Something Smells Bad, and It’s the WTA 125K Series

by Jeremy Davis | August 3rd, 2015, 6:17 pm

“In 2012, the WTA introduced the WTA 125K Series of tournaments to provide an opportunity for new markets to showcase a professional women’s tennis product and offer lower-ranked and up-and-coming players additional opportunities to compete and earn prize money and ranking points.”

The WTA 125K Series, described above by the WTA, kicked off last week in Nanchang, China, where former world No. 1 Jelena Jankovic was the top seed.

What kind of happy horse shit is this?

Stop confusing tennis fans with this nonsense.

The WTA continues, “WTA 125K Series events are a level above top-tier ITF Women’s Circuit events…”

So, are they WTA tour events, or minor-league ITF events?

Jankovic played the event and…get ready…wait for it — won it! Without dropping a set. She beat Riko Sawayanagi, Chang Liu, Ying-Ying Duan, Xinyun Han, and in the final unseeded Kai-Chen Chang. Does this equal a WTA title? Guess so, because under the list of titles for Jankovic on the WTA website for 2015 it lists “125/Nanchang,” but oddly did not bump up her total career count from 13 to 14.


In the tournament summary after the event the WTA wrote cryptically, “The Serb is the first player who was, had been or would be No.1 to win a WTA 125K Series title.”

After raising the WTA/ITF/Whatever trophy, Jankovic said, “I would really like to come back next year,” which is player code for, ‘I’d like you to again give me a truckload of under-the-table appearance money to come here again next year.’

This is not a WTA Tour title. Stop confusing tennis fans.

Could you imagine the ATP creating such a series and having Roger Federer drop in with a wild card to beat everyone’s ass ranked outside the Top 200? Then adding it to Roger’s title count? Wouldn’t happen.

The WTA 125K Series seems like a good idea WTA, but call it what it is. Not your top-tier product, and even if you want to get butts in seats, not somewhere top players should be showing up. #StopDilutingYourProduct


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15 Comments for Something Smells Bad, and It’s the WTA 125K Series

Okiegal Says:

Something does smell bad……Jeremy Davis’ potty mouth! Lol

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie i agree,it sounds like this guy has alot of contempt and hates women,its the sort of topic of conversation that should left to Blue Moonball,say no more….

Truthsquad Says:

This site and its contributors have all too often shown a high school boys contempt towards women, the WTA, and it’s players, frequently referring to them in sexist, dismissive and misogynistic terms, or commenting on their physical appearance rather than their athletic abilities. It’s very childish, as are articles written in the voice of a teenage rant. Would it be that hard to find someone could write an article without using f bombs?

Margot Says:

Davis has a track record for this kind of thing.

Okiegal Says:

Thank you very much Truthsquad!!! Great comment. My feelings exactly!

@the other Nadal Gal…….It does sound contemptible. Why is he so mad? I don’t have a clue how old he is but judging from his comment, he couldn’t be much over 16!

Attn to all TX staff writers: SHOW SOME PROFESSIONALISM AND CLASS!! Tacky article!!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..Don’t pay much attention to writes what, but when I read it, I looked to see who wrote this garbage…….I was rather surprised it made the cut……not being moderated and all!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

^^^^ Should say who writes what……

Patson Says:

Sean, what sort of standards are being applied here ? If a poster posts something with the sort of language used, it is exceedingly likely that poster will get moderated, and for good reason ! But what about this stinker ?

“What kind of happy horse shit is this?” or “WTF WTA?” are generally enough for a comment to get moderated. Please apply same standards across the board.

jalep Says:

Well, I saw this thread last night before going to sleep @Patson.

Was typing a comment about the content because I had similar questions about Jelena Jankovic being in what was under ‘challengers’ on the app I use for checking scores,

Struck me as strange a little but didn’t think deeper about it than maybe Jelena needing some gain some points. Plus, looking over the draw she was in, I thought it was odd last week.

The thing that stood out as different was that flashscore had the event under ‘challengers’. Didn’t quite get that regards wta events but not as familiar with wta events as atp ones.

Glad I didn’t comment. Sometimes bet not to.
But everyone has their personal limits as to what should or shouldn’t be moderated. I’m not offended by a bit of **** language.

More interested in the subject not the language used. Don’t have an answer.

Okiegal Says:


Great post at 12:10. Being professional has flown right out the window these days!

skeezer Says:

Nobody here reads “Who’s got the Funk/Who’s in the Trunk? Maybe the same writer lol…

David Says:

I agree this was a very poorly written article, but where is the sexism that people are citing in the comments?
Seriously, could you quote the accost remarks for me because I don’t see them.
I think what he is saying is a tip ranked played shouldn’t play in a lower level because it gives them an unfair advantage.
It’s poor sportsmanship.
It takes away from the credibility of the organization.
It makes it no fun for the other competitors.
Not sexism.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Patsons post is spot on,tennis-x has hit an all time low,with this article….

Colin Says:

Meanwhile, look what just happened in Stanford:
Lisicki, a slam finalist not so long ago, has lost to Date-Krumm!

jane Says:

“Ana Ivanovic confirmed news we have known for a couple of weeks now, which is that she is back working with Nigel Sears – Andy Murray’s father-in-law – who coached her from 2011 to 2013. ”

I actually didnt know this; hopefully he can help her find her best form.

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