Novak Djokovic: There’s A Possibility The French Open Loss Could Linger
by Tom Gainey | June 28th, 2015, 5:34 pm

As is custom, Novak Djokovic will open the 2015 Wimbledon Championships on Centre Court on Monday. But before then, the World No. 1 met the press to discuss his title defense.

The 2-time Wimbledon champion shrugged off any concerns over skipping the three weeks of grass lead-up event.s

“Last couple years I haven’t been playing any lead-up tournament to Wimbledon,” Djokovic reminded the press. “Aand I still managed to play finals two years ago and to win the title last year, even though my rivals like Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, have been winning grass court tournaments in the previous years as well leading up to Wimbledon.”

“It’s not of my concern, honestly. I just want to get myself in a best possible shape.”

He also says he’s already over his heartbreaking loss to Stan Wawrinka in the French Open final.

“Right after I lost the match, of course, there was this sense of disappointment. There is no doubt about it. I felt that for some days after it.

“Because I have a family, I have different things in life, different interests, I’ve managed to move on because of the experience that I talked about previously of learning how to handle these particular situations and circumstances. I managed to get the necessary reset in my mind.

“But, again, there’s a possibility that the traces may stay for some time.”

Djokovic opens against grass veteran Philipp Kohlschreiber in a very tough first round.

“Right now I think I’m 100% prepared. Hopefully tomorrow when I get on the court I’ll be able to perform my best because that’s something that is going to be very much needed in order to win against Kohlschreiber.

“It’s one of the toughest first rounds I could get.”

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29 Comments for Novak Djokovic: There’s A Possibility The French Open Loss Could Linger

skeezer Says:

Too much hype.
He may have a slow start, but he should and will blow by this guy. Geez!

jane Says:

kohls almost beat fed at halle, and played andy really tough on clay too, so it is a tough first rounder (the highest unseeded player possible). hopefully the fact that it’s best of 5 will be an added help if novak needs it.

sienna Says:

agree that this match is overhyped.
first round upsets usually are not spoken about
90% chance that it will be a 3set affaire.

Hippy Chick Says:

Phil almost beat Fed but didnt,and the FO is in the past now,im sure as i said on the other thread he will be fine,even if he starts slowly with best of five you have time to play yourself into form,no its Phil i feel sorry for with this match as a first round,not the other way around….

Jock-KatH Says:

Yes Phillip was tough for Andy – but that was on clay. But he did give Roger a challenge on grass. But, as I said on other thread – at the worst (or best) he’ll only take one set from Nole.

steve-o Says:

Don’t be silly. Kohlschreiber is a solid top-30 player, that’s it. I have no idea why people are freaking out about what will be a completely routine match. Maybe they need something to talk about.

Giles Says:

Headlines all over Sky Sports News “Novak Djokovic accused of cheating”. BB admits to signals during matches. Hmmmm

Giles Says:
He admits to cheating and at the end he says “It’s fine”. Lol

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I don’t think people are freaking out, exactly. Kohls is one of the very few grass court specialist. He always wins some matches on grass. He has never won Wimbledon however. Novak has. But Kohls is probably top 20 in the world on grass, and that makes him a very tough first round, which is normally people OUTSIDE the top 32.

the DA Says:

Isn’t Kohls the player who knocked Djokovic out of Roland Garros one year—in straight sets? Yep, thought so. But he’s just a journeyman, solid top 30, etc, especially when he gives Rog & Muzz a tough fight. LOL. Fanbases, never change.

Michael Says:

Kohlscrieber is very tricky for Novak and it happens to be the first round. Things cannot any tougher. Although Novak must be fancied to win, yet I cannot shrug aside the feeling that it will be a very competitive match where Kohlscrieber will run close as he has done in most of his matches only to lose penultimately.

So, eagerly waiting for this carnival of Tennis to start and my excitement cannot get any better.

sienna Says:

I would like to see Kohlschreiber win. He deserves a little good exposure. But he is just not good enough.
would be surprised if he takes a set maybe a breaker.

sienna Says:

Sue Barker has been talking about the wawrinka loss already 5 time in 5 minutes.
The big blowout as she calls it.

disrespecting Djokovic or hoping for upset?

MMT Says:

I don’t think his lost at Roland Garros would have almost anything to do with what he does here. If it happened yesterday, it may as well have happened a year ago. It’s not as if he played poorly, he just got out played, and that’s not indicative of something wrong with his game in general, just his game that day.

I have to point out that Djokovic’s (non)explanation of the claims of illegal coaching are laughable – Djokovic absolutely should be punished for this, and so should Becker. That rule is in place to maintain the integrity of the game – a player who admits breaking that rule should be punished. Furthermore, it’s not up to the umpire to stop illegal coaching, it’s up to the players.

Either you observe the rules of the game or you don’t, and this regard, he clearly does not. To be fair he’s not the only one, but it’s a dirty little practice that should stop. Otherwise we’ll wind up with a farce like you have on the WTA tour with the on-court coaching nonsense.

That is an abomination.

jane Says:

“I mean, are you asking only me or are you asking other players, as well?”

good point. becker’s the one who made the comments so i really think he should be the one to explain them. he’s been nothing but a headache for nole in the lead-up to this slam with all of his weird comments about fed and nole and now this communication.

as i mentioned before, signals about where to serve, what shot to use, that is coaching. and if it’s the case, they should be fined.

the rule book states this

“Communications of any kind, audible or visible, between a player and a coach may be construed as coaching”

“may be construed as” is interesting wording; that means it’s up to the umpire i guess?

but what is a team/box supposed to do; sit there absolutely blank? actually don’t think fist pumps, nods of assurance, and so forth are “coaching”. for me, that’s called support and even fans do it.

what boris said is nowhere near what uncle toni said.

“I talk to Rafa during matches. I know that it’s not allowed but I think that at my age I have nothing to hide”

now that’s definitely “flouting”.

Docpops Says:

Giles needs to read the title of this link that clearly says he said he was not cheating, but Giles always sees what he wants to. There was only one guy who said cheating was okay and that was Unka Toni, who admitted to talking to Rafa and said he was not in the wrong but that it was the rule that was wrong. Hey Giles, nice try French fry.

Giles Says:

BB puts his foot in it again. They are both admitting to cheating, how much clearer can they get, eh??

skeezer Says:

^Still not as “cyrstal” clear as the Nadal Camp.
Talk to the hand.

courbon Says:

Yes Giles, Novak and Becker are cheating.They should be taken to firing squad, right now!!

Now tell me something- when Nadal got apendix out I heard rumors that they installed some kind of device in his body to control his movement, adrenalin level and similar, so the Tony can control the match from the box. ( if you watch close, you see Tony fidling with something on his knees during RG )As Rafas groupie- you know everything ,so can you tell me what device they put in? ( I’m curious, because it would be handy to putone in my dog, so he can go to village for the bread in the morning while I do remote control and watch morning news…)

skeezer Says:

courban courban ! LMAO……;)

courbon Says:

skeezer: But I’m serious! It would improve my mornings a lot!

sienna Says:

Skeezer and Courbon are new comedy act.
Looking forward to some new material next two weeks.

M Says:

Skeezer, I hope you know it sounds a little … weird … from a longtime tennis fan to hear “Yes, they were cheating. But it’s okay because it was only a little bit.”

I mean — really??

The time violation rules aren’t universally enforced across the board either. One of the dudes who takes as long to serve as Rafa does is Novak.


MMT Says:

In my opinion, this is a rule that goes to the heart of what distinguishes tennis from other sports, where the influence of the coaches are almost limitless aside from playing. I think the notion that the player has to figure things out for himself when he’s on the court is a gallant and distinguishing characteristic of tennis that we should never lose, but I fear we’re about to.

It started like this with the women – in 2006 at the US Open, Sharapova’s father was doing signals, telling her to stay hydrated, holding up bananas, and what not, and in her press conference they immediately went to town on that (and rightfully so). A few years later they started with this idiotic on court coaching business, and the women’s game (outside the majors) has been almost unbearable to watch since.

So, here we are again – this time it’s Nadal and Djokovic, who are getting (once gain rightfully) taken to the woodshed over this, and I have a feeling that there are so many players who are cheating now, that when this comes up for a rules change, we’ll see the same dog and pony show with the men that we see with the women. We’ve already got coaches thumping their chests, and gritting their teeth, and all this monkey business – and that’s what they catch on camera in the box!

Pretty soon we’ll have microphones and close up cameras on changeover which coaches saying all so useless things like, “This is your moment, believe in it!” and, “This is what we talked about, just take a deep breath, and believe in it!” And, “You deserve this – you’ve worked your entire life for this – believe in it!” I mean, if it were written like this in a Rocky movie, you’d have to hand out gag bags to the audience, so just imagine what a coach (who is probably auditioning for his next gig) will do to create the illusion of being indispensable with the kinds of words of wisdom.

Just once I’d like someone to come on court and say, “I’m going to be honest, your toss is all over the place, and your weight transfer into the court on your serve is anyone’s guess…and to be honest, nothing I say is going to fix that – I’d just like you to know why your losing, and why we need to spend the next 2-3 practice sessions correcting this. But it’s a hell of a day for a tennis match, isn’t it? Good luck out there.”

That, of course, will never happen, so we’ll be left with an endless stream of pseudo-psychological drivel – I don’t know if I can take it.

skeezer Says:

I get your point. Didn’t mean to sound placating. Also, just to be clear, If Fed was doing this or breaking rules left and right or shown a pattern of breaking any rule I will call him and his team out also. I mean why have rules? So the player can mock them? Anarchy!
Heck, who knows, maybe he(Fed) is also the Maestro and hiding breaking rules ( Doubt it ), but you get my point.
I am clearly on board with MMT on this, I mean are rules meant to be broken or are records? Confused!

Dan Martin Says:

I hope Nole is at his best because this could be a pretty awesome final weekend. I have my picks up for Tuesday’s matches here –

Hippy Chick Says:

Courbon lol,your posts always cheer me up and make me laugh,and BTW yes i did a couple of weeks ago for the summer solstice,you know what i mean right?….

Hippy Chick Says:

^Sorry shouldve put a smilie on the end ;)….

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