John Isner: This Davis Cup Loss Is On Me, My Friday Match Hurt The Team A Lot
by Tom Gainey | March 8th, 2015, 2:14 pm

American John Isner wants to take the heat for USA’s first round Davis Cup loss this weekend to Great Britain in Glasgow. There was no shame in Isner’s straight set loss today to Andy Murray in Britain’s clincher, but Isner is still focused on his poor play Friday when he blew a two set lead to unheralded James Ward in a nightmarish opening day defeat.

“This one is on me,” Isner said after the Murray loss. “My teammates may say otherwise, but if you look at the match-up on paper, I lost on Friday and put us in a huge hole. It is disappointing for me. There are not many people that could beat Andy and I certainly tried my best and was close. But on Friday, my match hurt us a lot.”

Isner, who turns 30 next month, has lost nine of his last 10 five set matches. He’s just 5-13 in his career in 5-set matches that go the distance.

Captain Jim Courier took a different position.

“I don’t feel that way,” he said in regards to Isner taking the fall. “We win and lose as a team. John came out and gave everything he had. He came up a little short in two matches. Today’s match was not as long, but it was close. He played the tennis he needs to always play today. If he played that tennis on Friday, we might still be in a live match or maybe not. But, I would have felt better about our chances if he played a little more aggressively like he did today.”

With the loss, the U.S. will now drop down to a September playoff to have a chance to return to the 2016 World Group main draw.

“Our team changes,” Courier said. “You always try to make some adjustments and go forward. We play again in September, so I have time to assess everything. It takes time to process defeats like this and try to figure out what you can learn from it and improve going forward.”

After the second straight year beating the U.S., Murray and his British team will host France in a July quarterfinal.

“This is a deserved win,” Murray said. “The attitude of everyone was excellent. Everyone fought extremely hard, especially when we were behind in the matches, no one gave up. Every person played extremely hard.

“It was huge momentum for us in winning James’ match. We were also so close yesterday to winning 3-0, so I felt some pressure today to close it out. The way John approached the match made it difficult.”

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11 Comments for John Isner: This Davis Cup Loss Is On Me, My Friday Match Hurt The Team A Lot

chris ford1 Says:

Too bad. Nice guy, but Isner is a servebot. Stinks that a USO crowd would boo him against Monfils, but half the NYC people are guilty white liberals conditioned to root for any black champion against a white of “privilege”, the other half just found Monfils more appealing than their fellow American.

Isner is 30 now. While Dr Ivo just turned 36, he always has seemed healthier than Isner.
Sad times for US tennis. Querrey and Young have been fizzles. No hope on the horizon. And the Williams have been around a long, long time and Americans are not immune from the urge to express gratitude and appreciation for the two Legends – while deeply wishing we turn the page and see a new Era in the WTA. And casual fans could care less about “amazing records!!”in a port they may watch a couple times a year.

aarontennis Says:

I have no hope for Isner moving forward after this, but I do respect the guy and wish him well in the NBA.

@chris ford1: I do not know about the “white liberals” being the reason that Americans would cheer for Monfils over Isner at the USO, but I agree with the latter part of your comment in that the crowd finding Monfils more appealing. Seeing Isner play is like watching a professional basketball player who cannot shoot, play defense, or “run,” but sure can dunk the ball! Totally one dimensional…but a guy like Monfils has countless dimensions, and the audience knows that his potential is endless. I am sure if Isner was playing Gasquet there, the same thing would have happened.

Brando Says:

Nah John it’s not on you but your country!

A population of over 300 million, hosts a historic Grand Slam,3 of 9 Master Series, a great number of 500/250 events, has a long standing Tennis traditions, more great champions/winners than any country in the history of the sport, a great sporting culture, outdoor environment etc and it cannot produce 5 good to great tennis players sorry but:

That’s just pathetic. Totally and utterly unacceptable. Period.

So don’t blame yourself Big John. You are doing the best you can do with your game. It’s just the US Tennis administrators and powers that be are on snooze mode with their work.

Emily Says:

@chris ford 1, the crowd at the US Open didn’t cheer for Monfils b/c they are “white of privilege.” I don’t know if you’ve been to the US Open, but people love Monfils b/c of his personality and his game. He was losing that match and people love comebacks, it had nothing to do w/ race. I was there for the 1st few games and while I didn’t witness the crowd support for Monfils, I have been there for an Isner match against Baghdatis. Sorry to break it to you, but it is not unusual to have a crowd not all pro-Isner, even in America. He is not someone tennis crowds like watching b/c his game is not interesting and he doesn’t have the personality of someone like Gael or Marcos.

No offense to the guy and I feel bad for him, but, out of curiosity, have you been at the US Open where these white privileged crowds supported someone b/c of their race? I wouldn’t take this there.

Sidney Says:

Thanks John for your service and for holding yourself accountable, and most importantly not putting blame on others, which you could have easily done. You made this American proud. Thank you!

jane Says:

i have no idea where to post on the actual davis cup match going on! anyhow, kei was up a break in the 5th and lost it. now, they’re back on serve.

Sidney Says:

Kei breaks and will serve for the match.

jane Says:

well, kei won! it’ll come down to popsicle. i hope he can cinch it because i like him!

jane Says:

popsicle wins set one over soda.

jane Says:

one more set and canada wins; with popsicle the real hero given that he helped win doubles and will have won the final tie. but them eggs aren’t hatched yet – one set!! c’mon vassey!

jane Says:

YAY! Popsicle wins it!! :)

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