Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic Play To 6-6 Tie In IPTL Exo, Here’s The Video
by Tom Gainey | December 9th, 2014, 11:24 am

Fans in New Delhi were treated to a star-studded evening of tennis yesterday highlighted by a much-anticipated showdown between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. But the two legends played to a 6-6 tie as time ran out on the match Novak’s UAE Royals a 29-22 win over the Indian Aces.

“First of all, it was great to be in here in India for the first time. It was a unique and valuable experience. The people,” Djokovic said. “The kindness, the hospitality strikes me right away. I hope the league continues and I really look forward to come back next year. I think the format is fun and fast. We both played tennis at a great level and I am really happy with our performance and the team.”

Added Federer: “The match with Novak was great, I think we both played a good game at a great level. I think he struggled initially but managed to pull up in the end. I was also very happy with my level of performance. I think what makes the difference is the team support on court, the excitement in the crowd and the fans. This couldn’t have worked out better for me.

“I think my fans are the ones who support me the most and matter the most. They know how much I appreciate the
caps, the posters, the t-shirts and that’s the main reason why I came to India, to see my fans and i hope they have enjoyed the game.

“Playing Novak here in India is special. It was a thrilling match and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m very happy that I have been able to participate in this new format of tennis this year. It is exciting.”

After three days in India, the IPTL now heads to Dubai.

A special exo:

The full match:

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18 Comments for Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic Play To 6-6 Tie In IPTL Exo, Here’s The Video

Hippy Chick Says:

Nice enjoyable stress free tennis,loved the embrace between Gael and Roger when playing doubles together….

sienna Says:

roge you shouldnt have covered for Nadal.
He is Lucky to see all his rivals spending hours on comedy capers instead of resting, training getting the mind and body ready for the biggest slam in mens tennis ever.

green900 Says:

can someone please explain me the scoring system? I have no idea whats going on and whats up with all these substitutions :P

the DA Says:

@green900 – It took me a little while to get used to but it’s quite simple.

Play a set just like official tennis UNLESS players hold serve and get to 5-5. If so, there’s a 5 minute shoot out. The player with the lead after 5 minutes wins the set 6-5. The other changes are:

* 20 sec shot clock between serves
* no lets
* 30 sec time outs
* player can be substituted at any time

The team with the higher total of games won after 5 sets wins the match.


There were double points,but I did not know how You could get them. I think if they throw the towel in then the point is counted double.

elina Says:

Other key rules:

Only one substitution is permitted per set.

No ad tennis.

Each team gets a Happiness Power Point per set which can be used for any point. If that team wins its Power Point, they get two points.

Okiegal Says:

I’m too dumb for the IPTL format… took me a couple of years to figure out to score regular tennis……actually, that’s the main reason I took tennis lessons in the first place, to learn how. Glad I did, I was terrible at it but did learn how to figure out deuce ad…..that was so stinkin’ confusing. My brother thinks I’m crazy for loving it the way I do. He said “Do you even know how to score a match?” I said “Yes, I do… you?” He said no and I said “no wonder you don’t like it!” I think it’s the most exciting sport there is!! I will be upset if the ad aspect is done away with…..I think that’s what makes it so interesting….

the DA Says:

@elina – You’re right. I completely forgot about the Happiness Power Point. It has been used to great effect in this series and turned matches on their head.

Giles Says:

Strange,Dubai empty.

jane Says:

giles where are you watching?

Giles Says:

Watching on Sky Sports who have been covering the IPTL

elina Says:

Roger getting $4 million for two reduced singles sets of tennis and a few sets of doubles over three days and Tsonga $1 million sounds like more than an exho to me.

USO champion gets $3 million by winning seven gruelling best of five matches over two weeks.

Maybe USO is the exho by comparison?

Wog Boy Says:

I am not surprised if stands are empty in Dubai, they are not full during Dubai ATP tournament either, if you know that 83% of Dubai population are foreigners and Mahesh Bhupathi was probalby playing on the card that 90% of that 83% are Indian/Pakistani nationals and that they will come to watch, but they are just foreign workers who are there to earn some dollars and send them back to their families in need.
Are Roger and Nole going to play? That might bring more people.

the DA Says:

The crowds were woefully thin for the first time in the tour today. I think it was an error making Dubai a team. It has WTA & ATP tournaments already and gets to see big stars every year. Jakarta and Bangkok would make more sense. Even Nole playing in the evening session didn’t draw comparable crowds to the other cities. Maybe it’s due to it being a Thursday. Only 2 days left – let’s see if more people show on the weekend.

@Wog boy – Roger is done. He did his 2 days, picked up the $4 million and went straight to pre-season training ;)

elina Says:

Novak is playing. He lost to Tsonga.

It’s an 8,000 seat venue and I read that 22,000 tickets were sold over the six sessions so less than half sold on average. I also read this new venue is out of the way. Guessing the crowds will pick up over the weekend.

Wog Boy Says:

If it was cricket, it would be full house.

@the DA, not bad, two million dollars a day, not bad at all and some of his fans are complaining, I am sure Mirka is not complaining:)

Giles Says:

So Indian Aces are the champions. Well done.

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