Oh Yes He Did! Andy Murray Just Revealed Dominic Inglot Has A Side Chick! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 8th, 2015, 1:08 pm

Shortly after clinching Great Britain’s 3-1 win over the U.S. today, Davis Cup hero Andy Murray accidently busted teammate Dominic Inglot for cheating on his girlfriend.

When asked by Eurosport presenter Annabel Croft of team celebration plans, Murray, who has to leave tonight, was quick to point out that Inglot would busy with his “little girlfriend on the go”. Except, as it turns out, Inglot has a real girlfriend back home watching, unaware her beau was cheating on her!

“You’ve actually landed me in this,” a mortified Iglot said on live TV. “Because I actually have a girlfriend watching this!”

Murray might be the toast of Great Britain tonight, but Inglot’s celebrations just took a turn.

UPDATE: Inglot now says the whole interview was set up. Do you believe him or is he just trying to make things right with his girlfriend?

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26 Comments for Oh Yes He Did! Andy Murray Just Revealed Dominic Inglot Has A Side Chick! [Video]

Hippy Chick Says:

WOW Talk about getting caught with your pants down and on live TV too,a word of warning Dominic if your playing the field be sure all parties know about it….

Hippy Chick Says:

Andy Andy would you like a glass of water to wash down your foot?….

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Just lost a lot of respect for Andy. Not for what he revealed but how he behaved just after. You don’t burst out laughing when you trigger such situation. When you add the f… Czech – and I’m really not a Berdych fan – by soon-to-be Mrs Murray, it gives a good picture of the future couple.

jane Says:

well, maybe it’s good his cheating was exposed; it’s not really a laughing matter for the partner in the relationship if they’re supposed to be exclusive. i suppose it all depends on the situation.

calmdownplease Says:

`Just lost a lot of respect for Andy..`

Oh my goodness!
Quick, someone get word to Andy about how some FEDNADALNOVAK (delete where appropriate)fan has lost `A LOT of respect` for him!
Perhaps said fan can now FIND a sense of humour to make up for this terribly tragic situation!

Hippy Chick Says:

Especially given she was humiliated on national TV in front of millions of people all over the world,id be cutting the crotches out of his trousers as we speak,i wouldnt blame her either,hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

Hippy Chick Says:

CDP exactly Andy didnt do anything wrong,it was Dominic who couldnt keep it in his trousers….

calmdownplease Says:

they might be..
what’s the term again….
`swingers` yes!

Hippy Chick Says:

CDP LOL Nothing wrong in it,as long as everybody knows….

calmdownplease Says:

It was a great event actually, so pleased for Wardy.
Andy is a hero full stop but James was THE hero this weekend, In my opinion.

calmdownplease Says:

Could this weekend also be the much needed catalyst that finally brings it back into focus for Andy that, well, he kinda actually likes playing tennis?
Let’s hope so, we can’t be having more Coric moments this year. That was just silly, and not very helpful or respectful to his chances (or his fans) really.
The next few weeks should prove illuminating on this no doubt.

autoFilter Says:

“You don’t burst out laughing when you trigger such situation.”

That seems like a perfectly normal emotional response given that his friend is also laughing, everybody is undoubtedly both exhausted and pumped with adrenaline, and that the situation is rife with absurdity.

People can laugh for many reasons. It’s not uncommon to first laugh when face with horrific tragedy, even. Laughter can easily arise as a first response when one is incapable of processing the abrupt onset of complex, conflicting emotions.

Brando Says:

LMFAO: that was brilliant!

And Muzza’s reaction- priceless!

I did not know who this Dom character was until I saw him yesterday in the doubles and even commented I liked what I saw of him but this is just excellent stuff, what a champ!

Making sure the squirrels ain’t the only one getting some nut this spring!

Create to see the fellas ain’t some cut out PC walking, talking drones and actually have some fun, some adventure here and there. It’s good to have these characters around.

Nice to see Dom wasn’t apologizing like an idiot and took in his stride with a giggle and high 5 with the Muzzard! LOL: that was quality stuff!

Still amatuer to my fav pre Rafa, the man, the legend: Marat Safin.

Will never forget the AO when courier asked about his changing ladies in his box and Marat replied: Jim I have one for each round, get with the programme!

LMFAO- what a boss Marat was!

Props to Team GB and Dom especially: work hard, play harder!

Hippy Chick Says:

Marat was gorgeous,but i always thought he was that much in love with himself,that there couldnt be much left for anyone else?….

chris ford1 Says:

Andy steps in it a lot. In the last year we had most of England calling him a silly “C-Word” on the Scottish Referandum.(C-word being among the most common and innocuous of UK cussing, unlike in the States). Once Lendl left, he was back to cursing the crowd and his Mom and himself. Cursing Berdych’s country. Staring daggers at his pal Nole and stepping it back to say he really, really, honestly…wasn’t a sore loser at the Awards ceremony. Now he outs a team mate.

Brando Says:

@Chris Ford:

LOL Chris, I did not know you were keeping a record. When does Andy get his full school report from you? lol.

In all seriousness:

– ‘most of England calling him a silly “C-Word” on the Scottish Referandum’:

So what. He’s Scottish, has a right to a view one way or the other on the matter of Independence for his homeland which means alot to him. IF anyone- English or otherwise- cannot handle it then they can go — themselves. (it’s a 4 letter word universally popular seeing as we are getting regional about expletives).

Besides: i’m English and i’ll say it readily: we ain’t no Saints down here and we certainly can be snobbish, judgmental most of the time! So Andy has done nada wrong here nor has to answer for.

– ‘he was back to cursing the crowd and his Mom and himself.’:

He’s been like that since childhood. Nothing new. It’s like Rafa with picking his shorts: it ain’t one anyone likes seeing, but it comes with territory. EVERY player has a side that does not show them in the better sense of who they are. Same for the rest of us.

It’s called being human Chris: we ain’t perfect.

-‘Cursing Berdych’s country’:

That was his gal not him. Fact check.

-‘Staring daggers at his pal Nole’:

So what? He only lost a Grand Slam to him in mere minutes ago. How was he not going to be peeved about it?

Rafa looked peeved towrds Nole in Wimby 11′, Fed starting crying towards Rafa in AO 09′ and Nole looked like someone who lost a loved one in the USO 13′ final with Rafa.

Newsflash: Losing Grand Slam finals can hurt badly, and the RU may feel a myriad of negative emotions in the immediate moment after it.

– ‘Now he outs a team mate.’:

Yeah he did that intentionally right?

Like Andy knows who Dominic is humping. It’d Dominic’s life, his penis. Andy doesn’t want a full report on what he does in his down time: he ain’t his mother, father or Priest.

It was a unaware error, a funny one. One which Dominic did not exactly mind since within seconds he was high 5ing him and joining in the laughter.

I suggest:

If you are going through sh– at the character of a individual then at the very least make sure it sticks no?

Weak reasoning’s Chris.

Most reasonable folks thing Andy is stand up guy. But he’s a public figure and hey:

Even Gandhi, MLK had their haters in their lifetime.

Let it slide!

Hippy Chick Says:

Well Dom tweeted that there is no girl on the side,and Andy was only having a joke,either that or Doms trying to dig himself out of a hole….

brando Says:

Who cares if there is one or not? His life, his hustle: let him be. As the saying goes: play on player.

chris ford1 Says:

Brando, I’m no Muzz hater. I like Andy a bit and think he is fated to end all the Brit curses before he is done and merit the giant statue that will be made for the guy. I think he will end the 79 year Brit drought from Davis Cup Victory. We can all admire athletes while not deluding ourselves they are perfect. That doesn’t make us, to use the current smear of choice on the Left…”Haters”.

Andy always steps in it. Just a fact.
Berdych is a cool tweeter but he irritates people.
Fed is arrogant and can be a sore loser.
Nole can be dorky and needy.
Serena is not immune from a skank attitude now and then.
Rafa is a great, no one quite like him, ever. But he is also a King’s Buffet of OCD ticks, rituals, superstitions.

So Muzz steps in it.
He was behaving himself so well under Lendl. Probably scared of Lendl…

Josh Says:

I don’t think Andy was aware he had a girlfriend hence why he was initially laughing.

Conflicting reports but it seems that someone had been flirting with Dom most of the weekend and that was what they were referring to and Andy joking with him about it did not realise he had a girlfriend.

Even if he was playing Andy was not to know and most the team were laughing about it whereas if it was true it might and have been more serious.

aarontennis Says:

is this really tennis news?

Margot Says:

Looked like a good old British wind up to me, but I don’t think Andy knew Dom had a gf. Lol.
Perhaps he doesn’t any more?

Giles Says:

Oh Andy what a big mouth you have and big teeth to go with it. Lol

elina Says:

There is nothing wrong with what Murray did.

Jury’s out on Dom on the other hand… (speaking of, I think he’s going to need it).

Okiegal Says:

If it was a put up deal, Andy is quite the actor! Who knows? If he was cheating, obviously Andy was innocent to that fact. I really don’t think Andy would have called him out like that if he had known. Bottom line, Dom deserved what he got…..the dirty rotten scoundrel……If this is all legit, what could Andy do but laugh?? I thought it was hilarious myself!! Maybe it was a punk’d skit……but I don’t think so!! :) lol

RZ Says:

Considering that Inglot was laughing too rather than looking guilty or shocked, I’m guessing that Andy was joking about the fan who kept cheering Inglot on, and not that anyone was cheating.

This article tells Inglot’s side and includes his tweet.

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