Borg’s Financial Trouble
by Sean Randall | March 5th, 2006, 10:30 pm
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Imagine the thoughts going thru the minds of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as the current top two tennis dogs stood next to tennis great Bjorn Borg prior to the final in Dubai.

Borg, arguably the greatest player in modern times, is apparently now so in need of money he’s selling his Wimbledon trophies in hopes of raising a half a million dollars.

Federer, who reportedly got that much just for showing up in Dubai, must be wondering if this is what the future has in store for him. Could this be Roger in 20 years, having to auction off the crowns of his top titles? I’m sure he’ll gaurd against it, but only time really tells.

What’s so sad is that Borg was the best. Simple as that. The greatest of his time. And twenty years later he’s on the bottom, struggling to make ends meet. It only goes to illustrate just how quickly sports legends can go from the top to the bottom, just hope that Roger and Rafael are paying attention…

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One Comment for Borg’s Financial Trouble

Klein Says:

Berne Switzerland

Mc Donalds Zytlog

Sport restaurant economics fraud and unjustified enriching case Roger Federer.

More damaged: Leo small

INDICATIONS Case: Roger Federer

Tell of my take place in the Squash and thus
you became hellhörig.

They aimed at espionage off. In the Tivoli tennis center house prohibition
expressed as I the junior owner responded to a remuneration.

Köderung by means of a coach contract
around front site mine trust to win.
A Mrs. those more disaster in the Tivoli received
asked I whether it that than a witness will arise. It answered in the negative and said that
to her lives is. It hard probably fear. Fled from the FRG then work receive in Murten with
Cobra vehicle AG in the middle of 2002 to 2003 in January. It announced me not at the stranger
police in Berne to although that Swiss the law does not plan and the company for it is responsible.
I even the necessary documents at the stranger police in Berne got and there inquired which one do
must for a work grant. Boss is the Mr. Baumann now in Domdidie with Freiburg its company headquarters has.


As am I knowledge which R. Federer differently make than the other tennis players of this
world if I this not compiled. QUESTION: No other Coach in this world can only from that watch the
tennis plays to crib from which that that better player differently makes to be over better.
Why the public prosecutor’s office in Berne does not work on the case. I have a letter delivered
where in detail described am which exactly happened. Restaurant economics and fraud and unjustified
enriching are this said some lawyers who I for it asked the case to take over. None wanted to take
over the case until today. At the local police I submitted a similar letter. They said that are the
case at the earliest in one year to work on could. Questioning of some tennis players and
use a consultant.
This would point the case of espionage out.

According to the international
sport federation right must the national federation an investigation commission have formed and
the case examine and in writing record which is experience and me a copy have sent.
I you a writing sent and you said at the telephone which I never again calls am.
I was personal also with the federation in Biel. They did not receive the letter and wanted me
refused to me a receipt stamp. A similar letter has I directly with that law and police department
in the German Parliament Buildings west in Berne delivered to the treatment. I received as answer
that you nothing make can. (Wools) The large newspapers and in Switzerland I wrote also and got
either no answer or you condemned without to investigate the case as Idiotie. A Mrs. whom I in a
Advokatur Kanzlei addressed meant that this case to be proven is. Swiss Olympic did not help also
and you treated me very badly Mobbing or bad gossip A former Fitnesstrainerin of the Swissolympic
which I in Liechtenstein spoke meant that the Swiss tennis a heap of sow is. With the Coach
Ivo Werner with the Swiss tennis the Fed Cup team leads I spoke and it did not mean that you
at all to become better to want? I saw Justin Hennin Arden in the town center in Berne and
looked you exactly me into the eyes? uvm.

Human right commission in Geneva got also a letter
over this case and you meant that you is not responsible. The human Rigts Watch (association
for human rights) in Berne did not help also All organizations in Berne did not help on
which I called. They said always you in in or to two weeks me perhaps to only help can.
Then you said no. All federal advice know away and some national councils also, to today
no evident assistance. Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Berne got also a letter over this case.
I received no evident reaction. To the Federal court in Lausanne I sent a fax and the secretaries
meant that now am no more time to have and you would have to go. The police in Lausanne
I handed over the case also and you meant that the responsible man only next week am again there.
Also with the city owner from Lausanne I spoke and he have also a letter do not keep direct
he meant which he not to do can. The secretary even gave me 20 CH Fr.
And pointed oneself still
the way to the police to Lausanne. A correct lawyer can carry perhaps still more indications and
proofs together.

Signature: Leo Klein

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