Roger Federer Romps In Dubai Opener, Djokovic, Murray Play Tuesday; Gulbis Loses 7th Straight
by Staff | February 23rd, 2015, 6:19 pm

Roger Federer opened his Dubai title defense hammering Mikhail Youzhny 6-3, 6-1. After a disappointing loss a month ago in Australia to Andreas Seppi, it was about as good of a start as you could hope for the six-time Dubai champion.

Federer had owned Seppi until Melbourne, and he had won all 15 against the Russian Youzhny.

“The last thing I want to do is lose back-to-back matches playing careful,” said Federer. “I know I can play careful tennis, but then you cannot leave it up to the other guys sometimes if you are going to win or lose. I feel over the years I have won my biggest matches in most tournaments by playing on my terms, and you can’t always do it. It’s difficult to come out and dominate every match, every point, and it’s also hard work always playing aggressive.”

Federer is now 7-1 on the season including a Brisbane title. This was his first event since the third round loss to Seppi.

“It’s nice getting back out there and having thousands root for you and for your opponent, because you can only practise that much after a while without anybody watching you,” said Federer. “It just gets a bit boring after a while. So I prefer to play matches after all.

“I’m lucky enough to be put on prime time most of the time so people come out and watch me play often,” he added. “So I appreciate that, and it’s definitely keeping me on the tour longer. There’s not a doubt about that.”

In the second round Federer will meet the Fernando Verdasco-Guillermo Garcia-Lopez winner. He is also in the doubles with countryman Michael Lammer.

Seppi was also in action today in Dubai but the Italian was upended by Richard Gasquet. Ernests Gulbis’s slump continued. The Latvian lost his seventh straight match, this time falling to Denis Istomin.

“I’m not in good form right now,” said Gulbis who is 0-5 this year. “I’m not feeling my shots at all. I have no timing. In practice I have been playing worse than in the match.”

On tap Tuesday, 4-time champion Novak Djokovic begins his bid for a 50th career title against Vasek Pospisil. Andy Murray is also on against lefty Gilles Muller. Muller has wins this year over John Isner, Roberto Bautista Agut, Bernard Tomic and Grigor Dimitrov.

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29 Comments for Roger Federer Romps In Dubai Opener, Djokovic, Murray Play Tuesday; Gulbis Loses 7th Straight

skeezer Says:

Like Fed s thinkin here…like finally. He gets too careful at times just keeping the ball in play. That is not a overall winning strategy for him. Attack, Attack ….Attack!!
Great start in a field of gifted players. Play on and all the best @33.

Sidney Says:

Muller has been playing well. Andy should win but he should play aggressively.

skeezer Says:

“It’s nice getting back out there and having thousands root for you …..”
YEP! No contest in popularity!

Michael Says:

The Maestro is back with his magical Tennis. What is more pleasing for a Tennis fan than this sight to watch a sheer Genius in action !?

Emily Says:

Roger has a nice draw and he should make the finals. However, I think his press conferences/interviews need to match his tennis. For example, he tweeted that he drank champagne after losing to Seppi b/c it him 9 extra days of rest. If my math is right, he is saying he would have been playing the 2nd weekend, which is a smidge presumptuous. Not trying to start an argument, just my 2 cents.

Emily Says:

sorry, “it gave him”

Daniel Says:

Murray is in Fed’s draw and they can meet in semis. That could be a good gauge where there games is at.

Emily Says:

@Daniel, agree w/ Fed vs. Murray, but watching his matches, it feels like Fed has home court advantage. You never know w/ Andy though, he can pull off great wins when he needs to.

brando Says:

Yeah Federer should just go all out in matches from here forth. He’s got the attacking shots to pull it off and really that’s what makes him still a threat: his offense. Sure you cannot go all guns blazing on every point, but sometimes Roger can eer by staying to focused on playing defense, staying in points when he’s much better served by going for it. So what if he were to lose: check his career record and save the years for others. But if he goes all out he can actually win. He definitely should be ultra aggressive on the fast courts like Dubai atleast. Federer v Murray could be a cracker.

Giles Says:

Lol. Federer is romping now??

madmax Says:

Well done Fed in your opening match!

Brilliant Maestro!

KatH Says:

Federer is the greatest tennis star – but to be honest I’m getting fed up with his own opinion of himself – even though it may be justified.

Okiegal Says:

@KatH…….Me too! I really think he’s from Scotland…..the McTaggert clan, as in Braggert! He is so full of himself……even though it may be justified. Will agree with that part of your comment too! He’s good…..ain’t no doubt about it. Still amazing folks at 33!

jane Says:

nice win for nole over popsicle; he’s not an easy out. and then andy and tomas made it past difficult hurdles in muller and chardy. all the top seeded guys through so far…

Daniel Says:

Also Murray pays best in faster surfaces: Wimbledon, Cincinati, Shangai, US Open all surfaces he won already. Only exception is London WTF which is very odd (maybe pressure, maybe top guys since the get go, etc, burn out, etc.. or he just doesn’t like November).

jane Says:

dubai is fast right daniel? i am hoping we get to see the semifinals projected by seed.

oh, and one other strange thing about andy’s lack of success at wtf is that he has a great indoor record too.

Brando Says:

‘Only exception is London WTF’:

That’s because it’s not fast at all.

It plays pretty slow, and definitely does not belong in the same mention as Cincy, Shanghai or some of the others.

Sure it’s indoors. But all that means is certainty of no affectation by the climate. The court itself is dismally slow.

As for Andy. Well he’s always been a bit erratic with his results. But he’s never reached the final of either Paris or WTF, and he’s been around for a long while.

Could be a variety of reasons as to why. Home crowd ain’t it since he nails it at Queens. Pressure? He’s won majors, and is consistent at Wimbledon.Competition? Sam for all, and he can handle most of them anyhow.

Could be anything: he just does not deliver his best at that time of the year for some reason.

Daniel Says:


I think London is one of top 5 surfaces when it comes to speed. It is behind Cincy, US open and Paris, but above all other masters, maybe on par with Wimbledon (but it has a higher bounce than London). It’s fats, don’t know where you get that it is slow.

The slows ones are all clay, except Madrid, which plays faster than Miami and AO. IW in between as the middle speed and all other faster.

I think and rate something like this as this past few years:

Cincy / Paris
US Open
Monte Carlo

I remember somebody posted a link a while back about speed

Daniel Says:

Found this link from 2013

ITF classification

If we find what is the name of London surface we can just check this ITF list.
Anyone knows what is the name of London surface?

brando Says:

@Daniel: its a naked eye comment. I don’t know or to be honest care about court speed classifications. They could change over time. Like some say AO is slow but it faced pretty fast last year to me. WTF seems slow to me. Whenever I watch I don’t really get the sensation it’s fast. But to be honest: only a couple of courts give that sensation. Most of them are roundabout at the same level. Either way: don’t matter much to me anyhow.

brando Says:

PS: thanks for giving the links. I’ll pass on them, but props for sharing anyhow.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

It’s such a pleasure for Roger’s fans that he is still playing. Tough match coming up against Verdasco. Hope Roger continues his form and plays attacking tennis.

Matador Says:

Poor Youznhy. Many poeple was laughing at Berdych and his defeats in a row against Rafa, but what can you say against 15 to Zero!.
If he cant against the fed of 2013 in halle, he never will defeat the swiss.
Pretty ownage, very, very predictable.

Purcell Says:

So……re above comments KatH…..what is Federer’s own opinion of himself?

Humble Rafa Says:

People with 4 children should not be romping. It is not just proper etiquette but it’s also good for society.

Emily Says:

I think KatH may have a case, just reading some of Fed’s recent comments have surprised me in terms of their bluntness. I know he’s very popular, and rightly so, but does he have to talk about it?

There’s the Seppi tweet and I was shocked but what he said about why he isn’t playing Davis Cup, but that’s a can of worms that doesn’t need to be opened. We can’t know what his own opinion of himself is, and I don’t have a problem w/ players saying they feel confident, but I’ve never heard these sorts of comments from Federer. Maybe that’s where people are coming from, but I’m not sure?

KatH Says:

Don’t let it bother U Purcell – it’s jealousy on my part. Sheer old nasty envy.

skeezer Says:

“That’s because it’s not fast at all.”
When proved wrong;
“Either way: don’t matter much to me anyhow.”
“PS: thanks for giving the links. I’ll pass on them,….”
Soooo funny LOL. WTF?

Thanks Daniel for the intelliegent info and facts for anyone who was curious, and setting the unknowlegable one straight.

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