Federer, Murray Advance To Wimbledon Semifinal Showdown; Gasquet Outlasts Wawrinka To Meet Djokovic
by Sean Randall | July 8th, 2015, 6:50 pm

The semifinals at the 2015 Wimbledon Championships were set today with favorites Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer all advancing easily and comfortably. The lone casualty was Stan Wawrinka who couldn’t survive a tough Richard Gasquet test losing to the Frenchman 6-4, 4-6, 3-6, 6-4, 11-9 in the lone match with any drama on quarterfinal Wednesday.

Early on, it was clear sailing for the top guys. In between the raindrops, Murray handled the formidable serve of Canadian Vasek Pospisil scrapping out three breaks to win 6-4, 7-5, 6-4.

“I needed to [step up] because at times, [he] was serving really well, [which] made it very difficult for me,” Murray said. “Then I just managed to, at a few key moments, come up with some good shots. [The] third set was tricky, as well, because I had a bunch of break points. When you don’t take them, obviously you start to think about that a little bit. Overall, it was a good match.”

While Murray was winning, so too was Federer. Having to deal with the elements on Court 1, the Swiss swept away Gilles Simon 6-3, 7-5, 6-2 to cruise into his 10th Wimbledon semifinals.

Simon’s caused some problems for Roger at the other Slams, but on grass it wasn’t much of a contest. Federer’s record serving streak did come to an end, though, at 116 consecutive holds. Now comes Murray on Friday.

“I still feel like I’m fresh and I’ve got energy left in the tank for hopefully a great match with Andy,” said Federer who’s won his last three against Murray. “I just hope the crowd gets into it and enjoys a good match and that we can play well. I have received a lot of crowd support over the years, and so has Andy.”

With the roof opened, Djokovic took the court against his pigeon Marin Cilic. The two met a year ago with Djokovic having to come from behind to win in five. Novak needed no such sweat today, breezing past the US Open champion 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.

“It was very solid,” said Djokovic after his 13th straight win over the Croat. “I didn’t know how my body would feel after a tough five-setter against Kevin. Tactically I played very well. I try not to take my 27th Grand Slam semifinal for granted even though it is expected that top players reach this far. But you need to earn it so I’m very pleased.”

Playing on his third consecutive day, Djokovic looked super sharp and super good. And he’s got a gift in the semifinals as he’ll face Gasquet instead of his nemesis Wawrinka.

“Gasquet loves grass, and is one of the most talented players we have on Tour,” said Djokovic who had beaten Gasquet 11 of 12 times. “It’s a great effort from Richard to beat Stan. He always had touch and talent. I think he improved his fitness a lot. I heard he worked hard to get himself really fit and ready to go the distance, and it’s paying off.”

It was the closest match to call of the day and it lived up to the billing as Gasquet took it in just under three-and-a-half hours.

“Even if I lost this important game at 5-3, I kept fighting a lot,” Gasquet said of failing to serve it out at 5-3 in the fifth. “It was important because I know it’s a great match, playing the winner of Roland Garros in a quarterfinal of a Grand Slam, so I need to keep focus, to stay focused, and to fight. Of course, it’s a very nice victory for me to win against him 11-9 in the fifth. It’s great.”

So the Wimbledon Friday semifinals are set:
Novak Djokovic v Richard Gasquet
Roger Federer v Andy Murray

I’ll have my picks tomorrow.

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80 Comments for Federer, Murray Advance To Wimbledon Semifinal Showdown; Gasquet Outlasts Wawrinka To Meet Djokovic

Daniel Says:

Curious to see the odss for Fed x Murray by british bookers.

Hope is a well contested match but not long like Wawa x Gasquet. May the best man win!

Wog Boy Says:

In thirteen matches Cilic won astonishing five sets against Nole.

John Smith Says:

Let me translate Djokovic quote about Gasquet: “I’m so happy! Gasquest is going to choke as usual in the semi-final. I was doing in my pants to meet again Stan but thank you Richard for the effort-less pass to the final!”

Daniel Says:

Wot Boy,

That have me wonder, what if Djoko didn’t lost to Nishikori last year, would Cilic still be able to beat him, great serving and form of his life or not?! We would never know…

Wog Boy Says:

Wot Boy to Daniel;)

Yeah, we would never know.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ but maybe weed smoking “Dutch” lady knows..

jalep Says:

Yes, I’d like to hear Sienna’s take on a Cilic v Nole USO speculation.

Cilic was tough to beat last year. Maybe we’ll see this year.

5 sets in 13 matches. That’s unimpressive.

brando Says:

Murray v fed is 50/50, gasquet v nole is a question of: will novak let Richard get a evening flight to paris or a Saturday flight.

Jeez Says:

Wawrinka may now very well be called



But both have done Djokovic


World of FAVOUR !!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Really impressive tennis from Federer and Murray, both showing a great deal of diversity which CAN be a big help on grass, though it didn’t help Fed overcome Novak last year. I didn’t see the Novak match but it sounds like he’s really added to his game with his net play.

I think Novak will blow past Gasquet. Murray and Fed will be a much longer battle. Would that be a factor Sunday? If its Fed, he could genuinely wear out. If its Murray, I think he’ll be physically ready, but if the going gets tough it might be a mental trap for him, as in Australia.
I frankly don’t expect either of those scenarios, I think whichever of them advances WILL bring it Sunday, but its something to watch for.

So far it seems a lot of the most interesting matches from the draw have not panned out, but Murray/Fed was probably the most exciting. With the hindsight that Wawrinka is not at his best on grass, while Fed and Murray are, this semifinal becomes a challenge match for the 2 and 3 players to earn the right to take on #1. Its a pecking order match.

Daniel Says:

Sorry Wog Boy, T is close to G.

skeezer Says:

Still have a lot of respect for Stans game. He seems to need more time with his groundie game to be supremely effective, and the Grass takes away that time. If he holds form, he should wreak havok on the HC seaon and USO. But with Stan ya never know.

Daniel Says:

HC Stan definitely will be a force. But remains to be seen if he will play accordingly to his rankings and go deep in Masters or have a run similar to clay. But his a force to be in Quarter or semis in US Open for sure.

US Open this year could be the most open Slam, as it was the case last year.

Daniel Says:

Fed got “La Decima”, semis;-) And is searching for a tenth final in a same Grand Slam, unprecedented in mens tennis.

sienna Says:

I think Cilic level was at least less 80%. Totally different I don’t fancy this cilic to slow to many errors. every single exchange he was on back footh. And as soon as he could step in he made fault.
That wasnot happening usopen.
Laughable that Djokovic would have a chance what did fit nishikori do?

Michael Says:

The results were mostly on expected lines except for the stunning defeat of Wawarinka at the hands of Gasquet. In a match of pulsating and exquisite back hand, Gasquet just managed to pull ahead of Wawarinka to set up a marquee clash with Novak. The question is if he has made the task of Novak a little bit easier ?

At the other end, you have Andy Vs Roger and I would say that this is one blockbuster and a mouth watering semi final. The odds are pretty even considering how well Roger is playing in this tournament. Though Andy is showing glimpses of his best form in the Grass court event, against Roger who is supreme on Grass you never know ? The match should be gripping, intense and very competitive and I think it will boil down ultimately to how well Roger serves and the quality of Andy’s second serve which will determine the outcome. Still, just would give a wafer thin edge to Andy at 51:49 in this match.

Tennis lover Says:

Federer still need to summon his magical and clean game to be able to oust Murray. He needs to reduce his error count significantly yet being aggressive. He needs to serve over 65% to be able to negate Murray’s return. What saddens me these days Federer can turn from sublime into ridiculous . He got to be consistent yet aggressive in whole match. He has so far played his A- game like that of 2014, but against the like of Murray and Djokovic he must conjure up the best tennis. About rally, Federer need to find right range of short because coming to the net so often against Murray may turn into boomerang against Murray. So he needs backhand down the line and forehand down the line quite often to be able to dictate from the baseline. He needs to outmaneuver Murray’s court positioning to befuddle him so that He can find to right shot to crack winner. In the net he needs to be alert and find explosiveness in the feet so that he can avoid getting passed. All this proposition reveals for Federer it’ll be difficult unless he brings his A game without slightest lapse in the match. Good luck Maestro, Bring the 8th and 18th, We shall never seek anything from you again.

Margot Says:

Lol Brando, evening flight I think. Shouldn’t attempt to take a ferry or go Eurostar tho., French strike causing massive problems ;)

van orten Says:

believing roger doesnt stand a Chance vs djoker or murray on grass is like believing god has a White beard playing on his harp sitting on a White cloud with angels around him.

jane Says:

^ oddly some people actually believe in that second part of your comparison van orten. ;)

Jock-KatH Says:

Thanks for the chuckle Jane.

Agree with everybody – the Andy-Roger match is difficult to call. Latest percentage odds I’ve seen were 55% Andy-45% Roger —but believe there will be pundits out there who will have them in reverse.

Feel sorri for Richard who has declared he is the worst of the 4 semi-finalists – but at least he says he intends to nurture the belief that he can win by Friday.

Wog Boy Says:

I believe in that cloud and I believe that he has voice if Morgan Freeman..

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane lol on your post to Van Orton….

Hippy Chick Says:

Wogboy from film Bruce Almighty….

Wog Boy Says:

That’s the one.

Hippy Chick Says:

Wogboy yeah love Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman,not keen on Jennifer Aniston though….

Wog Boy Says:

Uhh, I love Jennifer Aniston too..but I am married..

Hippy Chick Says:

Wogboy i did when she was first in Friends,but i just think all the cast of that programme have become a bit pretentious,and rather self congratulatory,Matthew Perry actually seems the nicest and the most down to earth of the bunch,and hes also a Andy Murray fan….

FedExpress Says:

Novak in four
fed in four

brando Says:

@Margot: LOL.

calmdownplease Says:

Andy in 3
Novak in 3

Or maybe in 4 for both.
Roger has had all the opportunity to look good in the tournament, facing lower ranked opponents that failed to have `their day` inc (clay court specialists and literally nobodies) than the other top 4. Simon couldn’t replicate the level that he had against Berdych probably because he really hasn’t been a top ten player for a very long time.
Now the level raises massively and after a competitive couple of sets reality will set in for the near 34 year old.
My only niggling issue is the one I always have with Murray and that’s the mental side of things
He needs to be very aggressive from the start and not allow Fed to find rhythm & impose his game or it could be over quite quickly, in set one at least
Not worried about Andy losing the first set either for that matter (unlike with Novak) but Fed should be concerned if it goes to 5, his record is poor over 5 setters historically (and the new atp website is not helping me access the info!) never mind at this age
Anyhoo its more about mentality this one.
And pride will mean that Andy will be very hungry to wipe the result of his last encounter with the TMF out of the collective memory banks.
So I will stick with the bookies favourites for both on this one.

calmdownplease Says:

And please!
If there is a bit of precipitation in the air that’s just the good folk of Wimbledon’s sprinklers going into overdrive due to the heat wave!
So leave the roof OPEN

Margot Says:

Not worried about Andy’s mental side ANY MORE! Said she….;) H2H against Fed is very close too, so it’s not as if Andy doesn’t know how to beat him.
Much more worried about the shoulder strain. That serve does not need any liability whatsoever.

calmdownplease Says:

*oooh I meant `facing lower ranked opponents than the rest of the top 4 (who failed to have their day)`*

Markus Says:

If Andy serves the way he did against Pospisil, Federer will have a good chance of beating him. Pospisil is not a very good player, any of the losing quarterfinalists would have made it through had they faced him instead.

calmdownplease Says:

Margot, as you well know;
– 60% against fed means no win
It’s held true for a long time
However, previously that was due his serve being a barometer of his confidence, rather than the result of any possible `strain`
Either way to win points it will still need to be an asset and not a hindrance.
So Matt Little has his work cut out for him, doesn’t he?

calmdownplease Says:


FS 64%
FSPW 84%
SSPW 56%


That’s fine, the 2nd Serve points won is not amazing but his serving over this last 2 weeks is certainly better than the 52-55% we were usually treated to for years before.
Mauresmo and Bjorkman have quietly done a very good job indeed in that department.
The speed needs to be improved however if thats what you mean;

calmdownplease Says:

`Wogboy i did when she was first in Friends,but i just think all the cast of that programme have become a bit pretentious..`

Jesus, I hated that show
Jennifor Aniston bleating about Brad Pitt for 10 years non stop (he’s gone you silly woman, get over it)
The `ditzy` blonde one who I have no doubt is evil in real life, i just get that vibe.
Matt Le Blanc is probably mentally `special` and so on.

madmax Says:


Wilander, for one, was pulling no punches. “I don’t give a s— whether Federer wins another Grand Slam. I don’t care. And no one should care. People should stop caring about this, as Federer doesn’t care,” the former world No.1 said.

“He’s playing for fun. Last year at Wimbledon he lost in the final to Djokovic and he was laughing afterwards, if you can remember that? If you love Federer, stop talking about this, because the more you talk about it, the more focus there is on what he can’t do. No, he’s the greatest player of all time and let’s leave it at that. If he wins, great, and if he doesn’t, great.”

“Federer has already won 17,” Wilander said. “The more we keep talking about it, the less important the 17 are going to seem, because the conversation is going to be about why he can’t win the next Grand Slam.

“When are we going to stop talking like this? When was the last one? In 2012 here at Wimbledon? OK, so forget it. Federer is a man who wants to enjoy life and tennis and to be as good as he can at everything he does — whether that’s being a husband, a father or a tennis player.

“Edberg’s free, so there you go, he hires him. Federer wants to become a better tennis player. It’s so narrow-minded to only focus on whether he can win another slam. Who cares? It’s stupid, so small-minded and disrespectful of Federer the player and also disrespectful of the whole tennis community who are in it for the love of the game. The fact he’s still playing at 33, and he’s the second seed at Wimbledon, think about that and celebrate.”

Hippy Chick Says:

CDP You have to like Matthew Perry for the reason i stated though ;)….

madmax Says:

I am really looking forward to the Murray v Federer match.

It will be a close call.

However, plenty of time to re-adjust and re-evaluate Federer needs to keep the points short, serve his tremendously difficult-to-read serve, 96% would do just fine, and be more aggressive early on.

That should do it! :)

Go Federer!

calmdownplease Says:

But of course Madame Chick

calmdownplease Says:

Federer winning 18 has much less urgency now for the simple reason that Nadal no longer looks like he’s getting to 17 never mind 18
(and 15 will be fraught with difficulty too)
Never bought the 17 slams = the best ever
Too superficial an analysis as it is not a ceteris paribus kind of claim
But your welcome to it guys, if it makes ya feel better!

calmdownplease Says:

`96% would do just fine`


Angel Says:

Calmdownplease, you are the one that should calm down please. You are right about something Roger is not the best ever just because he has 17 slams and 302 weeks as number 1, he is the best ever because no player plays tennis as he does with such beauty and essfortless. So just enjoy the game and stop beeing such an as*whole.

squirrel_0209 Says:

@cdp : Never bought the 17 slams = the best ever

What is to you then? :)

Markus Says:

I like that, madmax @8:54 am.

Jeez Says:

Its actually Murray who needs to SERVE BETTER(1st serve @65%+) against Federer to have any CHANCE of reaching the FINAL..[Not the other way around as MOST seem to suggest in the comments]

Even the 74% 1st serve against Ivo was acheived trading off PACE for accuracy(Avg 1st serve speed 171kmph about 10-12Kmph less than his usual)

Karlovic was still able to break Murray’s serve & he practically has no ROS !!

2nd serve is most VULNERABLE with avg speed of 137-139kmph.

Where as Federer has CONSISTENTLY served 160+Kmph 2nd serves throughout this tournament.

Finally,RESULT is in Federer’s racket.If he plays as well as he has been(RBA +Simon),then Murray may not have CHANCE at all !!

NOTE:Playing Simon(a DOUBLE HANDED BASELINER) in Qf was also good prep before Murray.Only a MONUMENTAL Tanking from(Eg:La TANKRINKA or CHOCKRINKA if U will)Roger can Murray be assured of berth in the FINAL !!

Markus Says:

It’s cdp’s point of view and he’s welcome to it, if it makes him feel better.

Margot Says:

Given the excellent job the official physio did in the Seppi match, definitely Team Murray should get him on board…;)
You are so right re Andy’s 2nd serve. And yes, Maresmo has been “quietly working on it.”
And Jonas is working on the ROS. Saw footage of him serving to Andy from well within the baseline. And Andy, according to Lloyd was “seeing the ball like a football.”

FedExpress Says:

Who will play first tomorrow. Hope nole and gasquet but think they will put murray and fed first. In that case i wont be able to watch the whole match

Jeez Says:


July 9th, 2015 at 10:17 am

Does that mean Murray is going to serve 160+ 2nd serves in semi!!???[La Nadal 2010 US Open]


Margot Says:

Oh…if only…;)

calmdownplease Says:


Wow, aren’t you easily upset
(must have touched a nerve)
Why don’t you just get stuffed instead?
I’ll be remaining an `a**hole`, thank you :)

calmdownplease Says:

`he is the best ever because no player plays tennis as he does with such beauty and essfortless`

Subjective opinion (but still a valid one)

calmdownplease Says:

`Finally,RESULT is in Federer’s racket.If he plays as well as he has been(RBA +Simon),then Murray may not have CHANCE at all !!`


calmdownplease Says:

`It’s cdp’s point of view and he’s welcome to it, if it makes him feel better..`

It doesn’t make me `feel` one way or another!

Margot Says:

I saw Roger play RBA and he couldn’t keep the ball in court. Do hope Andy can do a tiny winy bit better than that.

RZ Says:

General point – not every player who loses a match does so because he/she chokes or tanks.

Daniel Says:

Order of play is out for tomorrow, first Djoko than Fed x Murray.

chris ford1 Says:

Angel reminds us inadvertently that “best player” is a substitute for “the player I take a fancy to” for most fans..

“he is the best ever because no player plays tennis as he does with such beauty and essfortless.”

Leaving Borg out of that particular talk….another person might rave about the Sampras serve as enthusiastically as how “Federer almost goes en pointe like a ballerina with the backhand follow-through flourish he practices in ballet style in front of a mirror”.
Then again others might say, “What use is Federer’s ballerina pose if if comes as part of Rafa clubbing him down like a baby seal? Rafa is the best.”

Still others may say each era in tennis has not one standout perhaps, but several, if it is a really good, competitive era…and a few in the wings that may not have achieved as much, but were total star athletes (like Tomas Muster and Juan Martin del Potro and Stan).
Why didn’t Mac end up with more of what “matters most” since Pete Sampras fans defined it? Slamcount??
Well Mac had these guys Connors, Borg, and Lendl to contend with…
Why didn’t Rafa take off and have several 3-Slamcount seasons with no great competition a la Fed 2003-2007 after he established dominance in 2010? Because the guy he then faced was Nole 2.0/- who not only regularly beat Nadal, but physically challenged Nadal to the point 110% effort “no quit” Nadal injured himself in several Djokovic matches….

Giles Says:

cf1. Still FOS I see!

Angel Says:

Chris Ford1,
We can argue who the best player is for the difference in tastes, but you cannot argue about the numbers. The best is the one that dominates the entire field and not a h2h. Nadal plays in the same era as Federer and the last one has the better numbers, so in several years to come Roger Federer is going to be remenber as the Greatest Of All Times.
Sorry for you.

sienna Says:

It hasnt been picked up on this site but djokovic did it again.
yelling screaming at a ball girl. Ik cant post the link but it looks terrible.

maybe its picked up in presser. Somethings gotta give.

jalep Says:

I have always liked Gasquet and love his tennis.

He’s humble and classy: says shyly, I am the worst of them but it’s me, Djokovic, and Murray.

Very sure he didn’t mean to exclude Federer in the list. It was meant in a self-deprecating humorous way – including himself in the final 4 as the worst of them.

Nole won’t underestimate him. He said he watched the last set of Gasquet vs Stan and commended Richard on his mental toughness to get through such a match.

But Federer v Murray will be the emotional dynamite for fans.

sienna Says:

Jamie Murphy got man boobs….

Pamela Says:

well said Angel and without the desire to debate, I agree with you about why Roger is the GOAT. that may well change one day with Novak (and maybe Rafa if he can come back), but at the end of the day it seems as if he loves tennis, loves his life and here are all these people debating about his ability while he’s off living the life most only dream about. also, from way, way above….madmax, good posting….

sienna Says:

definetely mandoline!!!

Markus Says:

Yeah, cdp @10:50 am, that’s why you responded!

chris ford1 Says:

If the best one is the one that dominates the whole field, then the person that has a positive winning record over the entire field save a stray retired Russian and possibly a certain Serb by the time he is done, well, that defines dominance.
If you enhance that argument with a poll of Top 20 peers outside the Big 3 in 2013 that asked the question….who is the toughest person to beat and 15 of the 16 who responded say Rafa Nadal, you conclude the dominance of others is determinative….argument.
Of course, it is more complicated as level of competition is high some years, pathetic in others. And dominance does not mean another player is not all-round, a better player. Nadal has never won the year end championships. Fed has 6 times. Nole has won 4 times so far. Pete Sampras, who dominated fast grass and fast hardcourts won 5 times.
And Nadal and Nole and Andy did not play in the same identical era as Federer, so the numbers need adjusting. The early 2000s were a weak era. Then After 75 weeks of Hewitt as #1 and 234 weeks of Fed as #1, real competition arrived – as Rafa and Djokovic were swiftly conceded to be serious threats to “The Religious Experience Himself”.

There is no real GOAT. That is a parlor game. Just best of era. And in good, competitive eras, there is no easy answer even then. Borg skipped the AO when it was grass and he as dominant, never won the USO, and left the game at 26 in an intensely competitive era with 11 Slams. But people can argue that MacEnroe was better. And that Lendl then was better than Mac,,

Jock-KatH Says:

ugh – who cares?

Hippy Chick Says:

^Exactly Jock KatH^….

FedExpress Says:

Someday some will say serena is better than federer cause she accomplished more GS titles hence she is the real GOAT

chris ford1 Says:

The talk was already there with some simplistic Pure Slam Counters. That Seffi Graf was better at tennis than Fed because she won more Slams. Case closed to them.

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont actually believe in the whole issue of GOAT as to me theres too many different caveats to the topic,some say Roger with the slams and weeks at number 1,some say Rafa because of his H2Hs and winning%,some say Laver due to the two calendar career GS,some say Conners because of his career wins and titles,some say Novak will be in that conversation if he wins Cincy and the FO as he will have won everything at least once,anyway personally i prefer to think that we have a number of all time greats rather than 1 particular GOAT,i do appreciate its a discussion that will never go away though,i just think it gets over blown sometyimes….

Hippy Chick Says:

Pamela hi,@2.57PM July 9th,Roger is GOAT which might change with Novak,and even Rafa if he comes back,err Novak has 8 GS,and Rafa has 14 so surely hes closer to Rogers count than Novak,no harm or foul just didnt understand that bit?….

madmax Says:

calmdownplease Says:
`96% would do just fine`


July 9th, 2015 at 9:27 am

Your point?


I don’t know why you have to be so aggressive around here.

It is one thing trying to explain and defend, hypothesis and convince, but to continually put people down and call them names in the interim – No. Please don’t.

FedExpress Says:

Enjoy it nole fans

Jeez Says:

I guess 85% 1st serve was good enough for SET 1!!!

Not 96%

He he!!


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