Nick Kyrgios Says He Did Apologize Directly To Stan Wawrinka
by Staff | August 21st, 2015, 1:05 am

The latest in the Nick Kyrgios-Stan Wawrinka saga is Kyrgios has stated that he did in fact apologize directly to Wawrinka.

Wawrinka claimed Wednesday that Kyrgios didn’t offer an apology. Today, Kyrgios responded on facebook.

“I am not trying to take any more attention away from the matches in Cincy, but I have been reading reports that I did not apologise for my comments, which is untrue. I privately and publicly apologised immediately after the match last week. There is no blame game, I take full responsibility for what was said and for what has been a difficult learning experience. ‪#‎NKRising‬”

Unfortunately, there will probably be more to come on this.

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26 Comments for Nick Kyrgios Says He Did Apologize Directly To Stan Wawrinka

Charlie Says:

Who in their right mind really believes he sincerely apologized? With his demeanor and they way he’s been playing the victim on social media and the way his brother responded to the discussion between Stan and Nick, I’m inclined to believe it was a weak and blase apology with hollow meaning that Stan sniffed out.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Come on tennis-x its getting old now….

Wog Boy Says:

Is there any instrument that measures how sincere is an apology on the scale from 1-10? It looks like we have a poster who knows for sure how sincere was Nick the Kid’s apology.
What is he supposed to do, to film himself crawling and begging Stan the “Cry Baby” to accept his apology so certain poster(s) is (are) satisfied?
Get over it people, nobody died, it was only “banging”, nothing more.

Jeez Says:

Yes no one DIED..!!

Even if they DID,

Its only the BOAT PEOPLE (AUS or EU) !!

elina Says:

He apologized but as Stan points out, he didn’t say who he was apologizing to. That’s a big omission.

Ben Pronin Says:

Stan’s a crybaby.

Ulysses Says:

All the folks saying get over it just don’t get it. The man already had to deal with public disclosure of the split up with his wife and it’s safe to say, he would rather have kept his “friendship” with Vedic under the radar for obvious reasons. Not excusing Stan if he brought about his own marriage’s failure, but it’s not my business to judge a 30yr old’s choices.

Then a punk kid with no matters and apparently very little between the ears in one shot rips about 2 other people as well as basically what was left of Stan’s privacy. When stan says people don’t understand how it affects, he’s not just speaking of tennis. He’s speaking of lives, including his daughter’s, sponsor relationships etc etc. so yeah, if said punk kid didn’t grow the balls to give a proper apology, as well as one to Vekic directly, and instead did it via a silly social media post, yeah, you bet he deserves to still be pissed. Moving on would be lazy treatment of a foul issue that can be properly punished.

elina Says:

Ulysses nailed it.

Those that think tennis is elite and this is condoned in all professional team sport have it wrong.

In comparison to ATP’s stalling: when NHL’s Sean Avery made similar crude comments to Kyrgios’, NHL suspended him within hours.

It’s the ATP that’s not doing enough, not other sports.

jane Says:

all this going on and on about though is only perpetuating stan’s lack of privacy. “i apologized.” “no he didnt” “yes i did” – it’s ridiculous. enough already!

MMT Says:

Kyrigos is not getting good advice by carrying on about it as he apparently has – he should just quit while he’s behind and let this blow over, because this really is much ado about a stupid locker room jibe that is hardly the worst thing said on a tennis court.

Yolita Says:

I would have thought that Stan wanted this to go away.

Apparently not.

Move on, Stan. Nick has been fined, booed, has apolgised. Let it go.

Betty Says:

“Directly” is the key word here. Only a punk kid like Kyrgios would think that an apology (most likely written by his manager) put up on Facebook and Twitter is sufficient. The only acceptable apology would have been either face to face, a phone call, or best of all, a press conference. He could have made an attempt to look sincerely contrite. He’s a coward as well as a thug. And also interesting that this clarification arrives when his response to the ATP notice of investigation is due. Hope he goes down.

mat4 Says:

Good article, MMT. Scoop Malinowski has written something alike.

Much ado about nothing, to quote a famous French writer, probably Rabelais or Françoise Sagan.

jane Says:

rabelais! all this is very carnivalesque mat4, hee hee. ;)

mat4 Says:


I mentioned Françoise Sagan too, so no feminist can accuse me of male chauvinism. Perhaps I should have mention Enid Blyton, but it pained me to mention a Belgian.

mat4 Says:

… mentioned…

wilfried Says:

@ MAt4
It pained you to menton a Belgian? Hope you’re joking here.
Read you reply on the other thread. Didn’t know you read amortie et lob. I’m reading it a long time, but only started commenting on this blog last year.
There ‘s still something I’d like to knwo your opinion on, namely the coaching issue. Should David start looking for another coach ? And who ? I think his current coach, Thiery van Cleemput, is not that bad.

wilfried Says:


sienna Says:

this is about values, conduct behaviour respect.
Wawa has all rights to decline his half hearthed apology. I see wogboy and gupsy chick feel it is ok.
Well it is not and aan stand must be made.
like the behaviour of the mentioned posters things will only get worse if you dont make stand against foul behaviour and in those posters case racism.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sienna i dont condone or feel its OK far from it,but im sick of hearing/talking about it now,weve been talking about it for a week now,enough already….

Okiegal Says:

@Jane 2:55…..No he didn’t, yes I did…This sounds like Elina and Skeezer’s argument a day or so ago regarding the stats she posted concerning Roger….funny!!

Okiegal Says:

Joker fans, settle in, it’s about to start. I don’t see Novak losing this one. I realize Pony Tail Boy can be tricky, but will it work on the #1 player in the world?? I rather doubt it…..

Jack Lewis Says:

“Is there any instrument that measures how sincere is an apology on the scale from 1-10? It looks like we have a poster who knows for sure how sincere was Nick the Kid’s apology.”

Yes and some people are equipped with that instrument, it’s a brain + perception. If it looks like a low life pos and acts like a pos maybe it’s a pos.

Wog Boy Says:

@Jack Dick

I am glad you believe you have a brain.

Wog Boy Says:

Question to all people with a “brain and perception”, how sincere was Roger’s apology to 20,000 people in O2 and millions of viewers around the world?
No double standards, please.

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