Robin Soderling Still Wants To Play Tennis, But For Now He’ll Help Run The Stockholm Open
by Tom Gainey | October 14th, 2014, 10:24 am

It’s been over three years since Robin Soderling last played on the ATP. Now 30, still fighting mono, Soderling hopes to one day return to the sport he loved, the one that saw him twice reach the French Open final, and the one that saw him beat Rafael Nadal on those same Roland Garros clay courts in 2009.

With the Stockholm Open this week, Soderling is back in the news by helping the tournament become a success. In an interview with a Swedish newspaper, the former Top 5 player talked about where he is with his life.

“On the whole good,” he said via Google translation, “but I can still be very dull if I have trained too hard and too long. I find it hard to recover… I know that I’m not quite a hundred yet.”

“In the beginning when I was sick, I was completely powerless. I could do nothing, it was really uncomfortable. It felt like I was a hundred years. When I get bad nowadays it’s uncomfortable because I know that feeling. I get scared and think ‘damn, now I have to rest.'”

And what was he scared of? “That I might live as the rest of life, being forced to sleep on the way from the bed to the toilet. To be lying in a hospital bed the rest of life, I was more afraid of than dying.”

The Swede, who admits he still cannot fully train without exhaustion, hopes to return to tennis. “Everyone has to stop at some point but I’d like to do it on their own terms, when I feel I’m ready and I was not when I became ill three years ago.”

He also was candid on how difficult it’s been being away from the tour. “It has been a tough period,” he said through Google Translation. “I have not been depressed but damn pissed off at the situation and I have not been able to do anything about it. Just to accept, it’s a shit time.”

Soderling spends time playing golf and hunting and playing with his 2-year-old daughter, Olivia. He said this week is the first time he’ll watch live tennis since coming down with mono in July 2011.

For more on Soderling, see this NY Times article.

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15 Comments for Robin Soderling Still Wants To Play Tennis, But For Now He’ll Help Run The Stockholm Open

RZ Says:

Sadly we probably won’t see a real return of Soda pop on the ATP tour. It’s a shame because he was fun to watch and had the ability to challenge the big 4.

django Says:

I agree with you. It’s sad for tennis.

SG1 Says:

Quite unfortunate. World class talent and a good guy who received a really bad break. Hope he can get back to tennis and leave on his own terms.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

Really, really unfortunate what has happened to him. Him being 30, still suffering from mono and over 3 years from the tour: I doubt we’ll ever see him back again. Great to get an update since only recently I was actually checking for news on him.good also to see Robin still having a role within the game.

Okiegal Says:

Wow…three years have come and gone and still suffers from it. This is crazy and scary. I have known people who have contracted mono but were over it in a year. I’ve never known anyone that has dealt with it for 3 years. I think complete bed rest is the main thing…..He must have had a severe case….so sad indeed. Tennis needs him back, but it looks doubtful. Says:

Agree with the crowd. What is going on with TX? Somebody, insult someone!

Polo Says:, you fool! Trying to disturb world peace?

jane Says:

oh my, i agree too.
perhaps we should all just camp out on this thread!? ;) Says:

Jane, I like that- this can be the secret thread for JUST TALKING TENNIS with like-minded good-humoured folk!

skeezer Says:

Miss Sod. Birdy is a copy cat that fails.

Humble Rafa Says:

On his good day, Sod was the only one that scared me on clay. I could handle the other midgets.

Get well soon, Sod.

Hippy Chick Says:

Best of luck Robin with whatever happens in your life,the only player to take out two FO champions in consecutive years,nice to see he still has a roll in tennis….

RZ Says:

@Tennis Vagabond, Jane, and Polo – I don’t think there’s been this much agreement on a TX thread since everyone rooted for Ferrer to win the Paris Masters a couple of years ago.

sienna Says:

you might say nonsens.. rafa can be competitive at 33. but I dont think so. he was competative at 18, that was good enough. either he takes out #18 or dies trying, but he doesnot fancy playing like Fed does.

you should not ask a task like that from your idol. so they plan the #18 slam in 2016.

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna i think he will probably surpass Samprass,but not Federer,hes won at least one GS now for 10 consecutive years,i dont know if he will play when hes 33,but even if he does i dont think he will be a factor at the top of the game by then,as his game isnt effortless like Federers….

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