Novak Djokovic: My Wrist Injury Isn’t That Bad, I Will Play Madrid!
by Tom Gainey | April 22nd, 2014, 9:37 am

A few days after bowing out of the Monte Carlo Masters semifinals to Roger Federer with an ailing right wrist, Novak Djokovic has put worried fans at ease by announcing today that not only is his wrist injury not as bad as some feared, but he’ll be returning in two weeks to play Madrid.

“Fortunately, the situation with the injury is better than it first seemed. Doctors assured me that I will be ready for Madrid, then Rome and Roland Garros, just as it has been planned. However, I need to continue with the recovery process and full medical treatments. It means I will have to take a short break in order to recover as soon as possible,” Novak said on his website.

Djokovic said he first felt plain in his right wrist two weeks ago. He said it was likely due to the transition from hardcourt to clay using different ball and that playing last week in the heavy, wet conditions at Monte Carlo Thursday night against Guillermo Garcia-Lopez aggravated the injury.

Djokovic was the defending champion at Monte Carlo and he had won four straight Masters 1000 events. Madrid begins on May 4.

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49 Comments for Novak Djokovic: My Wrist Injury Isn’t That Bad, I Will Play Madrid!

Golden Child Says:

Yayyyyyyyyy!! :)))))

bojana Says:

Thanks to god. Nole take care, and come stronger.Our hears are always with You.

Giles Says:

Drama Queen! Lol

courbon Says:

YEEESSSS! Ozdravi sto pre brate!!

@ Giles: You really are pathetic creature…..

courbon Says:

and another good news-Manchester United finally sacked Moyes!Thankd God for that…Brando, if you read this, have a beer on me!

Humble Rafa Says:

Djokovic said he first felt plain in his right wrist two weeks ago.

If I felt PLAIN, I will play. Not take a break. Just saying.

mat4 Says:


Better plain that hill ;-)

Daniel Says:

This is good news. Now with Wawa delivering and Fed making finals (even tough not winning them) with Djoko in the mix fully fit it will be that much more interesting. The clay season is with this 3 and Nadal. Can’t see anybody out of this 4 winning Madrid, Rome and RG. Fed’s best shot is Madrid where he won twice on clay. Rome he has less chance but in contention. RG as we all know Nadal is a different animal but he is alao feed on confidence. If he enter RG having only won Barcelona it can shake things up. Will depend on the draw as well. Tomorrow he will be back on court and we can evaluate better. For Djoko he can have another 10 days rest and practice a few days before Madrid begin and also ask for a late start on Wednesday.

Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon hi have to say and LVC need 7 more points now from their remaining games, to win the Premier League regardless of what any other team does,sorry just couldnt resist,and great news about Nole too ;);););)….

queen Says:

It’s always bs with this guy. Hoped it was broken. U all can yell at me. I don’t care.

skeezer Says:

“It’s always bs with this guy.”
No worries queen, same we all feel about Rafa’s interviews and excuses for losses ,).

courbon Says:

@ queen: Kochanie, jestesz mala pizda…
Nothing like a Polish language, to shows Polish person what I think.:-)

courbon Says:

Hippy; I know!LVC truly deserved it but still hold on…werderd things happened in the last days of season.

James Says:

Good news for Nole fans.
Always good to have all top players competiting for the big titles.

Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon exactly,believe me i wont be counting any chickens,as Rafa says one match at a time,to be honest that would make me just as happy as Rafa winning a GS this year any GS this year….

Hippy Chic Says:

That was a rather sick comment from Queen @ 10.23pm April 22nd to wish an injury on a player,please could the moderators remove that post….

Alexandra Says:

Sorry to say this but it’s always like this with Novak. Always acts like he will miss months, but never misses a tournament afterwards. But it’s also the media who make him look like this. Reporting that he might miss RG and Wimbledon makes those guys look like fools.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hope for anyone to be injured. But if you look at someone like Delpo, he has reasons to be pessimistic. Novak never had a serious injury but always acts like he will be out for a long time if he has some pain.

metan Says:

Sounds positive from Nole. Good for tennis world!

Klaas Says:

This news seems to originate from Noles website. I find it a tad optimistic. All wrist injuries in tennis are serious and liable to flare up again, when playing under stressful conditions such as competitive matches.

Only one good thing about playing Madrid: he would be able to skip Rome if the wrist starts bothering again and try and get ready for RG.

harry Says:

@courbon: Great to see you back & to see that Nole’s season is still on ;)

Ngentot Says:


Are you annoyed by the fact that Nole’s injury didn’t turn out to be that serious?

Giles Says:

Having a slight niggle is not considered an injury, at least not in my book. The man was smashing the ball in all his matches!

madmax Says:

Everyone can now compete with their injuries! Let’s look at it this way, then no one will have cause to disagree!

Rafa with his knees, back, stomach, blister, Fed with his back, Nole with his wrist, Andy with his lower back!

Come on people! All our favourites are playing! All of them are ready to compete and so it is as even playing field!

No need to wish bad injuries on players Queen. that was an outrageous comment to make, to wish someone bad luck. Nasty.

Colin Says:

Daniel, you can’t see anyone outside the top four winning Madrid, Rome or RG?
Can I just remind you that Andy Murray won Madrid in 2008.

Giles Says:

Andy won Madrid in 2008 on HC.

Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax i asked for that post to be removed by Queen,but its fallen on deaf ears by the moderators,such is the standards of this forum sometimes seems like they let anything go,colour me surprised….

Hippy Chic Says:

lol Seems like Stan is the only one whos not suffering with some sort of injury….

madmax Says:

don’t jinx stan hippy!

Sean will pick up on the comments from queen and the continual bear baiting from giles soon enough.

Giles Says:

Patiently waiting for Sean to pick up on the continual bear baiting from skeezer!!
madmax. That was for you!

Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax err that,ll be the day,ive seen no evidence of that yet….

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin i would put Andy as a dark horse but not one of the favorites,hes under less pressure than the other top players,so this could and hopefully will work in his favour,strange that after 1 title that Stan is now a bigger favorite though,people seem to have a tendency to over hype and get carried away….

Daniel Says:


That Madrid wasn’t clay was it?:-)

Daniel Says:


I remember Stan said he was feeling something in IW, don’t recall what exactly now, maybe some one here can enlighten us. Seems all top players are having some issues lately, specially when they lose:-)
What we can hope for is for all to be on equal terms, don’t want another AO 2014 final or last semis between Djoko and Fed. This matches when you see in the face of the injured player that he is considering retiring are not good, for anyone: injury player (deciding to force or not for the sake of fans; moral etc…); other player who has to adapt his game and is waiting what will happen; tourney and us fans. But we do live in an age of ultra fast news so, we got to know what is happening with player as they leave court, and they change their statement as will. So, we can only judge when they are on court.

Hippy Chic Says:

I suppose when a player never has won something then he never will?jeez just as well life can be full of surprises then….

Hippy Chic Says:

Daniel err yeah ok,not entirely sure what your post had to do with anything ive said on this thread?

Ben Pronin Says:

Jelena is pregnant. Djokovic is gonna have a kid soon.

Hippy Chic Says:

Well congratulations to Nole and Jelena :))….

Daniel Says:


That Stan is also experiencing some niggling as well (when you mention that he is the only one that apparently is injury free). And almost all of them to some extend. Ones hurting more than others occasionally.

RZ Says:

Congrats to Nole and Jelena on their little Djoker to be. Curious about her due date – wonder if it will affect his tournament schedule.

Hippy Chic Says:

Daniel yeah alright ….

Hippy Chic Says:

Wonder who will be next,Kim,Xisca?Rafa says he wants kids but is focussing on his career at the moment,so my money would be on Kim? :))….

contador Says:

What a RELIEF!

Ajde Nole!

Colin Says:

Daniel and Giles – according to Wiki Andy’s Madrid win was on outdoor clay. Wiki isn’t infallible of course, but that’s what it says.

Daniel Says:

It’s wrong. Madrid shifted to clay in 2009, when Federer won, than it was Nadal 2010, Djoko 2011, Fed 2012 and Nadal again last year.

Before it was hard. As wiki probably takes the tourney as it is now, only mention as clay.

Murray have never made a single clay final in his career.

Daniel Says:


I think it will be late November-December. But if she is 3 to 4 months maybe it can affect his WTF, hope not. The timing seems perfect in the off season with no DC for Serbia.

Okiegal Says:


I will be next…….immaculate conception, of course…..tee hee!!


Michael Says:

Again a great piece of news from Novak which is soothing to his legion of fans who were quite worried after he developed some wrist problems at Monte Carlo. This will certainly make the clay court tourneys more competitive and interesting.

amadeus Says:


Margot Says:

It’s wrong, and as far as I remember was the last indoor (?) hard b4 Madrid switched to clay.

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