Skiing Gold Medallist Mikaela Shiffrin Says Roger Federer Is A Class Act, He’s Her Role Model
by Tom Gainey | March 25th, 2015, 3:58 pm

2014 Olympic gold medallist Mikaela Shiffrin said in a recent interview that tennis great Roger Federer was her role model.

“I feel like Roger Federer is in a league of his own,” the 20-year-old said to “And the Swiss Davis Cup Team is not the only one inspired by Roger. He is a class act and I use him as a role model. Every time I open my mouth and start to say something stupid to the media, a little voice in my head shouts ‘what would Roger say?’ OK, that may be an exaggeration, but really I like his style and his presence, and anyone who is inspired by him is a friend of mine.”

Shiffrin also had some nice things to say about Marin Cilic. “I watched Marin Cilic win the US Open. My mom and I play a lot of tennis and I love to watch the Grand Slams and was particularly moved by not only Marin’s win but by his demeanor during his post-win interview. He seems like such a cool, focused, and very sweet guy, like the Croatian skiers I know.”

At just 18, the American Shiffrin won the Olympic gold in the slalom at Sochi last year.

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11 Comments for Skiing Gold Medallist Mikaela Shiffrin Says Roger Federer Is A Class Act, He’s Her Role Model

Hippy Chick Says:

Never heard of her TBH,nice to say that i suppose,but IMO a roll model should be a parent,relation or guardian,not a sports personality,its what i would say to young children anyway,no offence though….

skeezer Says:

I think she is relating this (role model)to her sport, and behavior towards the media and fans, not her parenting.

Hippy Chick Says:

Thats fair enough Skeezer,however i dont think Cilic should be used as a sporting roll model after what hes done,and i dont care what anyone says….

Jayeno Says:

Ms. Shiffrin has chosen the Premire Tennis Ambassador as an excellent role model. He commands the respect amongst his colleagues; former players believe him to be the Greatest Player of all time (see Tennis Channel run down of 2014). She has selected an admirable gentleman as a role model. Fabulous choice, good idea young lady.

Jack Lewis Says:

“i dont think Cilic should be used as a sporting roll model after what hes done,”

Who cares, he did the time, if someone finds him cool and sweet, what does it take away from you?

At least he’s a man so we won’t get the typical HC sexist comment about how cute is or not.

alena Says:

“2013 Olympic gold medallist”


Hippy Chick Says:

Jack Lewis just what is your your problem with me?im refering to him seen having his picture taken with a Neo Nazi pop star,with the hashtag underneath saying proud,it might not be his policy but having his picture taken with the guy means he obviously condones it?even Wogboy and The DA both thought it was in poor taste,for the record i have alot of respect for Cilic as a player the USO win was fantastic,but i said i dont think he is a good roll model and i stand by that and im not about to apologize for my stance on that….

About the other stuff i said maybe i have been ageist,sexist but i wouldnt be the first on this forum to do this when talking about a players looks and i certainly wont be the last,but i will tone it down if it offends you,i just think its unfair to single just me out on that…. Says:

Hippy, no need to apologize for anyone! I don’t think Jack understood what you were referring to.

I don’t know enough about Croat culture to understand that Thompson guy- perhaps others here could enlighten us. His statements that I can find do not really indicate anything abhorrent, though certainly his fans seem to all adopt the Stasi symbols, and he’s been criticized by many outside groups. Still, without understanding it better myself I’m more inclined to withhold judgement. That is to say: unless I heard of Thompson saying something in that racist/fascist vein, then not only are we blaming him for his fans fetishes but holding Marin to account… for Thompson’s fans fetishes.

I guess for myself its enough to keep me from cheering Cilic on, but without understanding better I wouldn’t condemn him

If anyone has a better grasp of that, I’d appreciate having it clarified.

Okiegal Says:

@TV……Sienna might could clarify that for you.

Markus Says:

Hippy Chick, I was wondering why you don’t like Cilic because of his association with Marko Perkovic of the band Thompson. So I read about him. He calls himself a Croatian patriot and is very popular in his country. He does a lot of humanitarian work. He denies accusations that he is a fascist. However, his actions and the songs he writes seem to belie this. His songs allegedly support the Ustasha and he does not dissuade his fans from wearing Ustasha inspired shirts or their racist chants. Therefore, HC, now I understand your stand about this and I agree with you. Cilic himself may not be a clerical-fascist but his association with one makes him a supporter. And that is what is not good about it.

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks for the feedbabck TV and Markus

TV yeah i cant speak for Jack Lewis,but i think he thought i was talking about the doping thing,which i dont care about if thats the case,as its as he said Cilic has done his time and paid for that, but i saw what this guy was about on Wiki and it was all there in black and white,so im not prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt….

Markus true the humanitarian stuff is fantastic and i applaud any person who does that for the greater good of mankind,Cilic might not support these ideas himself as you say,but it certainly looks like he supports a supporter otherwise why have your photo taken with the guy?….

I used to like Cilic and was really pleased for him when he won the USO even though i wanted Nishikori to win the title,but i cant get past this because of what i know now,Cilic is a fantastic player,but i hope he never wins another GS ever again….

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