Rafael Nadal Tries To Match Clay Title Record Sunday In Buenos Aires
by Staff | February 28th, 2015, 7:02 pm

Rafael Nadal will bid for a record-tying 46th career clay court title Sunday in Buenos Aires. Today, Nadal overcame a 6-1 first set tiebreak deficit to beat Carolos Berlocq 7-6(7), 6-2 in the semifinals. Nadal will now meet good friend Juan Monaco in the final.

“I’m happy for Pico, who had long since reached a final,” said Nadal. “It’s a joy to play this decisive match against a friend and for me it is also very important to play my first final of the year here in Buenos Aires, a place where I feel the affection of the people.

“I was serving short in the first set and he (Berlocq) was very aggressive. In the second I was more aggressive and more dynamic with my shots. The tranquility and confidence gave me more energy at the end. I’m happy with the victory.”

Monaco advanced by beating former Top 10 and 2011 champ Nicolas Almagro in three sets 6-3, 6-7(6), 6-4.

“It was another tough match and I’m very happy for having managed to win,” said Monaco. “I have wanted to play in a final for a long time and it makes it more special that it is here, in Buenos Aires, with all these people supporting me.

“Last year it was very hard due to the physical problems I had. At the end of the season I started to play a little better and am now in the final here, so the hard work is paying off.”

Nadal has won five of six meeting against Monaco. He is seeking his 65th career title, first since the French Open last June.

Monaco is trying to beat his first Top 5 foe since his win over No. 5 David Ferrer in the 2011 Valencia SFs.

The Argentina Open title will be won by an Argentine or Spaniard for the 13th consecutive year on Sunday. Since 2003, the champion has come from one of the two countries, including the past six by Spain.

Open Era Clay Court Title Leaders
Guillermo Vilas 46
Rafael Nadal 45
Thomas Muster 40
Bjorn Borg 30
Manuel Orantes 30

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47 Comments for Rafael Nadal Tries To Match Clay Title Record Sunday In Buenos Aires

skeezer Says:

Watchin Ferrer vs Kei final, very interesting match. At times Kei looks like a better Ferrer, but Ferrer is up a break early, so go figure. Daveed has sweated through his shirt after just 3 games…..

skeezer Says:

Davveed is showing Kei how to grind it out.
Google the dress debate.

Daniel Says:

This year Nadal will eclipse the clay titles record, which is most fitting to his resume.

skeezer Says:

Congrats to Ferrer, the little engine that could!

Okiegal Says:

I looked at David’s bio and I didn’t realize he is 32 yrs old. He gets around the court pretty good too….since we label 33 yrs of age being old….the little engine that could, is hanging in there! Good for him! Congrats to David…..chug chug choo choo and chop chop! Love him even though he sweats buckets…..what can I say?? I’m partial to those sweating Spaniards. :)

skeezer Says:

^too cute👍🎾

Hamza Says:

Despite having a lot of miles on the body, David’s performance in recent years, in general, has been very very good. Beating Kei in straight sets ? Top result. But I guess giving consistent performances in grand slams becomes harder since 5-set tennis tests your fitness and nerves even more.

Great performance from Ferrer.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer…..LOL. You do think I’m funnier
than Humble, no?? :)

@Hamas…..When we picked who would finish year end top ten, some TExrs picked David to drop out of the top ten, but I didn’t. I think he’s got lots of good tennis in him yet, and proved it tonight.

Okiegal Says:

Sorry Hamza, my spell check did that!! Please forgive!!

metan Says:

Hopefully, he will win tomorrow.
Vamos Rafa!

Mr. Larvey Says:

Well done Ferrer. 3rd title of the season and his record is now 18-1. Not bad for 32 years old. Not bad at all!

Hippy Chick Says:

Yeah most of us were predicting Ferrer would fall from the top 10 this year me included,and hes just won his third title of the year,a very solid top 10 player with very little injuries,but no big weapons to trouble the elite players,so was very unlikely to ever win a GS sadly….

Hippy Chick Says:

Nice picture of Rafa and Xisca,she is a little stunner,Daniel what do you mean,when you say most fitting to his resume?….

sienna Says:

It is a dig at Rafa being about clay courts.
I agree only last year to now but he can turn it around again. Miami might be a good tourney for him to propell himself into the clayswing.
Cleansweep is what he wants to silence the non believers…

Michael Says:

Advance congratulations to Rafa for his first title this year.

sienna Says:

I wonder if he would hand a gift to Monaco.
but perhaps Rafa needs this 259 more then ever.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael with the way Rafas been playing lately losing to every Tom,Dick and Harry, i certainly wont be counting any chickens,this is one Rafa fan that cant be accused of been arrogant and expecting another title,just because its clay….

metan Says:

Michael is so optimis, so am I. 😄

brando Says:

Major congratulations and registering of real admiration for Mr David ‘real tenacity’ Ferrer. He’s 32 this year and he’s won Doha, Rio, Acapulco already. He’s also the FIRST player in 30 years to win a clay title, next week immediately a hard court title since Ivan Lendl. An amazing player. One who always gets written off yet: has finished world number 3, played a grand slam final, wtf final, won master series, Davis cup, 500/250 title’s galore and always commanded respect from all the players. What a beast. He’s done all that whilst not being 6 foot plus and always giving the big boys something to think about. Amazing player.

Daniel Says:

HC. To also have the record of clay titles. This is the o ly big clay record missing

Humble Rafa Says:

I am glad people are getting around to realizing that my compatriot, the Unkempt One, is now 32 years old.

His title wins, like mine, won’t give you orgasms, but get the job done the Humble way.

Hippy Chick Says:

Daniel OK ,like Sienna said i thought it was a dig about the clay courts….

sienna Says:

He is a 5 times non clay slamwinner. so why would anyone claim he is onlyclaycourt champ.

And why would a Rafa fan be irritated if someone does raise those questions.

Low on confidence and believe.

Gordon Says:

This is a painful rain delay of the inevitable. I know we are all hedging because Rafa is prone to being off form lately and dropping matches, but the last 3 matches against Monaco has resulted in Monaco getting a TOTAL of 7 games, and 2 of those matches were best of 5 set affairs. Yep – Monaco took 7 games from Rafa in 8 sets. Yikes! Talk about a mismatch.

But let’s get this over and done; we need some youth in the winners’ circle. The past 5 ATP tournaments were wine by guys in their 30s (Federer, Ferrer (2), Karlovic, Simon). We need Rafa to have someone closer to 25 win 1 of these things (though not much closer; Rafa turns 29 in 3 months).

Where is the next generation of brilliance?

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna youve changed your tune,yourself and the guy you were really friendly with used to always say how 1 dimensional he was?….

skeezer Says:

Monaco is a great ball feeder for Rafa. Does he even know how to attack a short ball? No, he hits, then goes backwards, or better yet, moves backward to hit a ball. FE is right, Rafa has to be thankful for Monaco, how many games as he had lifetime against Rafa? His ball feeding skills are excellent though. Congrats Rafa. This was better than hitting against a ball machine…well maybe not.

Giles Says:

Well done Rafa. Hope this is the first of many more titles in 2015.
Vamos Champ!

Giles Says:

skeezer. Give it a rest. You are so very boring it is becoming very irritating!

skeezer Says:

Surprised Argentina doesn’t have a bigger Tennis event there with all the great Tennis player history they have there. Is this the only event?

FedExpress Says:

47th clay title for rafa. djokovic has 49th title in total

think rafa will overtake fed in career totals. 18 behind

Brando Says:

Vamos Rafa!

Great moment also for the close friends Rafa and Pico:

To have played a tour final, that too in Pico’s home country, infront of a affectionate Spanish crowd- one to jot down in the memory for both!

Brando Says:


It should have a bigger tournament due to it’s tennis history. Really should.

That said, I really liked this event. The spacious court, nice crowd size, not too big, nor small, intimate. Plus I loved the rumbling train noise in the background when it passed- found it soothing lol!

I actually really liked the event, the organisation about it. Hope Tennis expands and reaches a greater height in Argentina!

Okiegal Says:

I just read on another site that Vilas said the ATP missed three of his titles so actually Rafa has three more to go. How does something like a title record get that screwed up? Said ATP would change the stat. Is this weird or what?? Got that info on the Nadal News web site.

Okiegal Says:

I went to Wiki on Vilas and it has been changed to 49 clay court titles……Rafa is just gonna have to win more!! LOL

Hamza Says:

@Okiegal: No issues! :) I hate spell-checkers. I think Vilas is mucking with his Wiki page. I’ll be really mad if he comes back and says he won 52 titles if Rafa wins 50 clay titles :).

On a side note, I find it remarkable that there is not even a single Masters played in Latin America. Players from that part have been CONSISTENTLY in the top tennis rankings — Villas, Rios, Kuerten, Del po to name a few. I guess it’s all about the money these days.

skeezer Says:


There has been a fine contingent of players from Argentina….
Guga is from Brazil….yeah Hamza I agree Latin America is rich with Tennis players and is a popular sport there, why they don’t have at the very least an Indian Wells type tourney there is puzzling. Maybe the Clay season is already filled with tourneys and there is no room? They surely wouldn’t want a HC tourney down there, no?

Okiegal Says:

@Hamza….Thanks…like to get things right! About the Vilas clay title snafu, why wouldn’t he take issue with that stat a long time ago…..but maybe he didn’t realize the mistake until the issue of Rafa tying his record came about. Who knows, but as I said Rafa will just have to win three more to get the praise for a second time!!

jane Says:

congrats to rafa for a record, well deserved.
and to ferrer, for keeping on keeping on.

skeezer Says:

@4:23 post
Did you watch the match? OMG!

metan Says:

Congratulations to Rafa.

Be grateful that we still have nature courts like clay and grass before the organization changes them all into BORING concrete and artificial.

Giles Says:

@Okie. It turns out that Villas is trying to count 3 non official titles to enhance his total.

Okiegal Says:

@Giles 3:25

I had a feeling there had to be something weird about this. Wiki changed it to 49, however. I will imagine the powers that be will get to the bottom of it. I will keep checking Wiki to see if it has been changed back………ummm…..interesting, what’s old Vilas up to?? Lol

Hamza Says:


Check this link


Apparently, a poster named Gizo went to the bottom of this and claims to have fixed the wiki entry himself. From what it appears, he was right and ATP seems to acknowledge that albeit tacitly.

Damn you Gizo ! JK.

Okiegal Says:

@Thanks Hamza, I will check this out. I can’t believe this happened! I can do without all of the Gizos of the world, especially if they interfere with Rafa and his records! LOL. Crap happens!! Oh, well, he’s got to win 3 more…..sigh…. :(

Okiegal Says:

@Hamza…..That makes perfect sense, all the tournaments here in the states were on clay in Vilas hay day. I believe the USO changed to hard court from clay in 78 or 79. I loved to watch Vilas and then I crushed out on Borg…..I’m just partial to clay courts, that’s what I cut my teeth on. LOL Thanks for the info. I would have never found that link.

All the staff writers are gonna have to lick their calf over on this issue. :)

Sidney Says:

@hc, was it Dave? Sienna and Dave. Yes, I remember… the ‘racist’ thread.

Hippy Chick Says:

Sidney after Cilic won the USO,Wogboy and The DA posted a picture of him with a guy called Thompson,with the headline#proud,i used to like Cilic and was pleased he won the USO,however that was until i saw that picture,then i lost all respect for him,and now i hope he never wins another GS ever again even though he is an amazing player,it might not be his policy but he obviously condones it,my husbands ancestors are Jewish so i was most offended,and sorry but i cant get past this now….

About Dave he and Sienna had a good raport on this forum,he was a great poster and very knowledgeable,but never said or condoned anything racist,to the best of my knowledge….

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