Rafael Nadal Isn’t Worried About Winning Or Losing Anymore, He’s Just Happy To Be Healthy
by Tom Gainey | June 28th, 2015, 8:46 am

Down to No. 10 in the rankings, Rafael Nadal sounds like a man who transitioning from a Grand Slam threat to someone just happy to be playing tennis injury-free. Gone are knee issues, the appendicitis and the wrist problems he was hit with a year ago.

Speaking yesterday in front of the assembled media, the former Wimbledon champion talked about his outlook.

“I feel good. I won a tournament on grass after five years, a good moment for me and a special one,” Nadal said referring to his Stuttgart win earlier this month.

“Let’s see if I am able to compete well then at Wimbledon. I’m so happy to be here, you know. Healthy, that’s the most important thing. Last year I was better, after 2012 and ’13, that I couldn’t play well here. Too many problems with my knees.

“It’s good, losing or winning, doesn’t matter, but it is good to be healthy on the second most important surface in my career, without any doubt.”

Nadal’s struggles have been well-chronicled this season and he’s had issues on the grass, losing in the fourth round last year to Nick Kyrgios and to Steve Darcis in the first round before that.

“On grass, the feeling is you have to be very focused all the games, every point,” Nadal said. “You cannot have two mistakes in a row, or three mistakes in a row with your serve because almost you lose a set.

“So it’s a big difference and a good chance to go to the net more. It’s a good chance to do different things that you are not doing very often on the tour. I’ll try to have fun with that.”

Nadal will play on Tuesday against Thomaz Bellucci.

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40 Comments for Rafael Nadal Isn’t Worried About Winning Or Losing Anymore, He’s Just Happy To Be Healthy

Tennis lover Says:

No matter whether u throw your tantrum at me, mark my word Nadal will have slamless 2015, followed by retirement at 2016 after French open. Unfortunately, 10th F0 will never be achieved. VAMOS!

Michael Says:

Rafa knows that when he is healthy, he can play his best and a lot of his play depends more on his body than mind. Mentally, Rafa is a unshakeable and has so much confidence in his game and worth, but physically he is becoming vulnerable.

Although the not so impressive Clay season will have a bearing on Rafa’s performance, yet this might turn out a blessing in disguise as Rafa had an excellent preparation ahead of the Grass court season, a liberty which he was not conferred with earlier due to becoming Champion of Rolland Garros often which gave him quite a limited time to prepare for Grass courts.

Humble Rafa Says:

No matter whether u throw your tantrum at me, mark my word Nadal will have slamless 2015, followed by retirement at 2016 after French open. Unfortunately, 10th F0 will never be achieved. VAMOS

I am at peace. #10 or not. I am the best in my generation. Tantrums are for people fighting for something they don’t deserve.

FedExpress Says:


Nadals draw till the QF now more of a joke.

skeezer Says:

“It’s good, losing or winning, doesn’t matter..”
Then why play? What a bunch of the usual from Nadal.

Giles Says:

“It’s good, losing or winning, doesn’t matter …”
“Then why play….?
Maybe, just maybe because he enjoys tennis.
Why is fed still playing? Ah yes, pipe dreaming about winning another Grand Slam. LMAO

Hippy Chick Says:

WOW Shame and sorry about Ferrer,not that he wouldve been a factor,but he was always good for reaching the semis….

As for Rafa just hope he gets through a few rounds and doesnt flame out too early,i think and this is JMO,that if he goes deep he could be dangerous,and if he plays Fed and or Murray then hes obviously playing well enough to still be in the tournament,although the reverse will also be true,i just hope these matches will only meterialize?

Anyway it seems Rafas happy and injury free,and enjoying his tennis,and im happy to watch him win or lose….

Daniel Says:

Ferrer got an elbow injury.

Tsonga is still a question mark with his abdominal injury, so even if he plays not going to be a factor.

Seems we’ll got a Murray x Nadal at Wimbledon again. Nadal only problems is Brown (big if and Troicki who played him tough in Stuttgart), can’t see nobody troubling Murray before Quarters in his side now.

Humble Rafa Says:

It’s good, losing or winning, doesn’t matter..”
Then why play?

Would you ask the same question to the Arrogance you worship? His answer is mine.

Alexandra Says:

I wouldn’t read to much into that, I’m sure Rafa still wants to win slams. But being healthy is the first thing for him to be in that position at all.
I see some people can look into the future and know everything. Could have made a fortune putting money on Stan.

jane Says:

too bad for ferrer. so does a lucky loser take his place?

Hippy Chick Says:

Italys Luca Vanni is the lucky loser replacing Ferrer….

jane Says:

yes i found these tweets on ferrer.

Stuart Fraser ‏@stu_fraser 5h5 hours ago
David Ferrer OUT of Wimbledon with an elbow injury. Was due to play James Ward in the first round.

If nobody has officially withdrawn before David Ferrer, then Italian world No 113 Luca Vanni will be James Ward’s opponent as a lucky loser.

No longer a nightmare draw for James Ward. 30-year-old Luca Vanni played his FIRST ever match on grass at Surbiton three weeks ago!

Had David Ferrer withdrawn before the order of play, No 17 seed John Isner would have been a potential last-16 opponent for Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic would also have played Vanni instead of Kohlschreiber had Ferrer withdrawn before 12 noon.

Dc Says:

Ferrer being out is bad for Rafa. It would have given Rafa good practice and immense belief in himself if he defeated Ferrer. Now he will reach the QF without playing any top level player and he’s going to be nervous facing Murray.

If he defeats Murray , he will go through Fed and give a tough fight before he looses to Nole.

Hippy Chick Says:

DC LOL nice to see some at least believe he(Rafa) has a chance of even making the final….

Dc Says:

Happy Chick – every champion will make a few good runs towards the twilight of their career . Nadal is no exception , neither is Fed.

If he doesn’t make it any GS final ever again, it will be an exception rather than a norm.

Has any multi major champion ( 5 + GS winner ) never made it to the final of another GS after winning their last GS ??
Hell, Sampras even won a slam after winning his last slam!!

Hippy Chick Says:

DC Thanks for the feedback,to be honest i do agree the the Fedal dupoply dominance is over,but i also agree in that both could also eek out another GS somewhere,one or two Fed fans say they want him to get to 18 and they will be happy,as a Rafa 15 i would like him to get to 15 to Surpass Samprass,although on the other hand 14 is still amazing and i shouldnt be greedy as a fan….

Giles Says:

HC. Lol. You wanna know what greedy is? Just read the fedfanatics.

skeezer Says:

Rafa is not concerned about winning or losing anymore……he is into this now:


Seriously, has anyone been following this and can enlighten the fans? Tennis X?

Skeezer Says:

Before you “present” something, make sure you have read what the topic is. Once again, you missed the mark. Kinda like with your predictions. If you need help, there are Cats available to help you.

Angel Says:

Humble Rat, you are pathetic. Get a life.

youyong Says:

Hasn’t everyone figured out by now that HR is just a troll and not even a Rafa fan?

Annie Says:

Hey tennis lover…”mark my words etc”? Guess what UR cents isn’t worth any more than anyone else’s so we don’t need to do as U suggest…RAFA’s is “all about competing” so he loves/lives to compete/he will continue to play…do his best
Regardless of his ranking as long as he is happy & healthy. He said he’s won plenty of trophies/he doesn’t NEED to win more although every player wants to keep winning/he’s not obsessed with it/he said his focus is on qualifying as one of the final 8 to compete for year-end tourney/as long as he’s healthy he’ll keep playing & when he’s not happy on court anymore he will retire on his own timeline/not on one You choose for him.

Asteeg Says:

Rafa needs a new coach. He is so predictable now and therefore vulnerable.

MMT Says:

Hmm…I’ve never been a believer in the “no pressure” theory – I think the great players benefit from pressure, as it pushes them to do better and better. I really hope he’s just saying this, because otherwise, this is REALLY the beginning of the end.

Tennisfan Says:

Came across this article today and it really sums up my feelings on Kyrgios as an Australian. Although his tennis skills are admirable and he’s the best chance we have at another slam, his antics suggest he might not have the focus and work ethic to meet his potential. Hopefully it’s just an age thing and he’ll lose that brashness as he gets older.

Hippy Chick Says:

MMT he doesnt actually say here that hes under/not under pressure,i think hes just alluding to the fact that he feels fine and fit,and ready to give it his best shot,and let the chips fall wherever they may,and i got that impression from what i read on his website,not that he seems happier playing tennis when the opposite was true some months back,well thats what im reading into it,maybe im wrong wouldnt be the first time lol?….

Hippy Chick Says:

He seems happier,not that he seems happier….

Okiegal Says:

Nick is a nut…..

Michael Says:

Thomas Bellucci is really a tough opponent to face in your first round. Like Novak, Rafa too is unlucky on that count. But, he should find a way to pull through although I expect this match to be competitive with Bellucci taking a set or even two !!

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael personally i hope not,i doubt he will win W,and i have no expectations on that front,but would prefer a few stress free three setters to get Rafa into this tourney,as a fan its not been that much fun following him just lately looking so miserable,at least now though he seems to look happy and is determined to give it his best shot….

Michael Says:


I understand that the fans of Rafa are facing turbulent moments seeing their idol faltering and not reckoned as the force he once used to be. But, still you can never rule out players like Rafa who can surprise the worst of critics with their in born caliber. But Bellucci for me is a tough opponent especially for Rafa on a grass court, not on Clay.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael he says hes enjoying his tennis win or lose,and im enjoying his tennis win or lose,the thing im not enjoying is some of the trash talking posts about him,its like people want to pounce on each and every little thing he says or does….

calmdownplease Says:

Despite a cakewalk draw to the quarters
All it requires for Nadal to fall is one of his journeyman opponents till then to play his best
And then he will fold like a cheap suit.
And they will all want to play their best against him at Wimbledon, particularly as they know what has happened these last 2 years

elina Says:

Exactly. Some posters here see the obvious that Rafa is putting health above everything else.

Not that complicated for most.

Emily Says:

@HC, I don’t know why there are so many haters right now about Nadal and don’t get down about it. You got your 3 set win today and Rafa deserves everyone’s respect IMO.

We mentioned recently sticking w/ your fave through thick and thin, and sometimes that comes w/ negative posts. I try to avoid retaliating b/c I want their tennis to do the talking and then when something great happens, it means so much more. Rafa has turned things around more than almost anyone and he is one of the greatest of all time, don’t let other people’s petty attacks affect you

Hippy Chick Says:

Thankyou Emily,your a very nice and gracious lady ;)….

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael@8.17am June 30th,BTW Rafa is not my idol,as i dont care for the concept of sports personalities or famous people been used as such,i believe an idol should be a parent or guardian,and my parents were mine….

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