Roger Federer: There Are No Hard Feeling Between Me And Stan, We Are Friends, Not Ememies!
by Tom Gainey | November 18th, 2014, 2:44 pm

Meeting the press today three days before the start of Switzerland’s Davis Cup final against France, Roger Federer downplayed any issues he has with teammate Stan Wawrinka over their semifinal match last Saturday at the ATP Finals in London.

“I was on the other side of the court, quite far away,” Federer told the Guardian. “We had a conversation after the match. Everything’s totally relaxed about the situation.

“I just wanted to see if there was were any hard feelings because it was probably one of the loudest moments of the match, around 5-4, 5-5 [in the third set] – clearly there was a lot of noise. There’s no hard feelings whatsoever. We’re having a good time here – we are friends, not enemies. It was one of those heat-of-the-moment situations.”

Reports had that Federer and Wawrinka had an exchange after the match, perhaps caused by Mirka’s heckling.

Added Wawrinka, “We talked about that straight after the match. Not only about that but about many things. We know how to deal with a small thing like that. We have known each other for a long time.

“We’ve never had major problems between us because we know each other well. In one particular tennis match, especially in a semi-final, there can be tensions. It’s become a big deal because of the press but, for us, it’s nothing really. It took us five minutes to talk about that, to think about the next main goal that we have: the Davis Cup this weekend.”

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46 Comments for Roger Federer: There Are No Hard Feeling Between Me And Stan, We Are Friends, Not Ememies!

Humble Rafa Says:

This issue was settled when the Arrogant One said:

“Look, you have the best backhand in our country”.

The Best Backhand in Switzerland smiled and said “your wife can call me anything”.

Row settled. Now, let’s watch the French chokers in action.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

HR, sometimes less is more.

tennismonger Says:

@ HR –

I dunno…this one’s not so shabby IMHO.

I think Mirka said something snarky to you after he hit it, too!

Skeezer Says:

“HR, sometimes less is more.”
And somtimes zero is even better, you know, like a Bagel.

Humble Rafa Says:

Cry babies steal winner’s thunder by crying, especially at trophy presentation. Mirka should know this firsthand.

Michael Says:

The Media has made a mountain out of a mole hill and has blown the issue out of proportion. Former players like John too kept the pot boiling by their unnecessary sound bytes and thereby exaggerating a trivial issue out of hand. This might not be in the best interest of sport although it might create a big viewership by Media sensationalism and thereby give a fillip to their commercial interests.

Michael Says:

My own way of keeping the pot boiling by this gossip !!

Is John a French agent foisted to hurt the prospects of Switzerland at the Davis Cup by disturbing the equilibrium between the Swiss players and the camaradarie they share with one another ?

skeezer Says:

“Cry babies steal winner’s thunder by crying, especially at trophy presentation. Mirka should know this firsthand.”
Zero is better. Fake Rafa, please follow instructions. Zero means better to not say anything as the post is just jibber jabber. is calling you.

Giles Says:

Bottom line:
We now have Cry Baby 1; and
Cry Baby 2.
Oops and they are Swiss #1 and #2.

RZ Says:

Here’s a tweet that shows the media has made too big a deal of this.

Elena Scuro @TheSliceTweets
Stan: “it’s become big deal because of the press..for us it’s nothing really. It took us 5 min to talk about & to move on” #letsallmoveon

Okiegal Says:

The big question……did Mirka move on? She would have to be so embarrassed by all this……At future matches she’s Will be the woman with a sock in her mouth! I’m still so surprised by her behavior…..but let’s do move on……my last comment on the matter……

brando GOAT poster Says:

@okiegal: your a class act. Please change your user name to: Okiegal Thé Grand Dame of Tennis X, since for me you are easily the no.1 gal poster on here who’s most on point with her views, ways! Stay the same! (HM: to Kimberly and dari).

Jack Lewis Says:

So exactly what was that behavior that was not surprising in the least?
What did she say exactly, how often, etc…
All I’ve seen up till now is rumors that she heckled Stan.
Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I don’t know.
The entire London crowd seemed to think they were at the US open or something…

Okiegal Says:

@Brando….LOL Thanks for the nice compliment! Gosh, I’m shocked! Just when I think nobody is paying attention to my posts…..BOOM BABY I get a kind word thrown my way! There are lots of nice posters on this forum and that’s why I hang around. Enjoy your posts too……they’re well rounded. I guess I’ll stick with Okiegal for now……Wow, just tried to put my cowboy hat on, doesn’t fit anymore!! LOL Brando, have a good day, you just made mine!!

Okiegal Says:

@Jack Lewis……said I would move on, but…..Stan is the person who started this…..did he make it up? This is all on Fed’s bestie, and nobody else…..and the news media is running with it, imo. For my part, I couldn’t understand one word said except when the umpire called Stan off from him heading to the players box……I feel something clearly happened…….moving on….again!

Humble Rafa Says:

Since this involves their favorite Arrogant One, people are ready to move on.

With my “incidents”, there is more scrutiny. Remember, when a certain classless player, kicked my water bottles. That is low.

elina Says:

bestie? no. Stan wasn’t even invited to Roger’s wedding.

‘I learned about it only from the newspaper,’ said a slightly disappointed Wawrinka at the time.”

Nor was Roger at Stan’s wedding for that matter.

Now. What do I have to do to get on Brando’s list!

Okiegal Says:

@Elina……I assumed that they were probably close friends,but I did comment on another thread a few days ago that Mirka’s outburst spoke volumes to me that they might not be the greatest of friends after all. Coz why would you call out a good buddy of your hubby’s… wouldn’t, imo. Didn’t know about the wedding invites…..looks even more suspicious. Well it is what it is…….trying to move on once
again! LOL

Trying to get on Brando’s top ten list or at least honorable mention you just have to?????? I don’t really know for sure but I think write something that he agrees with!!! Lol

Emily Says:

Agree with elina, Stan has said multiple times that his closest friends are the French players like Benoit Paire and Monfils. I’m not surprised at all that he wasn’t at Fed’s wedding; they’re besties when it’s convenient. @Okiegal, don’t turn this around on Stan because he stood up for himself. Like I’ve already mentioned, you would understand the interaction if you heard the audio on the tv footage. The umpire basically confirmed there was an issue and Stan stopped to tell her not to talk before the serve and then she says whatever it is she actually said, leading to Stan appealing to the umpire.
Stan had arguably the worst night on Saturday and didn’t want this to be a huge issue when he wants that DC as much as anyone, so don’t kick a guy when he’s down.

rogerafa Says:

@ “Humble” Rafa

You are brimming with “class”, the shoulder bump being the apex among many such “highs”.

There is no need for you or anybody to move on. Stay focused on the topic so long as the scrutiny is done in good faith. Repeated expressions of “shock” and “surprise” at Mirka’s alleged heckling do not help. There is no incontrovertible evidence or clarity as to what exactly transpired between her and Stan or if there was some misunderstanding. All we are going by is Stan’s version of events as reported to the umpire. I am quite sure this would have been almost a non-issue if Stan had won.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal im afraid im not on it anymore,was at one time we used to have a good raport,ive said some things that ive since apologized for,but to no avail,im dissapointed but there ya go,it is what it is….

Okiegal Says:

@Emily…..didn’t intend to put Stan down for this, there was something going down for sure. Some folks on TX were on the McEnroe boys for stirring the pot…..I was just saying that had Stan kept it all under wraps there wouldn’t have been a big deal. He has all the right to STANd up for himself and hey, I’m glad he did……it’s been something different to discuss. He took a stand at the AO this year too during Rafa’s MTO……..Stan has no problems voicing his opinion, and good for him. There are lots of opinionated people on this forum and I think it’s a good thing!! Life would be dull if we .
all thought alike!!

Emily, I hope I cleared that up. I did not mean for my comments to portray that at all. Thanks for calling it to my attention……and have a great day!!

Emily Says:

@Okiegal, thanks for the response and I’m glad you clarified your comments. I, along with may others here, can get a little sensitive about possible attacks on a favorite player.

People are right that if Stan had won, this wouldn’t be an issue. Federer said that maybe it would have been better if Stan won 6-3 in their DC press conference. I think if the Swiss win, it will be forgotten and everyone will be all smiles (until they play each other again, of course).

Okiegal Says:

@Emily…..yeah, you are right….I will admit that we do get sensitive when someone is bad mouthing our favs…..guilty as charged! I’m glad your understood what I actually meant by my Stan comment…….Thanks for stating as such! Okie

Okiegal Says:

@Chick…..Brando will come around….after all you both support the same player……we got to stick together!! VAMOS……

Humble Rafa Says:

For those who follow the Arrogant One’s footsteps, do you know if the “Cry Baby” woman is in France for Davis Cup?

My good friends are playing in the DC. Naturally, as a good friend, I am worried for their safety.

kriket Says:

There’s incostinstence in Stan’s account of events.
“We talked about that straight after the match. Not only about that but about many things.

It’s become a big deal because of the press but, for us, it’s nothing really. It took us five minutes to talk about that”
Firat he says they talked about it and many other things straight after the match, only to downplay it, saying they spoke for only about 5 mins and that it’s “nothing really”.
How could they’ve talked it over and “many other things” in only 5 minutes, and if it’s really nothing why did they even discuss it.

And yes Fed had cried before but only after much bigger losses and Federer never acted the tough guy on court, the way Wawrinka does, only to show up in the presser eyes full of tears.

Fed’s always acted sensitive, so seeing him cry is only honest, but Wawrinka’s tough guy act only to burst in tears 5 minutes later is ouright ridiculous.
And Mirka was way out of line calling him a crybaby, but she did have a point there even though it’s not up to here to call him out like that.

Gannu Says:

What kind of a nonsense sensationalism is this?

His wife did something and now everyone is blaming federer for that…how can he control what his wife did during a match?

Anyways bad bad PR for Fedex….

Meanwhile ATP has refunded 60% of my ticket costs…so thats good…

Humble Rafa Says:

This soap opera of ” I don’t know if I will be fit” is getting old. At least with me, you know, it’s going downhill with time.

In addition to the tennis match, you saw a modern Swiss drama. Why would the ATP refund money? They should charge you extra.

Humble Rafa Says:

“Stan should have finished that match at 5-3. I wouldn’t have had a back problem and we wouldn’t have had the situation we had.”

Now, he blames the messenger. Ha Ha.

Ronn Says:

Mirka calling someone other than Federer a crybaby? The irony of it all…

Okiegal Says:

@Ronn……You make a good point!! Lol

Emily Says:

@kriket, just because some people go after Fed for crying on the court doesn’t mean you have to call out Stan.
He’s never hidden the fact that tough losses have got to him (he got a tattoo b/c of one for pete’s sake) and as already discussed, he’s a passionate player with highs and lows. The last thing he wanted to do was a press conference after coming so close to victory and then having to talk to Federer, but he manned up and was honest about who he is and how the loss affected him. The tough guy act you mention may be due to the fact that he has to assert himself b/c he is often underestimated, especially against Federer and the other top guys.
Standing up for your guy doesn’t mean you have to go after someone else.

In terms of Stan’s public comments, everyone is being purposefully vague and nothing anyone says is going to match up. The people who know the entire situation are never going to tell the whole truth, including Federer. What does it matter anyway?

chobbs Says:

Looking for posts and opinions about the Davis Cup Final preview and predictions but cant find anything. Isn’t anyone surprised about the squad list for the French – gasquet who hasn’t done much this year and hasn’t beaten fed since that backhand in Monte Carlo in 2005, tsonga on clay – not his best surface although now I remember he beat fed at RG , no Simon who’s been in the best form of them all recently not picked (unless they pretend there’s an injury to,someone st the 11th hour and no llodra. Monfils is dangerous we all know that esp. On clay.

senorita Says:

If Stan says it was nothing and it was all blown up by the pres, then he’ll just have to put up with whatever Mirka does when he is playing Roger, because he can’t turn round and complain now.

I knew they’d make it up. Men don’t hold a grudge they just move on. After Stan’s outburst against Rafa at the AO, they were back practicing together not long after.

It’s the media who go on mentioning players’ tiffs long after they’ve forgotten about it. They still mention the Nadal/Berdy fall out in Madrid in 2006, every time they play each other. Berdy regularly tweets complimentary things about Rafa and Rafa talks highly of him as a player, but the press ignore all that to have something to talk about.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Federer does not think

senorita Says:

chobbs, Llodra has retired.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Federer does not think Davis cup is all too big a deal: In an interview with USA Today Sports 10 days ago, second-ranked Federer shot down the significance of Davis Cup and said a victory would not “complete” him as a player.

“Davis Cup is not what it used to be anymore in my opinion,” he said. I agree it does not change much, so does Novak Djokovic to a degree: Top-ranked Djokovic, who partially credits Serbia’s 2010 Davis Cup title for launching his ascendance in the men’s game, felt the same.

“We all know that it’s very difficult to win Davis Cup because you don’t win it by yourself,” he said last week. “It’s a team effort. So I’m sure that he’s going to be having plenty of motivation to do so. But I don’t think in a major way it can influence his career.”

senorita Says:

If Fed doesn’t think DC is that important why is he even considering playing with a bad back that cost him competing in the final of the WTF that he holds so dearly?

Hippy Chick Says:

IMO The DC is important to Federer,its a team effort but he wants it for his country as all the players do,and its the only thing left on his resume that he hasnt won,he will have had alot of treatment on his back since the WTFs,so hes there to at least give it a try,maybe its not as serious as he or everyone first thought,if its still bothering him then he im sure he wont play and risk furthur damage,especially as hes 33,he will know what to do for the best,hes always been sensible regarding his body and its limitations….

senorita Says:

Hippy Chick,
Fed hasn’t got Olympic Singles Gold.

Hippy Chick Says:

Senorita true,but he has in doubles….

FedExpress Says:

a gold medal is a gold medal, regardless if it is in doubles or singles. and to beat the bryans on the way is even more special. agassi the only male player who won all the things which one can?? GS, Wtf, olmpic gold, davis cup? any other player who has done that?

and it is confirmed that fed will play tomorrow. hope either him or stan win at leats one tie.ideally both.

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont know if Agassi won all the Masters 1000s?Novak needs to win Cincy,a gold meadl,and the FO to complete the set,Rafa needs a WTF,Miami,Shanghai,Paris to complete the set,Pete never won the FO,or the gold medal,not sure what else he didnt win,not sure what Masters 1000s Roger didnt win,but i will say this for sure,all of these guys are truely amazing players that really catapulted the sport to great heights,whether it was Pete and Andre of the last generation,or whether it is Roger,Rafa and Novak in this one,dont know how many GS A ndy will win but i would dearly love him to win some more to elevate his status as an all time great….

senorita Says:

Hippy Chick Says:
“Senorita true,but he has in doubles….”

Then you might as well say Rafa has 35 M1000 titles, because he’s got 27 titles in singles and 8 titles in doubles.

Hippy Chick Says:

Senorita true too lol,IMO theres no right or wrong answer to these stats,and Rafas my favorite anyway so that makes for happy reading….

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