He just does not have that look of GS Champion at all: that steely, desire ridden, certain belief and presence that a GS Champion seems to have does not ooze from him IMO. Infact: I think he’s a choker. It’s cold to say but let’s face it: we have all seen him meltdown badly haven’t we. I think he’s too nice of a lad is Grigor. So are Fed and Rafa off court. But on court both those 2 guys have a rather bullish, self assured, arrogant even persona. They are both unassuming nice guys off it, but on the court the air seems to change around Fedal and a certain presence emerges very strongly with them. Fed has his rather cool, nonplused, strolling like a King look about him. Rafa: animal intensity, raging bull from the off who has all ticking to his clock like it or not. Both just ooze: this my court vibe about them. And they are best GS winners ever. Grigor has none of that at all. He MAY win one when these guys fade or start to decline but not when Fedal, Novak and Muzza are around at a high level since talent ain’t enough to beat those guys: you need serious heart, fight and corona’s to do it. Maybe he should let his girlfriend take them on!p (just messing!)

Skeezer Says:

Agree and great analysis @ 2:58 post.

Skeezer Says:

Maybe you have to win a Slam before you can have the look llke a GS Champion?
Grigor is still learning, its a game that doesn’t promote you to #1 overnight. Who knows, he may learn better instincts here. I wouldn’t put him in a box yet. All of the sudden Wawa had a killer instinct at AO and mowed down everyone.

the_mind_reels Says:

While the superstitious will say that they’re almost just as nervous if Federer gets a relatively easy draw, the truth is that for Federer fans at this stage of his career, you have to take an easier draw for the guy over a tougher one. He just doesn’t have the stamina to play tough 5-set matches over two weeks anymore, so if he’s going to have another shot at winning a major, the easier draw is key. Just my two cents. Says:

All the Big Four will run over Dmitrov in a Slam? Come on Brando, follow that thought.
I see your point on killer instinct, but it can be learned. Murray did, Lendl did. Agassi.
I don’t believe in a big four until Murray shows he belongs there again (3 quarters in last 4 slams, no Masters success). There is a Big Two, and Fed has really surged this year to seem a workable third wheel.
Then everyone else.

Rishi Says:

I’m surprised not to see Wawrinka in the poll. Not that I expect him to go all the way, but he certainly has a better chance than Dimitrov, Tsonga, Berdych, or Raonic.

Brando 2.0 Says:


I know what you mean, and alot of what you say is agreeable. The following:

– Big 4:

Yeah I kinda hesitated on that one looking at the ground reality at the moment. I agree:

– Rafole:

Undeniable top 2. And really if all are fit and in form, then you would still expect Rafole to be top 2.

– Fed:

Obviously had he been the same age as the others then this would make it a entirely different picutre but it is a outstanding effort for Fed at age 33 to be the genuine no.3 and a true, valid contender with a threat as opposed to a honourable mention due to former glories.

I gets major props from me for doing that. Right now he’s a solid 3 and does make it as a top 3.

– Then the rest, i.e. everybody else:

Yeah I go with that notion for now. What the others are producing interms of results right now in 2014 it’s really hard for me- with a critical eye- to really prop them up as up there with the other 3.

I now Wawrinka has won a GS but to me that looks like a one off instance as opposed to the announcement of another big force in men’s tennis.


I think had everything gone as it was supposed to be according to hymn sheet then right now the real top 4 should or ought to (in no order):


These 4 should have been the top 4 by now and for me they would have made a helluva top 4.

4 genuine, true contenders on all 4 slams (barring Muzza at FO, I must say).

And I actually think if you ask Nadal and Djokovic to name the one player who by now they would have though would make their life a misery and actually be a world number one contender than they both (certainly Toni Nadal would) name:


Delpo has a genuine all surface game, heart and mind to be the best and beat the best in the big ones.

Nadal and Djokovic now that a peak pitch Del Potro would take their racquet out of their hands. In fact I think Rafa said something along the lines of:

At his best Del Potro is like a storm. You cannot do anything other than wait for it to pass by.

The big guy is beast and bags of a talent and really is a big miss.

He would lit up this USO had he been fit and firing and probably would have been my pick for the NY event. Says:

Truly agree. Preach.
Sadly, he left the tour the first time as a #1 in waiting. After his return it took him near a year to return to Berdych level. I thought he would reach #1 before Novak then (pre-first absence).
But yeah, if my grandma had balls….

didi Says:

Roger doesn’t have the stamina to play 5 sets… did he not play 5 sets at Wimbledon this year?

Wog boy Says:

With a bit of luck and more focus Nole can do well at the USO. Btw, I like the way the poll is going, Nole is not favorite to win USO, Federer is. Says:

Here’s my impression of grand slams. I used to find Slams the best experience from start to finish.
Now, I have to say, the quality of the first two rounds is generally so boring, I don’t often watch a lot until 3rd round or 2nd week. And by then, top stars may be knocked off by one-round stars, and we could have a bunch of Youzhny’s or Anderson’s mixed in with the top guys.
Now, Masters, you have only the best 60-odd men in the world. Its magnificent tennis from the first round, and the odds of great match-ups is much better because there are fewer chances for upsets.
Now, we’ve been on a roll with some great slams the last several, but I may hit snooze till Friday.

jane Says:

cheers wog boy; loving your optimism. hoping for a good slam, well contested and exciting. good weather, too, ideally.

Bob Lewis Says:

Despite a good draw, Federer still needs some help on the other half. For example, Murray upsetting Djokovic, which could happen due to the friendship dynamic between the two. Murray has gotten Djoker in a few big matches.

Fed wouldn’t mind getting the Scot again in the final. 3 of his last 4 wins in major finals have come against him.

Would love to see #18, but this is Djokovic’s tournament to lose.

TheGreatFed Says:

Destiny beacons for Federer.

Humble Rafa Says:

The Boris is wondering why everyone was surprised by the Egg Lover’s choice for coach.

Then Jelena got pregnant.

That’s why, The Boris. People were worried.

Kimberly Says:

I actually think Federer may get this one

skeezer Says:

@wog boy,
Noooo! Jinx! Lol..Nole is the fav….Fed is the underdog! ;)

Btw… Noles draw? Iron sharpens iron. Hope he doesn’t make it through to meet Fed…

Michael Says:

Are the stars finally aligning well for Roger to pick his first major after his 2012 Wimbledon title ? So, it seems looking at his section of the draw. Ofcourse Berdych might pose some problems for Roger if he gets that far and so is Dmitrov. But Roger should be able to see them off considering the kind of form he is in at the moment. It is difficult to believe that this was the same Roger who was down in the dumps after being comprehensively beaten by Robredo in last year’s US Open, a man who he had beaten 10 straight times. But what a tournaround and today Roger is a joint favourite with Novak to clinch the title and to make matters bright for him, his draw looks relatively comfortable. So, are we to see Roger clinching his 18th Major ? Well, we need to wait and watch for. If he does make it, then it should be ranked as the most glittering achievement of his glorious career.

Michael Says:

Coming to Novak’s section, his path too looks smooth as silken and he should navigate quite easily. Players like Isner have almost lost touch and do not have the confidence at the moment and has lost his ability to win. May be Kohlschreiber could pose a threat, but he always falters at the finishing point after a splendid beginning and so Novak should sail through.

It is Andy who has been handed out a brutal draw and it remains to be seen as to how he copes up with such a tough assignment especially when he is slipping badly. A good performance at the US Open is quite crucial for revival and resurgence of Andy. He is definitely capable of surprising his detractors by answering with his racquet. Let us see how it unfolds ??

Michael Says:

Not only Rafa and Del Potro are out. But many players are totally out of form namely Berdych, Isner, Andy Murray etc., making it the most mediocre field that we are witness to for quite some time at the US Open. Tennis is today definitely short of talent and players who can inspire with their performance. This is definitely not good for the future of this Sport which has to find more talent and competition to sustain the interest of its Fans and make it commercially viable. The so-called tough era is looking pretty ordinary.

skeezer Says:

Wow. So many, imo, are touting Feds easy draw, the stars are aligned, and he is favored now.
What? The 33 yr old who has been who has been dissed for the last couple of years by haters and dis- believers? Now he’s a shoo in?
I laugh at those harder than ever before. And he has even proved some of his beloved fans wrong, to his credit.

Fact is he has earned is way back through hard work and determination.
Fact is he has earned his seed to get the draw he deserves. No luck there.
Fact is he has put in the hard yards after recovering from his back issues and proved he can be relevant again, and so far his movement has matched any younger man on tour.
And lastly the fact is there is no luck, no conspiracies, and no favoritism, he got here by his own results, and deserves his seed, AND his draw.

So to the “ifs” out there, the whiners, and the complainers, eat crow. Fed may very well lose (like Rafa has done multiple times) lose to a nobody, or lose early, or lose to anyone, whatever.

The fact is his draw is what it should be, and he still has to play, each and every match. And he is still 33, not 23-25. Its not a lock by any means, and this fan will hope the ride lasts long and exciting as the 2nd most pretigious Slam gets under way.

Michael Says:

Skeezer – Well said !!

Perfect fan Says:

My R16 picks:





And, last 8 picks are:
nole-muzza (ummmmmm..)
stan-kei (kei takes wimby revenge def. milos)

gulbis-ferrer (cilic is good, but vl go dwn in 5)
monfils-fed (monfils vl def. dimi in a classic night match with the entire US crowd on his side..)

I m not so confident going to the last 4, but:
– I think kei will remove stan,
– ferrer will dismantle gulbis,
– fed is fav for that matchup, but dare not put ur money….when monfils is playing. guy is a freak,
– this gonna be the spice match of the tourney, and probably the decider of the eventual champion.

My heart says, dnt write off murray yet….this guy likes to surprise the audience. He likes the us open and the fast courts suit his play.

Aug’ 25th….why r u so far ;)

Hippy Chic Says:

Well Novaks been Seans favorite in every GS this year,and nothing wrong in that either?but he lost to Stan in 5 tight sets at the AO,Rafa at the FO,won Wimbledon in 5 tight sets,hes lost Toronto and Cincy early,hes been the most consistent player at the USO,but has only won the title once in 5 trys,so not exactly as dominant as the AO which he won four times,so been favorite means nothing,im not a hater or picking on the guy,but he won the AO in 2013,but it was 18 months before he won another GS,and in 2013 it was a great up up and down year,so one would have to say things are starting to get more difficult for him now too,add to that he will be 28 next year and no spring chicken either,i just think talk of four GS in a row,is only pertinent if or when it happens?

Hippy Chic Says:

^Sorry wrong thread^….

Giles Says:

Well, all I can say is that the old one has the luck of a devil. Nothing new there!
Laughable draw indeed!!

Steve 27 Says:

ATP is so corrupt…

Gordon Says:

I have to laugh.

For the past week – ever since Djokovic had 2 sub-par Masters 1000s and Federer had a win and a RU the concensus has been “With Rafa gone and Murray, Wawrinka and Berdych playing like crap Federer or Djokovic is the obvious choice to win.”

Now the draw comes out and everyone’s all, “Man what a soft draw for Djokovic or Fed; one of them will probably win this thing.” 😝

Of course there are the Murray faithful who go beyond the faith that one day he will beat a top 10 player. Their undying faith has others thinking that he somehow poses a threat.

Then of course as I write this Steve 27 has just written “ATP is so corrupt…” I’m holding my breath for another source of hilarity stemming from that teaser.

The truth is, looking at the draw, an in-form Nadal could have had a real good chance of defending a hard court title for the first time in his career; Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka and Berdych are not in form, Ferrer and Federer don’t give the southpaw the challenge he needs. And the rest are in awe of him. But them’s the breaks; if you can’t play you can’t win.

Ben Pronin Says:

It’s so funny seeing everyone complain about Federer’s easy draw. The same way they complained about Djokovic’s easy draw at the Australian Open. But when I mention the joke of a draw Nadal had at the French everyone is SO quick to defend it. Because Nadal needs extra help on clay, right?

Jeez what a bunch of babies. Like I said before, Brando said the same stuff about Djokovic having the easiest draw he’s ever seen for a player in January. But Djokovic lost in the quarterfinals, which is really quite astounding considering he hasn’t lost before the semis since 2010. And he was the 3 time defending champ and a bunch of other stuff.

So, yeah, Federer has a cakewalk draw on paper. Djokovic and Murray have tough draws on paper. In 2010, Nadal had a tough draw on paper but ended up playing one of the easiest draws he could’ve asked for. At the 2013 Wimbledon, Murray drew Nadal AND Federer in his half! Neither guy made it to even the third round and Murray didn’t play a top 20 player until the final. A top 20, not even top 15 or top 10 player. Aka he ended having an easy path to the finals (even though he made it hard on himself).

So yes, on paper, the draw is crazy lopsided, but we won’t know how it plays out until it actually plays out. So relax, whiners.

Kimberly Says:

See my link above for the bracket challenge so far Colin (my son) and I are the only ones! Come on folks let’s do it! I even picked federer!

Steve 27 Says:

Wimbledon check, Us Open check, What more could you ask for?

ATP is like FIFA, favor only interested in the big names of the sport.and deny it is hypocritical.

They talk about it is good to have a renewal of players because it’s boring to see the same players win major tournaments, but oh surprise !, the status quo is maintained and the media, become the glittering names again. Is it contradictory, no?
Well, the circus begins and viewers want to follow the BIG Names instead of this generation who lacks the attributes of its predecessor.

DPS Says:

When will they publish who plays when for the first round?

pitchaboy Says:

I am sure if Fed wins this, this site will claim that this was a weak US Open with Nadal’s absence and Murray not being in form, etc. etc. But will history give a damn how you win the slam? NOPE.

pitchaboy Says:

Djoker does not have a tough draw, his quarter is as easy as Federer. Murray has a brutal quarter, but that is what you get when you are ranked low. Djoker has to meet either Murray or Tsonga in the QF and Fed likely meets Baby Fed. Of the three, Baby Fed is playing the most consistent tennis, although, Tsonga on his day can inflict the most damage.

Steve 27 Says:

Of the three, Baby Fed is playing the most consistent tennis

3 first rounds in a row in the US Open
why you call him baby fed?
archievments and style differ so much
and what about stamina?
23 years and he has so much less stamina than a 33 or 32 colleague.
Overrated bulgarian!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

There are 3 guys I typically get worried for Roger when the draws are panned. It’s Rafa, Novak and Berdych.

Being No 2, he cannot face Novak before Finals, but realistically he can meet Berdych in the semis. If Berdych reaches Semis, I would consider this a tough draw for Roger rather than a easy draw for him in the end stages. Till then anyway with the form he is in, there is not much concern about others. Ofcourse anything can happen on a given day, but the probability are much lesser.

Ben Pronin Says:

Dimitrov’s stamina issues are overrated. And I’m sure pitchaboy was referring to consistency this season, not at the US Open. Although I don’t fully agree seeing as how Dimitrov had a subpar showing at the Masters.

Steve 27 Says:

Why Tsonga is always in Djoker quarters?
What are the odds to happen this in the last 3 majors?
Is this only a “coincidence” or is something else?

Steve 27 Says:

NK, Birdman is done and you know it deep in your heart.
This is Federers to lose.
18 is coming for an ancient 33 tennis player.
More older than agassi in 2003! ATP is is becoming a geriatric.
Is the swiss the new Rosewall?
can he win 20 slams? let’s not be hypocrites, walk asking one more major, but as soon as he win the 18, greed will ask for more, 19 and then 20 and so on.
want new blood but not at the expense of the old idol .

SG1 Says:

I don’t know if Federer has enough fuel in the tank to play a physical 5 set USO final. This being said, I do believe it likely that no one in the history of the men’s game has ever been better at age 33 than Federer. Given the bounce back year he’s had, I give a him shot at winning this year’s USO. And he’s more than a longshot.

jane Says:

steve27, hey, nole does get tsonga a lot! what the heck? (had him in both toronto and cincy too.)

ben @ 8:20, it’s true that draws do sometimes open up. Says:

As a Fed fan, I’m already amazed at the chance in perception towards him as a current player compared to a year ago. His comeback has already been astounding that he could be the 2nd favourite at a Slam again.

Hippy Chic Says:

Jane and Stans been in Novaks half quite alot lately too….

jane Says:

nole talked about rafa’s absence in his pre-tournament interview:

“Commenting on the absence of defending champion and World No. 2 Rafael Nadal, the Serb expressed his disappointment that one of his biggest rivals could not compete.

“Rafa obviously has a serious injury, otherwise he wouldn’t be here. I’m sure about that. I’ve known him for many years. He’s a great competitor. He’s somebody that doesn’t give up so easily. If he had the chance to play the US Open, he’d be here. Obviously not having Nadal in any tournament is a loss, but we still have the best players in the world. I’m sure it’s going to be a great tournament.””

jane Says:

hippy, at the hard court slams, wawrinka has been in nole’s half for the last 4 straight: AO 13 and 14 & USO 13 and 14. i can’t remember the previous ones.

Steve 27 Says:

SG1, Read above.
No one has been so great in their 30s than Ken Rosewall.
French Open Champion at 33, at 34 was finalist
Australian Open Champion at 36 and 37, at 42 was sf
Wimbledon Finalist at 35 and 39, besides his sf at 36
US Open champion at 35 and finalist at 39, almost 40.

He was top 10 in his 40s.

His backhand slice is one of the best graundstokes of all time .

“Muscles”, unlike other teenage prodigies, also had a career as long as fruitful.

Okiegal Says:

Yes, a year ago some of Fed’s faithful fans were throwing him under the bus pretty bad……he probably reads TX threads and decided to show the naysayers a thing or two…..
yeah….. he’s back!

skeezer Says:

“..but we still have the best players in the world. I’m sure it’s going to be a great tournament.””


Fed will do ok if the finals is a 5 setter, I have confidence in that IF this happens, that is he avoids some long physical matches ( like a lot of 5 setters ) on his hopeful run to the final. And lets all hope the scheduling doesn’t get out of whack and the players get there proper rest in between matches!

Hippy Chic Says:

Jane yeah i know lol,nice words from Novak about Rafa on his abscense thanks for that….

Hippy Chic Says:

No whining about the draw,they all get their fair share of easy and difficult ones,its an issue with every draw,nothing new there.
Anyway i might have rocks in my head,but im pulling for Andy to take the title in Rafas abscense,hes done it before,so why cant he do it again,yeah i know hes not been in the best of form,but whos to say that wont/cant all change,in the not too distant future,lets go Andy?….

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m going next Friday. Chance of rain was 60% the other day but now it’s 20%. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I tend to get screwed over every year.

If Federer doesn’t exert too much energy leading up to the final, I see no reason why a 5 setter in the final would trouble him. His issue isn’t stamina, it’s strength. When he’s not timing the ball well or moving well, the stronger guys like Tsonga and Berdych really trouble him. But otherwise he does quite well against them. Whereas against Djokovic, the guy can hit as hard as anyone and moves almost as well, if not consistently better, than Federer. But Djokovic could end up exerting a lot more energy in reaching the final.

I feel like we’re all jumping the gun a lot. Watch it be a Robredo-Ferrer final or something. Tignor picked them both to reach the semis. If Robredo reaches the semis I might have to take an extended break from the sport.

Giles Says:

I wonder if joker said those “nice words” about Rafa before or after his imitations of Rafa in public!! He tries so hard to be funny at the expense of others! Not cool!

skeezer Says:

Have fun, so you’ll be there when its decided who goes to the second week?

Hippy Chic Says:

Gordon i get what your saying,but why the sarcasm about Murray and the Murray fans,when all they are doing is pulling for their favorite,ok hes not been in the best of form,or beaten a top 10 player etc etc this year,but thats why they play to see if they can reverse the trend surely,and nothing worth while ever did come easy as they say?

elina Says:

You guys! Courts will play plenty fast in NY this year so no worries about long matches. Rallies will be short and service winners will be plenty! Watch and see!

jane Says:

lucky you ben; hope you have nice weather.

giles, why are you so cynical?

jane Says:

elina, did you read somewhere that the courts in NY are playing faster this year?

Brando 2.0 Says:


To be honest Novak and Rafa actually seem to be pretty chill with one another now.

I think the off season tour to South America helped in that regard big time.

I remember recently in a interview Novak got asked about his relationship with the other famous 3 and the first one he commented on was Rafa.

He said that he’s close to him now and that they always got on great, hung out together even but then drifted apart for a while but after South America they are pretty close and cool like before.

Rafa even said something similar earlier in the year that he and Novak are actually alot more chilled out with one another than many think. That they always got on great and liked one another it’s just the tension of being top 2 made it a bit different to before.

My take?

Both Rafa and Novak always seemed to get on well, be at ease and enjoy one another’s company. They have hung out together plenty of times in the past and seem to genuinely like and obviously respect one another.

Problem arised- as Novak noted- when all of a sudden they were literally direct, major rivals fighting for the number one slot.

And it’s just hard to be close buddies with someone like that especially when really the Rafole matches are actually a fair bit of mental fight between the 2.

It’s tough to go through a war on court with someone where you invest alot mentally and physically for major, major prizes and then be best chums immediately after it.

But I think the South American tour where they spent alot of time together actually helped them break the ice and realize that:

Hey, we can still tough it out on court and be chilled out with one another like we used to.

I actually noticed that in the Miami, Rome and FO matches this year at the end they both seemed to be fairly warm, relaxed and genuine with the other rather than what it was looking like at times prior to it: a mere public act of pleasantries.

I think they are both cool with one another now.

Giles Says:

Rafa has never approved of Joker’s impersonations of him. And why now? Rafa is out injured, his fans are miserable and joker thinks its funny to impersonate him.
As I said, not cool. There are several people he can impersonate, why Rafa?

Eric Says:

“If Robredo reaches the semis I might have to take an extended break from the sport.”

We can agree on that.

jane Says:

yeah i was rather shocked that steve tignor picked robredo to reach the semis from that section. ferrer, okay. but robredo? really? i guess anything is possible, but tignor also picked isner to win cincinnati.

Steve 27 Says:

If a certain belgian can reach a sf of RG in 1997 or a duch reached the FINAL! in 2003, I dont get the disresoect to someone like Robredo, who has good groundstokes, is a strategist and have a very good mental toughness.
Only because he beaten his older friend?
Get over it!

Hippy Chic Says:

IMO Its rather disrespectfull to just dismiss these players out of hand,whos to say that one of them isnt capable of making a breakthrough,and i believe Robredo beat Federer in the USO last year,so who knows laughable as it may seem to some?

Hippy Chic Says:

Dont many on this forum seem to think its some sort of joke to suggest that Murray might be in with a chance at this years USO?

contador Says:

The women’s draw is more exciting than the men’s this time, imo.

jane Says:

for me, the surprise is more down to tommy robredo’s age and his on-and-off form in recent years. while he has had some good runs (especially 2013 FO), mainly he’s pulled upsets and then lost the next round. so that’s why i find it a bit surprising to pick him to make it to the semis in new york. it’s not meant as disrespect in my case anyhow.

contador Says:

Tommy Robredo means business. I remember him early this year saying that he was ready, after his injury time out, to make top ten. Seriously. Does anyone remember that? Or, did I make it up…

Casey Says:

Peter Bodo already jinxing Fed like there is no tomorrow.Just retire old mug.

Okiegal Says:

While we’re all making our predictions, let’s not forget about the upsets…….there will be some, there always is!

Hippy Chic Says:

There is no such thing as a jinx or a curse,its all an imaginary concept to describe a persons bad luck….

Okiegal Says:

I watched their fun match in South America last night. I had never seen it. They were having a great time. I guess Novak had gotten over the body shot Rafa gave him in Montreal…..apparently that little tiff didn’t last too long. Was nice to see them enjoying themselves…..I think the body shot was before So. America?? If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will straighten me out! Lol

contador Says:

Speaking of watching tennis, was surprised to see US Open qualifying rounds being broadcast on CBSSN this morning – that has to be a first.

My pick to win US Open is Djokovic, I guess, but I am not really all too sure about it! Not too convinced about Federer, either.

On the women’s side, ofc, I have to pick Serena ftw.

Okiegal Says:


Yeah, I commented on that the other day….channel surfing and happened on to a match. That was a surprise to me too.

Okiegal Says:

Rosol vs Lu…..a set each…….

contador Says:

Riveting stuff, right, Okiegal :D Actually it was pretty interesting to see an up and coming talent (Escobedo?), and 18 yr old from the Calif, trying to qualify. But he lost to 24 yr. old Facundo Bagnis.

I think Melanie Oudin comes on in about 10 minutes on that CBSSN; I had all but forgotten about her.

Jerzy Janowicz vx Sam Querry might be a better semi-final than this Rosol v Lu one, Idk.

Okiegal Says:

@Contador…….I’m not too fond of Rosol……..LOL
But he just won this one……

SG1 Says:

I don’t want to denigrate Rosewall in anyway. He’s one of the all time greats. But, the game has changed a lot in the last 40 to 50 years. I don’t see how any 40 year old will be relevant at the upper echelons of today’s game. It’s just too physical.

I believe that if technologies and training and that stuff was balanced out, 33 year old Federer would mop the floor with 33 year old Rosewall. Just my opinion of course.

contador Says:

No, I imagine you are not a fan of Rosol, Okiegal.

Sam Querry or Jerzy Janowicz will take out Rosol in the final for you.

Meanwhile, raining in NYC. Play suspended.

Polo Says:

Robredo is getting a lot of mileage from his win over Federer last year. He’ll be lucky to reach the second week.

skeezer Says:

Exactly. And way more guys playing on tour now.

Polo Says:

Re: Mr. Rosewall, hats off to you. Still an amazing accomplishment then as it is now. You can only do what you can do in your time. If anybody else can do it in another time, hats off to him, too. But for now, you remain the only one with such a distinctive accomplishment.

Okiegal Says:

@Contador……….a fan of Rosol…..NOT! When he beat Rafa, it never occurred to me not to like him…..I can’t dislike every player that he loses to……but when he knocked over the bottles, well, that was the last straw!! LOL

Michael Says:

Meeting Tsonga in the last 16 and then Novak in the quarters, Andy has a nightmarish draw. Nodoubt about it. But sometimes, even tough draws taper out when competitive players on your segment fizzle out early and there is a probability of that happening too. So, Andy need not lose heart and take comfort from history.

Polo Says:

Knocking over someone else’s water bottles is a form a criminal tresspassing. Rosol deserves to be hated.

Michael Says:

Regarding players aged over 40 relevant in Tennis, a physically demanding sport. Well, there was Rosewall who was exceptional in his era who played over 40 and came to the finals of Wimbledon and US Open at 39. And then we had Jimmy Connors, who has registered the highest tournament wins in his career playing over 40 and also managing to beat some of the best players occasionally. When this was possible in the late 1970s and 90s, why it would not be possible today when racquet technology can assist a older player who has the flamboyant touch and artistry still invested with him ? I know Stepanek and Haas who are aged over 35 and playing well even giving frights occasionally to the very best. Who knows, Roger might continue till 40 and prove the theory of SG1 totally wrong by being another exceptional one.

Wilfried Says:

Clearly a top draw to secure Roger Federer’s 18th slam title.
Moments of glory are awaiting him.
Feelings of happiness and momentary eternity are awaiting his fans.
And those with some writing talent will get lyric, even manic, and write about it in beautiful words…
how it is destiny and good for tennis !
Don’t we all live in a wonderful world ?

skeezer Says:

You’re so beautiful. Welcome to the blog if your new. If you’re another multi moniker, nice try.

Wilfried Says:

I’m not new here, just didn’t comment for a long time. Don’t feel the need to hide myself either.
I’m a Federer fan like yourself, Skeezer, but one that doesn’t like draws being manipulated.
That’s all.

skeezer Says:

“Knocking over someone else’s water bottles is a form a criminal tresspassing.”
Whats worse….. that? Or abusing the rules to gain an advantage?
Its obvious Rosol is not the only one pissed about that. He just showed it where others may speak out about it. Is that hating?

skeezer Says:

Well then welcome back. My apologies. Just wondering as you mentioned “his fans” rather than sayin you are a fan of hm.. Whatever.

So you feel draws on the ATP tour, or GS’s, are being manipulated always for Mr. Roger Federers benefit? Or mainpulated for another reason? How about the FO? So there is a conspiracy of some sort? Trying to understand your comment….

Hippy Chic Says:

Rafas draw was easy at the FO,but he did beat Murray,Ferrer,Djokovic,whom are all top 10 players to win the title,no conspiracies as they all get their fair share of fluffy ones at times,Rafa got a fluffy one at Wimby too,fat lot of good it did him though lol….

Wilfried Says:

@ Skeezer August 23d, 2014 at 1:24
You know, with regard to the FO 2014 draw, I wrote back in the month may in a comment on another blog that in the last 32 RG draws (from 1983 till 2014) the 6th seed never landed in the quarter of the top seed (whereas on average he should land in that quarter once every 4 years). Not even once …in 32 straight consecutive RG-draws ! You can check it yourself in the archives of the ATP site if you don’t believe me.
Well perhaps you can explain to me how random all this seems to you… ?

Margot Says:

@Wilfied 12.45
Lol very ironic post. R u British, perchance?
Think Polo’s was a tad tongue in cheek too.
I think Tennisx is in sore of need of some emoticons.

Daniel Says:

Regarding draw i belive it is not fixed but don’t buy the 5to 8 random placed. I posted earlier that Murray as 8th will be either with 1 Djoko or 2 Federer.

Kimberly Says:

Bracket challenge? I’m calling out all my friends and frenemies to register—–Skeezer, Daniel, Contador, Jane, Okiegal, Madmax, Tennisvagabond, wog boy, mat4, chico, el flaco, kimmi, Roger Federer Fan, Humble Rafa, nirmal, vinod, and anyone and everyone else that is interested is wanted and welcome! Come join and pick this wide open us open.

Like Contador I am also very fascinated by the womens tourney this time. I think there might be some good tennis there!

Kimberly Says:

btw I did the ice bucket challenge, anyone else do it? I dumped the entire cooler at the tennis center after playing for 2 hours in 90plus weather it was actually refreshing.

Okiegal Says:

Would someone explain how it could be rigged, really….I just don’t think it is. This discussion comes up often on TX. Is it possible??

Polo Says:

If the draw does not favor your favorite, then it is rigged.

skeezer Says:


There were a few others that feel the way you do ( especially mat4 ) who went at great lengths to explain this mathmatically. I do have some suspicions also at times….

madmax Says:

There is not question that Roger is playing extremely well, but the obvious favourite has to be Novak.

Roger is a fantastic hard court player and has done extremely well this year. I hope that he has and will continue to have, enough rest before he starts his first match.

If anyone thinks that an early round against a nobody is a given, then think again. No match should be taken lightly and I think the top guys know that.

I also expect Murray to be right up there. I think he is having a lot of bad press right now, it’s his turn, but he will shrug it off, and just get on with the job in hand.

I don’t think he has played that badly, overall. Not up to his standard from last year, but every player has their dips, and this is one of his. He will come back, as every great player does.

Cannot wait for the tournament to start.

As for the draw. Well, lets go back over the years, and see what people were talking about at Wimbledon, as close as this year – Murray’s draw, an absolute dream. Rafa’s draw an absolute dream at RG. I don’t think that having either Berdych or Dimitrov in Roger’s section is going to be that easy. He always plays a worrying game against Berdych, for some reason, who is a power player and Berdych knows this.

Any one of the players outside of the top ten, can have their day – look at Gulbis – anyone want to write him off? (do so at their peril).

Roger will meet each oponent with a positive attitude and it will be round by round – no more than that.

7 matches is a long way to go before the final. Novak has to be, still, the man to beat.

Giles Says:
Great. Good luck Andy!

Wilfried Says:

@ Margot 8:32 am
I’m not British unfortunately although my first name’s origine is British. I would comment more often if it were easy to me, but it ain’t.
@ SKeezer. I remember MAt4’s comments very well. I liked his intelligent comments. They made a lot of sense.
As for the randomness of the RG event, it isn’t a random event to me, but I’ll save you the math.

the DA Says:

Federer on Nadal’s absence: “I think what stands out is the opportunity to try to take advantage the fact that he’s not here.”

lol. Be upfront about it Roger.

mad max Says:

The kind of goes without saying…for each and every player in the tournament.Novak more or less said the the same. The world will not end for anyone.

the DA Says:

@mad max – no, I don’t think any player said directly to take advantage of his absence.

“The world will not end for anyone.”

?? Why always so serious? Lighten up.

Giles Says:

At least the scaredy cat is honest! Lol

Okiegal Says:

Don’t kid yourself…….the field of players in the bottom half of the USO bracket are breathing a sigh of relief of not having Rafa in their path……now I don’t think they would wish him any I’ll will, but they will be pumped at the prospect of not having to face him……imo.

Brando 2.0 Says:

@the DA:

Thanks for that!

And huge props to FED for cutting through the BS and calling it out (again: I must say RF unlike the media and some of his fans is not shy to call it like it is regardless of what it means to him).

He’s speaking the TRUTH. The following:

Nadal’s absence obviously takes out a huge stumbling block for many players to the title.

He’s a 14 x GS Champion and defending champion. His credentials for a challenge to the title or level of threat to the big name players needs zero explaining.

We all know it.

The organisers have already commented on how it shall affect the sales of the event (this is a entertainment event at the end of the day: take a major star out of any show and it will affect $$$.)

The players and tennis fans instantly felt the affect of his absence once the draw was released:

– One sided seems packed out with big hitters and the other looking ludicrously weak.

– The tournament fav (Novak) happens to be a guy who struggled greatly in the prior 2 events and in his own words is struggling for some form.

– The co-fav (post draw) (Fed) is a player in form but it’s almost universally agreed upon that regardless of his form IF he were to meet the above mentioned player struggling for form he’d be a 2nd favourite for the title.

– Despite a very shaky fav (Novak) and a inform player who’s a vulnerable 33 year old it’s still seen as a 2 HORSE RACE: how impotent does the rest of the field look? It seems shockingly poor that when neither Novak or Fed seem a ominous, certain threat we all seem resigned to one of these 2 winning despite their obvious vulnerabilities all due to one disappointing TRUTH:

The rest of the field seem almost impotent as a threat at the moment.

It makes for depressing reading that a GS field is in such a state.

This where a RAFAEL NADAL- regardless of whether one roots for him or not- is such a big loss as he brings to the table:

Competition, automatic title threat, a brand of excitement/ buzz with his presence on court and off it and expands the field even more.

Which tournament organizer would not want a SF field (based on draw) of:

Djokovic v Wawrinka Federer v Nadal.

That’s a automatic, interest generating field.

So his loss is great- a universally acknowledged fact in the Tennis community that really is ONLY getting downplayed by a familiar few whose prejudice against the world number 2 has long been noted by all.

And the oppurtunity Fed is referring? Of taking advantage of Rafa’s absence?

Spot on.

ONLY a muppet will disagree that without Rafa here this Slam is actually alot easier to win now seeing as a huge, instant contender for the title is not here and one who automatically diminishes the chances of the supposed favourite’s here since he either is well known for his hold on a player (Fed) or is well versed generally and on this court in knowing what to do to beat another (Novak).

I gave major props and respect to Fed for what he’s said in this regard.

He’s actually came out and touched upon the silent TRUTH we all acknowledge but some won’t call out for obvious reasons, yet Fed has shown character and called it out:

Bravo Fed!

The show must go on now. There exists a opportunity here for someone to nab a slam. Let’s see who takes it.

Good luck to Fed and most especially Muzza!

Brando 2.0 Says:


Of course they would!

NOT ONE of them would want to:

– Face a 14x GS Champion.

– 2 time USO Champion.

– Defending Champion.

– A player who boasts a winning h2h v the top names (Fed, Nole, Muzza).

– A player who boasts a winning h2h v the top names in Slams (Fed, Nole, Muzza).

– A beast of the 5 set format.

Out of choice.

You ask ANY of the top players about winning a Slam and ALL would say eventually:

It comes down a few key points here and there. Much of which is determined about keeping your cool mentally and playing the correct Tennis.

You ask most current pros and ex players who is the best of the current bunch at that and a name will continuously emerge:


I think the top players have huge respect and admiration for Rafa (and he too has alot for them: i think he loves the challenge they all bring despite some of the heartbreaks they inflict lol) and they would have LOVED him to be here since it adds to the competition.

Sadly it was not to be.

And it does not need saying that the likes of FED and NOVAK would be thinking:

actually a huge challenge is out of the way, I better make most of this since Christmas does not always happen in a Slam event.

It’s a obvious opportunity to win a big prize made EASIER with the removal of a automatic stumbling block.

Put simply:

Without Rafa (and Delpo or some other major name):

The competition weakens.

In this case the bottom half looks a joke.


This is hardly a revelatory point as its a mere stating of the obvious reality.

It is what it is. Let the show go on.

Brando 2.0 Says:


When TOMMY ROBREDO (bless him) starts getting picked as a Semi Finalist contender then you sure know something is wrong with the field!

skeezer Says:

Really only one thing that can be said about that statement, Fed was being considerate to Rafa not being at the Open. Fed has never backed away or quit in any match in his career.
The bottom line is;
Can’t play, then you can’t win nor beat anybody. End of story.

And its not Feds fault other guys can’t show up. All’ s he can do is show up, and play. Who his opponet is doesn’t matter to him, he has to win nonetheless just like everybody else. And he has the all time records to prove it.
This tournament is still going to have lots of competition, and yes Rafa is missed, but there is still. Slam to win here. They guy holding the trophy is not going to get it at a discount cause one player is not playing. Its still going to have the same value as any other USO Open title that has been won in the past.

the DA Says:

“And huge props to FED for cutting through the BS and calling it out”

Yep. The only one to say upfront exactly what the absence means to him. The sympathy for the injury can be expressed privately. ;)

Viki Says:

@Brandao 2.0 and other fellows
33 year old whose each match is evenly contested whoever the opponent (giving his opponents full chances of making come back) and other champion who is out of form is still considered as favourite.
what it tells us.
It tells us weakest era is still going on.

Michael Says:

Roger is candid and outspoken and has told the truth. Rafa’s absence do present an opportunity for the rest, especially the top to make much advantage of it and milch the maximum. Who would want a tournament to be won the hard way. Every one will only root for the easy way out despite their presumably public stand that they love challenges. That is basic human psychology. Even Rafa was candid himself to say in some of his interviews that he hates matches with Novak in the finals as he was the only player he found it tough to tame to submission. So there is nothing wrong in Roger expressing it that way considering that his H2H with Rafa is not too encouraging and is a major source of embarrassment.

Steve 27 Says:

Deja vu again!!

Okiegal Says:

Of course he likes the draw……..

Bob Lewis Says:

Perhaps it’s Stefan Edberg’s turn to win a major as coach. His fellow rivals, Boris and Ivan, have already done so. Says:

Bob, I like that thought!

elina Says:

Well of course draws are not random. Why would they be?

Absence/early exit of Nadal highly correlates with Roger winning majors. Just a simple fact.

Whereas this is not true for Djokovic for instance.

Polo Says:

The “weak era” exist only among those possesed of weak minds.

Polo Says:

I missed the last “s” in “exist” in case the
grammar police is prowling the grounds for offenders.

Polo Says:

Every male player and every fan of the sport shares exactly the same sentiment over Nadal’s absence as what Federer blurted out. So why the brouhaha over something we all agree on?

Ben Pronin Says:

Polo, because Brando likes to make obnoxiously long posts.

Okiegal Says:


Are you saying Roger’s comment wasn’t carefully thought out first?…….blurted??

Polo Says:

Yes, Okiegal, I chose “blurted” which was exactly what Federer did. That’s what you do when you “blurt” out something. You say exactly what you feel without thinking of how others will react to it. It’s actually a very honest way of expressing one’s thoughts.

Okiegal Says:

Where I’m from when you’re accused of a “blurted” out comment… means you said something w/o thinking… I thought that was how you meant it.
So fair enuff……is the grammar police lurking about??

Hey, Polo enjoy the USO and who is your fav?? Can’t remember and too lazy to delve into it! Have a great day and a great USO……I’m pulling for Andrew…..c’mon Andy!!

Polo Says:


I always curse the guy who beats Federer (Roger also gets a share of my off-color comments for losing).

I always applaud the guy who wins (no doubt that whoever wins deserves it, gamesmanship or whatever it is he does to win is fine with me. I always think think that the other guy can do it but opts not to, so let it be). But my loudest cheers are always reserved for Federer. That in spite of the fact he gives me the worst heartburn when he plays. It used to be so easy watching him play (except against Nadal, always).

Polo Says:

^^let me add to the above. I always root for Federer, but if he cannot take the title, I want it to go to any of the Big Four. I have started to look at those four as a team so that a victory by one is a victory for all of them, for the team.

Okiegal Says:

Polo, thanks for the response…..I thought Fed, but you are a pretty fair minded fan and give kudos to others besides Fed… pea brain gets muddled at times…….have terrible short term memory after my stroke 2008. I always enjoy your comments, btw.

Okiegal Says:

C’mon Andy……get this tiebreak please!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal i share your thoughts on Polo,when you have to ask a poster whom their favorite is,then it just goes to prove how fair and unbiased they actually are as posters Michael,MMT,SG1and Tennis Vagabond are all pretty much like that IMO….

Okiegal Says:

^^^^ Yes they are, and that’s quite refreshing!! You and I have been called out a time or two from other Rafa fans for being too fair minded…..won’t name names! Lol

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