Rafael Nadal Likes Indian Wells Because The Balls Bounce Higher There
by Tom Gainey | March 28th, 2015, 9:40 am

Rafael Nadal talked about the differences between Indian Wells where he has won three times and this week’s Miami event where he has made the finals four times, never winning.

“Well, doesn’t matter,” Nadal said about the conditions. “I think is true that play with less humidity is easier for the body. Is true during my career I had more success in Indian Wells than here. I think I won three times, played another final, and couple of semifinals. Is true that Indian Wells has been a tournament that worked better historically for my game. I think the bounces are higher.

“But here I played four finals, another quarterfinals. I cannot say a tournament that I don’t like. I like play here. I like the conditions. Is true that there is some days that can be very humid and hard for the body, but in general they are the conditions I like to play tennis.

“The court in Miami I think is the same than since 10 years, since I came here. I don’t see difference with the court, no? The ball is heavier here than in Indian Wells for the humidity, so the ball flies is little bit slower through the air. That’s it.”

Nadal beat Nicolas Almagro yesterday. He also said the ankle he rolled earlier in the fine is not an issue.

“I am well, no?” he said. “I had just a little bit, how do you say, small torn in the beginning, so it was going to be tough. The day after I had pain, but after two days I improved 50% and stays the same. It’s not limiting my movements.”

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9 Comments for Rafael Nadal Likes Indian Wells Because The Balls Bounce Higher There

jane Says:

if he’s been in 4 finals, it can’t be that bad for his game, as he rightly points out.

Pamela Says:

Wasn’t it just a week or so ago when Rafa was complaining about the balls in Indian Weels?

Pamela519 Says:

Nadal says he likes the balls better in Indian Wells? Wasn’t he complaining about these same balls during the Indian Wells matches?

Giles Says:

Rafa said he likes IW because the balls bounce higher. Where did he say that he liked the balls in IW better??

skeezer Says:

He should have ended it with “Well, doesn’t matter.”
But Nooooooo.
Play on.

sienna Says:

downplaying, seaking excuses for losing, insecure etc

Okiegal Says:

His results are better in Indian Wells as opposed to Miami. I think this is the message he’s trying to convey. These comments are answers to stupid questions from media…..after all, he’s got to say something. Poor guy, sometimes with the language barrier, things he says doesn’t come across like he intends for it to…..imo.

Hippy Chick Says:

Im confused i didnt think he liked his IW balls,now he says he likes them?….

RZ Says:

I don’t think he’s talking about the actual balls but rather how the conditions (dry in IW, humid in Miami) affect the bounce of the ball.

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