Rafael Nadal: I Have To Just “Delete” What Happened Today Against Andy
by Tom Gainey | May 11th, 2015, 10:00 am

In one of his worst performances in a final, Rafael Nadal routinely dismissed by Andy Murray in the final of the Madrid Masters yesterday. Nadal, who was a 2-time defending champion at his home Masters event, had never lost to Murray in six clay meetings, but yesterday the former No. 1 was far from himself, committing numerous errors in a lackluster effort against Murray.

The 63, 62 loss was his worst on a clay court since 2004 Bastad quarterfinals where he lost to Gaston Gaudio 62, 63.

Afterward, Nadal gave Murray credit for the win, then added that after a disappointing clay season, he would have been happy making the final. And that’s what he did.

“It’s been a positive week,” Nadal said. “I’m not going to lie. A week before I would’ve signed for these results, of course. I’ve played a couple good matches, especially yesterday’s match. I said that yesterday. It’s one of the best matches I have played in a long time.

“So I cannot leave Madrid not happy. I have leave happy and just delete what happened today. I will just stay with the good things that happened this week ‑ and there are a lot of them, more good than bad ‑ and then I will try to recover in Rome the feelings.

“I think I’ve made a step forward and I’m playing better. My game is better. I haven’t been able to play two weeks in a row, well, in the whole year. I think it’s time that I play two weeks in a row. Let’s see what happens next week in Rome. Hopefully I’ll be focused and fight as much as I can to make a good week.”

Nadal heads to Rome where he’ll be joined to Novak Djokovic who beat him in the 2014 final. After failing to defend his 2014 Madrid title, Nadal has seen his ranking drop to a 10-year low of No. 7 this week.

“Two weeks,” Nadal said Sunday, pointing to Paris. “That’s the time that we have, two weeks. It’s been a positive week. I said before, we still have Rome. I’m already thinking in Rome from this moment. I’ll try to go there tomorrow and train well, try to adapt to there, because it’s an important change. You change from playing with altitude to no altitude there.

“I’ll try to have a good week in Rome. And by a good week, that does not mean only to win. That means to do things good through the different days. Doing things well every single day, that’s a good week. It’s a very complicated tournament. We have the top players there. But I also know if I manage to play the level I did yesterday I can be competitive against every single player. So this is the path I have to follow and that’s what I’m going to try. I’m going to die to try and continue in yesterday’s path.”

UPDATE: Sorry for the headline snafu. Post updated – Tom.

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15 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Have To Just “Delete” What Happened Today Against Andy

Giles Says:

Tom Gainey. The heading of this article is a misquote from Rafa. He did not say “I’m not leaving Madrid a happy man” but rather “So I cannot leave Madrid not happy”. Amend the title please.

Wog Boy Says:

I think the title of this thread is wrong, my understandig is that Rafa , in his broken English, said he leaves Madrid happy man:

““So I cannot leave Madrid not happy. I have leave happy and just delete what happened today.”

jane Says:

“Nadal heads to Rome where he’ll be joined to Novak Djokovic”

“joined to” – i hope not. ha ha.

hmmm, i interpreted his quote to mean the opposite of what the title of this piece implies.

jane Says:

wog boy, yes, precisely. it’s the double negative that throws things off. “i cannot … not”.

jane Says:

i like this title better, anyhow. nadal makes great use of the word delete, like deleting something on a computer.

brando Says:

Absolutely spot on rafa!!! Sure the final was a disappointment: but it was atleast a better fight in a loss than v novak and Fabio. Sure it would have been good to win the title: but atleast he played the championship match unlike in monte Carlo and Barcelona. So I agree wholeheartedly: it would be foolish to overlook the great amount of good work post Barcelona just because of one performance. And what is that one performance? One which rafa fully well knows he can perform better. One thing Andy said post match which made me realize how sometimes fate favors some I else: all week Andy played at night. Rafa played first up in the day. His matches usually done by 4 local time in the burning sun. This match though started at 7.15 local time. In conditions Andy was well versed in rafa not so. It’s a small thing. But sometimes little can make a big difference. C’est la vie I guess. Just wasn’t meant to be. But again: take the good from it all and build on it. Rome should hopefully be better: more successthere than in Madrid historically. Better conditions that are to rafa’s liking more than in Madrid. We move on, vamos rafa!

jane Says:

here’s a tweet from staks:

Sergiy Stakhovsky ‏@Stako_tennis 1h1 hour ago
Funny is that when Roger lost couple matches everybody said he is done. Now when Rafa is losing matches on clay everybody is optimistic ..

Giles Says:

Stako is talking cr@p. Nobody is optimistic, well certainly. It on this forum. Some people like to wag their tongues without realising how stupid they sound. Geez!

Giles Says:


jane Says:

interesting that you seem to know better than a player himself what people on the ATP tour are thinking. maybe it’s true that some are optimistic. or perhaps staks is referring to pundits & journalists, and indeed there are some of those already suggesting this will be the year someone new will win the FO. maybe staks interprets that as optimism?

in any case, i believe it’s clear – his point is that it’s a rush to judgement just the same as it was claiming that fed was “done” after losing some matches.

skeezer Says:

i’ll take Staks take over anonymous.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Now when Rafa is losing matches on clay everybody is optimistic ..

Does this mean Optimistic about their chances (players like Murray, Novak, Nishikori) of winning or about Rafa’s chances of winning. Not clear.

skeezer Says:

Here’s a response to 2:56
STFU and just win baby.
Whining gets you nowhere. Lol.

Giles Says:

Post 12.35. WTF are you still doing here? Your fave’s butt was kicked in the first round by Nick the Kid. LMAO

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