Poll: Will Serena Williams Equal Steffi Graff’s 22 Career Grand Slam Titles?
by Tom Gainey | September 8th, 2014, 12:50 pm

Serena Williams’s 6th US Open title gave her 18 overall Grand Slam victories equalling legendary rivals Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on the all-time Grand Slam leaderboard.

Serena’s next target on the list is Steffi Graff who is at 22, four ahead of Serena. With Serena turning 33 in a few weeks, can the World No. 1 avoid injuries and continue to dominate to reach Andre Agassi’s better half?

Margaret Court (AUS) 24
Steffi Graf (GER) 22
Helen Wills Moody (USA) 19
Serena William (USA) 18
Chris Evert (USA) 18
Martina Navratilova (USA) 18
Billie Jean King (USA) 12

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11 Comments for Poll: Will Serena Williams Equal Steffi Graff’s 22 Career Grand Slam Titles?

RZ Says:

I think she could do it but it would depend on how her 2015 goes. If she wins 2 slams next year, I think she can tie or pass Graf.

The fact that Serena is even in this conversation is amazing considering her time off for her foot injury, embolism, and other injury issues over the years, plus her previous occasional drops in the rankings.

sweetsf Says:

Let’s first see her surpass Helen Wills Moody before we even start thinking of Steffi.

Steve 27 Says:

If I have to bet, 20 is the maximum she can reach.
After 2015, will be like i said almost imposible,
she is vulnerble on clay and even on grass, her last tile in Melbourne was in 2010, only in Flushing Meadows it seem her practically unbeatable.
She will be older than Navratiliva won her last slam from July 2015.
After personal tragic moments, she has earned her success enjoyed by today.
How much more can last Serena be at the highest level? Not much, but I think the attitude of his father not play many tournaments as if they did William’s predecessors have helped her longevity and other factors that are another matter.
I dont see her winning a major since 2016, but any additional gs always be welcome.

SG1 Says:

Tough to say with Serena. The Williams’ sisters have blown hot and cold and taken sabbaticals here and there. If Serena really wants to catch Steffi and is committed to doing so, I think she can get to 22. She is getting older but when she’s on, she is still far and away the class of the field. Wondering if wanting a family will ultimately curtail her career though. Good news for Serena is that unlike men’s game, there is very limited depth that she has to contend with.

StatsMan Says:

Hail Serena-Queen of Tennis. She still got lots of engine in her and there is no potent competitor to slow her. She is able to beat helen willis and stefi graff record and match Margaret Courts record. for the next two years she just need to win 3 major tennis competition (a Wimbledon and Two Opens) each year for the next two years and match Margaret Court to give her 24 or just two major championships for the next 3 years.And more scary she can break Margaret Court record and by going 25 and retire then to cement her Legacy as “Undisputed”.

Betty Says:

Helen Wills Moody’s 19 slams isn’t relevant since it wasn’t in the Open era. Same is true of Margaret Court’s records.

The only relevant record is Graf’s 22 slams (an inflated number due to Seles being stabbed). As dominant as Serena is and with 2 more years of committed play until the Rio Olympics in 2016, Serena can even catch Graf!

Stay tuned – we are watching the Greatest Female tennis player of All-time!

fed is afraid Says:

steffi’s stats are padded due to seles stabbing so it doesn’t matter if she equals it or not.

Wog boy Says:

Don’t forget that Serena won only one GS this year, why would I beleive that she can do better next year, the others are getting better and she is getting older. Few very hot days and inspired oponent in Melbourne and she is out, like it happened last few times and so on. No I don’t think she can make it.
If we are talking All Time records than Margaret Court deserves to be where she is with her 24 GS titles, if we are talking Open Era, that is different, as I can see we are talking All Time records. Tennis has been played prior 1968. Are we going to deny Rod Laver and the others titles they won before 1968.

Wog boy Says:

^^besides, Margaret Court won 11 of her 24 GS titles in Open Era, are we going to split them and say first 13 don’t count. She was superior player in her time (before and afte open era), as simply as that. She was doing to the players then what Serena is doing to them now, destroying them and managed to have two kids and called a quit when the third one was about to come out.

Okiegal Says:

Serena does go off the rails once in awhile, but I really think she’s on a mission……breaking records is something new that’s been on her her mind the last couple of years. They used to not worry about that so much when they were younger……but Serena is all about that now, imo. I think she could get 20, but I think that’s about it. Looks like she has been working hard and I believe she has raised her level a bit……so who knows?? She should read TX for a little extra added incentive and motivation!! umm…..I have wondered if the players read this crap on TX and remarks people have made about them concerning You Tube videos. There is a “I Hate Rafa Nadal” Facebook account…..it’s brutal! They probably do check the sites out on occasion……just out of curiosity.

jane Says:

i’m not the hugest serena fan, but who cares; what she’s done is amazing. AND i love that this article called HER “america’s greatest athlete”. A WOMAN! :)

fans of hers and others too might enjoy this:


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