Federer, Murray Complete Top Dogs in R16 Saturday at Wimbledon
by Staff | July 4th, 2015, 6:30 pm

Saturday was a crowd-pleaser at Wimbledon, where the line-up featured two former champs, a streaking Brit, and Rafael Nadal’s conqueror returning to the lawns.
No. 2 seed Roger Federer and No. 3 Andy Murray highlighted play to move into the fourth round. The Swiss outdueled the huge-serving Aussie Sam Groth in four sets 6-4, 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-2, while the Brit beat No. 25 Andreas Seppi 6-2, 6-2, 1-6, 6-1.

Murray was seen clutching his shoulder and complaining during the match.

“The shoulder is fine,” said Murray. “You could probably see towards the end of the second set it was starting to tighten up and it cooled down as he took his injury timeout. I struggled a little bit in the second set but I was playing very aggressively at the end and finished the match as I want to go on.”

Groth, whose strength is not returning serve, won a set but never managed a break point on Federer’s serve.

“He [Groth] can stay in the match just by serving,” said Federer. “But the only thing I really had to change was my returning. The service games I can control myself: what to do on second serves, what to do on first serves.”

Other Top 10 winners were No. 6 Tomas Berdych coming from a set down to defeat Spain’s Pablo Andujar 4-6, 6-0, 6-3, 7-6(3), and No. 9 Marin Cilic finishing his darkness-delayed match against No. 17 John Isner 12-10 in the fifth set.

Murray will next face the dangerous big-serving “Dr.” Ivo Karlovic, who on Saturday edged No. 13 seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6(3), 4-6, 7-6(2), 7-6(9).

The final Brit hope exited Wimbledon also on Saturday when James Ward lost to Canadian Vasek Pospisil 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 8-6.

“We both went through different stages of playing well, serving well,” said Ward who led two sets to one. “His came at the right time. Towards the end of the match, it was difficult to break.”

Other winners were No. 20 Roberto Bautista Agut who will next meet Federer; No. 22 Viktor Troicki who beat Dustin Brown in four; and No. 12 Giles Simon who topped French countryman and No. 18 seed Gael Simon 6-2 in the fifth in a match completed under the roof at Wimbledon.

Check back Sunday for previews of Manic Monday at the All England Club where all remaining players will be in action.

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33 Comments for Federer, Murray Complete Top Dogs in R16 Saturday at Wimbledon

skeezer Says:

Not surprised to see Tsonga out, he hasn’t been in top form. Nole is going to give the Dr. Ivo a lesson in all court game.

skeezer Says:

Oops I mean Murray…..

jane Says:

Nole’s got Anderson skeezer.

For anyone who missed Pospisl / Ward, have a look at these highlights. Vasek has beautiful touch, great serves and power too. Not sure what else he needs in his game to keep doing well in singles, but I love it when his game is on.


chris ford1 Says:

Happy that Ward is coming along. Bodes well for Britain’s Davis Cup prospects. Sort of wish he won against the Canadian and took his development even further, but not a total loss, as Pospisil can be a very pleasing person to see play.

Humble Rafa Says:

Some other player is also a very pleasing person to see. Unfortunately, I am tanning in Mallorca and enjoying *time* with Xisca.

jatin Says:

I don’t think there is a much greater test than big serving karlovic before going to the quaters. That guy can serve aces without even trying much. The only way to win against him is to play a miracle tie breaker because he rarely flatters in his service games.
Dr Ivo handed Novak one of his only three loses this year. He defeated Tomas in halle and now Tsonga. Lets see how Andy handles the karloAce
I think if you have a great service than you can hang on with the tour even in your late 30’s.
Novak should handle Anderson as he does not have many weapon to distrupt the world no. 1 much.
Roger should sail through as well.

kjb Says:

Fed and Nole will breeze through almost for certain. Ivo is scary, as long as Murray doesn’t give Ivo to many looks at that second serve he should be fine. All the top guys look real good right now.
I am also real excited for the Simon/Berdych match. I have always enjoyed watching Simon play, his speed around the court and how he can redirect his backhand are what really stand out to me, I think he has a winning record of Berydch, could be a goodie.

RZ Says:

@Jane I watched part of the 5th set and was impressed by Pospisil’s game. Seems well suited to grass. I hope he wins his next match.

Margot Says:

If Andy is on CC I ‘l be watching him play Karl o vic. Not looking forward to that tbh. Won’t be many rallies for a start and will be nerve wracking watching Andy playing a huge server. Eek! Wish he was playing BA, now that would be a fun match.

Colin Says:

Don’t worry about Karlovic. Andy has never lost to him – but the same cannot be said for Federer!I look forward to seeing Andy lob the giant. He managed it at Queen’s against Kevin Anderson, who is very tall.

By the way, who’s this Gael Simon whom Gilles Simon beat according to the OP?

Also by the way, there’s a website some guy started to celebrate “Afro Brits” and guess what – he describes Heather Watson as Afro Brit! Funny, last time I looked at an atlas, Papua New Guinea wasn’t in Africa. That sort of careless mistake does no service to anybody.

Margot Says:

Hope you’re right Colin. It will be very embarrassing trying to hide behind my seat at Wimbledon!

Margot Says:

Lol A new French star is born! Step forward please!

sienna Says:

Murray was asked a question and responded well.
well enough I should say.
even Wawa is living up to his new status.
All top 4 seeds are trying to impress opponents with quick/clean victory. They have eyes of steal and it is gonna be a thriller week.

sienna Says:

picking order in tennis….

Federer plays center and novak dumped om court 1.


Tennis lover Says:

Maestro is the best, bull is the second best, djoker can joke about it. After all, he’s the clown! Isn’t it? Btw, he ain’t winning wimbledon unfortunately. But, let us enjoy his gimmick and mammaries!

calmdownplease Says:

Lovely little Heather, the heroine of this week and her analysis;

Interesting statistical points too.


Dan Martin Says:

I’ve got my round of 16 picks up at http://tennisabides.com – it should be interesting, but I think the quarterfinal rounds in both draws are where the level will have to go up or top players will go home

jane Says:

Here are some stats for the first week for the top 4 (ranking-wise) contenders left in the draw:

Time spent on the court (in Mins):
Novak Djokovic – 307
Roger Federer – 290
Andy Murray – 347
Stan Wawrinka – 314

Distance covered on court (in Metres):
Novak Djokovic – 5599.2
Andy Murray – 6007.4
Roger Federer – 4424.7
Stan Wawrinka – 4480.1

Sets Played:
Novak Djokovic – 09
Roger Federer – 10
Andy Murray – 10
Stan Wawrinka – 09

Games Played:
Novak Djokovic – 84
Roger Federer – 92
Andy Murray – 87
Stan Wawrinka – 93

Total Aces:
Novak Djokovic – 35
Roger Federer – 29
Andy Murray – 29
Stan Wawrinka – 54

Total Double Faults:
Novak Djokovic – 03
Roger Federer – 03
Andy Murray – 08
Stan Wawrinka – 12

Total Winners:
Novak Djokovic – 112
Roger Federer – 114
Andy Murray – 87
Stan Wawrinka – 116

Net Points Won:
Novak Djokovic – 64/81 (79%)
Roger Federer – 65/86 (75.6%)
Andy Murray – 45/70 (64.2%)
Stan Wawrinka – 42/61 (68.9%)

Break Points Won:
Novak Djokovic – 14/39 (35.9%)
Roger Federer – 14/30 (46.7%)
Andy Murray – 18/27 (66.7%)
Stan Wawrinka – 09/31 (29%)

1st Serve In:
Novak Djokovic – 169/238 (71%)
Roger Federer – 155/249 (62.2%)
Andy Murray – 161/257 (62.7%)
Stan Wawrinka – 161/273 (59%)

1st Serve Points Won:
Novak Djokovic – 132/169 (78.1%)
Roger Federer – 132/155 (85.1%)
Andy Murray – 121/161 (75.1%)
Stan Wawrinka – 128/161 (79.05%)

2nd Serve Points Won:
Novak Djokovic – 45/69 (65.2%)
Roger Federer – 64/94 (68.08%)
Andy Murray – 53/96 (55.2%)
Stan Wawrinka – 67/112 (59.8%)

Total Unforced Errors:
Novak Djokovic – 46
Roger Federer – 30
Andy Murray – 54
Stan Wawrinka – 80

Total Points Won:
Novak Djokovic – 294
Roger Federer – 307
Andy Murray – 300
Stan Wawrinka – 308

Average ranking of first 3 opponents:
Novak Djokovic – 50
Roger Federer – 66
Andy Murray – 53
Stan Wawrinka – 45

Mary Says:

“The final Brit hope exited Wimbledon also on Saturday when James Ward lost to Canadian Vasek Pospisil 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 8-6”

Andy Murray is no longer Brit?

RZ Says:

@Margot – enjoy CC!

Humble Rafa Says:

Andy Murray is no longer Brit?

When was he a Brit. Mr. Lady Forehand is a Brit for convenience mostly.

skeezer Says:

Jane, thanks for those stats…interesting. Murrays BP should go down after next rd though, agreed?

jane Says:

margot – have fun tomorrow!!

you’re welcome skeezer. really the stats show how close they all are, emphasizing some strengths and weaknesses. but for sure the type of opponent also affects those numbers.

not sure re: murray’s bp stat. he usually does quite well vs big servers so we’ll have to see.

Jeez Says:


Interesting to find that Djokovic ran 5599.2 meters for 3 straight set matches just 400 meters less than Murray who needed 4 SETS to beat Seppi..

And Federer ran about 55 meters less than Wawrinka @ 4480.1 for 93 games 1 more than Federer!!

jane Says:

yes, all the stats are pretty interesting. novak’s serving and net play in particular have been impressive. andy went 4 sets with seppi but not many games (i.e., 6-1, 6-2 sets), whereas novak’s matches we’re usually with 6-4 types of sets, which could explain the metres.

Klaas Says:

Interesting Stats from Jane:
Nole and Fed are definitely topdogs, though Andy’s breakpoint conversion keeps him in the game. Stan will have to improve his performance to win.

One thing against Djokovic and Federer: you want to play your best game in the 2nd week. Have they peeked too soon?

Jock-KatH Says:

Great stats Jane – really revealing.

Jock-KatH Says:

Jane – Time spent on Court – presume Andy’s score includes the two medical breaks (Murray v Seppi)?

calmdownplease Says:

The stats don’t really reveal much if they get to play each other, the variables are also the kind of opponents they’ve played and match styles.
Insufficient data really at this stage.
They should all be playing well.
And they obviously are but Fed always plays well in the initial part of a slam then sometime sooner or later plays someone who gets hot and then he folds like Nadal has started to.
Even with lower ranked opposition by week 2 the pressure becomes a little bit too much and he’s found out.
I mean it was Seppi at the AO (?)
Wawa at the FO,
I’m guessing it will be Berdych that does it (again) this time.
1263 matches played on the tour since 98
That’s a lot of matches over a long period of time.

calmdownplease Says:

My point is at the latter stages of a slam EVERYONE by definition has been playing well so it is inevitable that he will have this situation.

RZ Says:

@Colin – Andy just lobbed Dr. Ivo!!!
(Shh, don’t tell Margot that I’m watching…)

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