Happy 34th Birthday To Roger Federer!
by Tom Gainey | August 8th, 2015, 10:03 am

Swiss tennis great Roger Federer turns 34 today.

Federer won’t be celebrating his latest birthday in Canada at the Montreal Masters 1000 opting Instead to be home with his wife and four kids.

Federer is expected back on court for Cincinnati in 10 days.

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27 Comments for Happy 34th Birthday To Roger Federer!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Happy Birthday to the great Swiss Maestro coming from a Rafa fan,one thats been sincere with no ulterior motive behind that statement either,enjoy your birthday with all your family….;)….

jane Says:

happy bday to fed, still going strong.

Faisal Says:

Happy Birthay Master Fed:
I wish you all the happiness and success in your life, career, and within your family
All the luck to the rest of th season.

chris ford1 Says:

This big increase in performance after 2013 is just adding to Roger’s luster. He is maybe the best playing of the noted “senior statesmen” like Rosewall, Agassi, Tommy Robredo, and Connors.

Older people talk about remembering Jimmy Connors wonder run at the US Open at age 39 as their most lasting impression of tennis in those times.
While Jimmy seems to be a nasty piece of work, he had a heroic public persona that fans were drawn to.

When you reach senior statesmen status, you don’t have to win everything. Just leave for legacy some glory runs up that end in defeat – since they still are big and persistent in fan and writer’s memories – long after the details of how a certain Slam was won in their peak are long gone…

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Haha Chris, I guess I’m one of those older people, I remember that incredible Connors run- typical Jimmy, screaming at the umpires “I’m here busting my ass at 38 and you’re making calls like that??”

Okiegal Says:

@Tennis Vagabond…..I watched that match and couldn’t believe he said that to the umpire…..I’m one of the oldies too…..but a goodie!! Hubby will confirm….. Woot woot!!!! Lol

madmax Says:

Keep going Federer!

We love you, legend that you are!

Ubelieveable, now 34 and world No. 2.

Must be galling for the younger ones who just can’t beat him, not yet anyway!

Gypsey, your generosity precedes you.


Giles Says:

Happy birthday Fed. Wishing you many more.
Amazing! 😀😜

Mary Says:

Federer is truly a wonder! At the age of 34 he is no. 2? He has reached the Wimbledon finals in 3 of the last 4 years, winning one. Unbelievable! A true genius. Age cannot wither nor custom stale his infinite variety.
Djoko and Andy, who are geniuses too and 6 years younger, struggle to beat this man?
As I posted elsewhere, I am convinced that one of the reasons for the rise of Djokovic is the aging of this great man ( Federer).

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary i wont mention names as its not the time,but there is another tennis genius that doesnt struggle to beat Federer lol….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax thanks and i meant it,and just wanted to point out its possible to say something nice about a favorites rival,and it not be hidden behind some ulterior motive,as some peoples logic seem to believe….;)….

Mary Says:

Ha ha Gypsy, that thought was in my mind. Actually, my full thought was my respect and appreciation for the genius of both Federer and that player have gone up in the last few years. Even an aging Fed is so hard to beat by two younger geniuses. That player whom we won’t mention could beat Federer in his prime!!! Now we know how hard it really is!!! How great both Federer and that player are!!!
By the way I would like to be a Nadal Gal like you and okie. I am considering some monikers like Rafa Gal, loyal Gal or Georgy Gal ( originally from Georgia) or…. Any suggestions?

Mary Says:

Also Gypsy when I change my moniker do I have to inform the moderators?

Mary Says:

I respect posters like madmax, patson, okie, Gypsy who unabashedly adore their hero but do not try to hurt other fans by making baseless allegations/ hate posts against their hero’s rivals.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary well ive changed from Alison to Hippy Chick and now Gypsy Gal,but ive always been honest and up front about who i am,i think thats what people like around here,big Rafa fan huh welcome to the club ha ha,its not always easy,and it hasnt been this year for the most part,but you take the rough with the smooth,i like Georgy Gal BTW …;)….

Georgy Gal Says:

Notice to all concerned. Hereafter Mary will be known as Georgy Gal. I am changing my moniker to identify myself with the gorgeous group of Gals rooting for Rafa!!! Through wins and losses, through thick and thin, for Rafa forever!!!!!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary i respect most posters here,the ones that become irritating to me are the ones that state their own personal opinion out to be a bona fide facts with a quote of get real,or making digs about a players sexuality or gender,just because a certain player has not impregnated his partner as yet….

Mary Says:

I guess I do not have your credentials Gypsy Gal. I tried posting under the moniker Georgy Gal but my post was put under moderation and then deleted!!! So I am back to Mary.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary sorry no i dont believe you do have to inform the moderators no….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary i cant understand it,ive been under moderation but my posts get through eventually,ive never had a problem hmm….

Mary Says:

Although I keep telling myself to let it go, sometimes I cannot help reacting. That “Get Real” is really very annoying!
I can look into the future although that is Gypsy’s domain and predict that Rafa will live happily with his wife and have two or more kids at least one of whom will play tennis. I think Fed’s family will also play tennis and will be there in singles, doubles in both ATP and WTA and in mixed doubles, breaking many records!!!

Okiegal Says:

@Mary……Are you a Georgia peach USA or from the country in Europe called Georgia? Whatever I’m with Gypsy on this….. Georgy Gal is the one…..which will work in either case…..

Thanks for the nice comment about me adoring my fav but can still appreciate the other players and their accomplishments. I try to be fair to all of the awesome athletes we have the privilege to watch and enjoy.

I forgot to wish Fed happy birthday! After all that’s what the thread is about. Keep entertaining tennis fans for many more years to come! You are truly amazing! 34 and still playing and #2 in the world……WOWZER!!

Mary Says:

okie, I am ” Georgia peach USA” though not living there any more.
I think we are privileged to have Fed, Rafa, Djoko and Andy. Sadly, Grigor, Nishi…are just not in the same league. A poster here or on some other site called them the lost generation. Or it just maybe the Big 4 were too good practically acting in concert to keep out the nextgen. Having 4 geniuses barring your way is unprecedented and too disheartening for those attempting to get to the Big Prizes.
Thiem, Coric … the next nextgen, have a more promising future as the Big 4 are aging and losing their iron grip on the tour. Djoko of course is still at his best but he too will soon be past his prime, but Fed is aging, Rafa’s body isn’t holding up too well, Andy’s still not recovered his form of 2012-13 after his surgery. So in the next few years if Coric, Thiem… are really good, they can have the opportunity which the lost generation did not.

jane Says:

rod laver is 77 today.

Sidney Says:

Belated happy birthday wishes to the legendary Roger Federer!

k miller Says:

Happy Belated Birthday to the greatest tennis player of all time! Win or lose, no one plays the actual game of tennis better than you..and it doesn’t hurt to be handsome either :)

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