Roger Federer Will Play Davis Cup, Opens Against Gael Monfils Friday
by Tom Gainey | November 20th, 2014, 11:26 am

After days of rehab following a back injury last weekend during the ATP Finals in London, Roger Federer confirmed that he will play Friday in Switzerland’s Davis Cup final against France.

Federer, who is seeking a first Davis Cup title to add to his incredible resume, will play Gael Monfils in a match that follows Stan Wawrinka-Jo Wilfried Tsonga.

“Obviously if I’m stepping out on the court, that means I can play,” said Federer. “That’s most important.

“I’m just really pleased that I’m actually able to play tomorrow. I’ll give it a go. Definitely looking forward to playing against Gael. I think he’s a great player, very exciting to watch. I like to play against him, too. So things have been going very well for me the last week. It’s been a difficult week, but I’m happy where I am today.”

On Wednesday, Federer had a 30 minute practice session, his first on the red clay in Lille, France.

Federer goes into Friday’s match against world No. 19 Monfils with an 8-2 winning head-to-head record.

“For sure it will help me, this last match on my mind,” said Monfils. “But this one’s going to be different. You have someone you can share your emotion [with] during the match, the captain who can help me, of course, if maybe I’m tight in the match.

“Definitely I expect to play a big match again because I know I need to play a big match to beat him. I’m very happy to have this opportunity again.”

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39 Comments for Roger Federer Will Play Davis Cup, Opens Against Gael Monfils Friday

RZ Says:

It will be interesting to see how both guys play. I’m assuming that Monfils is healthy, but he hasn’t had a lot of match play in the last coupe of months. Fed will probably still have residual back issues but has played a lot of matches (though not on clay) recently.

RZ Says:

The Swiss really need to do well on day 1. I just don’t see them winning the doubles, especially as I doubt Luthi would put Fed and Stan in the doubles. Says:

If they go 1-1 or 0-2, I expect Fed and Stan will play doubles. They have a whole offseason (or what passes for it in tennis) to recover.

jane Says:

us open quarter-final rematch: game on!

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer loses both matches, Swiss win 3-2, Wawrinka Davis Cup hero!

Wouldn’t that be something?

SX1 Says:

how about ..Stan loses both matches ..Old man wins his both singles despite injured… Swiss win 3-2

RZ Says:

@TV, the issue is recovery for the singles matches on day 3. I’d say Wawrinka is much more likely to be put into the doubles match than Federer but really his doubles results outside of a few good tournaments here and there with Fed are not particularly stellar. Might as well put in the other guys and hope for the best in the day 3 singles.

John Thompson Says:

Isn’t funny and sad that both of France’s singles players are not even french by blood (not even in the same race).

Ben Pronin Says:

Is that racist? Can we get that removed?

Wog Boy Says:

I didn’t know only white fellas can be French, what about Americans, British…? Arthur Ashe is turning in his grave.
BTW, neither Roger nor Stan are full blooded Swiss.

django Says:

Roger is German and stan is polish or Czech right?

Wog Boy Says:

Roger’s mother is South African, I don’t know about father. Stan’s grandfather came from Poland or Czechoslovakia to Germany and then they moved to Swiss where Stan was born.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Wow, that comment! I blame tennis x: what’s the point of saying moderation is in place when stuff like that gets through no problem and is still there after being flagged up by others! It’s the height of ridiculousness!

Okiegal Says:

What difference does it make??? Confused by this discussion??? TAKE IT OFF…….please…..totally in agreement with Ben……which doesn’t happen all that often! Lol

Okiegal Says:

My Dad is a Texan my Mom is an Okie……what does that make me? See how stupid that sounds…..just like the first comment that got this discussion started……

the_mind_reels Says:

“…but really his [Stan’s] doubles results outside of a few good tournaments here and there with Fed are not particularly stellar.”

Sure. Except for the part where they beat the Bryan Bros. in 2008 en route to a gold medal at the Olympics. The truth is that they don’t play a lot of doubles together, but if Stan is serving/volleying well, they can be a very tough team to beat.

Wog Boy Says:

.. if you are reading this, I have Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac that somebody gave me as a present long time ago, I promise, if France wins, I’ll open it and have a drink in your name…and if they don’t…I’ll stick with my plum brandy.

John Thompson Says:

Both the “french” players are black, not french, not even european by blood. Sad what France has become.

It doesn’t matter where you are born but what your genes are.

leo Says:

Troll alert… I think this JT person is losing it.

Best just to ignore guys. Is there any substance to the comment?

John Thompson Says:

All I said was a statement of fact. Both players are representing the franks/Gauls yet none are even white. Same comment I would have if say federer represented China. It would seem strange.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Yeah he’s a troll but I remember a recent CNN open Mic show in Paris and I was shocked at the crazy amount of public members felt more than comfortable airing views about race and immigration that you would not dare speak of in private let alone in a public place. It seems the issue of race, immigration is rearing its ugly head in France. And to be honest: even here in Britain there is a quite, simmering feel of rather unwelcome notions existing on that matter. I can see matters coming to a head in 10-20 years on this front both in France and here. America seems to have Immigration becoming a central issue also in recent election races.

John Thompson Says:

No troll. Swiss all the way. The big question is if federer is healthy. Fed has played Monfils at roland garros more than once I think and he has been successful. It being best of 5 sets gives more ease. I just hope his back is ok.

Wawrinka has a different issue. For him it is about being mentally strong. Even without the WTF debacle, he has been in poor form for the last half of the year. Clay though is his best surface since he has reached mc final twice winning this year. If he can win his first match I think fed will be encouraged as long as he is physically ok. Tomorrow will be telling. Unfortunate that fed hurt his back at the worst possible time since DC is the only thing he doesn’t have.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Is it a case of imperial powers angered by the number of deprived souls turning up on their shores from hellish homelands seeking a better life than they have left behind: one which, ultimately, had the fingerprints of the imperial covertly shaping for them, for the worse? I don’t know but what I am certain of is that everyone has the right to claim a good existence wherever they choose it to be on any corner of this planet, and if history tells us anything it’s that the great world powers who now cry injustice over those seeking a better life were not exactly democratic in their treatment towards them and their home country in the very first place. If anything: far from it. Very far from just and fair.

RZ Says:

@the_mind_reels – that is my point. Their doubles results are hit or miss. They have won the Olympic gold, make the finals at Indian Wells (also the semis I think) but lost early the other times they played together.

Hippy Chick Says:

A few days ago a poster was called an African prostitute,whom was posting between clients,posters only seem to care depending on whos doing the insults,and whos on the recieving end of the insults,seems tennis-x has a strange idea when it comes to moderation….

RZ Says:

Reminder that Davis Cup is best of 5 sets. Adding that context, I say there is no way Fed and Stan play doubles.

John Thompson Says:

RZ that is true. Part of it is that fed and wawrinka rarely play doubles maybe a few times a year. They proved themselves by beating the Bryan’s and then the no. 3 seeds in 2008 Olympics. But they aren’t doubles specialists and it does really take a lot of time playing to become consistent and dominate like the best doubles teams. They can go all the way but also can lose quick.

If the Swiss win both matches then im curious if they will try to get the doubles

Emily Says:

If it looks good for the Swiss, they might use Wawrinka in the doubles like they did against Italy (though that didn’t work out so well). They would want to avoid Roger playing with the possible back problems.
Often tennis doubles dream teams don’t always work. I remember Rafa and Nole played together and didn’t do very well. Stan and Rog have the gold from 2008, but can they come together now at this nervy and tense moment? Says:

RZ, a doubles match is worth as much as a singles match, and a bird in the hand worth two in the bunch.

I’ll put my name on it, not a very bold or meaningful prediction, but I say Fed plays doubles at 0-2 for sure, and 1-1 probably.

Margot Says:

Of course its a racist comment. Of course it should be removed. For a start Tsonga’s mother is French so what on earth happened to her “blood?” What a crazy statement, which I wont give credence to by unpicking any further.
In fact its such a shame Monfils has ever played Davis Cup for France as he now lives in Switzerland and could’ve added some weight to the team……;)
Allez Les Bleus!

Klaas Says:

No way Roger is playing double, and also very likely to loose first match as he only practiced maybe 1-1 1/2 hours on clay, way too little. They must pin their hopes on Stan today.

Sirius Says:

Alison @ 5:47 pm,

thank you that you mentioned it!

Racist comments from a poster would go unnoticed when they come from a friendly poster and this thread is the proof of it.

John Thompson Says:

Saying that black guys are not french is like saying white guys are not Asian or Asian guys are not Arab. The ones who are racist are the anti whites who object to just stating fact.

If Federer represented Japan all people would say it is strange and criticize it because he is not Japanese (Asian) by blood. I think the Japanese want their own representing them.

This just points out the hypocrisy of people on race. Asia for Asians, Africa for blacks, Arabia for Arabs, India for Indians but white countries for everyone.

Hippy Chick Says:

Sirius one thing that really annoys me is double standards,race and nationality mean nothing to me we are all equal,but i hate racisism and too much of it goes on in the world and on this forum at times….

Sirius Says:

^i liked what you said. i wish there were more people with such view

Hippy Chick Says:

Sirius :-D….

Hippy Chick Says:

IMO Gael and Joe are both gorgeous,and two of the most entertaining, excentric and carismatic players on the mens tour,would actually love to see both win a GS before they retire,although its looking pretty unlikely…

Humble Rafa Says:

I think JT is actually Skeeze, who has been under immense stress from the Mirka fallout. Feel for him.

Bob Lewis Says:

Hindsight is always 20/20, but with Stan’s win, the Swiss could have opted to rest Federer until Sunday. In any event, Stan looks strong enough to win his next rubber. Thus, the final will hinge on the doubles, which is not unusual.

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