Watch Novak Djokovic Break Into Tears From The Ovation The French Crowd Gave Him [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 7th, 2015, 3:29 pm

The French crowd has been known to be a fickle bunch, but today after Novak Djokovic came up just short again in his quest to win a first French Open, the fans in Chatrier gave the World No. 1 a rousing 3-minute ovation.

And the applause brought Djokovic to tears.


Both players thanked the crowd in French.

“I respect the appreciation they show me, and it was more or less the same situation like last year,” said Djokovic. “It gives me even more motivation to come back and keep on trying. They are truly respectful fans, and I thank them very, very much for these emotions I felt on the court. Obviously it was not easy to stand there as a runner‑up again, but I lost to a better player who played some courageous tennis and deserved to win.”

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38 Comments for Watch Novak Djokovic Break Into Tears From The Ovation The French Crowd Gave Him [Video]

RogNadFan Says:

Well, it was like, ‘we will keep clapping until you shed the tears’….

Hippy Chick Says:

Staff the video has been removed….

Giles Says:

If I remember correctly the French crowd did the same last year when he lost to Rafa.

Brando Says:

Sporting crowd and a great moment. To be honest though:

I think the entirety of the tennis community felt sorry for him. But Novak’s right:

He just got defeated by a player who played some next level, ballsy tennis.

That can happen in Tennis.

As for Novak:

He’s only 28. That’s nothing. I think he has 3 more excellent chances at FO. Maybe even 4 at 32. There’s still time.

These things happen in tennis to virtually all. Even Fedal have it on their records. You have some great wins. But also some tough losses. Part of tennis, and life: high and lows.

Hippy Chick Says:

OK Videos now there,and looking at Novak crying is also making me cry,i guess this was another chance that also went begging,so sad,i really feel for the guy….

MSN Says:

The modern Ivan Lendl. A guy from a east europe country who don’t live there who has a mechanical game, crowds don’t like him and is a true specialist in lost finals. And he is the third of his generation too.

Well, he at least is much more expressive, we will give him that.

Lodhi Says:

Novak handled his emotions well UNLIKE that drama queen Federer who started sobbing like a baby down under back in 2009. Novak’s tears didn’t take the limelight away from Fed unlike that I-was-supposed-to-win-wuaaaan-wuaaaan Federer.

Now, where’s Fed’s paid skeezy poodle whose sole purpose of existence is to spread text pollution on Tennis-x ?

Lodhi Says:

^away from Stan.

Markus Says:

Lodhi, one cries when something happens that induces you to cry. There’s no right place or right time to cry when your emotion overcomes you. Have you ever cried because you lost something you really care for? How would you feel if somebody ridiculed you for that instead of showing empathy? That’s very callous, wouldn’t you say?

Lodhi Says:


You DO NOT, I repeat you DO NOT have the right to take the limelight away from somebody else. Emotions is NO excuse ! Lame lame lame excuse.

Markus Says:

Was that Federer’s purpose or just your perverted interpretation because I have a feeling your response to his crying is a function of your disdain for Roger? Do you watch tennis regularly? If you do, you may have noticed that Roger is prone to crying. He has bawled his eyes out after winning some tournaments. And in what book of etiquette did you read that crying is improper because “crying steals the limelight from somebody” and hence nobody has a right to cry even if your emotion overcomes you?

Emily Says:

Considering the fact that Stan went over to talk to Novak before the ceremony and also took part in the standing ovation, I don’t think it bothered him. These two are friends and it can’t have felt good knowing how much Djokovic wanted this. Poor Stan, always the spoil sport in these grand slam finals

Markus Says:

By the way, Lodhi, did you notice that you are posting your comment under the article that chronicles Novak’s crying at the awards ceremony. He did steal the limelight, too, wouldn’t you say. You MUST NOT, I repeat, MUST NOT use apply double standard.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Beautiful appreciation from the crowd, and a really poignant moment watching Novak react in each moment.

alex malow Says:

Am I the only one who has noticed that John McEnroe as a commentator is increasingly talking while play is underway – one gets the impression he thinks his commentary is more important than the game being watched. I’ve had to turn off the audio so his incessant monotonous drone doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the actual play!! Please show more respect for the game and viewers, John!

Nikola Says:

He will not take one French Open, he will at least 3 by the end of his career. Stan was a better player yesterday.

Zozza Says:

Better luck next year Nole
Hopefully Nadal will be back to his best
Should be interesting ?
For now move on …. Maybe Nole is never destined to win French open ?
Lendl didn’t win Wimbledon

Stan is the most dangerous hitter in tennis
Nadal 2013 vs Stan 2015 ????

Too hard to pick winner ?
But match could go either way thrilling 5 setter
Nadal’s defensive Game best ever on clay
None of this drop shit silliness of Nole

Good luck Stan Wimbledon hopefully MIRKA will be quiet if you play roger ?

Michael Says:

A well deserving tribute to one of the Great Champions of our times. The deafening applause which just didn’t seem to end almost led Novak to tears. But he controlled his emotions, maintained his composure and managed a chuckle. Novak’s behavior after the match was quite exemplary and he took the toughest loss of his career in his stride. I also liked the way Stan comforted Novak even after shaking hands with him and that shows the amount of respect he had for him.

I think Novak was quite confident before the match that he will emerge triumphant at last and grab the trophy that deserted him all these long. And this over confidence perhaps spoiled the show for him as he became too tentative on Court and was not prepared to take risks. He was allowing Wawarinka to dictate the match from the back of the court with his bludgeoning shots from both the flanks and this unsettled him and at one time, it did appear that the ever fighting Novak was perhaps reconciled to his fate of losing the match. After winning the first set, he had all things going for him and yet squandered the nice opportunity and today he has to rue the missed chances.

danica Says:

Great standing ovation from the audience for both of these champs. A truly remarkable moment.

Very proud of my man Nole and with great hope he’ll one day hold this trophy and be recognized for his good nature as well as great tennis.


Michael Says:

It is strange that the French Crowd didn’t support Novak during his matches rather cheering his opponents, but was endeared to him in his moment of sorrow by giving him a standing ovation. It could have been better if the French crowd had been more gracious earlier.

But better late than never !!

sienna Says:

The problem with Djokovic is that he underestimates his opponents. He thinks to win matches playing a level well within himself.
How many times has he lost second set/let opponents back in the match in order to needing to raise the required level to eventually win.
It is in his nature to overdramatise the occassion. I believe in order to make look his accomplishment even more liked upon.

Fedal were far more about winning without the drama Djokovic seems to feed of.
with it he lacks the respect for opponents.

Giles Says:

Lodhi. I agree with your post June 7th 7.54 pm

Giles Says:

The French crowd are pathetic hypocrites.

RZ Says:

@alex malow – yes I’ve noticed and it is very frustrating. When he first started commentating, I thought he was very good. Now I can’t stand him because he never shuts up.

RZ Says:

Reminds me of the loud applause that the Wimbledon crowd gave Andy Roddick after his heartbreaking 16-14 loss to Federer in 2009, when he said in his on-court interview that he’s lucky because not everyone gets cheered for.

thhaokip Says:

I feel good to see Tennis Super Star Novak Djokovic cry at the podium as was once did by Rafa at AO and Roger at the same place here at FO. We are hoping to see him lift the trophy one day sooner than later.

sienna Says:

omg talk about stealing limelight from the winner. Incredible how he keeps posing and trying to keep it going.

it has nothing to do with its killing me. Federer truly was overwhelmed by his emotions and this was just another B movie.

Hippy Chick Says:

OMG There are alot of mean spirited people that post on these forums sometimes….

chris ford1 Says:

Djoker and Stan , like him with Murray, go back to the days of juniors. The word friendship is overused, but each thinks the other is a great guy, and fun to practice with, and both believe they bring out the best in each other in competition. Sort of like Nole and Juan Martin. A true bromance on hiatus awaiting Delpo’s hopeful return.

What could Nole do? Stan had 60 winners. He was on fire that day. It happens. Last year Jo Tsonga elevated to untouchable status in Canada.
And Djokovic left a gracious champ in loss. No one doubted he was ripped up about the storybook win not coming true, and no one doubted he was happy for Stan as by far Stan was the better player this outing and how huge Stan’s win was for him.

courbon Says:

Hi Hippy, nice to see you back on forum.I hope everything is cool ( still dancing naked under moonlight under watchful eyes of Druids? ) and I’ll catch up with you around Wimbledon ( I’ll be away for a two weeks, so not much posting ).

Emily Says:

@RZ and Alex Malow, thank goodness I’m not the only one who Jcan’t stand John McEnroe. I too had to turn the volume down so I couldn’t hear him anymore. Not only is he bad talking while they’re playing, so many of the facts he states are incorrect and nobody ever tells him he’s wrong! He’s also so biased and I remember watching when Delpo and Hewiit played at the US Open. It was obvious Delpo was injured b/c he wasn’t hitting any two-handed backhands, but instead of figuring this out like any intelligent commentator, he just trashed Delpo for his terrible performance. I was shocked to find that when I rewatched the final on the Tennis Channel, Paul Annacone and Justin Gimelstob were ten times better, and that’s really sad.

His interview w/ Stan was even worse. He was obviously so pro-Novak, which is fine, but it bled into the post-match interviews. He thanked Novak for even giving an interview and then his first question to Stan related to Roger. Is that really what he wants to talk about after winning his first French Open and how does that relate to the match we just saw? It was obvious Stan was keeping his answers very short and wanted to get out of there ASAP. I don’t blame him. Anyway, rant about John McEnroe over.

In terms of this ceremony, whatever you feel about Novak’s reactions, it felt understandable and not an attempt to take away any credit from Stan. Every time they play each other, you can see the mutual respect, and they even played doubles together a few years ago. I wonder if the crowd was a bit torn, considering they had booed Wawrinka off the court during all three of his previous matches. Fickle is definitely the way to describe the FO crowds, and if it isn’t a Frenchman or Federer, no winner is good enough.

Markus Says:

None of these guys were attempting to steal the limelight, not Djokovic at the French, not Federer at the Australian. They were simply reacting to the situation and it’s not a character flaw if you let your emotions flow. Besides, how the heck can anybody steal the limelight from the winner of a major? It’s really quite silly to think that these guys, multiple champions themselves, will attempt to do that.

sienna Says:

yeah true the way Fed broke was pure emotional reaction.

the djoker drama was somewhat triggered by the clapping but the controled crying was nothing more then controled. He felt oblieged to cry. so he did.
Fake or posing is how you can call that so we do call him out on that.

danica Says:

great post. I agree re: Gimelstob and Annacone. They are so balanced and report without bias at all. I know that Justin likes Novak and I know that Paul is a former coach to Roger, but you will never hear them favor either one of them. True professionals. Unlike Carillo for example. That woman even got some awards for her obnoxious journalism (?!).

As for the French crowd, they never support Novak no matter who he plays against or where on the ATP list he is. But for the second year in a row they give him standing ovation. I don’t know…

Klaas Says:

The standing ovation for Djokovic and his reaction was a truly moving moment. If you don’t understand that, you have a problem.

Giles Says:

The French crowd boo’d him at times during the match and then go on to give him a stading ovation after his loss. Does this even make sense except that they are a very fickle bunch and should be taken with a grain of salt. Oh well!

danica Says:

“You talking to me?” :))

Darlene Says:

not everyone likes Roger. I think he’s had his day and it’s Novak’s time now. Roger is so obvious in his jealousy of Djokovic. It’s embarrassingly obvious to everyone. Move on Federer. It’s not your time anymore. Novak is and has been #1! You jealous creep.

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