Kei Nishikori Would Rather Be Ranked 15 Than 5, And He Prefers The Food In Japan vs Florida!
by Tom Gainey | January 26th, 2015, 8:27 am

Soft-spoken Kei Nishikori is on a fast track up the rankings. The 24-year-old broke into the Top 20 in 2013, then last year vaulted into the Top 10 landing at No. 5 after his US Open final.

But the meteoric rise isn’t something Nishikori is quite comfortable with just yet.

“I’m really new to be No. 5,” Nishikori said. “It’s been only couple months to stay this ranking. You know, I just not comfortable. I was top 10 last year, early last year. This is pretty new for me. So I need some time, you know, to get more experience. Yeah, I start thinking, you know, little bit other things outside the court. I might feel pressure, other things. But, you know, I think I need some more time to get used to it.”

Then when asked where he’d like to be ranked, he joked, “Maybe like 15, 20”.

After pounding David Ferrer 63, 63, 63 for a seventh time, Nishikori will face Stan Wawrinka Tuesday afternoon in a rematch of his 5-set quarterfinal win.

“If you win Grand Slam, it’s means you are one of the best player on this two weeks,” he said of the Swiss.
“For sure he got lot of confidence. You see he jumped up really well last year. So, you know, it’s not easy when your opponent is really pumped up and confident. But, you know, I was almost same at the US Open. I beat him, too.”

He also talked about living in Florida compared to Japan.

“Florida nobody talk to me,” he added. “In Japan, yes, it’s little bit different. You know, lot of people recognize me. Not easy, you know, to walk on the street. But I really enjoy live in Japan because that’s my home. I feel more comfortable live in Japan. They have much better food, I have to say. But Florida, they have great facility in IMG Academy, good players I can train with. They have everything. So I really like, you know, live in Florida. But maybe after I retire, I might move to Japan.”

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9 Comments for Kei Nishikori Would Rather Be Ranked 15 Than 5, And He Prefers The Food In Japan vs Florida!

RZ Says:

Is anyone surprised by the assertion that the food in Japan is better than the food in Florida? (Sorry Florida – couldn’t resist)

skeezer Says:

My son sent me a pic from his phone a couple of years back of Chang/Kei in a Pizza joint in SoCal. Go figure :).

We have some posters here that are from Florida, so maybe they can chime in….:)

RZ Says:

@Skeezer – I’ll keep an eye out for Kei and Chang if I eat pizza when in Indian Wells. Won’t bother looking for Nole though, unless the pizza place does gluten free. :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

2 short asian guys with their moms who like their gfs. It’s so confusing.

Patson Says:

Nobody knows where Flordia is. :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

*look like

Margot Says:

Lol Patson, where exactly is “Flordia?” ;) It sounds like rather a dodgy illness……..

Humble Rafa Says:

Florida is what you get after malaria and diarrhea.

james Says:

I listen to Flo-rida sometimes ;)

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