Andy Murray Hints At Double Standard Regarding His On-Court Injuries And Ailments
by Tom Gainey | January 22nd, 2015, 12:22 am

Andy Murray took a shot at journalists who criticize his on-court antics while at the same time they praise other player.

‘When I cramped and won in the us open last year I was a “drama Queen, unfit, needs to see a shrink, faker” weird…’ Murray wrote on twitter earlier today.

Murray tweets was probably in response to the praise Rafael Nadal received for his guts comeback last night over Tim Smyczek.

At the US Open last year, Murray struggled with cramps during a first round 63, 76(6), 16, 75 win over Robin Haase.

Murray, who hasn’t lost a set, plays his third round match tomorrow against Joao Sousa.

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18 Comments for Andy Murray Hints At Double Standard Regarding His On-Court Injuries And Ailments

jane Says:

hmmm, maybe he has a point? it surely wouldn’t be the first time journalists had double standards.

jane Says:

not sure where to put this as there seems to be no thread for today’s matches – anyhow yay for vasek pospisl! he has g-lo next, though, so i am not sure if he can get through that, but it’d be great if he could.

Margot Says:

Wow! Journalists are biased! Who knew? BTW do bears s**t in the woods?

jane Says:

lol, margot. :)

sienna Says:

omg double standard here on Tx.
what if Roger would have made statement like that? probably Tx wouldnot have been enough for outrage.

Almost hoping for him to meet The Bull(y), but he gets probably waterloo against Federer.

skeezer Says:

Lol Margot.
Btw the only praise during the Nadal match should have went to Tim Smyczek.
Too much drama reporting at AO this year imo…just look at all the Tennis X ‘s top stories…

Giles Says:

Why is Andy being whiney? He should know by now the journos report whatever the hell they want. That’s why joker makes sure he has a stock of chocolates especially for the press. Keep ’em sweet, that’s his motto. Maybe Andy should try it sometime! Lol

Nirmal Kumar Says:

But Andy may note that Nadal was also a victim of journos claiming he faked injury few times before. And Novak’s drama on Virus has been going on for so long and he has a vast history of withdrawing from his matches for minor discomforts. But now Rafa is getting benefit of the doubt because of the time he spends outside the tournaments due to injury. Also his achievements are humongous, so naturally journos are going to be inclined towards him.

Rather Andy focus on his current AO matches, rather than worrying about his past. They are not going to make him the champion Rafa is.

Giles Says:

NK. Lol

wilfried Says:

The journos write what their employers allow and wants them to write, not what the hell they feel like writin’.
Big difference.

jane Says:

andy isn’t being whiney; he’s just pointing out a discrepancy.

Giles Says:

Hardly a discrepancy. Journos are doing this all the time.

RZ Says:

As much as Andy yells at his box during matches, he really is not much of a complainer off the court. So the comments made against him in the past must have struck a nerve. Maybe he feels that he doesn’t get enough credit for his fitness.

SG1 Says:

Andy, win this AO and shut those critics down!

Easier said than done but Rafa gets lauded because he has a history of winning tough matches regardless of the circumstances. If you want the kind of respect he gets, you have to deliver some of what he has. 2012 USO and 2013 Wimbledon. It’s been a while since Murray has held a big trophy. Rafa and Novak have been far more consistent.

sienna Says:

rafa and novak?

not counting Cilic there are certainly 5 but probably 8 players better then Murray.
he wont be able to duck em all,

LJ Says:

Eh, Rafa always has a health-related excuse when he thinks he’s not going to win and the media just nod their heads and bleet his excuses without question like the sheeple they are.

For whatever reason, they have anointed Rafa as above approach and criticism no matter what kinds of gamesmanship he shows on court. I don’t blame Andy (or any other players) for getting irritated once in a while.

sienna Says:


The Murray fans are picking up the gloves.
Murray meltdown almost complete.
Next year out of top 10.

Purcell Says:

By their very structure, most tweets are incomprehensible twaddle so it’s difficult to know what Andy is getting at. If he is whining, (as suggested by our resident authority on whining,) at the predictable press reaction to our brave little soldier suffering his way to another victory, then so be it. Irrespective of what journalists ‘choose to write’ or are ‘told to write’, it must be pretty galling for Andy and many other players who have been transparent about injuries, operations and other medical conditions to yet again garner little interest or respect for simply getting on with their job, providing spectators with tremendous tennis and exhibiting sportsmanship of high order.

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